No one had expected that Zhang Cunyi would be defeated in three moves. Furthermore, he was defeated so miserably!

Even Li Yundong hadn't expected Zhang Cunyi to be defeated so quickly that even the sect-protecting powerful magical weapon, the Sanhuang Sword, would be taken!

Although the cultivators of all sects had always had grudges against each other and no one looked down on one other, they could not help but get angry at the arrogant words of Shinsyu. They stood up and yelled, "Bastard, what did you say?"

"If you have the guts, say it again!"

"Son of b***h, come here. I'll show you if there are any masters in the Chinese Cultivation World!"

Shinsyu gave them a disdainful look. Then he proudly said to Zhang Cunyi, who was lying on the ground with his hands covering his chest and coughing up blood, "I heard that there is a saying in the Chinese Cultivation World that the magical items belong to the capable. Now I'm more powerful than you. I've defeated you. Does this powerful magical weapon belong to me?"

Zhang Cunyi hadn't expected that he would be seriously injured due to underestimating the enemy, and that the powerful magical weapon of his sect would be taken. He was ashamed and angry at this time. He was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood again.

Although the little foxes of the Fox Zen School were not ashamed of his character, they could not help but feel pity for him at this time. They all turned their heads away and did not dare to look at his miserable situation again.

Zhang Cunyi's two Shidees quickly grabbed it and held Zhang Cunjian. One mobilized his Zhenqi to save him, and the other roared angrily at Shinsyu, "How dare you hurt our Young Master? Give us back the Sanhuang Sword quickly, or we will never let Qingyang Palace off!"

Shinsyu laughed wildly and said, "Is this the strength of the Young Head? If it is, then what does it have to do with me being unwilling to give up?"

Hearing his words, Zhang Cunyi was ashamed and angry. Suddenly, everything went black in his eyes, and he fainted.

The surrounding cultivators suddenly exclaimed. Zhang Tianhe and Zi Yuan also jumped to Zhang Cunyi's side, disregarding the opinions of the sect. Each of them grabbed a hand to check on Zhang Cunyi's situation.

As soon as the two of them raised their hands, they looked at each other. Zhang Tianhe looked at Zi Yuan with an admiring gaze and whispered, "Zhenren Zi Yuan, we meet again!"

Zi Yuan gave him a faint smile, nodded, and then focused on checking Zhang Cunyi's condition.

Zhang Tianhe saw that Zi Yuan had only greeted him politely but otherwise ignored him. He felt a sense of loss in his heart and sighed sadly.

After Zi Yuan had checked his injury, she said to Zhang Cunyi's Shidee, "It's okay. He's angry and fainted. However, Zhenren Zhang's injury is a little serious. I'm afraid that he will have to recuperate for a while."

This Shidee, who was full of anxiety, was slightly relieved upon hearing this. He glanced at the insolent Shinsyu and wanted to take back the Sanhuang Sword, but he was afraid that he would be no match for Zhang Tianhe, so he said humbly to Zi Yuan and Zhang Tianhe, "Zhenren Zi Yuan, Zhenren Zhang, this Shinsyu is so arrogant. He also took the most precious powerful magical weapon of our Qingyang Palace. For the sake of the fact that we are both Taoist friends, please help us take back the Sanhuang Sword. What do you think?"

Zi Yuan said without hesitation, "Of course. How could our Taoist treasure fall into the hands of the Japanese?"

Zhang Tianhe also cupped one hand in the other before his chest and said, "Don't worry, I'll go up on stage and snatch the Sanhuang Sword from you soon!"

After that, he stood up and said loudly to Shinsyu, "Shinsyu, return the Sanhuang Sword to me quickly, or don't get angry when I'm rude to you!"

Shinsyu glanced at him and sneered. "Who are you?"

Zhang Tianhe said coldly, "Zhengyi School's Zhang Tianhe!"

Zhengyi School had been a supreme sect in the country since the Song Dynasty. Although Shinsyu was a Japanese cultivator, the name Zhengyi School was still well known. He suddenly felt a little cold in his heart, and the arrogant expression on his face faded a lot. He snorted and said, "Are you going to stand up for him?"

