Hearing Yan Fang's roar, Song Yuqiao trembled with fear. Her eyelids kept twitching, and her long eyelashes trembled slightly. Her eyes were full of fear. She was weak and introverted. Usually, she would have been sad for a long time just for stepping on an ant. Now, if you asked her to kill someone, she would really be scared out of her wits. What's more, the person she had killed was Li Yundong, who had shown his divine power and driven away the Japanese.

Song Yuqiao's teeth were trembling. She looked at Li Yundong. Forgetting whether she was willing or not, or whether Li Yundong had the ability to resist her, when she just thought about Li Yundong's awe-inspiring power before, she felt her legs go weak and her whole body went limp.

The poor little girl said in a trembling voice, "Master, I, I dare not..."

Yan Fang was so angry that her eyebrows shot up. "B*stard, I've taught you for such a long time. What's there to be afraid of?"

Song Yuqiao's eyes were full of tears, shock, and fear. She said in a trembling voice, "But I don't dare! Master, he is human. How can you make me kill him?"

Only then did Yan Fang remember that the nominal disciple she had accepted was very weak. It was too hard for her to kill someone. She suppressed her anger and said softly, "Stupid disciple, this person is a great villain. If you kill him, you will save many people, including you and your master. You will be bringing justice to the perpetrators on the behalf of heaven. Not only will everyone in the world not blame you, but you yourself will even thank you."

Song Yuqiao's parents had died when she was a child, and she had been adopted as a disciple by Yan Fang. Yan Fang was like a parent or a master to her, so her words had a great influence on her, and could be said to be as heavy as a mountain. After listening to her, Yuqiao couldn't help but be a little more courageous. She asked timidly, "Is it true, master?"

Seeing that Song Yuqiao was moved, Yan Fang was overjoyed and continued to say softly, "Of course, it's true. When have I ever lied to you? When you kill this person, I will take you away to a place where no one can find you. Let's live happily, okay?"

A look of surprise appeared on Song Yuqiao's face. She asked tentatively, "Master, are you serious? You, you won't leave me again?"

Yan Fang sighed softly and said, "Silly girl, how could I leave you alone? I was forced to do so before. Think about it, if your beloved man were taken away, would you want to take revenge? If you found such a big conspiracy, would you want to stop them and save the world?"

Song Yuqiao thought very seriously. She bit her red lips hard with her snow-white teeth, and it seemed that there was a fight going on between heaven and earth in her mind.

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin and the others looked at Song Yuqiao nervously, waiting for this weak little girl to make the decision.

Song Yuqiao's eyes were fixed on Yan Fang. After hesitating for a long time, she suddenly gritted her teeth. She took the golden hairpin from her hair, clenched her hands, and walked toward Li Yundong, trembling all over.

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin exclaimed at the same time, "Stop!" "No!" "How dare you!"

The little foxes also exclaimed at the same time, "Don't kill him! Master is the best person in the world. Don't kill him. Kill us if you want to!"

Hearing their shouts, Song Yuqiao couldn't help trembling and stood still again. She looked at Su Chan and the others, only to see them looking back at her in horror and pleading, as if they themselves would rather die than Li Yundong.

Song Yuqiao hesitated for a moment. As soon as she hesitated, Yan Fang behind her said loudly, "What are you hesitating over? These are all fox demons. They can do nothing but bring disasters to the world. Do you want to watch the world be in chaos? Do you want to be the one helping the wicked? In the future, when the world is in chaos and the people suffer, you'll be to blame!"

Song Yuqiao was shocked. She gritted her teeth, looked away, and walked toward Li Yundong.

Song Yuqiao walked up to him. She lowered her head and said in a crying voice, "You, you mustn't blame me. I don't want to do it!" As she spoke, she raised the golden hairpin up high.

For a moment, the people who were controlling their Qi couldn't help opening their eyes wide. They couldn't believe that Li Yundong, who could dispel even the Mahamayuri, would die at the hands of such a weak girl.

Everyone saw the golden hairpin: long, thin, and extremely sharp. The sharp tip reflected the dazzling light with the help of the sunshine outside the building. For a moment, everyone's eyes were dazzled.

Song Yuqiao, trembling all over, held the golden hairpin and was about to jab it forward. But at this time, her eyes couldn't help but meet Li Yundong's. She saw him staring at her. There was no hatred or anger in his eyes. Instead, they were very soft and full of sympathy.

This kind of gaze was like warm sea water, wrapping Song Yuqiao up tightly. She couldn't help but think, "Why, why doesn't he hate me? Why does he look at me with such eyes?"

Song Yuqiao said in a panic, "Why are you looking at me?"

Li Yundong smiled, sighed, and said, "How do you know I'm looking at you if you won't look at me?"

Song Yuqiao immediately looked away in horror. "I won't look at you anymore. Don't look at me!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "It's not me. It's your heart! Even if you look away, it's useless because you can't face your own heart. You don't believe that I'm a bad person, do you?"

