Hearing the disciple from Gezao Sect who had come to inform him, he whispered another two words into his ear, and Wan Zhenyuan said angrily, "What did you do before? You didn't get in touch with them in advance, did you?

The disciple muttered with a look of grievance, "We did communicate with them in advance, but this time it seems to be a few newly-appointed police officers."

When Wan Zhenyuan heard this, he felt a migraine coming on. He knew that a new official always applied strict measures. They loved to stir up trouble and they would often do a few things even if nothing happened. There were many cultivators here who were not afraid of these policemen. However, the Cultivation World did not like dealing with the judicial department. The fact that the police would come to look for them during this Taoist assembly held by the Gezao Sect really caused Wan Zhenyuan to lose face.

When the crowd heard the conversation between Wan Zhenyuan and his disciple, they all burst into an uproar. "Master Wan, what are you doing? Why are you attracting the police?"

Wan Zhenyuan smiled bitterly and cupped his hands. "Don't worry, brothers of the Tao. This must be an accident. It'll be fine as long as I explain it to them clearly!"

Someone said in a deliberately ambiguous tone, "Explanation? How will you explain it? If you explain, go by yourself. We won’t accompany you!"

"That's right. Now that even the police can come, who else will come later?"

When Wan Zhenyuan saw that everyone was arguing, he stretched out his hands, feeling a headache coming on, and said loudly, "Everyone, please be quiet. Be quiet. I have already come up with a plan!"

When everyone heard this, they temporarily quieted down and looked at Wan Zhenyuan unkindly. It seemed that as long as they were dissatisfied with what he said, they would immediately curse him.

Wan Zhenyuan said loudly, "I've already prepared a quiet and secluded place at the Mysterious Temple. I wanted to invite all of you to go and take a look tomorrow, but I hadn't expected something like this to happen today. We might as well head there together now. What do you think?"

The cultivators on the ship looked at each other. They were very unhappy, but there was nothing they could do. After a moment of hesitation, they heard the sound of an alarm coming from outside, at which they could only nod helplessly. Wan Zhenyuan smiled and cupped his hands at the crowd. "So I will meet all of you at the Mysterious Temple later. I will send disciples there to lead the way."

The disciple of the Zhengyi School, Zhang Ling, took the lead and walked out of the ship. Then, the other disciples of the Zhengyi School also filed out. The other cultivators on the ship shouted and followed suit.

Su Chan widened her eyes and said, "What? How could the Taoist assembly turn out like this?"

Ruan Hongling didn't know whether to start crying or laughing. "Why does it look like an underground party meeting? What are they doing?" she said.

Li Yundong smiled and said to them, "Well, don't say anything. Everyone go. Let's go with them too." He turned his head and whispered to Zhou Qin, "Can you move?"

Zhou Qin smiled gently and nodded. "It's okay." After that, she struggled to stand. As soon as she moved, she felt a sharp pain in her body and could not help frowning.

Li Yundong sighed. "Don't force yourself. Forget it. I will carry you on my back."

As he said this, he took Zhou Qin on his back without hesitation, and then smiled at Zi Yuan. "Zi Yuan, where is the Mysterious Temple?"

Zi Yuan laughed and said, "Do you really think that I'm a well-informed person? Do you think I know everything?"

Li Yundong laughed. "Is there anything you don't know in the world?"

Zi Yuan smiled at him. "There is no end to learning, and there are many things that I don't know! However, coincidentally, I do happen to know where this Mysterious Temple is located."

Ruan Hongling, who was standing to one side, interrupted smugly, "My Shijie Zi Yuan knows everything, whether it is astronomy or geography, so she must know such a trivial thing! "

Li Yundong smiled. "Then please lead the way, Zhenren Zi Yuan."

The group of people talked and laughed as they headed out of the ship. Sure enough, when they got off the ship, they saw several police cars parked on the side of the road. Several young policemen in uniforms shouted at the Taoist priests rushing out of the ship, "Hey, stop, all of you stop!"

But these cultivators were all equipped with unique skills. They laughed, and their feet were not very fast, but after taking a few steps, they left the policemen far behind.

When Li Yundong and others came out, these policemen turned their heads and looked at them. They saw a young, handsome man leading a group of beautiful women out of the ship. They had never seen so many beauties appear in front of them, and they were all stunned!

A policeman looked at them dazedly for a while, then turned to ask his boss, "Captain Zhang, what should we do?"

Captain Zhang scratched his head and swore, "D*mn it, whoever they are, go up and arrest them first. Bring them back and interrogate them slowly!"

These policemen were so excited that they stepped forward and shouted, "Stop!"

