The situation was constantly changing. Li Yundong had given up on the Immortal Pen for Su Chan, which made the cultivators of various sects sigh in their hearts thinking that though Li Yundong loved his career, he cared for his lover more. If it had been ancient times, maybe he would be another lecherous tyrant!

Li Yundong and Su Chan chatted in confidence, as if there was no one else around them. Zhou Qin and Zi Yuan watched them from the side, feeling all sorts of emotions.

Ruan Hongling glanced at her Elder Sister and suddenly said, "Li Yundong, since you don't want to participate in the Taoist assembly, why don't we just leave?"

Li Yundong gently put his arms around Su Chan's slim waist and said with a smile, "I'm not here to fight for the powerful magical weapon at the Taoist assembly. More importantly, it's a chance for the disciples of the Fox Zen School to see this kind of high-quality fighting method, which is particularly important for my disciple Zhou Qin. She should see how cultivators settle a score."

Zhou Qin sighed softly and said in a low voice, "Master, without your participation, there's nothing special about a fight at their level."

Li Yundong shook his head and said, "No, each sect has its own magic and fighting methods, especially when it comes to the powerful magical weapon that they may use. Powerful magical weapons are equivalent to secret weapons for every cultivator. It will be helpful for you to see more of them. If one day you meet a foe, maybe these experiences will help you beat them! Moreover, the Taoist assembly has gathered almost all the masters of Taoism in the whole world. Such a large-scale battle would not be easy to see at ordinary times. It's silly for you to leave just because of a little setback."

After hearing this, Zhou Qin and Zi Yuan admired him in their hearts. This young man was only 20 years old, but he was as thoughtful and magnanimous as if he had lived for several lifetimes.

Zhou Qin didn't say anything about leaving. Su Chan, Ruan Hongling, and the little foxes also temporarily put aside their grievances and decided to focus on the scene.

Beside them, Cinian was silent. Sipping his tea, Cinian watched Li Yundong and others. He sneered and said in a low voice, "Huh, Tachibana Wakako, the person you wanted to see most is already out and can never play again. Do you want to keep watching?"

Although Tachibana Wakako could understand Chinese, she was still young and not very proficient, which had shown especially in the previous quarrel. Everyone had spoken in a hurry and at high speed. Although she had vaguely guessed some things based on the circumstances, she still had a lot of doubts. She asked, "Master Cinian, why did these people do this to Li Yundong?"

Cinian snorted. "That's what the Chinese are like. They are fond of infighting! This country will forever be embroiled in internal strife. It will always be intriguing against itself, fighting for power and profit! Tachibana Wakako, I don't think the fight of the cultivators below will be interesting anymore. Do you want to leave?"

Tachibana Wakako looked at Li Yundong with some disappointment and said, "Master Cinian, I don't think it will either. But I still want to stay for a while. If it doesn't look good, then we'll leave, okay?"

Cinian smiled. "Alright, we'll do as you say."

At this time, Li Yundong noticed that the person sitting at the table next to him was none other than the arrogant Japanese whom he had met at Xiyuan Temple. He was shocked and frowned deeply. Subconsciously, he wanted to make trouble for them.

However, as soon as he came up with this idea, he remembered that he was in attendance at the Taoist assembly and had lost his right to fight again. If he caused trouble, who knew what else might happen.

Moreover, the Japanese had gone very quiet now. Even if they wanted to be arrogant, there were so many cultivators from all kinds of sects here. Couldn't they deal with a few of them?

Thinking of this, Li Yundong reluctantly gave up on the idea.

At this time, Wan Zhenyuan looked at Li Yundong and shook his head secretly. He was a little worried and anxious, but he didn't show it on his face at all. He said to the crowd, "Now that Zhenren Li has withdrawn from the Taoist assembly, who will appear next?"

Although the cultivators on the field had managed to take down Li Yundong, who was the most powerful person there, they were not ready to fight. They looked at each other and hesitated.

At this time, Zhang Cunyi said loudly, "Since no one is ready, then let me do it." After that, he walked onto the field and cupped his hands, saying to everyone, "Which cultivator would like to give me a try?"

