"Yaksha?" Su Chan stared at Shinsyu with her eyes widely open. Surprised, she said, "This person is actually a Yaksha?"

The expression on Zi Yuan's face was solemn. She said in a low voice, "I didn't expect that there would be a Living Yaksha walking in the world! How dare he appear in broad daylight!"

When Zou Ping, from the Zhengyi School, saw Zhang Tianhe lying unconscious on the ground, she was both angry and anxious. She scolded him loudly, "Hurry up and let go of my Shidee!"

Shinsyu laughed and picked up Zhang Tianhe's body like he was picking up a cloth bag. He laughed loudly and said, "Take it!"

His kick was extremely powerful. Like a cannonball, Zhang Tianhe slammed into Zou Ping in the blink of an eye.

Zou Ping's face drained of color and she subconsciously tried to grab it with both hands. However, Zhang Ling suddenly stretched out her right hand, causing Zhang Tianhe's body to go upright in mid-air. It was as if a pair of invisible hands had caught hold of him.

Zhang Ling displayed her powerful Zhenqi and exquisite control. The crowd couldn't help but cheer secretly.

Zhang Ling turned to look at Zou Ping. In a low voice, she said, "Take him away!"

Only then did Zou Ping realize what was going on. She brought Zhang Tianhe down from the air, glared hatefully at Shinsyu, and turned around to examine Zhang Tianhe with concern.

Zhang Ling glanced at Zhang Tianhe. She turned her head and said to Shinsyu angrily, "How dare you, a little Yaksha ghost, run amok in our country. Are you tired of living?"

Shinsyu snorted and said, "What, do you also want to teach me? Okay!"

Zhang Ling was furious. She raised her eyebrows, and the bright red cinnabar mole between her brows suddenly seemed to be like a small fireball burning. There was a blazing flame in her hands out of nowhere. The flames were so hot that the air around was twisted by it!

Zhang Lingren was known as "the Lady of Earthly Fire". Not only was his nature as fierce as fire, but his control over fire magic could also be said to be the best in the world. At this time, in her anger, she had taken out her trump card!

Everyone could see that the flames in Zhang Ling's hands were boiling. In the blink of an eye, they jumped out of her palms, then wrapped around her whole arm. Suddenly, her whole body was covered in flames.

Zhang Ling frowned. She looked like an angry god of fire as she shouted angrily, "You're courting death!"

After that, she turned her wrist, and the fireball in her palm became bigger!

Everyone could only see that the fireball in Zhang Ling's hand was constantly tumbling and growing, making a rumbling sound. It was like an atomic bomb that was about to explode. The pressure was amazing, and they were shocked by the blazing breath even from a distance.

Zhou Qin felt as if she was in a big oven, and her hair was being curled up by the heat. She exclaimed, "What kind of magic is this?"

Zi Yuan said with a pale face, "This is the Samadhi Thunder God Fire! Is Zhang Ling crazy? She will destroy this place!"

When the crowd saw Zhang Ling suddenly become angry and use this extremely destructive and lethal magic, they were all shocked and shouted, "Zhenren Zhang, what are you going to do? No, you will cause trouble!"

But at this time, Zhang Ling's mind was full of revenge for Zhang Tianhe. The most important thing was to recover the face lost by the Zhengyi School. She turned a deaf ear, and the murderous intent in her eyes became more and more intense.

Shinsyu felt a terrible heat blowing over his face from a distance. In an instant, he smelled death, but he was even more excited and enthusiastic. The black Qi around him was getting thicker and thicker. It gradually condensed in front of him, becoming a black fog.

The crowd only felt that this fog was like a black abyss, and they could vaguely see black dead souls howling in it, emitting a creepy sound.

When Zhang Ling saw this, she became even angrier. "Demons and ghosts dare to be arrogant!" After that, she turned her wrist and threw the fireball from her hands.

Shinsyu roared wildly, and the black mist in front of him suddenly turned into a ferocious ghost with a blue face and fangs, rushing toward Zhang Ling's fireball.

The malicious ghost opened its bloody mouth and suddenly swallowed the fireball. In an instant, the malicious ghost's whole body started burning.

Everyone immediately cheered loudly, "Zhenren Zhang, good job! Burn this Yaksha ghost to death!"

Zhou Qin and Su Chan were also beaming with joy. They gritted their teeth and said, "Burn him, burn this bastard!"