Li Yundong turned his head and smiled. He said to the Zi Yuan and others, "Let's compete on the speed of our feet. Let's see who runs the fastest. What do you think?"

Apart from Zhou Qin, who was quietly lying on Li Yundong's back, all the women laughed and jumped forward. After taking a few steps, all trace of them was gone.

These policemen saw the beautiful women jump like swordsmen and disappear in a few moves. They all stopped immediately and stood there, dumbfounded and speechless.

Only Li Yundong was still standing there with Zhou Qin on his back. He smiled at the policemen and said, "Hey, what are you here for?"

Captain Zhang, as if awakening from a dream, said, "Someone called the police to say that you were having an illegal gathering!"

Li Yundong asked, "Who called the police?"

Captain Zhang looked serious and said with a dignified face, "I can't tell you that. You should go back with us first. Everything will be fine after you explain yourselves."

Li Yundong was not stupid. Everyone had left, but if he stayed, wouldn't he end up as the scapegoat? He laughed and said, "Forget it, I'll go to your place to drink tea some other day. I still have something to do. I'm going!"

Captain Zhang was anxious and shouted, "Stop, don't go!" After that, he yelled to his subordinates, "Why are you standing there? Catch him!"

These policemen came to their senses and quickly rushed forward to pounce on him.

Li Yundong didn't want to get involved with them. He laughed and carried Zhou Qin on his back. His body was as light as a swallow's, and he jumped from one side of the moat to the other and then went far away.

These policemen were struck dumb, standing by the river, and their eyes almost fell out. "What the hell? Is he shooting a movie? How did he do that?"

At this time, Kris, John and Alba who had been in the distance, also watched Li Yundong in astonishment. The three foreigners looked at each other. Alba said, "This is not an illusion, right? He... he just jumped from one side of the river to the other?"

"He did," John stammered. "God, he's even carrying an adult on his back! Although she's a woman, but... but she's also an adult. How did he jump over it?"

Kris widened her eyes. Once again, she had seen a power that didn't look like a human being's in this young man's body. This made her even more certain of what her grandmother had once said to her: "There are some mysterious people in this world who possess mysterious and powerful powers!”

Alba's face turned pale and she said, "If he's going to attend the Olympic Games, he'll probably be able to take charge of all the track and field projects by himself, won't he?"

For some reason, Kris sighed softly and said, "My grandmother is right. China is really a place full of people who have unnoticed talent. I don't know how many sagacious people are hiding among the common people."

Alba said with her eyes wide open, "Why don't they come out to fight for glory and service for their country? Aren't the Chinese the most dedicated to contributing to their country?"

Kris shook her head. "They're very special. They can't be measured by the minds of ordinary people."

Alba thought for a moment, then nodded. "That's true. That Li Yundong is a chauvinist b*stard!"

John said sadly, "Ladies, the point is... What are we going to do next?"

Kris frowned. "Let's follow them and see what's going on!"

John laughed bitterly. "But how do you follow and who are you going to follow?"

At this time, the three foreigners looked at each other and found that almost all the people on the ship had run away. How could they be seen on the street?

On the road opposite Kris, Cinian, Shinsyu, and Tachibana Wakako were shocked to see this scene. Tachibana Wakako innocently said, "Master Cinian, why did they run away? Could it be that they knew we were coming?"

Cinian did not speak, just looked at the policemen who were in a daze with strange eyes. It was Shinsyu who sneered and said, "These useless Chinese cultivators, a few empty-handed policemen have scared them away!"

Tachibana Wakako said with disappointment, "Ah? Then we can't enjoy the fun?" As she said this, she reached out to pull on the sleeves of Cinian and begged, "Master Cinian, what should we do?"

After thinking for a while, Cinian waved his hand. After a while, a sparrow fell from his palm. He murmured incantations, then shook his arm. The sparrow flew up with a swoosh.

Cinian turned to smile at Tachibana Wakako and said, "There's no need to worry. We will be able to find them soon! These Chinese cultivators are too funny. They actually moved somewhere else to hold a Taoist assembly. Hehe, it's really incredible. What a joke!"

Just as the sparrow sent out by Cinian was flying through the air, Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, and the others had regrouped. They soon arrived at the Mysterious Temple in front of Guanqian Street of Dongwu City.

Li Yundong saw that Guanqian Street was a bustling commercial pedestrian street, but there was an antique Taoist temple along with it. The Taoist temple was full of incense and people were weaving around in it. He asked curiously, "Is this the place?"

Zi Yuan nodded. "Correct. This is the Mysterious Temple. This street is in front of the Mysterious Temple, so this street is also called Guanqian Street."

As soon as she finished speaking, a man suddenly came over and asked them, "Excuse me, are you Zhenren Li Yundong and Zhenren Zi Yuan?"