After Zhang Cunyi finished speaking, a young man jumped up and said loudly, "I'm Zhao He from the Donghua Sect. Zhenren Zhang, please?"

When the foxes saw Zhang Cunyi step forward, they ground their teeth in bitter anger and cursed in low voices, "Prepare to lose, you shameless b*stard!"

"Right, you're going to be beaten to death!"

Li Yundong glared at them and scolded in a low voice, "Stop talking! Don't you think you've caused enough trouble already?"

The little foxes were startled. They instantly straightened up and put on aggrieved expressions, looking like a bunch of battered wives.

Zhou Qin surveyed the field and asked Li Yundong in a low voice, "Master, who do you think will win between Zhang Cunyi and Zhao He?"

Li Yundong glanced at the two of them and whispered, "Zhang Cunyi!"

Zhou Qin asked in wonderment, "The battle has not yet started and you already know that? How can you tell?"

Li Yundong said, "Apart from prejudice and grievances, Zhang Cunyi himself is a very strong cultivator. I once fought with him on Mount Tianlong. At that time, he wanted to attack me secretly, but I was on guard against him. Later, I fought him several times, and I could feel the tremendous Zhenqi in his body. He is indeed from a famous sect, and he's not an opponent to be sneezed at. Moreover, you can see the Sanhuang Sword behind him, which is a very powerful magical weapon..."

While he was talking, Zhao He cupped his hands to Zhang Cunyi and said with a smile, "Zhenren Zhang, I‘ve always heard that the Sanhuang Sword of your Qingyang Palace is powerful, and I hope I'll get to see for myself today. What do you think?"

Hearing this, everyone was stunned and wondered inwardly, "The Sanhuang Sword is one of the five spirit swords of the Taoist world. How dare this man actually go to fight Zhang Cunyi with this powerful magical weapon. Isn't he asking for death?"

Zhang Cunyi was also stunned for a moment. He thought for a while before saying straightforwardly, "Okay, as you wish!" After that, he patted the black cloth scabbard behind him, and drew out a three-foot-long sword from it.

Most people had heard the name of the Sanhuang Sword, but very few of them had seen the real deal. When they saw this sword, one of the Five Great Spirit Swords in the Taoist Cultivation world, appears in front of them, they all widened their eyes and gawped at it.

The sword was white in its entirety, save for a red tassel on its hilt, and it actually looked quite unremarkable. This longsword stood steadily in mid-air, making neither sound nor provocative motions. It was so plain that everyone almost thought that it could not be the Sanhuang Sword and was just another ordinary sword.

Zhao He took a careful look at it before quickly showing his own powerful magical weapon, which was two hooked swords.

Zhou Qin saw that the two hooked swords were similar to longswords, but there was a prototype hook at the tip of the sword. She couldn't help but wonder, "What kind of powerful magical weapon is this?"

All of a sudden, Zi Yuan, who was standing to one side, burst into laughter. "No wonder Zhao He dared to settle a score with Zhang Cunyi with powerful magical weapons. It turns out that he is relying on the mutual restriction of the weapons!"

Li Yundong nodded and said, "Yes, the hooked swords can restrain longswords. This kind of hooked swords can lock longswords, so the enemy can't fight back."

While they were talking, they saw the two men bow to each other. Suddenly, there was a flash of white light in the field, and there was a clanging sound from the ground. It was Zhao He's powerful magical weapon, which had been defeated. His hooked swords had just locked onto the Sanhuang Sword, but then it was twisted by the Sanhuang Sword and instantly cut into two halves, which fell to the ground.

The crowd suddenly burst into an uproar, and everyone on the scene exclaimed! Zhao He stood still with shock, as if he couldn't believe his eyes!

Li Yundong was shocked. "The Sanhuang Sword is so sharp? I thought the Sanhuang Sword had a chance of winning, but I didn't expect it to do it so quickly."

Zhou Qin looked at the Sanhuang Sword with her eyes wide open. At this time, the Sanhuang Sword was blooming with three colors: green, yellow, and black. She couldn't help but say in shock, "The color of this sword is changing?"