This sentence hit Song Yuqiao like lightning. Her whole body trembled, and she couldn't help but open her mouth wide. She shouted loudly in her heart, "He would rather withdraw from the Taoist assembly by himself than take the Immortal Pen. He would also take responsibility for his disciples. He was forced to lose the qualification to participate in the competition by everyone, and he didn't say any evil words. Instead, he turned the tide at the critical moment. Could such a responsible, brave man be a bad person? Could he be a bad person with such a gentle and kind look?

Song Yuqiao stood still like a statue. Behind her, Yan Fang couldn't see her expression, but her heart suddenly thumped, and she couldn't help shouting, "Xiaoqiao, don't listen to his demonic words, they're meant to confuse the public! This person is best at enchanting people's minds! You have to control yourself, so many people are waiting for you to save them!"

Song Yuqiao couldn't help but turn back to look at Yan Fang, and then turned to look at Li Yundong. Suddenly, the golden hairpin in her hand fell to the ground with a tinkle. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed, "Master, I can't do it. I really can't do it! I'm sorry!" As she said this, she quickly ran downstairs.

Yan Fang was furious and shouted, "Useless thing, come back! Come back quickly!" But no matter how she shouted, Song Yuqiao didn't look back. Only Yan Fang's angry roars echoed in the small building.

Only then did Su Chan and the others let out a sigh of relief. Ruan Hongling sneered and said, "Humph, let's see if Yan Fang has any tricks up her sleeve!"

After Zi Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, she closed her eyes and said in a low voice, "Don't talk. Focus on your Qi control!"

Ruan Hongling looked around only to see that everyone upstairs had closed their eyes and was controlling their Qi silently. At this time, whoever could recover first would be the strongest master in the field, the one with power of life and death!

Even Yan Fang had suppressed her anger and stopped talking. She closed her eyes and concentrated on controlling her breath. A thought came to Ruan Hongling's mind. She whispered to Zi Yuan, "Zi Yuan Shijie, what if someone comes here at this time?"

Zi Yuan didn't open her eyes. She just said, "The Immortal Fall in this censer is still a little bit special. If you smell it, your cultivation will be reduced to its lowest level. You can't control Qi, and you'll be even worse than an ordinary person who hasn't the strength to tie a chicken. But if an ordinary person comes at this time, it will be terrible, because ordinary people won't be affected by the Immortal Fall."

Hearing this, Ruan Hongling immediately closed her eyes. She thought to herself, "If an ordinary person came and killed everyone here with a steel knife, that would be the most ridiculous thing in the world! I can't die at the hands of an ordinary person!"

At this time, everyone upstairs was focused on their Qi control. The atmosphere was dull and quiet, and the originally elegant building had turned as silent as a cemetery, which was bloodcurdling.

All the cultivators upstairs were motionless, like stone statues. The air around them seemed to have solidified as well. Only the Immortal Fall that was lit by censers were slowly burning, emitting wisps of faint smoke that spread in all directions.

Time passed bit by bit. The sky slowly changed from bright gold to a dim blue, darkening bit by bit.

Far away from the garden building, a person hiding in the corner of the dark alley couldn't help but say to an old man next to him, "Master Puren, it's almost dark. How long will we have to wait?"

Master Puren of Xiyuan Temple was dressed in ordinary clothes. He lowered his eyes, as if he was standing in meditation, and whispered, "Fakong, why are you in such a hurry? The Great Devil hasn't taken action yet, so we naturally can't move either!"

Fakong looked a little anxious. "But how long will it take?"

Puren smiled slightly. He opened his eyes and said, "When the great devil can't help but take action, we'll naturally activate the Bafang Killing Formation and subdue this great devil!"

Fakong took a deep breath and asked, "And what if he doesn't take action?"

Pren smiled and closed his eyes again. He put his palms together devoutly and chanted Buddha's name. "Amitabha. If he doesn't do it today, he will do it sooner or later!"

Fakong had no choice but to calm down again. He put his palms together and silently recited the scripture.

After an unknown period of time, the Immortal Fall in the incense burner on the small building suddenly dimmed. This peerless poisonous smoke, which had made many cultivators surrender, was finally used up.

Just as the last wisp of fragrance gradually dissipated in the air, two figures suddenly floated into the small building.

The two of them stood side by side. Their figures were graceful under the moonlight, and their figures were alluring but one could not see their appearances clearly. The taller one quickly swept their eyes across the small building. With a slight smile, she said faintly, "Yan Fang, you didn't expect that it would be like this today, did you?"

The one next to her gnashed her teeth and said with a sneer, "Junior Sister, stop blathering. Kill her quickly!"

When Yan Fang heard the voice, she immediately opened her eyes. When she fixed her eyes on the person, she was shocked. "It's you?"