Cinian's face was filled with anger as she shouted at Li Yundong, "Asshole, how dare you say that the Nine-Character truth created by our grandmaster Kobo Daishi is from you Daoists! It's ridiculous and shameless to claim such a thing!"

Tachibana Wakako also angrily rebuked, "How dare you! You are insulting our Mount Kōya. You must pay the price!"

Li Yundong was contemptuous of their accusation and anger. He cupped his hand in the other before his chest and said, "Everyone, have you read a book about Immortal Ge Hong's Baopuzi?

The cultivators of each sect laughed loudly. Some of them were angry despite their mocking laughter. "Zhenren Li, you look down on me too much! Baopuzi is an introductory book for cultivation. It's only beneath the Canon of the Yellow Thearch. Since we are cultivators, how could we not have read it?"

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said, "Since everyone has read it, I believe that you should know that there was a statement in the article Baopuzi: There are Liujia Mizhu, everyone knows that. When you are going to fight, lining up and moving on, you should use Mizhu to supply. Have you guys heard about that?

Immediately, one cultivator said in wonder, "There's indeed such a saying, but Zhenren Li, what does this have to do with the cause of Jiuzi Zhenyuan?"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "The Japanese Kobo Daishi came back from China with a lot of classic books. When he was studying in China, he was also deeply influenced by the Taoists, so he copied the internal part of Baopuzi from Immortal Ge Hong, but who knows that he was dazzled, copied the sentence "All linbing fighters are arranged moving on" into "Linbing fighters are arranged in front"! so accidentally, there was a lucky hit on Nine-Character truth on Dongmi. There's No Story without Coincidence."

Li Yundong's words made everyone laugh out loud, and some cultivators even laughed stumbling.

They all knew Ge Hong's words, but none of them had expected that Li Yunyang would say the origin of the Nine-Character truth of Dongmi.

Zhang Ling looked at Li Yundong with anger and amusement. She shook her head and said, "You are really young and fearless. You dare to say anything. It's ridiculous!"

Li Yundong's words made everyone burst out laughing, but Cinian, Tachibana Wakako, and the others were so angry that they trembled all over.

Ci Nian saw that Li Yundong's words were really unrestrained and infinite. He even said that their Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Zhenyan Tantrism, was blind and his hands were crooked. The most terrible thing was that he had even introduced the classics and some people believed him!

Cinian said angrily, "You Chinese cultivators should be careful of what you say. There are some things that cannot be spoken casually! You said that our Kobo Daishi copying the Nine-Character truth was wrong. Do you have any proof of this?"

Li Yundong replied with a smile, "No! But do you have any evidence that the Kobo Daishi didn't make a mistake?"

When Li Yundong said that the Nine-Character truth had come from the book Baopuzi, there were some experienced and prudent cultivators that shook their heads in silence. But at Li Yundong's words, even some serious people could not help but shake their heads and laugh, and some other young practitioners were also chuckling.

Ruan Hongling, who was sitting not far away, laughed until her stomach started hurting. She took Zi Yuan's arm and whispered, "Shijie Zi Yuan, Li Yundong is making trouble again! I thought that his cultivation would make him look more like a great cultivator. I hadn't expected him to change his nature so easily! The last time he asked the cultivators present to hand over the evidence of Ao Wushuang and the Renyuan Jindan, he almost laughed at me. I didn't expect that he would do such a shameless thing this time."

Zi Yuan also broke into a smile and said, "This is the nature of a major cultivator. Freedom is the real way. It's an immortal's way to do whatever they want!"

Ruan Hongling whispered with a smile, "Is this rascal also following the real immortal way? Shijie Zi Yuan, I think you hold him in your heart. Of course, what he said is the real way. Everything he does is the immortal way, hehe!"

Zi Yuan immediately glared at Ruan Hongling with shame and annoyance, and scolded in a low voice, "Shut up! Is this the place to say such a thing?"

Ruan Hongling pulled a face at her and said, "Well, we'll talk about it when we get back then!"

Zi Yuan was so abashed that her neck turned red. She turned her head away and stopped looking at Ruan Hongling, but when she looked at Li Yundong, her eyes could not return to being calm.

