Zi Yuan looked at Li Yundong in a daze. This boy stood in front of him like a towering mountain, able to shelter her from the wind and rain, and stand upright to the sky!

Once upon a time, he had asked all sorts of cultivation questions, and once upon a time, he had been contemptuously full of immaturity and naivety.

But now, he had grown up to be such a powerful cultivator. He had fought so hard for a long time, and the soul of the Resentment Spirit had been scattered by his aura with a roar!

At this moment, Zi Yuan thought of his master. His master had been so powerful and reliable in the past, as if looking at his back, a kind of warmth would appear.

With him around, the sky would not collapse!

Li Yundong looked at Zi Yuan with concern. He saw that this fairy-like woman was staring at him in a daze and thought that she must have suffered some injuries, so he asked with concern, "Zi Yuan, are you alright? Where are you injured?"

It was as if she had just woken up from a dream. She looked around quickly, only to see that everyone was staring at the two of them in a daze. She blushed and said in a low voice, "Let go of your hands."

Only then did Li Yundong realize that it was really inappropriate for him to hold her in front of people like that. He coughed drily and immediately let go of the hand around her waist, his expression a little unnatural.

But at this time, everyone only noticed that Li Yundong had easily resolved the fierce attack of Tachibana Wakako, but they hadn't noticed Zi Yuan's expression.

Tachibana Wakako looked at Li Yundong in surprise. She shouted, "It's you? Haven't you already withdrawn from the Taoist assembly? How come you have the skill of the Mahamudra kung fu of our Zhenyan Tantrism?"

Li Yundong glanced at her lightly and asked, "Aren't you Japanese? It's an exception that Master Wan asked you to participate in the Taoist assembly. Why did you Japanese cultivators come to the Taoist assembly of our Chinese cultivation world to make trouble?"

At this time, Tachibana Wakako was Gods' Spirit Possession and her personality had changed drastically. The previous innocence had long disappeared. Instead, it was now replaced by the arrogance and conceit of the Sorcerer Goddess of the Tachibana. She smiled coldly and said, "These cultivators treated you like this just now. How will you stand up for them now?"

Li Yundong glanced at the people on the court, but he could see that most of the cultivators were ashamed. He smiled slightly and said, "I'm not making a stand for them, I'm just making a stand for Zi Yuan and the Chinese Cultivation World. And, I seem to remember you once saying that we have no masters in the Chinese Cultivation World, right? There is such a saying, right?"

Tachibana Wakako laughed heavily and said, "Isn't that so? Even the so-called number one in the cultivation world, Zi Yuan, is no match for me! Is there anyone who would dare to come up now?"

As she spoke, she looked down at the crowd with a proud and arrogant expression, as if nobody on earth could beat her.

Although the cultivators of each sect were angry, the strength that Tachibana Wakako had shown just now was at the level of a major cultivator, and they couldn't deal with her at all. Even Zhang Ling had a worried look. She thought to herself, "This kid is young, but her fighting ability is so strong. If we really fight, it's hard to say who will win or lose, and this place will be razed to the ground! If I lose, the Zhengyi School will really lose face! It seems that Li Yundong is going to stand out, so I'll let him out. If he wins, it'll be good to show the power of our Chinese cultivation world. If he loses, it'll be none of our sect's business."

The cultivators of each sect had their own minds. Especially when Zhang Cunyi, Zhang Tianhe, and the others were defeated, none of them accepted the challenge.

Seeing this, Li Yundong raised his brows and said, "If no one goes up, I'll come! I will show you if there are any masters in our Chinese cultivation world!"

Tachibana Wakako sneered and said, "Do you have the right to participate? Haven't you been deprived of permission? Humph, you Chinese only know about internal strife!"

Li Yundong snorted and did not respond, then turned to Zi Yuan and nodded, indicating that he was going to go on stage and let Zi Yuan go down.

Zi Yuan looked at Li Yundong with a complicated look in her eyes. She also knew that this was not the time to be indulged in love. She nodded and said with concern, "You have to be careful. She is really strong, and she didn't use all her strength just now!"

Li Yundong nodded slightly and smiled at Zi Yuan, indicating for her to rest assured. After Zi Yuan had sat back, he cupped his hands to Wan Zhenyuan and said, "Master Wan, according to the rules of the Taoist assembly, can I go on stage now?"

Wan Zhenyuan had been watching silently. When he heard Li Yunyang asking him, he coughed and said, "Since the Japanese don't follow the rules, why should we have to?"

