Zi Yuan felt that this force was so powerful that she could hardly move. Behind her, the three War Soul Undeads were blocking all the ways for her to retreat.

When everyone saw that all the directions around Zi Yuan were sealed, and she was on the brink of death, they all cried out in horror and stood up.

Li Yundong's eyes suddenly lit up. He jumped to his feet, as if all his Zhenqi would surge out at any time.

Just when Zi Yuan was in a desperate situation and couldn't move forward or retreat, the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk in her hand suddenly turned quickly under her feet like a sharp sword, forcibly cutting a hole in the floor. In the blink of an eye, she fell from the second floor to the first and narrowly escaped.

No one had expected Zi Yuan to think of such a way to escape. They immediately let out an earth-shattering cheer. At this moment, everyone marveled at her wisdom and calmness.

Even Cinian nodded slightly and said to Shinsyu, "This Ziyuan girl is quite smart."

When Tachibana Wakako saw that Zi Yuan had come up with such a method to escape from the ground, she was stunned and hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should go after her.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt movement under her feet, followed by the sound of the floor being cut.

Zi Yuan's powerful magical weapon spurted out from her feet like a fountain, pouncing on her like countless sharp arrows!

In a flash, Tachibana Wakako was furious. She suddenly floated into the air and waved down the banner in her hand. In an instant, the purple silk tip became as sharp as a drill and stopped in front of her. It kept trembling and struggling, but it couldn't move an inch further.

Tachibana Wakako's eyebrows shot straight up, and her whole body was filled with awe-inspiring pressure. She said sternly, "You're courting death!"

She waved the flag in her hand toward the hole under her feet, and countless malicious ghosts emerged from the flag and rushed to Zi Yuan downstairs.

However, as soon as Wakako waved the banner, Zi Yuan suddenly came out of the hole through which she had fallen before. She widened her eyes and roared. The purple silk in her hand instantly condensed into a ball, and then quickly stretched out, as if it had become a sharp spear!

At this time, Zi Yuan seemed to have transformed into a warrior who was charging onto the battlefield with a sharp spear in her hand. She rotated her feet, twisted her body, held the purple spear in both hands, and suddenly stabbed it over at Wakako!

This move made everyone want to strike the table and shout bravo!

From Zi Yuan's brainwave in an impossible situation, to the fact that she had pretended to attack the feet of Wakako, and then suddenly appeared in front of her, this movement was really beautiful!

Furthermore, even a blind cultivator would have been able to tell that this Wakako was Gods' Spirit Possession now. Zi Yuan was fighting against a descending Gods’ soul with her own cultivation power. If it had been anyone else, they would have been defeated long ago. They wouldn't have even been able to move in the face of this soul's oppressive might!

However, not only was Zi Yuan able to overcome this kind of powerful pressure, she was even able to fight back so calmly and smartly. Her strength was weaker than Wakako's, but she had been able to fight against the strength with weakness. She was not at a disadvantage at all!

What an outstanding talent for fighting!

The crowd cheered loudly, and Zhang Ling's eyes lit up. She shook her head repeatedly and sighed, "Wang Yuanshan really has a good disciple! What a pity, what a pity!"

Zou Ping knew that her master, Zhang Ling, had fallen in love with talent and regretted that she didn't have such a good disciple. She felt increasingly upset in her heart. When she looked at Zi Yuan, the hatred in her eyes became even more intense.

Cinian's eyes widened as he looked at Zi Yuan, and he could not help but exclaim, "What a genius strike! Interesting! It's really amazing! Among the Chinese cultivators we met today, this Zi Yuan is the strongest. She deserves to be the number one cultivator in the Chinese cultivation world! What a pity! What a pity!"

Cinian sighed over the fact that such a powerful opponent was still going to be defeated in front of him. This kind of sigh was filled with both contempt and sympathy toward the victor, as if Tachibana Wakako had already won the final fight.

Shinsyu also looked at the scene in surprise. What he was surprised about was not the performance of Zi Yuan's fighting method, but the strength that Wakako was displaying.

Shinsyu whispered in surprise, "Master Cinian, when will Wakako be able to summon the Goddess to possess her?"

Cinian smiled smugly. "Among the witches of the Tachibana family, I have always been optimistic that she will inherit the position of the Divine Goddess in the future. She has always had this potential, but she is very playful and doesn't want to do hard work. She doesn't have the awareness. But this time around, when she came to watch the Taoist assembly, I felt that it was a good opportunity, so I brought her here. Especially when she was about to go up to the stage just now, I had a thought that maybe I could force her potential out and let the True God show up! Now it seems that my decision was right. Haha, Shinsyu, it's all thanks to your injury that you managed to force out Wakako's potential!"