After hearing Li Yundong's words, Cinian could not help but be so angry that he almost snorted fire. Even though he had high cultivation and a great cultivation Quotient, he was almost enraged by Li Yundong. He immediately became furious and said with a wave of his sleeve, "You're an ignorant kid who only knows how to take advantage of words. Damn it!"

The two willow-shaped eyebrows of Tachibana Wakako rose on her forehead, and she shouted at Li Yundong with a murderous look in her eyes, "How dare you speak carelessly?"

Li Yundong also sneered, showing no weakness. "Then how dare you say that there are no masters in China?"

Tachibana Wakako laughed angrily. "Hah, the cultivators who claim themselves to be experts on the Chinese continent can't withstand even a single blow. Even Zi Yuan, who is known as the number one, is no match for me. How dare she call herself an expert?"

Li Yundong snorted and said, "Our China has a history of thousands of years, there are many undiscovered talents and countless masters cultivating in seclusion. How dare you be so arrogant after just defeating several young descendants? You are so arrogant, you are like a frog at the bottom of a well! If our Chinese cultivation sect really sent out masters, they could crush you with one finger!"

When the cultivators of each sect saw that Li Yundong wasn't caring about the past and trying to smooth things over for them, they felt both grateful. They couldn't help but cheer loudly, "Zhenren Li, well done!"

Tachibana Wakako sneered, "So if I defeat you, it'll prove that there are no masters in China?"

Li Yundong sneered back and said with a mocking smile, "Even if you defeat me, it won't prove anything. There are a lot of talents and heroes in China. I believe that many reclusive masters are much stronger than me, so how could you claim to be top? Besides, with your kung fu, you can't defeat me, let alone those Great Cultivators who stand aloof from the world!"

Tachibana Wakako was furious. She snorted and said angrily, "Fine then, I'd like to see how you're better than me!"

After that, she opened the gold and silver fan in her hand and threw it in front of her. The countless ghosts and spirits painted on the fan began to move with the black mist flowing on the fan, as if the fan was a door connecting to the netherworld. The black mist seemed to guide the demons and ghosts, and they all walked down the black mist one by one from the fan.

All of a sudden, hundreds of ghosts surged out and evil spirits were everywhere. Ghosts were screaming everywhere, and ghouls were moaning, making bloodcurdling noises.

When the cultivators saw that Li Yundong had gained the upper hand, they felt extremely relieved, but at the same time, they were a little worried about Li Yundong's fighting ability. It was indeed strong and abnormal, but this Tachibana Wakako had the power of Gods’ soul! No matter how powerful Li Yundong was, how could he possibly be a match for her?

Zhang Ling, Du Fei, and the other elderly cultivators saw that Tachibana Wakako was constantly releasing demons and ghosts to the field. They all shouted at Li Yundong, "Zhenren Li, attack the inside. Don't let her release all these ghosts!"

Zi Yuan couldn't help but shout, "Li Yundong, be careful!"

However, Li Yundong acted as if he had heard nothing. His eyes were slightly squinting as he looked at Tachibana Wakako, as if he wanted to wait for her to use all her strength up so that she could be thoroughly dealt with.

Seeing Li Yundong being so arrogant, Tachibana Wakako only became angrier and angrier. The sound of incantations being recited shook everything around her.

Under the chanting of Tachibana Wakako's incantation, not only did the Fighting Soul Undeads that she had summoned become more and more ferocious and terrible, but also the demons and ghosts who had come down from the fan became red-eyed and stared at Li Yundong in unison, as if they were a group of demons who could devour people at any time!

When the crowd saw so many demons and ghosts standing on this battlefield, they forgot fighting and rushed back, crushing others around themselves to death!

The timid ones must have been scared out of their wits long ago. How could they have the strength to resist?

Tachibana Wakako shouted and waved the flag in her hand, pointing at Li Yundong and yelling, "Die!"

In an instant, all kinds of demons and ghosts of different colors roared and rushed to Li Yundong. Although the people at the edge of the field knew that these ghosts were not aiming for them, they could not help but be so frightened that their faces turned blue and they took a few steps back.