When everyone heard this, they immediately shouted loudly, "Yes. It's not a big deal that you Japanese came uninvited, but you're actually fighting with each other. Do you really think that we have no place in the cultivation world?"

"Zhenren Li, teach these Japanese a lesson!"

"Zhenren Li, it's your time!"

When Tachibana Wakako heard this, her face was filled with mockery. She swept her cold gaze over everyone and scoffed. "You Chinese cultivators treated him like an enemy just now. Now, it's as if you've seen a savior. I feel ashamed on behalf of you!"

When everyone heard this, they also felt ashamed in their hearts. They had scolded Li Yundong so badly that they felt embarrassed.

Seeing this, Li Yundong said in a loud voice, "It's our Chinese cultivation world's own business how I'm treated. It's not up to you to tell us what to do next, and it's not up to you to judge!"

After hearing this, Tachibana Wakako was stunned. She said angrily, "Then let me ask you, why did you learn the Mahamudra kung fu of our Zhenyan Tantrism? Did you steal it from your master?"

Hearing this, Li Yundong laughed as if he had heard the most incredible joke in the world.

Tachibana Wakako spat angrily, "Asshole, what are you laughing at?"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "A disciple said that her master's kung fu was secretly learned from her. Isn't that joke ridiculous? It's so funny!"

The look on Tachibana Wakako's face was as cold as ice, and her eyes were full of murderous aura. "Our Zhenyan Tantrism was founded by Kobo Daishi for seven years, which is A.D. 816. At that time, we had the kung fu of Mantra Mahāmudrā. How dare you say that we secretly learned it from you?"

Li Yunyang laughed and said, "Do you know the origin of the Master of Buddhism? Who did he learn from? Where did he learn Zhenyan Tantrism?"

Upon hearing this, Cinian, who was standing to one side, thought, "Oh no, that's not good. At this moment, Tachibana Wakako has been possessed by the Tachibana Gods’ soul. She's not good at arguing. Why did she start this topic? Isn't she asking for trouble?"

Cinian was about to change the topic when seeing Li Yundong say loudly in the field, "You're the descendant of Zhenyan Tantrism and the Magus Maiden of Mount Kōya, but you don't know the origin of your pioneer, nor the origin of your kung fu? It's so ridiculous!"

Li Yundong spoke with confidence and composure, "Let me tell you! Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Zhenyan Tantrism of Mount Kōya, was born in Hong Tian Village, Ping Feng Pu of Tado-gun in Japan. It's also the current Zentsuji, Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku Island. His father is Mr.Tian, and his mother is Ah Dao. Am I right?"

Tachibana Wakako said angrily, "Don't I know that? Do I need you to teach me?"

Li Yundong glanced at her and said with a smile, "Kobo Daishi has been smart since he was a child. When he was five or six years old, he had a reputation for being a child prodigy. When he was 15 years old, he went to the capital city, Shang Gang Jing, and followed his uncle-in-law, Ah Dao, to learn from Chinese texts such as The Analects of Confucius, The Book of Filial Piety, and Historical Biography. At the age of 18, he entered Jing Cheng University's Ming Jing Department and studied The Book of Songs. He also devoted himself to creating Buddhist Confucianism, which was also a book named 'Guide to the Three Religions, which is related to Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism."

Tachibana Wakako was impatient when she heard that. She shouted, "You're babbling. What do you want to say?"

Li Yunyang laughed and said, "Don't worry, I haven't gotten to the point yet! When Kobo Daishi was 20 years old, he shaved and became a monk in the Tail Temple. At that time, his Buddhist name was Jiao Hui. Two years later, he changed his Buddhist name to Kong Hai. When he was 30 years old, Kobo Daishi found Mahavairocana Tantra under Kumi Temple for a long time. He studied it hard and couldn't understand it, so he decided to go to the Tang Dynasty to learn real martial arts!"

"So, Kobo Daishi came to China in the 23rd year of Yanli in Japan, and in the first year of the Tang Dynasty Yongzheng, he paid homage to Huiguo Ali, the seventh patriarch of Tang Mi, as his teacher. In early June of that year, Kobo Daishi gave birth to the Tibetan Maha Mandala. In early July, Maha Mandala of the Vajra Realm received five initiations. In early August, he received the initiation of the Dharma position. In March of the second year, Great Master Huiguo gave two secret mysteries and altars to Kobo Daishi, and then the painted ten large Maha Mandalas, Vajrasekhara Sutra and 15 secret scriptures along with new props to Kobo Daishi. Kobo Daishi obtained the true biography of our Chinese Buddhist school Tang Mi, so he is also known as the eighth-generation patriarch of our Chinese Tang Mi!"