Li Yundong shook his head and said, "The Yaksha is famous for its ability to devour everything. Moreover, the Yaksha is not a real human body. I'm afraid that Zhang Ling's divine-fire of Samadhi won't be able to do anything to him."

While he was speaking, Shinsyu on the field suddenly burst into wild laughter. Her figure was actually much bigger than it had been before, as if she had absorbed the power of the the True Flames of Samadhi!

Everyone was shocked and exclaimed, "That's impossible! The True Flames of Samadhi burn everything. How could the Yaksha be able to absorb it?"

Zhang Ling's expression also changed drastically. She shouted sternly, "What kind of a monster are you!? How can you swallow my the True Flames of Samadhi!"

Just as she finished her words, Cinian, who was standing to one side, suddenly chanted the name of a Buddhist monk. He said, "Amitabha, please allow me to say something!"

Zhang Ling turned her head and sneered. "What do you want to say?"

Cinian smiled and said, "Fellow Taoists from the Chinese cultivation circle, my disciple Shinsyu is neither demonic nor evil. He is the guardian sentinel of our Mount Kōya. He is also the descendant of the Eight Demi-Gods of Sky Dragon Sect. He is the protective spell on of Gods'soul of Buddhism. How could he be a demon or a ghost?"

She continued in a clear voice, "Zhenren Zhang, although your True Flames of Samadhi is powerful, it can't protect the gods and Buddhas! Moreover, this is a fair practice of fighting, and it is a matter between juniors. As your elder, why are you intervening with it? Is it because you lost and got angry? I didn't think the dignified Zhengyi School was so narrow-minded."

Zhang Ling glared at her with anger. She secretly thought for a moment, "This Japanese guy is right. If I lose as well, our school will suffer a big loss this time!"

Thinking of this, the flames on Zhang Ling's body gradually subsided. She turned her head and said coldly, "Is there any cultivator willing to compete with this Shinsyu?"

At this time, the crowd saw that the blue-faced, long-toothed, ferocious-looking Yaksha ghost was even swallowing Zhang Ling's True Flames of Samadhi. They were all frightened for a while and looked at each other.

When Shinsyu saw this, he sneered and said, "Humph, are you afraid to come up as you want?"

Everyone was provoked by him and they were all furious. Among them, Wang Lingfei suddenly stood up and shouted, "I'll do it!"

The cultivators of the Zhengyi School shouted loudly, "Shishiong Wang, teach this arrogant guy a lesson!"

Zhang Ling glanced at him, nodded secretly, and whispered to him, "The Yaksha has infinite strength. Don't get close to him, and don't hit him with magic. The Yaksha is a mountain-protecting god. I suspect that he has an immune body of magic. I think only powerful magical weapons can kill him!"

Wang Lingfei nodded. Before he went on the stage, he turned to look at Li Yundong and thought, "I didn't expect that I would have to use a powerful magical weapon to deal with this yaksha. What a pity!"

Wang Lingfei snorted in his heart. He walked to the stage and took out a short sword that was only half a foot long from his back.

The sword was red all over, shorter than a longsword but longer than a dagger. Apart from that, it didn't seem to have any other extraordinary features.

When Shinsyu saw this, he laughed aloud and said, "Such a short sword? Your Sanhuang Sword and Seven-Star Sword are already in my pocket. Are you going to give me another one now?"

Wang Lingfei didn't get angry. He simply looked coldly at Shinsyu and said, "What powerful magical weapon do you have? Bring it out and let's have a fight!"

Shinsyu sneered and said, "Why should I use a powerful magical weapon when fighting with you?"

Wang Lingfei laughed angrily and said, "Hah! Then don't blame me for bullying you!"

Then, he turned into a bolt of lightning and pounced on Shinsyu. He held the shortsword in his hand and stabbed it toward Shinsyu like lightning and thunder.

Zhang Ling was so shocked that she couldn't help stamping her feet and saying, "Damn it. Didn't I tell him not to get too close?"

As the saying goes, one inch longer, one inch shorter, one inch of danger!

Wang Lingfei brandished the short sword in his hand and waved it down toward Shinsyu like it was a shower of mercury from every corner of the world. A ball of silver light danced wildly among the crowd, almost covering Shinsyu's whole body. Even Wang Lingfei's figure was covered by the silver light, partly hidden and partly visible!

Someone recognized this move and secretly nodded, saying: "What a move from Luanpifeng! However, this Yaksha has great strength, why does it have to fight with him in close quarters? Is it not good to compete with powerful magical weapons?"