Shinsyu looked at Cinian with admiration. He bowed and said, "After all, you're Master Cinian. You're worthy of being Rigoino's most intelligent divine monk! It's my honor to be able to contribute a little bit of strength to Miss Wakako!"

At this time, all the people around the field were talking, while Zi Yuan on the scene was fiercely attacking Wakako like a tidal wave.

Everyone saw Zi Yuan thrust the long purple spear in her hand, but the banner in Wakako's hand blocked her. It was as if an invisible wall had appeared in front of her. The long spear suddenly stabbed into the wall, causing a wave that was visible to the naked eye to spread out in all directions.

Zi Yuan's determined move was in vain. The three Undead behind her also pounced on her, like maggots digging into the bones. Zi Yuan was not discouraged. The powerful magical weapon in her hand instantly moved with her mind, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a shield and blocked the attacks of the undead from three directions.

At the moment of blocking, Zi Yuan controlled the weapon in her hand, and with a violent shake, the ribbon pushed away the three Undead like a raging wave.

As soon as Zi Yuan forced the three Undead away, Wakako slammed her palm toward Zi Yuan. She was so aggressive that it was hard for Zi Yuan to block the pressure!

In the blink of an eye, the weapon in Zi Yuan's hand turned into a sharp purple sword and stabbed towards Wakako's palm.

Although Zi Yuan's weapon was made of silk, the sharp tip of the sword was filled with killing intent that pierced straight through her bones! Although Wakako possessed Gods' Spirit, she didn't dare to use her body to block it.

Wakako had no choice but to withdraw her palm and wave the flag in her hand to block the attack.

As soon as she retreated, Zi Yuan immediately won the space for herself. In an instant, she turned into flying dragons and phoenixes and launched fierce attacks toward Wakako from all directions, and the magic weapon in her hands changed many times. Everyone saw that the weapon in Zi Yuan's hands was constantly changing, from knives, spears, axes, and forks, dazzling them!

For a moment, the cultivators kept cheering and clapping like thunder.

Su Chan widened her eyes and said in astonishment, "Sister Zi Yuan is so powerful! Is she so strong?"

Zhou Qin was so shocked that she could not speak. Ever since her Zhuji phase, she had developed an extremely arrogant feeling. She firmly believed that she would surpass Zi Yuan and become the best female cultivator in the world!

Especially in the previous battle, although Zhou Qin had been seriously injured, she had felt that this was a battle of self-satisfaction!

But at this time, when Zhou Qin saw that Zi Yuan was using weakness to fight against Wakako, her calmness and wisdom, her strategy to adapt, and her control over the magic weapon, especially her use of the magic weapon in close combat, was all so wonderful that it made people want to thump the table and praise her!

"Genius!" No matter how proud and conceited Zhou Qin was, in the face of such a person, she had to admit, "She is really a genius!"

The little foxes also stared at the scene with their eyes wide open. Most of them had heard Zi Yuan's name, but normally she was a little cold. However, because of Li Yundong, they felt that Zi Yuan was being easy to get along with. She was an elegant and modest woman, not like a great cultivator at all, not like a master of fighting.

But at this time, they understood that Zi Yuan was so powerful!

The little foxes couldn't help thinking, "Did Leader lose to Zi Yuan last time... Did she give way to him? Otherwise, judging from her current performance, how could Leader have defeated her at that time?"

Su Chan was surprised and delighted when she saw that Zi Yuan had the upper hand in the fight. She pulled Li Yundong's sleeve and said, "Yundong, is Zi Yuan going to win?"

But Li Yundong frowned. He shook his head and said, "On the contrary, Zi Yuan has been defeated!"

Su Chan and the others were shocked when they heard this. They quickly asked, "Why? Zi Yuan has already beaten up Wakako that she couldn't hit back!"

Li Yunyang said in a deep voice, "That's because Zi Yuan knew that she was in a weaker position, so she took the initiative to launch an attack. This is the last resort!"

Su Chan asked curiously, "Why? If I were weak, wouldn't I defend myself and fight back?"