Li Yundong turned his head and saw a young man dressed like an ordinary person talking to him. He asked curiously, "Are you from the Gezao Sect?"

The young man smiled slightly and said, "Zhenren Li, in the downtown area, please forgive me for not carrying out the usual niceties of Taoism so as not to attract people's attention. Our master asked me to pick you up here. Please come with me."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Well, you lead the way."

The group of people slowly walked behind the young man.

Li Yundong looked around carefully and saw that although the street was full of branded fashion shops, they weren't all tall. The highest was only five floors. The whole area still maintained a classical charm. In particular, the young man led them to take a few detours from the Mysterious Temple and came to a narrow alley paved with bluestone. Classical garden buildings with white walls and black tiles were everywhere, making people feel as if they had stepped into a quiet, elegant paradise from the mortal society.

Li Yundong couldn't help wondering aloud, "There is such a quiet place in this noisy Dongwu City where every inch of land is worth an inch of gold. Is this a place that belongs to the Gezao Sect, or are they borrowing it?"

The young man leading the way smiled and said proudly, "Our Master has several gardens in Dongwu City. This is just one of them!"

Li Yundong turned his head and whispered to the Zi Yuan, "Is the Gezao Sect so rich?"

Zi Yuan also whispered, "The External Alchemy is the wealthiest sect among the cultivation sects, because they sell medicine for a living! Haven't you heard the saying: Next to thievery, there's medicine-dealing! Robbery and medicine are the most profitable businesses in the world."

Li Yundong sighed secretly, "It's true, and selling medicine is equivalent to a legal robbery!"

The group of people followed the young man for a few more steps when he suddenly stopped in front of a round, arched wooden door and smiled. "Here we are, Zhenren Li and Zhenren Zi Yuan. Please come in!"

As he spoke, he walked to the wooden door, pushed it open, and respectfully invited Li Yundong and the others in.

Li Yundong carried Zhou Qin on his back and led Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and the others into the garden. Li Yundong looked around and saw himself in an elegant garden filled with blooming flowers. He was surrounded by grass, green trees, rockeries, and strange stones. In front of him was a gravel path paved with pebbles. In the distance, there were cornices and arches, and in the long corridor with red pillars and white walls, the garden was full of antiques and had an artistic atmosphere.

What was even more unusual was that in the depths of the garden, there was the melodious sound of Pingtan. A tender female was singing a song in the Dongwu dialect. For a moment, Li Yundong and others were stunned when they heard it.

Seeing such beautiful scenery, Li Yundong couldn't help sighing. "It's said that the landscapes and architecture in Jiangnan is the best in the world, while the landscapes and architecture in Dongwu are the best in Jiangnan! It really lives up to its reputation! Master Wan is really good at enjoying life!"

Su Chan couldn't help but say with a look of yearning, "Yundong, when can we live in such a garden?"

Li Yundong smiled and pinched the tip of her nose. "Well, even if we had such a garden, who would sing a song for me?"

Su Chan beam with joy and pointed at herself. "Me, me, I can sing!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "You can sing songs? This is really a rare thing. When we go back, you can sing for me!"

Li Yundong and Su Chan had always ignored their surroundings when they started flirting with each other. Zi Yuan helplessly glanced at the young man who was leading the way. She smiled apologetically and said, "We can go in by ourselves. This is nothing to do with you. Thank you."

The young man nodded with a smile and turned to leave.

Ruan Hongling looked at his figure, and there was something strange in her eyes. Li Yundong saw her and couldn't help laughing. "What's wrong? Are you stunned by seeing a handsome guy?"

Ruan Hongling rolled her eyes at Li Yundong. "What did you just say? I just find this guy a little strange!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "What's strange about him?"

Ruan Hongling said suspiciously, "It's the first time I've seen a man react to so many beautiful women still with a calm face. He's not surprised at all and not in a daze!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Aren't you subtly boasting now?"

Ruan Hongling scoffed. "Bah! A cracked bell can never sound good! Don't say unnecessary trash. Let's go quickly!"

Li Yundong smiled and took Zhou Qin on his back, then walked forward. Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and the others admired the garden's ingenious arrangement of flowers and plants. They couldn't help making gasps of admiration.

Only Ruan Hongling thought about what had happened just now. The more she thought about it, the stranger she felt. For a moment, she fell to the back of the team unconsciously.

When she reached the corner of a corridor, she suddenly felt that someone was looking at her. She turned her head and saw a figure quickly flashing into the corner.

Although they moved quickly, she still recognized the person. She was shocked and asked in her heart, "Why does this figure look like Cao Yi, Shibo of the Fox Zen School?"