Just as everyone was feeling doubtful, Shinsyu suddenly let out an angry roar. He clapped his palms and slapped Wang Lingfei's dagger right into his hand, then laughed wildly and said, "Let's see what else you can do!"

Instead of being shocked, Wang Lingfei was delighted. He sneered and shouted, "Sword Qi river!"

Wang Lingfei suddenly moved. He split into two, then three, and then countless parts!

In this battle, it seemed that there were countless Wang Lingfeis. Each of them held a short sword, and the short sword in their hands gave out dazzling red light. It was like a surging river, and the sword Qi was madly stabbing toward the Shinsyu from all directions!

In the blink of an eye, a thousand blades pierced Shinsyu's body. Immediately, blood gushed out of him, and with a roar, he unconsciously let go of his hands. Wang Lingfei, who was among them, immediately widened his eyes and rushed forward. He shouted, "It's over!" The sword in his hand immediately sunk firmly into Shinsyu's chest!

Seeing this, everyone was overjoyed and immediately cheered.

Shinsyu let out a wild roar. Endless black Qi immediately swirled out from her chest and swiftly spread toward him along with the sword in Wang Lingfei's hand.

Wang Lingfei was shocked. Just as he was about to loosen his grip, he saw Shinsyu, whose chest had been pierced, give a hideous laugh. His hands quickly pinched his fingers, and he yelled out the secret skill of the Zhenyan Tantrism like thunder: Nine-Character truth!

The crowd saw that as soon as the Yaksha uttered a word, its hands quickly pinched into a handprint.

This handprint was the Aryaacalanatha seal, the Mahā-cakra seal, the external lion seal, the inner lion seal, the external binding seal, the internal binding seal, the Wisdom Fist Seal, the Sun Wheel Seal, and the vase seal!

Shinsyu quickly pinched these handprints, recited the Mantra, and shouted, "Soldiers! Battles! Warriors! All! Formations! Stand in line! Front!"

Wang Lingfei saw the nine Mantra words quickly appear in the black mist in the air, covering him from top to bottom. He thought to himself that something was wrong. Just as he was about to withdraw, the nine words suddenly exploded with a bang!

The crowd only heard this loud bang as if a bomb had exploded in the field. In the blink of an eye, Wang Lingfei was blown to pieces and fell to the ground without a sound!

"What!" Everyone was so shocked that they couldn't help but widen their eyes. For the first time, they looked at Shinsyu with fear in their eyes. They couldn't understand why Shinsyu hadn't died even though the powerful magical weapon had pierced his body. Instead, he could recite a mantra and seriously hurt Wang Lingfei!?

Shinsyu kicked Wang Lingfei away with a kick. He pulled out the short sword from his chest with a grim smile and pushed it to the side. With a clanging sound, the short sword was inserted in front of the Sanhuang Sword, showing off to the crowd as if it was a trophy.

Shinsyu's pierced chest was surrounded by a black fog. Gradually, the black fog settled, and his chest became as flat as before. Only a hole was left in his clothes.

Shinsyu laughed wildly and said, "So weak, so weak!"

The cultivators from all sects gasped. They wondered to themselves, "What should we do? Even Zhang Cunyi, Zhang Tianhe, and Wang Lingfei were defeated! The three of them are the top experts of the young generation in the Cultivation World. Even if the other sects were powerful, they won't be stronger than them! Even they were defeated in one move. Who else could defeat this crazy Japanese?"

Everyone was in a panic for a while. Zhou Qin couldn't help but say to Li Yundong, "Master, go ahead. We can't let this Japanese continue to be so arrogant!"

Li Yundong was as deep as water in the east. He nodded and was about to enter the arena when he saw the Zi Yuan next to him suddenly reach out and press down on his hand.

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "Let me do it!"

Li Yundong was startled. "Zi Yuan, you?"

She asked in reply, "What, you don't have confidence in me?"

Li Yundong was stunned when he heard that. "But..."

Zi Yuan faintly smiled and said, "Don't worry, since I dared to enter the battlefield, I definitely have confidence in winning! You have to know that before you defeated me, I was the younger generation's... number one master in the Cultivation World!"

After that, Zi Yuan stepped onto the ground gracefully. Her figure was as ethereal as an immortal as she appeared in front of everyone's eyes. She said in a cold voice, "I'm from the Zhengyi School of Linggong Sect, Zi Yuan! Please give me some pointers!"