Zhang Tianhe raised his eyebrows and said, "Correct!"

Shinsyu sneered and said, "I'm a fair match with him and I'm willing to admit defeat! Furthermore, the powerful magical weapon he had with him was snatched by me, so it naturally now belongs to me. What right do you have to stand up for him?"

After that, he raised the Sanhuang Sword in his hand and said with a smile, "I'm reluctant to return such a good powerful magical weapon!"

Zhang Tianhe was stunned when he heard that, but he soon added, "Well, I'll fight with you. If you lose, you'll return the Sanhuang Sword to its original owner. If you win, I'll give you my Seven-Star Sword!"

Everyone gasped in surprise. Zou Ping couldn't help but exclaim, "Shidee, are you crazy?"

On the other side, Zhang Ling grabbed Zou Ping's wrist and said in a deep voice, "Don't talk. Cultivators should not be overcautious. Don't turn back when you've made your decision! Since Zhang Tianhe dares to do this, he must have the will to win. Let's just wait."

When Shinsyu heard that Zhang Tianhe wanted to make a bet with him for the Seven-Star Sword, he was slightly surprised. He looked Zhang Tianhe up and down and thought, "The Seven-Star Sword in this man's hand is said to be one of the five divine swords of the Chinese Cultivation World. How does it compare with the Sanhuang Sword? Hey, if I use the Sanhuang Sword to fight with him, the expressions of these arrogant Chinese cultivators will no doubt be very interesting!"

Thinking of this, Shinsyu tried to transmit his Zhenqi into the Sanhuang Sword in an attempt to subdue the powerful magical weapon.

But as soon as he injected his Zhenqi into it, he felt the sword start struggling fiercely. There was a wave-like power coming from it. This power was like the huge pressure of a Gods’ soul, pouncing on the Shinsyu with unstoppable momentum.

Shinsyu was suddenly shocked. He knew that the power of the Sanhuang Sword was counter-attacking. He clearly felt that this power was like the pressure of Mount Tai, and he couldn't stop it at all. He thought about in a flash and quickly pointed the Sanhuang Sword in his hand toward the ground. With a bang, he shoved the Sanhuang Sword into the ground and shouted, "The Sanhuang Sword is a really amazing powerful magical weapon in your eyes, but in my eyes, it's like a broken piece of iron! It is under my feet now. If you have the guts, come and take it!"

Hearing this, everyone was furious and roared, "Zhenren Zhang, go and teach this guy a good lesson!"

"Zhenren Zhang, will you go? If you won't, then I will!"

Zhang Tianhe was also angry. He stepped forward and put his Seven-Star Sword on the ground, then said loudly, "If I defeat you with my magic sword, I don't think you will be convinced. You just defeated Zhang Cunyi with kung fu, so I will fight with you with kung fu. I will make you convinced!"

Hearing this, everyone cheered and said loudly, "Zhenren Zhang, teach him a good lesson. Show them the kung fu of our Chinese sect!"

Shinsyu glanced at the crowd with disdain, then snorted and said proudly, "Okay!"

Zhang Tianhe stepped forward and stopped three meters away from Shinsyu, but Li Yundong said loudly, "Zhenren Zhang, be careful of his Zhenqi being strange!"

Zhang Tianhe turned his head and glanced at Li Yundong. Li Yundong had reminded Zhang Cunyi before. Everyone thought that he was thinking about something, and Zhang Tianhe thought so too. But at this time, he realized that Li Yundong was warning him out of kindness. Zhang Tianhe nodded to him. He took a step forward and set up a Taijijia with his hands half closed, then said in a deep voice, "Shinsyu, you go first!"

Shinsyu released a chuckle. He didn't act too politely either, stepping forward on the high of a great victory to deliver a fist.

Zhang Tianhe snorted and put his right hand on Shinsyu's arm. With a move like grasping a peacock's tail, he yanked Shinsyu's fierce punch to one side.

Zhang Tianhe was from a well-known family. Although he was young, his Tai Chi kung fu was perfect. As soon as he put his hand on Shinsyu's arm, all his strength burst out like a great river.

