All of a sudden, the disciples of the Fox Zen School saw Zhuang Yating, and they stood up in shock. Some of them even showed a look of surprise.

But soon they came to their senses. There was a cold, mocking smile on Zhuang Yating's face, the kind that made their hearts beat fast. They thought to themselves, "No, what's wrong with Shibo Zhuang?"

When the little foxes made eye contact with Zhuang Yating, they screamed in their hearts, "No, this is not Shibo Zhuang!"

This Zhuang Yating was full of hatred. It seemed like she was anxious to kill them all!

The little foxes looked at her in horror. They somehow realized something, but no one dared to speak of it.

At this time, the cultivators upstairs didn't know the huge changes that had happened in the Fox Zen School. Some of them didn't know about Zhuang Yating, so they frowned and scolded her, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Some cultivators who had once been to Mount Tianlong to join the siege of the Fox Zen School recognized Zhuang Yating at once. They said loudly to Li Yundong, "Zhenren Li, how did you subdue your subordinates?"

Li Yundong looked at Zhuang Yating with a cold face and said in an icy voice, "She is not my subordinate, nor is she a member of the Fox Zen School."

They were stunned and didn't understand his meaning.

Wan Zhenyuan frowned and said to Zhuang Yating, "You are Zhenren Zhuang of the Fox Zen School, right? For the sake of Zhenren Li, I won't argue with you today. Please hurry up and sit on the sideline."

Zhuang Yating burst out laughing and said, "Wan Zhenyuan, don't yell at me. I beat you so hard that you couldn't raise your head when you were in Mount Gezao. Have you forgotten?"

Wan Zhenyuan's heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, "You're Yan Fang?!"

Hearing this, the crowd burst into an uproar. "Yan Fang? Yan Fang from the Linggong Sect?! No way!"

There were also some young cultivators who did not know about Yan Fang. They hurriedly asked, "Who is Yan Fang? Is she very powerful?"

Immediately, an experienced cultivator said, "Hey, kid, listen up! Yan Fang was a famous female cultivator back then! Before she disappeared, she had always been known as the number one female cultivator, as well as the most beautiful. It was only when she suddenly disappeared that the title fell to Zi Yuan."

"Then why did she suddenly disappear?"

"Well, Yan Fang is very picky. She didn't even care about any of the men in the world, except for her Shishiong Wang Yuanshan, who secretly fell in love with her. However, Wang Yuanshan fell in love with Ao Wushuang of the Fox Zen School in the end. This is what we called unrequited love! As a result, in a fit of anger, Yan Fang unveiled their relationship to Leader Zhang Tianshī, the head of the Zhengyi School, who forced Wang Yuanshan to break up with Ao Wushuang by being a leader of a powerful sect. Yan Fang thought that this would save her relationship, but on the contrary, Wang Yuanshan would have rather died than chosen her."

"Ah? If Yan Fang is so powerful and known as the most beautiful woman, why didn't Wang Yuanshan choose her? Why did he choose a fox?"

"Hey, kid, you don't understand! Look at those foxes around you. Which one of them is not gorgeous? Hey, if you could be with one of them, you would be as happy as a Shenxian. The feeling is really indescribable!"

"Shibo, you're so obscene when you speak like this..."

"Ahem, shut up! Yan Fang realized that Wang Yuanshan still didn't love her, so she thought that it was these foxes of the Fox Zen School that had bewitched her Shishiong and robbed her of her marriage. Therefore, Yan Fang was so angry that she infiltrated the Fox Zen School for nine years. A while ago, she suddenly appeared on Mount Tianlong!"

"Ah, I see! So that's Yan Fang! Did she plan to besiege Mount Tian Long last time?"

"That's right! You're not as stupid as you look! If Li Yundong hadn't rushed out at that time, I'm afraid that the Fox Zen School would have been exterminated!"

"Ah, Yan Fang is so vicious. In order to take revenge, she hid for nine years and tried to destroy the whole sect!"

"Haven't you heard the saying, the most vicious thing is a woman's heart? Hey, this is the internal strife of the Fox Zen School. Let's enjoy the show!"

For a moment, everyone was talking about it. Some people who knew Yan Fang greeted her loudly, but she seemed didn't hear them and just stared at Li Yundong.

Zhang Ling, who had had an intense fight with Yan Fang at Mount Gezao last time, also had an unusual look in her eyes. She looked at the woman in front of her who was determined to destroy the Fox Zen School, with surprise and doubt.

