When Zi Yuan saw the terrifying devil rushing toward her with a roar, she did not panic at all. With a gentle tap of her foot, her figure was as graceful as a swan. She circled around the demon king of the sixth sky's apparition and quickly swam around. The purple silk in her hand was so soft, piercing through the gaps of the devil's armor.

As soon as the magic treasure silk of Zi Yuan entered the armor of the devil king, endless Yin Qi quickly rushed to Zi Yuan along the silk, like a black poisonous snake crawling along a vine, making people feel terrified.

When Zi Yuan saw that the black Qi was spreading at an extremely fast speed, twice as fast as Shen Xiu's, she was shocked in her heart, and then she immediately shouted loudly, her Genuine Vitality surging all over her body. In an instant, the purple silk in her hand became like a torrent of raging water, pouncing fiercely toward the other side. In the blink of an eye, it tied the devil up firmly.

Zi Yuan then shook her wrist and shouted, "Break!"

With a loud bang, the Demon King's armor was torn into pieces by the purple silk.

After the armor had been broken, everyone saw that there was no one inside, only a black mist that kept surging. In this black mist were countless ferocious ghosts, all screaming and yelling.

The black Qi kept twisting and howling, as if angrily reciting an incantation of hell to Zi Yuan.

Although Zhou Qin was not afraid of anything, when she looked at the scene in front of her, she felt cold all over and her hair stood on end. She even felt that if she were in the field, she would tremble and not be able to use even half of her strength, let alone fight!

Zhou Qin couldn't help asking in a low voice, "Why is this Oda Nobunaga so horrible?"

Li Yunyang said, "Mr. Oda Nobunaga is a famous figure in Japan. He has been fighting for his whole life. He once led his troops to wipe out Mount Hiei, Japan's divine mountains. Therefore, his bad reputation shocked the entirety of the Japanese cultivation world, and after he died, the tombstone was stood on Rigoino. The cultivators of Buddhism thought that his soul was too evil, so they added countless seal talismans to suppress and curse him. Therefore, for hundreds of years, the soul of Mr. Oda Nobunaga has been like this, full of resentment and all kinds of malicious curses. Anyone who fights with him will be cursed by him, and then their combat capability will be greatly reduced."

There was a look of fear on Zhou Qin's face. She said anxiously, "Fortunately, Zi Yuan has already killed him."

Li Yunyang frowned slightly and shook his head. "No, these evil spirits have accumulated the power of hundreds of years in Rigoino. They can't be destroyed by magic and magical weapons. It could even be said that they are immortal!"

As he was talking, he saw that Tachibana Wakako waving the flag in her hand. The armor that had been broken by her magic treasure on the ground actually gathered itself again and became a horrible armored warrior again. It stared at Zi Yuan with a ferocious look.

Zhou Qin was shocked and couldn't help saying, "The devil is alive again! What should we do?"

Zi Yuan also frowned slightly, and the purple silk in her hand slipped back into her sleeves. She stared at the soul of Oda Nobunaga and frowned, as if she was thinking of a way to deal with it.

As she was thinking, she saw that Tachibana Wakako was waving the flag again and reciting an incantation. Soon, the black fog in her hand surged, and a black-armored warrior appeared in front of her. This black-armored warrior was wearing heavy armor, a sharp helmet, holding a Chrysanthemum character Bushido in his hand, and had a long-handled military flag on his back. On the flag were four awe-inspiring Chinese characters: Wind Forest Fire Mountain!

Everyone saw that as soon as the black-armored warrior appeared, a terrible sense of oppression came over their faces, forming a sharp contrast with the Yin Qi of Oda Nobunaga.

Two blazing fireballs danced within the warrior's black armor. It was as if a war soul that had died with its eyes open was eager to walk towards the battlefield. As soon as it appeared, it released a terrifying roar. The surging battle intent made almost every cultivator's hair stand on end!

Although Zhou Qin didn't know much about Japan's history, she was shocked when she saw the military flag on the back of this black-armored warrior. She whispered, "Is this Takeda Shingen?"

Li Yunyang nodded and said, "Yes, it's the tiger of Kai, Takeda Shingen!"

Zhou Qin said worriedly, "One cannot be defeated, and now there are two. What should we do?"

Li Yundong said in a deep voice, "If you want to fight recklessly, there are two ways. One is to use more powerful Divine Power to destroy the opponent‘s Rancorous Spirit, and the other is to use your Zhenqi to exhaust the opponent! The opponent also needs to use up their spiritual energy to summon the Rancorous Spirit. As long as the opponent's spiritual energy is consumed, she can win!"

