Everyone looked in the direction of the voice, only to find that it was Zhang Cunyi of the Qingcheng Sect.

Zheng Yuan, who had originally wanted to make things difficult for Li Yundong, was stunned for a moment. Then he sat up straight again and wanted to see what Zhang Cunyi was going to say.

Zhang Cunyi stood tall. He made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest to Li Yundong and said, "Zhenren Li, there is one thing I don't understand. I want to ask you for the advice!"

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said, "Zhenren Zhang, please say what you want to say."

Zhang Cunyi said loudly, "I want to ask you, Zhenren Li, do you think this Immortal Pen is a powerful Taoist magical weapon?"

Li Yundong was stunned and didn't know what Zhang Cunjian meant. He said, "Zhenren Zhang, the Immortal Pen is the magical item that Zuo Ci, the founder of the Taoist Danding Sect, carried. Of course it's a powerful magical weapon!"

Zhang Cunyi nodded, then asked, "Does such a weapon have earth-shattering power?"

Li Yundong became more and more confused. "This powerful magical weapon can write Taoist Talismans out of thin air. Of course it has earth-shattering power. Zhenren Zhang, what do you mean by asking me this?"

Zhang Cunyi turned a deaf ear to Li Yundong's question and said, "Then, Zhenren Li, I want to ask you, if such a powerful magical weapon falls into the hands of evil people, what will you do?"

Li Yundong raised his eyebrows and said, "Then we people of righteous Cultivation should enforce justice on the perpetrators on the behalf of heaven and take back our Taoist powerful magical weapon! Such powerful magical weapons must not fall into the hands of evildoers!"

Zhang Cunyi asked again, "But what if this person is too strong and we can't beat them?"

Although Li Yundong felt strange, he knew that he had a clear conscience, so he said loudly, "What are you talking about? Do we have to bend our knees if evil forces are too strong? If one can't fight, then two, if two can't fight, then we fight together. We can't let the world become evil and innocent people be bullied, can we?"

Zhang Cunyi laughed. He pointed at Li Yundong and said loudly, "Zhenren Li, I advise you not to get the Immortal Pen!"

Li Yundong was stunned. "What do you mean?"

Zhang Cunyi sneered and said, "If you do, you will become the villain who attacks us!"

Although Li Yundong had been in the Spirit Space for many years and his temper had almost worn off, when he heard someone blaming him out of nowhere, he couldn't help but be angry. He glared at him and said angrily, "Zhenren Zhang, don't slander me!"

"Slander you?" Zhang Cunyi snorted. He turned around and said loudly to the cultivators of the various sects and schools, "You can be witnesses here so that we can see the true face of this wicked man!"

At this time, everyone was stunned. They hadn't expected that Zhang Cunyi would suddenly attack Li Yundong by accusing him of being a villain!

They immediately came to their senses. All of them stared with their eyes wide open and pricked up their ears to listen.

A cultivator who wanted to see the world plunged into chaos shouted, "Zhenren Zhang, tell us quickly. We are listening!"

"That's right. What the hell is going on?"

Zhang Cunyi snorted and asked Li Yundong loudly, "Spiritual Master Li, did you open a teahouse on the pedestrian street of Tiannan City?"

Li Yundong felt strange in his heart. He nodded and said, "Yes, this matter should be known by the cultivation world. Why are you asking me?"

Zhang Cunyi sneered and said, "Yes, everyone in the cultivation world knows that you, Zhenren Li, have opened a teahouse on the pedestrian street of Tiannan City. But how many cultivators in the world know that your teahouse is actually unscrupulous, using swindlers and bullying to make a living?"

When the crowd heard this, they suddenly burst into an uproar and looked at Li Yundong in surprise.

At this time, Su Chan's head suddenly exploded with a buzz. She couldn't help but open her mouth wide, and a wild voice shouted in her head, "Oh no, that event is really causing trouble for Yundong! What should I do? What should I do!"

The little foxes were also dumbfounded. They looked at each other with fear in their eyes and trembled all over.

When Li Yundong heard this, he was shocked at first, and then he became angry. He shouted, "Zhang Cunyi, make it clear, or you won't be ending well today!"

Zhang Cunyi sneered and said, "Zhenren Li, don't you dare to admit what you have done?"