Everyone pointed out that Zhang Tianhe was waving his arms, but always keeping them on Shinsyu's arms. They kept turning him like two children pulling each other, and their postures were funny and strange.

But none of the people in the ring laughed. They all knew that Zhang Tianhe had already entangled Shinsyu with the Taijimian, so his opponent had nowhere to use his strength.

It was like a sharp magical sword, but it couldn't cut through water. The rock was hard, but it could slice through drops of water and stone!

Zhang Tianhe was a cultivator. He was strong and full of Zhenqi. When he used his strength, not only did he have a strong force, but his power was like a spider web. Shinsyu felt that his arms were getting heavier and heavier, and his steps were becoming more and more light and flexible. The strength of his center of gravity began to be pulled by the opponent, and he felt like he was in a turbulent sea.

Shinsyu was secretly shocked. He thought to himself, "Is this Tai Chi? Wasn't it said that Tai Chi didn't have the ability for actual combat? How could it be so powerful? I didn't even have a chance to use my hands!"

Zhou Qin, who was standing nearby, also widened her eyes. She couldn't help asking Li Yundong, "Master, is Tai Chi so powerful? I used to see an old lady doing Tai Chi in the park. I thought it was just a fancy punching skill."

Li Yundong saw that Zhang Tianhe was not looking down on his enemy like Zhang Cunjian. At this time, he had the upper hand. He was relieved and said with a smile, "Are you kidding? Tai Chi Fist, Eight Trigram Palms and Will-Shaping Fist are the three supreme punching skills of Neijiaquan. What's more, there is a saying that if you don't go out for ten years, you will succeed in killing people when you finally leave. It's very difficult for you to get to the upper level of this punching skill, but it will be very powerful once you do. It's amazing!"

Zi Yuan also said with a smile, "In the Qing Dynasty, Yang Luchan, the Great Master of Tai Chi, built the capital city alone and defeated many masters with Tai Chi. Later, all of the masters from all over the country came to challenge Yang Luchan. Yang Luchan had never been defeated, so he was given the title of Yang Wudi! Think about it, if Tai Chi was so powerful, how did Yang Wudi get the title?"

Zhou Qin suddenly understood. She smiled and looked at the field, saying, "It seems that Zhang Tianhe is bound to win this battle. Now Shinsyu is like a bug falling into a spider web. No matter how hard he tries, he won't be able to get out."

Li Yundong shook his head and said, "You can't say that. At the end of the day, it's still a question of whose strength is better. Many people think that Tai Chi is soft and powerless and can't hit people at all, but in fact, they misunderstand completely. Tai Chi also needs strength, but it can have the force of 100 kilograms with only 10 kilograms of strength. If you don't have the strength of 10 kilograms, you won't be able to hit the strength of 100 kilograms. But if you have the strength of 10 kilograms, the force on the other side will be of 200 kilograms, or even 1,000 kilograms. You will lose no matter how hard you fight!"

As soon as Li Yundong's voice fell, he heard a loud shout from the field. Shinsyu, who was irritated by Zhang Tianhe's strength, suddenly burst into countless thick black auras. Strange black lines quickly spread all over his body. Before long, his skin had turned blue and black. Two black, curved horns were growing from the top of his head. His bones cracked and his body suddenly expanded. His clothes were also ripped and he turned into a monster with a blue face and sharp fangs standing at more than two meters tall.

Behind the disguised one, Shinsyu gave a grim smile and suddenly grabbed Zhang Tianhe with her five fingers. As if throwing a sack, she lifted Zhang Tianhe up and then smashed him to the ground!

Zhang Tianhe suddenly saw that the other side had turned into such a monster. He was shocked and only felt a strong force. This force was so intense that it was instantly beyond his control. His body was caught by the other side in an instant and then he fell heavily to the ground.

With a scream, Zhang Tianhe's bones were broken and he passed out in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, Shinsyu turned around and stepped on Zhang Tianhe's body with one foot. He laughed wildly and said, "Can this soft, slow fist technique be used to hit people? It's so funny!"

The cultivators were in an uproar. Some Qianbei of the sects got up and said angrily, "Yaksha? How dare you, a little Yaksha, be so presumptuous here! Are you suicidal?"