At this time, one of the two women standing in the field was petite but graceful. She was Liu Yuehong from the Fox Zen School, and next to her stood a charming woman, Cao Yi, who had disappeared before!

Yan Fang was shocked when she saw them. She asked in surprise, "Why are the two of you here?" But she quickly reacted and looked at Li Yundong, gnashing her teeth. "So you already knew?"

Li Yunyang had no expression on his face. He didn't even open his eyes and didn't speak.

On the scene, Liu Yuehong, who was as cold as frost, said, "Yes! The leader has known it for a long time!"

Yan Fang said loudly, "It's impossible. When did you know that I was possessed by Zhuang Yating?"

Liu Yuehong snorted and said, "You put on a good act, but the net of heaven is vast and boundless!"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "You two and Li Yundong saw it, did you?" As she said this, she suddenly turned her head and glared at Zi Yuan. She said angrily, "You must have noticed it, right?"

Zi Yuan also opened her eyes at this time. She nodded slightly and said, "Yes, I noticed it, but Li Yundong confirmed it!"

Yan Fang shouted angrily, "It's impossible. When did I expose myself?"

Zi Yuan said slowly, "The last time we went to have a meal, Li Yundong asked us to buy clothes, and you took the opportunity to show up, so I had some doubts. At that time, your Yang Spirit was extremely strong. Unless you were the host, it would have been impossible for you to have no power to retreat. So I immediately went to the place where everyone in the Fox Zen School changed clothes and checked. At that time, everyone was outside. Only you and Cao Yi were in the changing room. By that time, I had already targeted the two of you."

Yan Fang stared at Zi Yuan with a cold smile and her eyes were mocking.

Zi Yuan quickly added, "Of course, I also guessed that you might have appeared on purpose to arouse our suspicion, so that all the members of the Fox Zen School would kill each other."

Yan Fang's expression changed. She snorted and did not speak.

Zi Yuan knew that she was right, so she said, "But what I don't understand is that you had been hiding well since then. Then one day, you suddenly appeared and led us to Mount Gezao. You also wanted to expose Li Yundong in front of everyone and kill him. Why?"

Yan Fang stared at Zi Yuan for a long time. Suddenly, she burst into laughter and said, "Finally, there is something you don't know. Zi Yuan? It's really amazing!"

In the face of Yan Fang's sarcasm, Zi Yuan didn't get angry. She just smiled faintly and said, "My life is limited, as well as my knowledge. It's normal that I wouldn't know everything. What's so strange about it? Shibo, don't you always think that you're scheming? Don't you want to know when Li Yundong found out that Zhuang Yating was you?"

Yan Fang's face changed greatly, and she immediately asked, "When?"

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "When Disanxian was established, CEO Cao came to offer congratulations. When you first saw her, you were extremely shocked. Later, CEO Cao left and told us where she was going that night. She was almost killed that evening, and only we knew where she lived. So, the murderer could only be among us! At that time, Li Yundong went to the crime scene and found some evidence there. This evidence was exactly the place where you were smart and confused for a while!"

Yan Fang said with a sullen face, "Evidence?"

Zi Yuan laughed and said, "Although there was not much blood left, it was the same as on the bloody dress found by Su Chan in Cao Yi's room. Then Li Yundong used a method to find that the two kinds of bloodstains that were on the bloody clothes and the murder scene were different. One belonged to Cao Yi, and the other was yours!"

Yan Fang said in surprise, "How is this possible? How did you figure it out?"

Zi Yuan looked at Yan Fang sympathetically. She sighed slightly and said, "Shibo, you were really smart for a while! Have you forgotten that in modern society, there are things called blood tests and DNA tests?"

Yan Fang was shocked. She opened her mouth slightly, and her face was full of disbelief. It seemed that she hadn't expected that she would make a mistake in this simple part!

Zi Yuan sighed and said, "When the police sent the report the next day, Li Yundong knew that you and Cao Yi had gone to CEO Cao's residence at the same time, but you claimed that you hadn't left. Wasn't that self-defense? You tried so hard to frame Cao Yi, but you hadn't expected that you would be killed for it, had you?"

Yan Fang's face changed a few times. She gnashed her teeth and said, "No wonder Li Yundong appeared there again! Humph!" She looked at Cao Yi unwillingly and sneered, "You must be very proud now, right?"

Cao Yi stared at Yan Fang coldly and said noncommittally, "You're dead. What else do you want to say?"

Liu Yuehong, who was standing to one side, was waiting for Yan Fang with anger in her eyes. She said sternly, "Shimei, need you to talk more with this kind person? How many people did she hurt? From Shijie Mo Ahshi, Ye Yu, to Zhuang Yating? Today, I will make you pay with blood!"

After saying that, Liu Yuehong let out a fierce howl and pounced on Yan Fang angrily. Her five fingers were like hooks, as if she wanted to take out Yan Fang's heart with one hand.

But seeing that Liu Yuehong's hand had just touched Yan Fang's body, Yan Fang suddenly moved, grabbed Liu Yuehong's arm with both hands, and twisted it hard. Then, she kicked Liu Yuehong heavily under her feet.

Liu Yuehong hadn't expected Yan Fang to still be able to move. She immediately let out a bloodcurdling scream. With a cracking sound, her arm's bones were broken, and her body flew back like a sandbag.

This sudden change shocked everyone present. They had not expected Yan Fang to be the first one to recover!

The expressions of Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and the rest changed drastically. Zi Yuan's expression also suddenly darkened.