With this, he turned around and loudly told everyone that his uncle-in-law had once been robbed in Disanxian Teahouse. He gnashed his teeth and said with a look of pure jealousy and hatred, "Brothers of the Tao, Zhenren of all! I think everyone knows that when Zhenren Li opened Disanxian Teahouse a month ago, it was really spectacular and lively. How many senior officials came, how many prominent people attended? I, Zhang Cunyi, can still remember it vividly. I remember that there were not even so many high officials and noble people at the inauguration ceremony of the leader of Qingyang Palace, but Li Yunyang opened a small teahouse and so many people showed up. How mighty is he? What a great thing!"

He said these words ironically. For a moment, everyone was whispering to each other, all talking about it. "Yes, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee came that day. It's a big deal!"

"Well, it's true. Li Yundong's power is nothing to sneeze at!"

Zhang Cunyi changed his tone and sneered. "But you don't use your power on the right side, you just want to do evil, unorthodox things! Zhenren Li, do you use your powerful background and influence to bully people like this?"

At this time, everyone looked at Li Yundong unkindly. Originally, they had been afraid of Li Yundong being too aggressive, but now they'd finally found an excuse to vent their anger. The emotions hidden in their hearts suddenly burst out.

Everyone shouted, "This scum is really a blight on the cultivation world!"

"Kill him! Enforce justice on the perpetrators on the behalf of heaven!"

"Hey, can you kill him?"

"I can't do it alone. Since there are so many people here, it'll be okay, won't it?"

"Forget it. If you die, I'll die. If you want to be cannon fodder, I won't accompany you!"

There were also some mature and prudent cultivators who loudly said to Li Yundong, "Zhenren Li, is that true?"

"Zhenren Li, say something!"

Wan Zhenyuan saw the situation changing drastically from one extreme to the other!

This was not what Wan Zhenyuan had wanted. He had no choice but to stand up and shout, "Don't argue, everyone. I believe that Zhenren Li will give us an explanation!"

After that, he said to Li Yundong, "Zhenren Li, whether there is such a thing or not, I think you should say a few words."

At this time, Li Yundong didn't show any joy or anger on his face, but he was both shocked and angry in his heart. He had never thought that he would encounter such a thing on such an occasion. Moreover, he had heard the details clearly from Zhang Cunyi and the time matched. Based on his understanding of Su Chan, this girl could really do such a thing, so he believed half of it in his heart.

Li Yundong turned his head to look around his table, only to find that Su Chan was looking at him with a frightened and uneasy face. Li Yundong's heart skipped a beat. He knew that it had to be true!

Not far away, Zheng Yuan observed Ding Nan's expression. He grinned and whispered to Ding Nan, "Hey, this Zhang Cunyi seems to have a rough temper. I didn't expect that he would agree to my plan! I thought I was the only one who collected these things!"

Ding Nan suppressed the worry in her heart and said, "But there is no evidence for it. How can it be assumed without evidence?"

Zheng Yuan laughed and said, "No evidence? I have a lot of evidence! Zhang Cunyi must have ironclad evidence to dare to launch an attack on such an occasion! Otherwise, he would never dare to do so! No wonder he dared to say that he would take first prize. It turns out that he has prepared such a backup plan!"

Ding Nan looked at Zhang Cunyi with disdain. She sneered and said, "Even if he gets what he wants, will he be able to take first place?"

Zheng Yuan also sneered and said, "Zhang Cunyi has the Sanhuang Sword, and Yue Sheng has been eliminated. Now he has a great chance of winning! Hey, hey, I have to help him again to light up the fire."

After that, he stood up and said to Zhang Cunyi with a smile, "Zhenren Zhang, you've said so much, but it's all empty talk without evidence. You can't wrong a good person! Zhenren Li really doesn't look like such a villain."

When Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and the others heard Zheng Yuan stand up to speak on Li Yundong's behalf, they were so shocked that their mouths fell wide open. They looked at each other in dismay. Ruan Hongling was at a loss for words but she asked in a low voice, "What's this guy up to?"

Only Zhou Qin thought for a moment and immediately became furious. She gnashed her teeth and said, "This person deserves to die. He is stirring the pot!"