Zou Ping whispered to Zhang Ling, "Master, there is internal strife in the Fox Zen School. At least Yan Fang is a member of the Zhengyi School. Should we intervene later?"

Zhang Ling shouted in a low voice, "Shut up, Yan Fang is a scheming woman. Since she is daring to show up now, it means that she has a backup plan and a perfect strategy! At this moment, the best thing to do is to wait and see!"

Li Yundong looked at 'Zhuang Yating' with a shocked face and said, "It turns out that you are Yan Fang!"

Yan Fang laughed and said, "Yes! Li Yundong, Li Yundong, you didn't think of it, did you?"

He said in a cold voice, "What about Cao Yi? What did you do to her?"

Yan Fang snorted and said, "You'd better take care of yourself first!"

Du Fei, a member of the Quanzhen Dragon Sect, was very knowledgeable about the grudge between Yan Fang and the Fox Zen School. He stood up and said to Yan Fang, "Zhenren Yan, as the saying goes, sometimes a grudge is best left buried! The grudge between you and the Fox Zen School has gone on for so long, and both sides have suffered a lot. Linggong Sect is now in decline, and Zhenren Zi Yuan can't support herself alone. Fox Zen School has even left its hometown and suffered countless casualties. To this extent, it's worth it, isn't it? Why don't you just let it go?"

Yan Fang suddenly turned her head and glared at Du Fei fiercely. She scolded him harshly, "Du Fei, what benefits did Li Yundong give you to make you talk for him?"

Du Fei said unhappily, "Zhenren Yan, I think you see only the trees, not the woods. Your eyes have been completely blinded by hatred! Zhenren Li is open and above-board, selfless, generous and elegant, the only person like that I have seen in my life! And you are also one of the freaks in the cultivation community. I just want to save some vitality for the cultivation world, so I said something fair. Your words are an insult to me!"

Yan Fang stared coldly at Du Fei, then suddenly laughed out loud and said, "You idiot, you still don't know that he has deceived you! Moreover, do you really think that I just want to take revenge? You just misjudged me!"

Du Fei said with a frown, "Then why did you do these things, Zhenren Yan?"

Yan Fang suddenly pointed at Li Yundong and said loudly, "Brothers of the Tao, today I will let you know the true nature of Li Yundong."

Zhou Qin saw Yan Fang pointing at Li Yundong and scolding him loudly. She was so angry that she trembled and gnashed her teeth. Her eyes were full of anger and hatred. In her opinion, anyone who offended Li Yundong was her enemy. She swore in her heart that she would make Yan Fang pay the price!

Su Chan and the little foxes were also shocked and upset. They didn't know what Yan Fang was up to this time, and they didn't know what kind of price they would have to pay!

Li Yundong looked at Yan Fang coldly and said in a deep voice, "Yan Fang, you can have an open discussion if you have something to say. I’d like to see what you are going to do this time!"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "It's hard to say who will be playing tricks!" Then, she said to the people present, "Brothers of the Tao, I admit that I hid in the Fox Zen School nine years ago and only wanted to take revenge. I wanted to destroy the Fox Zen School because of my own personal resentment!"

When they heard this, everyone sighed secretly. It was precisely because of this grudge that the two sects had withered, almost being entirely wiped out.

Seeing that everyone was listening to her, Yan Fang continued, "But in the third year, I accidentally found the secret treasure site of the Fox Zen School in Mount Tianlong. Once, I accidentally sneaked in and found the Heavenly Jindan Technique engraved on the rock wall by the Mystical Silver Fox!"

Everyone was shocked. Zou Ping and Zhang Ling looked at each other and then Zou Ping immediately asked loudly, "Shishoo Yan Fang, have you memorized the Heavenly Jindan Technique?"

Yan Fang glanced at her quickly, and there was a hint of sarcasm in her eyes. She said simply, "No!"

Zou Ping was a little annoyed by Yan Fang's gaze. She said loudly, "How is that possible! A cultivator like you can go back on your word even if you've seen it once. Even if you didn't write it back then, you could have written it down when you got back. How could you have forgotten it?"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "Brothers of the Tao, if the Heavenly Jindan Technique was placed in front of you, would you practice it?"

The cultivators from all sects looked at each other in dismay. None of them spoke. As cultivators, if they saw the Heavenly Jindan Technique just in front of them, it would be absolutely impossible for them to stop cultivating. No cultivator in the world could control such a desire.