Yan Fang laughed wildly and said, "Was there anyone expecting this!?" As she said this, she looked at Li Yundong with murderous eyes. Yan Fang knew that as long as she killed him, the Fox Zen School would collapse without fighting!

Cao Yi saw him and immediately said coldly, "If you want to kill the leader, you'll have to pass this test first!"

Yan Fang glared at Cao Yi fiercely and said, "You always go against me! Hum, do you think you are so mighty? Well, let's settle the old and new grudges with you!"

After saying that, she screamed and was about to rush forward.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Li Yundong suddenly opened his eyes, and an extremely sharp gaze shot at Yan Fang like a sharp arrow.

Yan Fang's heart suddenly trembled. She thought to herself, "Damn it, has this guy recovered?"

In her subconscious, she was extremely afraid of Li Yundong and immediately gave up on the idea of going forward. She quickly thought, "It doesn't matter even if this villain recovers. As long as I get the immortal pen, even if he has great ability, he can't do anything to me!"

Thinking of this, she suddenly stopped rushing forward. She twisted her body and rushed toward Wan Zhenyuan instead.

At this time, Wan Zhenyuan was poisoned by the Immortal Fall, so he didn't take any precautions at all. He could only watch Yan Fang approach him and slap him in the chest.

Wan Zhenyuan's mind was like lightning, and he was crafty. He immediately understood Yan Fang's meaning, so he gathered all his strength and threw the Immortal Pen to the field.

Then, he ran away like a wisp of smoke!

Yan Fang sneered in her heart. Without looking at Wan Zhenyuan, she turned her head and grabbed the immortal pen. However, she saw it rolling through the air and falling to the ground with a click, and then a girl bent down and reached out to pick up the pen.

This girl was tall and well-dressed. Who else could it be other than Ding Nan?

Yan Fang was shocked. She hadn't expected that someone would recover. She immediately shouted with a ferocious face, "Put down the immortal pen!"

Ding Nan's cultivation was behind Zhou Qin's, and she didn't have the help of Jindan. In particular, she didn't have the Zhuji phase, and hadn't even stepped into the threshold of cultivation, so her cultivation was the lowest there.

However, the Immortal Fall was quite powerful and fierce. The higher one's cultivation was, the deeper they would be poisoned. On the contrary, the lower the cultivation was, the easier it would be for him or her to recover!

Seeing the immortal pen flying toward her, Ding Nan had reached for it subconsciously, but it had immediately aroused Yan Fang's killing intent. For a moment, she was a little scared and hesitant. "Should I throw the immortal pen out or keep it as mine?"

Unexpectedly, Zheng Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, "Ping'er, run!"

Without thinking about it, Ding Nan subconsciously turned around and ran away.

Yan Fang was extremely angry and shouted, "Stop!" Her figure was like lightning, and in the blink of an eye, she had caught up with Ding Nan. Like a tiger catching a sheep, she grabbed Ding Nan's neck with one hand.

At this time, only Yan Fang and Ding Nan could move, and Cao Yi, who was protecting Li Yundong, was extremely alert.

Cao Yi was focusing on Li Yundong. As long as he was fine, even if all the people around her were dead, her face would not change.

Seeing that Yan Fang was about to grab Ding Nan, Zheng Yuan suddenly took out a Ruyi Jade. He quickly bit his index finger and smeared the blood on the handle of the Ruyi Jade, then shouted, "Yan Fang!"

As soon as the Ruyi Jade was stained with blood, a burst of black Qi immediately emerged. It was horrible and ferocious, and an invisible black fog instantly pounced on Yan Fang's body.

Upon hearing Zheng Yuan's words, Yan Fang's heart suddenly jumped violently, as if someone was pinching it. She almost couldn't breathe and lost all her strength!

Yan Fang lost control of her body for a moment and fell to the ground in the blink of an eye. But soon she regained her strength and got back up. She looked at Zheng Yuan in shock and anger and shouted, "What kind of magic treasure did you use?"

Cultivators often fought with lightning and thunder. In the blink of an eye, Yan Fang almost lost control of her body at this moment. It was incredible that a cultivator like her would fall to the ground!

If it weren't for the fact that Zheng Yuan hadn't fully recovered at this time and had no way to make it up to her, Yan Fang would have already died at this time!

From Yan Fang's point of view, the powerful magical weapon in Zheng Yuan's hand was simply sinister and vicious. If she was caught off guard, even a Master would suffer a great loss, or even be doomed eternally!

After Zheng Yuan shouted, his face suddenly turned snow-white, and a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. He turned to Ding Nan and said, "Ping'er, you go first, I'll drag her!"

At this time, Ding Nan was standing on the railings on the second floor, staring at everyone present with horror and vigilance. Once there was any movement, she would immediately jump over the railing and run away.

However, Ding Nan, who was scheming, also knew that she didn't have a Zhuji phase. Even if she could escape, she couldn't get far. Holding an immortal pen, she was like a child carrying gold ingots in her arms and walking downtown. There was sure to be a disaster!

Therefore, she was not in a hurry to escape. Instead, she pretended to be worried and shouted at Zheng Yuan, "Master, I won't leave even if you don't!"

Zheng Yuan was greatly moved, and the last doubt he had about Ding Nan disappeared. He took a deep breath, and his snow-white face suddenly became a strange ruddy color. He sneered at Yan Fang and said, "Zhenren Yan, I'm going to take this immortal pen today! If you don't want to die, come up!"