Sure enough, Zhang Cunyi cast a glance at Zheng Yuan. He grimaced and took out a piece of paper from his chest pocket. He shook his hand and shook the paper open, saying loudly, "I have recorded the confession of all the witnesses who have been victims, and they are now in Dongwu City. Do you want me to ask them to come here and confront us?"

The crowd burst into an uproar, and everyone believed what Zhang Cunjian said in their hearts. Especially when they looked at Li Yundong's table, they saw that Su Chan and the other little foxes were trembling all over. They were so frightened, looking like they had guilty consciences. They no longer had any doubts. They glared at Li Yundong and shouted loudly, "Zhenren Li, tell us what to do!"

"Li Yundong, I hadn't expected you to be such a shameless person!"

Zheng Yuan also said loudly to Li Yundong with a pained expression on his face, "Zhenren Li, I hadn't thought that you'd be so uncouth as to commit such a despicable act! This may look like a small matter, but what if a small evil goes unpunished and turns out to be a big evil in the future?"

As soon as he said this, everyone immediately responded in loud voices, "That's right!"

Seeing that the crowd was furious, Zhang Cunyi felt proud in his heart, so he continued to say, "Zhenren Li, you're such a villain, bullying ordinary people. Do you have the right to take a Taoist supreme treasure of ours? Do you deserve to use such a Shenxian powerful magical weapon?"

At this time, Su Chan finally couldn't stand it anymore. She stood up, trembling all over, and her eyes were full of tears. She shouted wildly, "It's none of Yundong's business. It was all my idea. Don't pressure him like this! I'll take responsibility for what I've done alone!"

Ling Yue, the initiator, couldn't take it anymore. She also stood up and shouted, "It was my idea, not Su Chan's. If you want to blame someone, blame me!"

The little foxes also stood up and shouted, "It's our fault. It has nothing to do with our leader. Don't force him!"

Seeing so many beautiful little foxes protecting Li Yundong in a group, some people were surprised and envious, jealous and resentful. Some of them said in a strange tone, "Oh, they are so united. Zhenren Li, you have taught the sect well!"

"Humph, these foxes have not had a single good thing happen to them since they entered the mortal world. Doesn't Li Yundong care about his disciples?"

Zhang Cunyi laughed and said, "Zhenren Li, you have a group of good disciples. I didn't expect them to sacrifice themselves to protect you!"

Su Chan was so riled up that her whole body trembled. She said loudly, "When this happened, Yundong just went to Dongwu City. He didn't know about it. He was afraid that I would get into trouble, so he repeatedly told me to be careful! But, but I still caused him trouble!" As she said this, the girl finally couldn't help crying, and her tears fell down like beads.

When the crowd saw Su Chan, the beautiful little girl, crying so pitifully, they were all speechless for a moment. As the saying goes: "A beauty's tears are the most pitiful things in the world. A person who has pity for a beautiful girl can't bear to blame her or push her anymore."

But Zhang Cunyi sneered and said, "What's the difference between you and him? Even if what you say is true, if Li Yundong hadn't spoiled you, would you have dared to do such a thing? You haven't heard that the master has something to do and the disciple should take the initiative to help? And if the disciple makes a mistake, the master also needs to take responsibility for it. What's more, Li Yundong is the leader of your Fox Zen School. If this matter is not on him, who is it to blame? Hmph, do you think crying can make us softhearted? Su Daji messed up the Shang Dynasty and was still crying before she died, but Jiang Ziya had not been softhearted? Why he was enforcing justice on the perpetrators on the behalf of heaven!"

Zheng Yuan was secretly amazed when he heard this. "Amazing, these words are really amazing! Li Yundong is in deep trouble now!"

Sure enough, at this point, everyone's eyes became fierce again. They all shouted, "Li Yundong, you have to give us an explanation!"

Su Chan also shouted, "Don't push him. I'll give you an explanation!"

Li Yundong had been standing quietly in the field before. At first, he was furious and clenched his fists, but then he calmed down and loosened his hands. He turned his head, glared at Su Chan, and shouted, "Shut up and sit down!"

Su Chan was startled by Li Yundong's glare, so she sat down unthinkingly.

Li Yundong then turned his head and looked coldly at the angry crowd. He said to Zhang Cunyi, "Zhenren Zhang, what do you think I should do?"