As they whispered, Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen, the two famous generals of Japanese history, roared at the same time and rushed to Zi Yuan.

Oda Nobunaga rushed at a fast speed, and wherever his body passed, black fog filled the air, as if it had swallowed the space behind him. It seemed like if one got close to him and touched him, one would be dragged into the abyss of hell.

As for Takeda Shingen, he was surrounded by blazing flames. Although he was alone, everyone felt that when he rushed forward, the military flag behind him was chilly, and the words "Wind Forest Fire Mountain" were like four dancing flames. Behind him, there seemed to be thousands of troops and horses. It was like a cavalry attack, and there was a horrible murderous aura and pressure coming toward her!

Zi Yuan was slightly shocked. In the blink of an eye, the purple silk in her hand flew out and formed a huge purple net in front of her. The two Grudge Spirits crashed into the net, and she immediately waved her wrist and controlled the magical weapon to twine the two Grudge Spirits together quickly.

Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen were tied together, struggling and roaring crazily. The magical silk in Zi Yuan's hands kept hissing, and the golden silk threads on it also burst into dazzling golden light.

Zi Yuan felt that there seemed to be two wild beasts trapped in her net. She struggled with great force, knowing that if she was careless, she would break the net and die!

She did not dare to keep these two vengeful spirits around. With a rare shout, she shook her hands, and the purple silk in her hands became like a sharp blade. In an instant, the two vengeful spirits were cut into countless pieces.

The crowd cheered when they saw that Zi Yuan had managed to repel Tachibana Wakako's attacks twice in a row, especially the young male cultivators. They looked at Zi Yuan with a fervent gaze, full of admiration.

Zou Ping, who had been making things difficult for Zi Yuan, couldn't help but frown. She whispered, "Master, what kind of magic treasure is that in Zi Yuan's hand? I haven't seen her use it before. How could it be so powerful?"

Zhang Ling smiled and said, "Wang Yuanshan once picked two pieces of the Ninth Heaven Ray in the Heavenly Lake of Xinjiang. One of them was made into a small square handkerchief, which is the portable magical item used by Ruan Hongling. It is called the heavenly red silk. The other one is a long one, which is now used by Zi Yuan. It is called the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk. These two magical items were originally the Celestial Clouds, and the clouds were tangible but invisible in the world. They could change into any shape according to the mind of the spell-user, like the Yang Spirit. Therefore, this kind of magical item can be used to attack and defend. When attacking, they are like raging waves and unstoppable. When defending, they are like iron locks across the river, and they are as solid as golden soup!"

Zou Ping frowned and said, "But didn't you see how Zi Yuan used it before?"

Zhang Ling snorted. "Ziyuan has been precocious ever since she was a child. She is talented and outstanding, a rare genius with cultivation. Wang Yuanshan himself is even more talented. He is the kind of great genius that comes once in a hundred years. It's not without reason that he chose Zi Yuan as the successor of the Linggong Sect. The reason why she doesn't use it is to guard against us so that she can surprise us at the inauguration ceremony of the leader in the future! Hey, I didn't expect that this little witch would force her to use her skill now!"

Zou Ping said in a low voice, "It'll be best if Zi Yuan loses. Humph, let's see how arrogant this b*tch is!"

Zhang Ling was furious when she heard this. She raised her eyebrows and scolded Zou Ping in a low voice, "B*stard! Do you think it's a battle between different sects in the cultivation world? Now it has turned into a competition between the Chinese cultivation world and the Japanese cultivation world. It's a national war! It's a small matter if she loses. It'd bring shame to the entire Chinese cultivation world! What's more, although there are many things wrong with Zi Yuan. In theory, she is still a member of our Zhengyi School. At this time, we should focus on national affairs in front of the national war. and focus on the sects under the national affairs, and then personal grievances! I didn't expect that you would say such words! Have you forgotten all the books you read?"

Zou Ping's face immediately turned red from the scolding and she did not dare to retort. She glared hatefully at Zi Yuan, lowered her head, and stopped talking.

At this time, everyone was looking at the scene with concern, and no one noticed the conversation between Zou Ping and Zhang Ling next to them.

After seeing Zi Yuan break through the joint attack of her two War Soul Undead, an expression of surprise appeared on Tachibana Wakako's face and she said, "Not bad, you're worthy of being the number one in the Chinese cultivation world. You really have something!"

