Yan Fang's Yang Spirit fled away as fast as the wind, and Li Yundong's Yang Spirit chased after it tightly.

No matter how hard Yan Fang's Yang Spirit tried to escape, she couldn't escape Li Yundong. She wanted to turn into countless doppelgangers and flee in all directions, but just as she was about to move, Li Yundong flicked the burning thumb pot with his finger.

Yan Fang was shocked. She knew that the Burning Thumb pot had been specially designed to absorb Lingqi. The reason why it wasn't absorbing her Lingqi now was that she had a strong Yang Spirit aura which was as condensed as steel. The Burning Thumb Pot couldn't absorb it at all.

However, if her Yang Spirit turned into thousands of avatars, it would be equivalent to shattering a piece of ice into countless pieces. The burning thumb pot could easily suck away the incarnations of her Yang Spirit!

Yan Fang wouldn't dare to try it again. She wanted to run downtown, but Li Yundong blocked her way. She wanted to run farther, but she couldn't escape his palm. Desperately, she suddenly had a thought and went onto a yacht. This time, Li Yundong didn't stop her and followed her onto the yacht.

Yan Fang sat in her seat, motionless. She sneered and whispered, "Li Yundong, do you want to fight here?"

As soon as he sat down, he found that Kris, John, and Alba were staring at him in shock. He was slightly stunned but soon retracted his gaze as if he hadn't seen them. He said, "Yan Fang, you have no way to escape. Surrender! Hand over Ao Wushuang and swear that you won't work against the Fox Zen School anymore. I'll let you live for the sake of Ziyuan."

Yan Fang sneered and said, "You must be dreaming!"

Li Yundong sighed and shook his head slightly, "You really won't repent? Then don't blame me for being cruel!"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "I want to see how you fight with so many people here."

Li Yundong smiled slightly. He didn't move, but his fingers pinched a spell out under the table. Suddenly, colorful balls in the sky exploded one after another. They were colorful and dazzling as if thousands of flowers were blooming in the night.

The travelers on the yacht didn't notice Li Yundong and Yan Fang at all except Kris, John, and Alba. They suddenly saw the fire outside and the colorful meteors all over the sky and immediately stood up in surprise, walking to the deck of the yacht and pointing at the sky with a smile.

For a moment, the cabin of the yacht became almost empty. Only Li Yundong and Yan Fang looked at each other coldly, and the three others, Klis, John, and Alba, stared at them with wide-open eyes.

The little girl who had sung the Pingtan on the yacht saw that the people in the cabin had suddenly run out to watch the fireworks. No one was listening to her Pingtan, so she had immediately become dispirited and ended the song hastily.

Li Yundong glanced at the little girl in Qipao holding a pipa and found that she wanted to stand on her feet to wear her coat and was no longer singing a song. He said, "Could you sing another song for me?"

The little girl was stunned and said, "You should pay more for that."

Li Yundong nodded and said, "Okay!"

The little girl beamed. "Sir, what do you want to hear?"

Li Yundong glanced at Yan Fang lightly. "No Way Go Out!"

Seeing that Li Yundong was not taking her seriously, Yan Fang was so angry that her lungs almost burst. However, she was extremely afraid of Li Yundong's strength in her mind, but she did not dare to lose her temper for fear that he would suddenly attack her.

When the little girl heard that Li Yundong had actually asked to hear the "No Way Go Out" song, she immediately smiled bitterly and said, "Sir, I'm a singer of Pingtans, not a player of them."

Li Yundong asked, "You don't know how to play?"

The little girl saw Li Yundong's imposing manner and deep temperament. He was young and handsome, and when he spoke, there was a hint of arrogance in his tone, which could not be questioned. Obviously, he was not an ordinary person. She didn't want Li Yundong to look down on her, so she said, "I can play it, but..."

Li Yundong interrupted her and said, "You need more money? Well, I will pay!"

The little girl said doubtfully, "Then, can you give it to me ahead of time?"

Li Yundong touched his pocket and suddenly frowned. He remembered that his Yang Spirit was out of his body, penniless.

"Li Yundong, I'll pay for you!" said Kris beside him, immediately taking out a few bank notes from her pocket to the little girl. "Consider this his payment. Is it enough?"

The little girl took a look at the notes and immediately snatched them away. She quickly hid them, as if she was afraid that Kris would regret it. Her face was full of smiles, and she thought to herself, "This little brother is beautiful and generous, but there is such a beautiful foreign girl who wants to help him pay. Ah, I really don't know what kind of background he has! If I could marry a wealthy guy, then I wouldn't have to worry about finances for the rest of my life!"

The little girl's mind made blind and disorderly conjectures, but she didn't dare to delay. She spared no efforts and began to play "No Way Go Out", one of the top ten classical songs in China!

Although the girl was a little greedy, she was good at kung fu. She lowered her eyes and soon got into the mood of playing. She flicked her fingers, and a string of compact and intense notes quickly jumped out. The tension and intense atmosphere of the first song, 'No Way Go Out', suddenly arose.

