Seeing the majestic golden Vajra Subduing Evil Array, Li Yundong was unimpressed. He put his palms together with a smile, and then his fingers flew together like a blooming lotus. A small vermilion ball of light rolled in his palm.

It seemed that Li Yundong couldn't feel the amazing pressure of the array. He smiled and said, "Give up. Your array may subdue others, but it won't work on me."

Tachibana Wakako sneered and did not believe it. With a wave of the flag in her hand, a Vajra immediately pounced on Li Yundong aggressively.

The Vajra was covered in golden armor and holding two pestles. He was about two meters tall. With a movement, he became like a collapsing mountain, crashing down with a rumble!

The Vajra glared at Li Yundong with a ferocious expression. He waved the King Kong Pestle, slammed it at Li Yundong. His strength and momentum scared the cultivators present from a distance. They didn't dare to fight with him.

Li Yundong didn't dodge. He stood with one hand pushed forward, as if he wanted to block the attack of the pestle with his bare hand.

The cultivators present turned pale in horror when they saw this. All of them shouted loudly, "Zhenren Li, be careful!"

When Cinian and Shinsyu saw this, they were both overjoyed. As for Tachibana Wakako, she even laughed out loud. "The King Kong Pestle of the Treasure Sect is invincible. It specializes in destroying all the defenses in the world. Are you courting death?"

But as soon as she finished speaking, she saw that the pestle was less than an inch away from Li Yunyang's palm, where it had stopped abruptly.

No matter how much the Vajra roared, the pestle seemed to bump into an invisible wall and could not get further at all!

Cinian and Shinsyu were shocked at the same time. Shinsyu was startled, saying, "That's impossible! What cultivation method is this person using? How could he possibly be able to withstand the King Kong Pestle of the Tribe of Wisdom?"

Cinian's face was also filled with shock. "No way? Who exactly is he? How could he possibly be able to withstand the powerful attack of our Guardian Sentinal?"

When Tachibana Wakako saw that Li Yundong had blocked the attack so easily, she was stunned for a moment, but soon turned angry from embarrassment. She commanded the surrounding Vajra Arhat to pounce on Li Yundong like a tide.

Some of them were slashing fiercely with knives, some were doing Mahamudra, some were slapping at Li Yundong one by one, while others were chanting spells, releasing five-element magic to attack Li Yundong one after another.

This storm-like attack almost engulfed Li Yunyang entirely. It seemed that there was a terrible tsunami out of thin air coming from upstairs, one wave after another, as if it would never stop until the enemy was destroyed!

Li Yundong was in the midst of this storm. His expression didn't change, and there was a faint smile around the corners of his mouth. He kept one hand in front of his chest, his palm facing upward, his palm dragging along the rolling red bead, and his other hand standing in a palm. He kept moving like a wall to block attacks from all directions.

Everyone could see that Li Yunyang's reactions were extremely fast. He kept going with one hand, but he was able to block the tide-like attacks, as if he had countless arms all over his body!

Wherever Li Yunyang's raised palm moved, the Vajra Arhat would not be able to attack. It was as if his palm was a chasm that they could not cross!

Although so many Vajra Arhat were attacking Li Yundong, he didn't move at all. He stood steadily, like a mountain, as if he didn't need to use his full strength at all!

Tachibana Wakako was shocked and angry. With a shout, she slammed the banner in her hand to the ground. In an instant, all the long banners on the banner stood up, and the surrounding Vajra Arhat's whole body twisted in an instant, changing from big to small. They turned into small balls of light and flew in front of her at a high speed.

Soon, these balls of light gathered together and suddenly turned into a big Buddha standing at about two and a half meters tall!

The crowd saw that this big Buddha was wearing a white cassock, had a golden crown on his head, had four arms, was riding a golden peacock, and had a fanning peacock tail behind him. This Buddha was colorful, like a beautiful Buddhist stupa.

Some people who knew him cried out in horror, "This is Mahamayuri!"

Zi Yuan also widened her eyes and said with a shocked expression, "This is Mahamayuri of the Kongobu-ji Temple of Mount Kōya! Oh my god, she can summon such a powerful god?! Isn't this too much?"

The crowd saw that the Mahamayuri had a benevolent and peaceful expression on his face. He had formed the Emblematic Gesture of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha with both hands, and his appearance was solemn. There was not a trace of evil energy in his body, which made people feel a sense of awe at first sight. How could they dare to show any hostility?

At this time, all the cultivators present were extremely frightened and thought, "Is this really the end of the Chinese cultivation world? This little Japanese girl can even summon him?! She is just a small witch, but what about the goddesses above her? What will they summon?"

By this time, Shinsyu, who was standing at the edge of the field, had already knelt down with a thud. Her face was full of excitement, and her eyes were fanatically looking at Mahamayuri. Beside him, Cinian was so excited that his whole body was trembling. He put his palms together devoutly, recited the Buddha's name in a low voice, and said, "Amitabha, I didn't expect that Tachibana Wakako would perceive such profound theory at this time and stimulate all her bloodline potential! It's true that God has blessed our Esoteric Sect!"

At this time, she was like a god looking down at the small world. She shouted in a cold voice, "In front of your True God, kneel down!"