Some powerful cultivators couldn't help but think, "What if so many demons were coming at me? How could I resist them?"

Li Yundong sneered. He quickly pinched his index fingers together, and then his five fingers turned into several shadows. He quickly pushed forward with his palm, making three Mahamudra in succession!

These three Mahamudra were the Divyadundubhi Meghanirghosa's hand signs, the Samayah Mahāmudrā in Diamond Element and the Fixed Fundamental Palm!

Li Yundong only slapped the three Mahamudra in front of him. His hands were shining with golden radiance. As he slapped forward, a handprint stopped in the air, as if it was frozen and hanging. It was shining with a dazzling golden radiance, like a golden wall of light!

As soon as the many ghosts and monsters that Tachibana Wakako had summoned came into contact with the powerful Buddha's Emblematic Mahamudra, they immediately wailed over and turned into a wisp of smoke, as if the snow had met with the scorching sun, melting as soon as it touched it!

Tachibana Wakako was shocked. She exclaimed, "Impossible! How could you break my Night Parade of One Hundred Demons!"

Li Yundong laughed loudly and said, "I am the body of the seven treasures of the Buddhist doctrine, and I have the power of the Taoists. The righteousness of heaven and earth is gathered in my heart, and the power of Buddhism is hidden in the Lingtai. How could I be afraid of you, a little demon or ghost? Not to mention a hundred ghosts, even if thousands of ghosts were to come together, I would stand still and steady!"

A terrifying light burst out of Tachibana Wakako's eyes and she snapped, "How dare you! How dare you be so arrogant!" After that, her long black hair suddenly flew backward, and she waved the flag in her hand again.

This time, there were many Vajra arhats who appeared in front of her one by one, shining with golden radiance. These Vajra arhats all had different postures. Some of them were holding Vajra in their hands, while others were holding Demon-subduing Rods. All of them were powerful and looking at Li Yundong with murderous intent.

Su Chan, who was surveying the scene with concern, couldn't help but ask in surprise, "What is this? How could she have summoned the Arhat and the Vajra?"

Zi Yuan's brows were tightly furrowed. She sucked in a breath of cold air and said, "Her branch's power is divided into three types. One is for summoning the Fighting Soul Undead and the Hundred Ghosts Ghost Soul to fight for themselves; the other is relatively superior. It is for summoning the Guardian Arhat of Rigoino to fight for him. The most superior is for directly summoning the Vajra Arhat to bow down and personally participate in the battle!"

Su Chan asked worriedly, "Will Yundong win?"

Zi Yuan had always been very confident in Li Yundong, but she couldn't help but waver at this time. She said nervously, "I don't know. If it was the past, he wouldn't have even a chance to win, but since he came out of the Spirit Space, I don't know how strong he's gotten. So, I don't know either!"

Su Chan, Zhou Qin, Zi Yuan, and the others clenched their fists as they watched the scene. They were extremely worried. The cultivators from all sects present also looked horrified.

They could only see these Arhats and Vajra chanting scriptures. It was as if this small building had suddenly become a place of Buddhism filled with Buddha's name. The weapons in their hands were shining, and their entire bodies were exuding a pure and majestic power of Buddhism. This was the power that Rigoino had gathered from the powerful minds and spiritual energy of the past generation of eminent monks which he had worshipped for twelve hundred years!

Wei Qing, from the Quanzhen Dragon Sect, was staring at the scene with his eyes wide open. She said hungrily, "It's already exaggerated that Li Yundong could resist hundreds of ghosts, but how can he resist so many Vajra Arhat right in front of him?"

Yue Sheng also took a deep breath and said, "As long as one's heart is firm and his mouth contains a gulp of Primordial Zhen Qi, it's understandable that he wouldn't be harmed by Yin Qi. But the one in front of him cast a protective spell on Vajra of Buddhism, a Shentong Arhat! How can we fight against such pure Buddhist power?"

Du Fei looked at the scene with a shocked expression and murmured, "This seems to be the Buddhist Vajra Subduing Evil Array... Why is this Japanese girl using such magic? Is today's Chinese cultivation world going to be truly humiliated by this?"