Li Yundong spoke eloquently in the field, clearly describing the life of Kobo Daishi. Although many cultivators of the Taoist Sect were very well-regarded in the history of the cultivation world, most of them were from the Taoist sect, especially in the history of the cultivation world in Japan. Some of them knew a little about it. When they heard this, they suddenly understood. "Oh, it turns out that the pioneers of this Hinomoto Oniko were our primary school students!"

Some people laughed loudly and said, "Little Hinomoto Oniko, you learned your kung fu from us. What are you going to show off for?"

Hearing this, Tachibana Wakako was a little stunned, as if there was a layer of frost on her face. Cinian felt bad in her heart. He chanted the name of a Buddhist monk and said loudly, "Zhenren Li, what you said before is right, but after Great Master Huiguo Ali passed on the truth to the Kobo Daishi, Tang Wuzong began to lift the ban on Buddhism. The Taoist sect was prosperous, but Buddhism suffered a long-standing disaster. From then on, Zhenyan Tantrism declined in the Tang Dynasty and disappeared from China. Instead, it prospered in Mount Kōya in Japan! The Chinese Cultivation World has always known about the internal strife, but not cherished it. We have kept the inheritance for you until now. Don't you know that you should be grateful to us?

Li Yundong smiled coldly, then said loudly: "Oda Nobunaga in the Warring States Period in Japan burned Mount Hiei. He ordered his army to kill at first sight, and he could report to him without discussing monks, women, children, and some first-level leaders. Slightly beautiful women and children were left to reward the army, and all the rest were killed. In this catastrophe, as many as four to five thousand people were killed, and the whole mountain was littered with corpses. Oda Nobunaga also set fire to Enryaku-ji Temple’s Konpuchodo and Sanno's twenty-one shrines. The Buddha statues and scriptures that had been collected for more than a hundred years were burnt completely. Your Japanese Buddhist sacred site, Mount Hiei, has been burned to ruins! Such a great difficulty in our Chinese Cultivation World is unheard of. Aren't you embarrassed to accuse us?"

Cinian was furious, but he knew that Li Yundong's words were not wrong. He wanted to refute but could not. He could only say, "The Nine-Character truth is an art created by our Zhenyan Tantrism. Zhenren Li, how do you explain it?"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Are you sure that it was you who created the Nine-Character truth?"

As soon as he turned around, he shouted to everyone present, "I believe everyone knows that the Mantra Mahāmudrā is not limited to Tang Mi, and there are also some hidden secrets. The Japanese Zhenyan Tantrism are East Mi, and they also have it! The Mantra Mahāmudrā are divided into six-syllabled Mantra and Nine-Character truths. The six-syllabled Mantra is self-evident, most of which are hidden secrets and used by Tang Mi. The Nine-Character truth is respectively arranged in front of the enemy, mainly for the use of the East Mi! The six-syllabled Mantra comes from the Great Ci Ai, Kwan-Yin Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Mantra, so it is also known as The six-syllabled Mantra! And do you know where the Nine-Character truth comes from?"

When everyone heard Li Yundong quoting scriptures to the court, they felt that his words were eloquent, and his arguments were irrefutable. Although they had been nasty with Li Yundong just before, at this time, they were all facing the same enemy, and they responded, "Zhenren Li, just speak up, don't keep us in suspense!"

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said to Cinian loudly, "The proudest Nine-Character truth in Zhenyan Tantrism, but it originated from us Taoists!"

His words caused an uproar among many cultivators. Some were struck dumb as they said, "Really? The Nine-Character truth of Zhenyan Tantrism originated from us Taoists?"

"Ha, how funny! The son beat his father up!"

"It's not the funniest thing. The funniest thing is that father was beaten by his son, and the father didn't realize that he was the one who taught his son how to hit!"

"Oh, it's unjust, it's really unjust, this fight is too unfair!"

"Damn it, these Japanese are really a bunch of wimpy chumps. They even beat their father!"

All of a sudden, the crowd fell about laughing.

After hearing Li Yundong's words, Tachibana Wakako, Shinsyu, and Cinian were all furious. The trump card created by their Zhenyan Tantrism Kobo Daishi was actually said to have originated from Taoists by Li Yundong. How could that be?