Li Yunyang shook his head and said, "No! It's said that fighting methods are like using weapons, or like running water, shapeless and changeable. The best method is to make the opponent unable to track you! In the period of the three kingdoms, Shu dynasty was the weakest, but the state policy Zhuge Liang created for Shu kingdom was that the weaker they were, the more they would take the initiative to attack. They would ignite wars in other kingdoms and make the other kingdoms have no energy to retaliate! Because once these kingdoms who were stronger than themselves recovered and took the initiative to attack them, they'd have the momentum of Mount Tai. It must be difficult for them to resist! That's why Zhuge Liang left Qi Mountain six times, and then Jiang Wei attacked the Central Plains nine times!"

Zhou Qin listened carefully. She was like a beginner who was suddenly entering a strange world. She was greedily learning and absorbing all the knowledge related to fighting methods. She asked, "Is that Zi Yuan trying her best to make Wakako not launch a full-force attack, so she attacked with all her might?"

Li Yunyang nodded and said, "Yes! But after a long period of attack, Zi Yuan gradually lost her sharpness. Moreover, her attack seemed fierce, and she didn't hit Wakako once, not to mention the vital parts. If Wakako hit Zi Yuan, it would be over!"

Zhou Qin sighed and said, "In the end, the difference in their strength is still a problem."

Li Yundong's face was serious. "This Wakako is Gods' Spirit Possession at this time, and her strength is several times stronger than that of Zi Yuan. If it were anyone else, I'm afraid that they would have surrendered long ago and lost without fighting. However, Zi Yuan is so weak that she can fight like this. It's really amazing!"

While they were talking, the situation in the field became increasingly obvious. Zi Yuan's offensive had greatly weakened. The three War Soul Undead controlled by Wakako became more and more fierce. Every time they were repelled by Zi Yuan, the counterattack speed got faster and faster. Zi Yuan almost couldn't launch an attack on Wakako.

At this time, even a blind man could have seen that Zi Yuan was bound to lose. They all felt heavy in their hearts. They looked at each other and thought to themselves, "How can this Wakako be so powerful? Zi Yuan is so powerful but she is still no match for her. Who can defeat her here? Is our Chinese cultivation world going to be humiliated like this?"

Wakako, who had been suppressed by Zi Yuan before, saw that Zi Yuan's crazy attacks had basically stopped. This woman, who was as quiet and elegant as a fairy, was also a little breathless at this time. Her hair was messy, and it was obvious that she had lost her Zhenqi.

Wakako smiled coldly. "It's time to end it!" With a flip of her left hand, she waved the banner she was holding, and a thick black fog emerged from it. In the black fog, ferocious undead appeared one after another, like a black wall of monsters, blocking all the paths in front of Zi Yuan and pushing toward her. Behind Zi Yuan, three Undead Fighting Souls also rushed up from behind, and one jumped high to prevent Zi Yuan from escaping. The other one was short, waving the long saber to chop at Zi Yuan's legs and prevent her from escaping from the shell again.

This time, Zi Yuan was really sealed. She shouted for help but it was totally in vain!

The crowd let out a cry of surprise. Zhou Qin, Su Chan, and Ruan Hongling also stood up abruptly and exclaimed, "Oh no!"

There was also a hint of despair in Zi Yuan's eyes. She couldn't help thinking in her heart, "Am i going to die in the hands of this Japanese?"

Zi Yuan gritted her teeth and was ready to fight to the death when a figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

This person gripped Acalanatha Print with both hands as he shouted out his mantra, "Chirp!"

With a push of his palm, his hands, like a shining golden wall, pushed toward the black Undead Wall.

When the two walls collided, there was a loud rumble. The black Qi fled in all directions, leaving only the shining golden wall standing still!

Before Zi Yuan could even react, she heard the crowd shouting, "Watch out!"

The man turned around and wrapped his arms around Zi Yuan's waist, pulling her behind him.

Zi Yuan turned around at this time, only to find that the long knives in the hands of the three Undead controlled by Wakako had already slashed front of the man's face, just an inch away from the tip of his nose!

Zi Yuan was shocked. Just as she was about to help, the man suddenly shouted!

This loud shout was like the roar of a Vajra. The roar of Arhat was so loud that the air seemed to be shattered into countless pieces and fall to the ground!

In the blink of an eye, the three Undead were shattered by this loud shout. The black Qi howled as it fled in all directions.

Everyone covered their ears with their hands subconsciously at this loud shout. They only reacted after the Undead had fled in all directions. All of them stared blankly at the battlefield, their hearts filled with shock!

The three Undead who had been unable to do anything for Zi Yuan earlier were actually shattered by this person's loud roar. What kind of frightening cultivation was this?

At this time, Zi Yuan also stared blankly at the young man in front of her, who was holding her waist gently. She saw the young man smiling at her with concern on his face. Who else could it be but Li Yundong?