As she spoke, she chanted the incantation again. The two armored warriors who had been crushed by Zi Yuan gathered together again, and then another War Soul Undead appeared next to her.

The crowd saw that this one was different to the previous two Fighting Souls. He was not wearing armor, but a white T-shirt. However, his clothes were torn and stained with blood. He was full of long spears and swords, like a grotesque hedgehog. In front of him were seven swords of different lengths, each of which had a gap. It seemed that he had experienced countless battles, letting off a strong and fierce aura!

As soon as Zhou Qin saw the Undead appear, her heart suddenly felt as if it was being pinched by a pair of invisible hands and almost stopped beating. A sharp murderous intent, almost tangible, forced her to subconsciously want to escape!

Zhou Qin couldn't help but ask in surprise, "What kind of monster is this?"

Li Yunyang frowned and said, "This is the brave general with the best sword skills among all the generals in Japan, Ashikaga Yoshiteru. It's said that he fought against the rebels before he died. He fended off their continuous attacks with his own strength. After three hours, he lost seven swords and died in the end!"

As he spoke, he saw the long sword in front of the undead buzzing and making a ringing sound. It jumped up itself, was suspended in the air, and pointed its sharp blade at Zi Yuan. It was ready to fight, and it was full of murderous intent!

Zhou Qin couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. She said, "There's one more. What should we do? Will Zi Yuan be able to defeat the opponent with energy consumption?"

Li Yunyang's face darkened. He shook his head slightly and said, "The power of this Tachibana Wakako girl comes from the power of this flag. As long as it is someone with the bloodline of the Tachibana family, it can be used, and the power of this magical item comes from the obsession power formed by Rigoino's generals and eminent monks who have been buried here for hundreds of years. This power is not trivial. If you intend to use it up, it'll be as difficult as climbing to heaven!"

Zhou Qin asked worriedly, "Master, if we can't defeat him, what should we do?"

Li Yundong said without hesitation, "It's simple. Let's go straight ahead. Let's catch the leader first! Even if he has an army of thousands of War Spirit Undeads, I won't care. I'll just rush to the opponent and take the leader's life!"

When Li Yunyang said this, Zi Yuan seemed to make a spiritual connection. She suddenly moved, and without waiting for Tachibana Wakako to take the initiative to launch an attack, she rushed toward her like lightning.

With a movement of her body, the three War Soul Undeads roared and pounced towards Zi Yuan.

Everyone saw that Zi Yuan's figure was like a wandering dragon and a flying phoenix. The three dead souls were fierce and murderous, and wherever they passed, it was like a fierce hell. The air was full of the pungent smell of blood, and Zi Yuan was like a fairy rushing into the battlefield of the underworld. Her feet were not stained with any blood, and her clothes fluttered without a trace of murderous intent.

In the face of the joint attack of the three undead, Zi Yuan's pace was ethereal, and her figure moved like a shadow. Everyone saw that every time the Undead's long saber was going to hit Zi Yuan, she could turn around and bend her waist in an incredible way. It was thrilling and wonderful to watch, making everyone's heart beat wildly and their blood boil!

Zi Yuan was entangled with the three Undead for a while. The Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk in her hand had unknowingly completed the arrangement and tied the three Undead together.

Zi Yuan shouted, "Break it again!"

With a few clanging sounds, like those made by sharp blades cutting steel, the three Undead were instantly cut to pieces by Zi Yuan.

But at this time, Zi Yuan didn't stop and flew down. She ran fast, like an arrow, and rushed at Tachibana Wakako. With a flip of her hand, she grabbed at Tachibana Wakako's face.

When everyone saw that Zi Yuan was about to capture the leader, they couldn't help cheering excitedly. But when their voices passed their throats, they suddenly saw Zi Yuan's hand stop two inches in front of Tachibana Wakako.

The soft black hair behind Tachibana Wakako suddenly rose up like a waterfall, and a witch in a white and red dress appeared out of nowhere in front of her. This witch was about two meters tall and had a very beautiful appearance. There was a white light condensed like a knife in her eyes. Her face was cold, and her whole body exuded an inviolable pressure.

The witch towered over and looked down at Zi Yuan, she shouted in a voice that shook the world, "A mere mortal dares to offend Tachibana Clan‘s God? You're courting death!!"

After that, she turned her wrist and pressed her hand down on the top of Zi Yuan's head.

At this time, Zi Yuan was enveloped by the power of the powerful Goddess witch's spirit. She felt like her opponent's power was like a huge wave that could split the sky. With great power, she pounced on her as a black mass!