Her voice buzzed as if countless eminent monks were reciting Buddhist scriptures at the same time, shaking the air around them until ripples became visible to the naked eye!

Li Yundong didn't move at all. He smiled and asked, "What is a true God? What is a false God?"

She was furious. She sneered and said, "So, you're not going to repent!" She pointed at Mahamayuri, who had suddenly appeared in front of Li Yundong. With a flip of her hands, she patted the top of Li Yundong's head!

As soon as Mahamayuri's palm turned, it was as if the Buddha had turned his own palm, and the sky seemed to collapse. Some people even subconsciously shrank back, fearing that this palm would hit their heads!

Li watched the Skythrowing Palm coming toward him, but he still didn't dodge. With a smile, he lifted his palm up!


Everyone felt that the sky was waving and the earth was shaking. The Mahamayuri's palm stopped an inch away from Li Yundong's palm, as if it was being blocked by the invisible wall of Qi in front of Li Yundong, and couldn't continue for a second!

Li Yundong smiled and looked at Mahamayuri in front of him. His smile was as calm as a lake on a windless day, as if he had blocked a petulant child instead of a horrible god!

This time, everyone widened their eyes and looked at Li Yundong in disbelief.

They could understand how Li Yundong had protected the Lingtai with his powerful True Energy and prevented the Hundred Ghost Yin Qi from approaching him. They could also understand how Li Yundong had managed to block all of Vajra Arhat's attacks with his astonishing Dou Qi. However, they could not understand how Li Yundong was able to block such a powerful Mahamayuri so easily!

Mahamayuri was one of the famous Kings of Power, and he represented the power of Buddha. How could Li Yundong block it?

"This... this is too horrible, isn't it?"

Tachibana Wakako was also shocked by Li Yundong's excellent performance. She said in horror, "That's impossible! Who the hell are you?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "I'm Li Yundong, a nobody in the Chinese cultivation world!"

She yelled angrily, "Bastard!" She then gritted her teeth and let out a fierce roar. Mahamayuri, in front of Li Yundong, instantly turned into a colorful flowing light and rushed into her body.

In the blink of an eye, her figure suddenly rose into the air. Her clothes fluttered in the wind, and her eyes glowed with dazzling white light. The air around her was constantly twisting and rubbing against itself, making crackling sounds of electric currents and explosions.

Everyone was instantly shocked. They knew that she was about to risk her life!

Zi Yuan clenched her fists, gritted her teeth, and said, "This is the highest-level Spirit Summoning Skill of the Witch!"

Su Chan and Zhou Qin opened their eyes wide subconsciously. They clenched their fists tightly and pressed their fingernails deeply into their own flesh, feeling no pain at all.

At first, when Cinian and Shinayu saw Li Yundong block the shocking attack from Mahamayuri, they had shouted in horror, "Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!"

But now, seeing that Tachibana Wakako had actually summoned the power of Mahamayuri and achieved the highest realm of Summoning the Gods, all of them were overjoyed and burst into laughter.

Cinian laughed wildly, "This is God's will! It's God's will!"

At this time, Tachibana Wakako was being possessed by Mahamayuri. When she opened her mouth, her voice was a mix of both a man's and a woman's. It was like the voice of Buddha coming from the distant sky. With a rumbling sound, she said, "In front of the True God, why don't you kneel down?" After that, she moved her body and waved her hands, and in the blink of an eye, her two arms became four, then the four became eight, and soon she had countless arms. She held a long sword, a precious wheel, a pestle, a steel whip, a trident, and other weapons, and began rushing toward Li Yundong aggressively.

Li Yundong anticipated the repeated attacks of hers. He showed mercy to her, but she not only didn't know how to retreat, but she also became more aggressive. She attacked again and again. He eventually became furious and shouted, "You don't know what's good for you!"

His True Energy burst out from all over his body. A crack instantly appeared on his forehead, and a golden vertical pupil revealed itself. In an instant, his Yang Spirit came out of the vertical pupil, turned into the Immovable Wisdom King with three heads and six arms, and widened its eyes in anger!

The Immovable Wisdom King sat on the Lotus Throne, burning with blazing flames. His entire body was wrapped in a ball of green flames, making him look furious and terrifying!

When she saw this Immovable Wisdom King, she was shocked and made no movement. She gaped at him, the Head and the King of all Wisdom Kings, and couldn't say a word.

Li Yundong was angry about her not knowing what was good for her. With a flip of his hand, he slammed his palm toward her forehead!

Although Mahamayuri was also an extraordinary Wisdom King, the Immovable Wisdom King was the incarnation of the Gautama Buddha and was in charge of everything in the world. He suddenly collided with the Immovable Wisdom King, as if he had seen his natural enemy. In the blink of an eye, his divine power dissipated and turned into countless colorful flowing lights that gushed out of Tachibana Wakako's body and returned to the flag standing on the ground.

Even Mahamayuri wanted to retreat, not to mention the Witch Goddess's spirit in her body.

In the blink of an eye, the spirit of the former ancestor of the witches fled to the depths of her Divine Sense. Tachibana Wakako did not dare to raise her head again, and she instantly turned back into the innocent little girl from before. She looked at the angry Immovable Wisdom King with fear and horror and immediately lost all will to resist. Subconsciously, she curled her lips and burst into tears out of fear.