Yan Fang saw that everyone was silent. She sneered and said, "By the way, when cultivators like us see this, we will definitely think of a way to cultivate. However, once I practice the Heavenly Jindan Technique, with Liu Ye's ability, how won't he be able to detect it? Therefore, I didn't look at it at all. I just watched it for a while and then refrained from looking at it!"

Hearing this, everyone was shocked. They all looked at Yan Fang in shock and thought in their hearts, "Under the temptation of the Heavenly Jindan Technique, Yan Fang is actually able to resist the temptation! It can be seen how strong her mind is and how firm her will to take revenge is! Horrible, it's really terrible! Whoever has such an opponent must lose sleep over it!"

Du Fei said at this time, "Zhenren Yan, you said you found a secret cave in Fox Zen School and found the Heavenly Jindan Technique. But what does that have to do with Zhenren Li? What does it have to do with the Fox Zen School? Everyone knows that the Mystical Silver Fox was invincible at that time, and she happened to live in the period when Mr. Chen Pu, the author of the Heavenly Jindan Technique, was around. If she wanted to get the Heavenly Jindan Technique and carve it on the stone wall of the sect, what would be strange about that?"

Yan Fang glanced at him and said with a sneer, "Zhenren Du really defends Li Yundong in all aspects. Hey! Well, when I saw the Heavenly Jindan Technique, I was so shocked that I couldn't help but look at it. But then I saw that the last two sentences were written on the stone wall by the Mystical Silver Fox."

Everyone became curious and asked, "What did it say? Tell me quickly!"

Yan Fang shouted, "The first line said that in the 15 years of the Tang Xunzong, the Mud-pill Master, Chen Pu, created the Heavenly Jindan Technique. This skill takes away the natural creator of heaven and earth. It is a secret treasure of cultivation. Your heart yearns for it, but you can't get it. However, you have spent more than ten years going back and forth in the Divine Land. It has been recorded here by the later Liang Qianhua for three years."

Everyone was amazed when they heard that. Some of them whispered, "It's said that there are a few fiends in the history of the Cultivation World. The Mystical Silver Fox is one of them. I hadn't expected that the lost Heavenly Jindan Technique would be recorded by her. It's wild!"

Li Yundong also nodded slightly. He said to Yan Fang in a deep voice, "There is indeed such a sentence, but so what? Does it explain anything?"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "I haven't finished yet. There's one more sentence!"

Li Yundong frowned and asked, "What else do you want to say? I didn't see anything else at that time!"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "Are you blind? There's another sentence below!"

Everyone then said loudly, "Zhenren Yan, say it quickly, what else is there?"

Yan Fang sneered. "That is, although I have practiced the Heavenly Jindan Technique to the ninth level, I have violated divine punishment. I think I will experience the punishment in a few days. If I fail, my remaining soul will be divided into five parts! Therefore, the remaining Heavenly Jindan Technique is here. I hope that the heir of our Fox Zen School will succeed in the future and save my soul from being scattered, allowing me to reappear in the human world!"

When these words came out, it was as if an atomic bomb had been detonated on the spot!

The crowd was so shocked that their faces changed greatly. Everyone suddenly stood up, and the people on the scene immediately began yelling in a great crescendo!

"What? The Mystical Silver Fox wants to reappear in the human world?"

"Is there such a scheme in the Fox Zen School?"

"Zhenren Li, tell us straight. Is there really such a thing?"

Even though Li Yundong was very calm, he was shocked and standing still. But soon he retorted angrily, "It's impossible. There's no such thing. If you don't believe me, you can go back to Mount Tianlong with me now!"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "You didn't see it? I think you pretended not to see it! Li Yundong, don't try to deny it. You are Liu Ye's accomplice. Now that he is dead, it's your turn to inherit his will. You just want to resurrect the Mystical Silver Fox, don't you?"

As she spoke, she did not wait for Li Yundong to catch his breath. She said harshly, "Since ancient times, every Mystical Silver Fox has brought great disaster to the world. It was because of Mo Xi, the sister Daji, that the Shang dynasty was in chaos. Furthermore, because of the Mystical Silver Fox, the five generations and ten countries, as well as Buddhism and Taoism, fought fiercely against each other! We cultivators sealed the Mystical Silver Fox, but we didn't expect that you would never change your mind and still want to release it at all costs. Are you trying to destroy the world and bring disaster to the people?"

Yan Fang's words were just too powerful. They were as forceful as a dagger being thrown into a spear. All the cultivators from various sects looked at the disciples of Fox Zen School with cold eyes.