Li Yundong explained in a low voice, "This is the original appearance of the Sanhuang Sword. The three colors represent three different kinds of forces. You know that the Sanhuang Sword is the most precious powerful magical weapon of the Qingyang Palace in Sichuan. They are usually enshrined in the Yuhuang Temple of Qingyang Palace, and downstairs in the temple are the three righteous gods of the Sanhuang Sword, the Three Great Emperor-Officials!"

"Three Great Emperor-Officials?" Zhou Qinqi asked, "Who are they?"

"The Three Great Emperor-Officials include the heavenly official who is in charge of the sky," began Li Yundong, "the land official who is in charge of the earth, and the water official who is in charge of water. Heaven, earth and water are the main components of this world, so the power of the Sanhuang Sword comes from these three gods' souls. You see, cyan refers to the heaven official, yellow refers to the land official, and black refers to the water official."

Zi Yuan also nodded and added, "Right. It is said that Primus took the nine Qis of Shiyang in the universe, the seven Qis of Qingxu in Jiutuyang Cave, and the five Qis of Chenhao in Dongyang Fengze, and finally finished it on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar in the first month of autumn. It was refined after ninety-nine and eighty-one days. Primus once passed this divine sword that had gathered the power of the Three Great Emperor-Officials to Yao Shun Yu. Therefore, these three emperors have all used this divine sword, so our cultivation world also calls this sword the Sanhuang Sword!"

Zhou Qin suddenly understood. She looked at the magical sword with three divine lights around it in awe and thought, "If my powerful magical weapon were to go against his, would it be a match? I'm afraid that it would also be cut apart in an instant."

Li Yundong seemed to know what Zhou Qin was thinking. He comforted her softly, "Zhou Qin, don't think too much. No matter how amazing a powerful magical weapon is, it's just a dead object that can possess supernatural powers. The critical factor is who is using it. If the person using it is strong, then the weapon will also be strong. If the person using it is too weak, then the power of the powerful magical weapon will be greatly reduced."

Zhou Qin nodded slightly and kept these words in mind.

Looking at the shining Sanhuang Sword, Tachibana Wakako opened her mouth wide and couldn't help but remark aloud, "Wow, this sword looks very powerful?"

Cinian glanced at the Sanhuang Sword and chuckled. He pointed at Shinsyu and said, "Shinsyu can take this magical sword with his bare hands!"

Upon hearing this, Tachibana Wakako was immediately disappointed. "What? No way? Isn't that just to look cool?"

Shinsyu, who has always looked like a servant, said in a low voice: "Tachibana Wakako, no matter how amazing the powerful magical weapon is, it is dependant on its user. These Chinese cultivators only have poor cultivation quotients, and it is useless for them to get the powerful magical weapon, no matter how strong it is!"

The three Japanese muttered in low voices. Hearing what they had said, Zi Yuan couldn't help looking at them again and frowning.

Li Yundong was keenly aware of her strangeness and asked, "Zi Yuan, what's wrong?"

Zi Yuan thought for a moment before whispering to Li Yundong, "Nothing. These Japanese people look down on us Chinese cultivators."

Li Yundong snorted coldly. "They said that there were no masters on the mainland of China before. I just wanted to teach them a lesson. It's a pity that no good opportunity has arisen."

Zi Yuan snorted, and she said with a rare display of anger, "How dare this group of people from Dongying, who have an exaggerated opinion of how bad our abilities are, be so presumptuous here! Forget it. Let's ignore them and continue to watch the fight!"

At this time, Zhang Cunyi shouted at Zhao He. He had his nose in the air and cupped one hand in the other before his chest as he said, "Well, who else wants to try the spirit power of the Sanhuang Sword? Anyone?"

The crowd was shocked by the sharp divine power of the sword. They were all afraid that if they went up, their own powerful magical weapons would be cut apart at first sight, just like Zhao He's had been. If this happened, it would be really painful.

For a moment, everyone hesitated and didn't dare to step forward. Cinian sneered from the side. He finally couldn't bear it any longer and said to Shinsyu, "Shinsyu, why don't you give it a go?"

When Shinsyu heard this, he was overjoyed. He straightened his back and seemed to transform from a lowly, unremarkable servant into a grand master with an imposing appearance and a pair of sharp eyes.

He took a bold step forward and said loudly, "I'll do it!"