John and Kris, who had been watching the fun from one side, couldn't help but follow the music and suddenly became nervous.

Only Alba sneered in a carefree manner. "Kris, are you crazy? You're paying the bill for a chauvinist like him? You're humiliating us feminists!"

Kris didn't look at her, only saying softly, "Why do I feel like there's something wrong with the two of them?"

John also glared at Kris and said, "Alba, if you don't want to take him as your master, I'll have him! Shut up!"

Alba sneered and said, "Oh, John, I think you'd better think of a good Chinese name before you change your nationality. I have several good names to recommend to you. I've learned some Chinese in the past two days. What do you think of... Ma, a flatterer?"

John instantly became furious. He turned his head and wanted to argue with Alba, but Kris quickly kicked John under the table and said, "John, shut up!"

He stared at Alba and was so angry that he was sick of the sight of her. Alba made a face at John and muttered in a low voice, "You're really crazy. You have to change your nationality after being apprenticed to a master? If I were you, I would..."

While she was mid-sentence, Li Yundong suddenly sighed and said to Yan Fang, "I'm sorry!"

After that, he turned his hand and reached out to grab Yan Fang.

Yan Fang's face changed, and her body immediately changed from a Yang Spirit to a Yin Spirit. She seemed to have penetrated the chair behind her and wanted to escape in an instant.

However, Li Yundong snorted and moved like a shadow. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind Yan Fang and hit her on the head with his palm.

He moved so fast that it was as if Yan Fang had bumped into his palm.

Yan Fang also saw her opportunity. In an instant, her figure became only the size of a hand. She twisted her body and jumped out of the window.

Li Yundong smiled coldly. He pointed at the window and saw that there were many tiny vines growing out of the woven window, making a slight hissing sound. A small net was woven out of the vines. The net was surrounded by blue light, waiting for Yan Fang to fall into it.

Yan Fang immediately turned her head and rushed to another window. Li Yundong did the same thing and used wood magic as he wished. Soon, tiny vines grew out of the window of the boat quickly and weaved into more small nets.

Yan Fang had no choice but to show her true figure again. She ground her teeth in anger and rushed back to Li Yundong. Her ferocious eyes seemed to say, "If you won't let me live, you can't live either!"

Yan Fang was fierce and her fingers were like hooks. Li Yundong slightly leaned to one side and avoided her grab. He put one of his hands on her wrist and pulled her back to her original position with a little force, then whispered, "Sit down!"

Yan Fang felt a huge force pushing down on her. She couldn't help bending her knees and sitting on the chair.

As soon as she sat down, the chair under her creaked, and many vines burst out, winding around her one by one.

Seeing that she was going to be caught, Yan Fang immediately took a deep breath and wanted to shout loudly to attract the attention of others. In this way, Li Yundong would not dare to use the magic so unscrupulously.

Li Yundong's eyes were sharp and his hands were quick. He immediately slapped Yan Fang with his palm, and a stream of Zhenqi pressed down on her like a huge wave.

Yan Fang suddenly felt suffocated. As soon as she opened her mouth, she felt a gust of wind rushing inside. Let alone shout, she couldn't even breathe.

She immediately coughed twice and her index fingers quickly touched. Her finger tapped a vine on her body, and the vine immediately ignited itself and broke with a snap.

Yan Fang struggled with all her might to free herself.

As soon as she got free, she exerted force in an almost impossible place. Under the table, her leg flew up and kicked at Li Yundong's lower abdomen.

This kick was sinister and cunning, done without any warning. Under the cover of the table, it was really invisible and impossible to defend against. If it had been another person, they would have been hit immediately.

However, as soon as Li Yundong felt a strong wind, he immediately kicked back as well. But he knew that he couldn't be faster than Yan Fang at such a close distance, so he kicked her on the back of her foot. The angle from which he lifted his foot just blocked the momentum of Yan Fang's kick.

Both of them collided with each other's feet. Li Yundong immediately stepped on Yan Fang's back and stomped hard on the ground. Then he used his knee to separate the inside of Yan Fang's legs. As long as they were separated, Yan Fang would lose her center of gravity. Li Yundong then punched out with a heavy hand. Yan Fang had no chance to dodge and fight back since she had lost her center of gravity.

After all, Yan Fang was also a master who had been practicing for many years, and her reactions were also very fast. When she saw Li Yundong coming to push her inside leg, she took advantage of the moment and immediately shrank back to avoid the attack before turning back.

The two people crossed their legs and arched at each other under the table, squeezing and pressing each other. They looked very awkward, but there was a hidden killing intent between them. Their hands on the table did not stop, and they were fighting fiercely at a fast speed. They were grabbing, pinching, grabbing, and beating. Their arms kept colliding with each other, making dull sounds, as if they were beating drums.

At this time, the little girl who was playing the "No Way Go Out" seemed to have also entered a state of trance. Her eyes were closed, and she quickly finished playing the second part of 'An Ambush', which was part of 'The Battle of Jimings'.

This piece of music was very intense. The player's five fingers flew up and down, almost turning into shadows. The violent music happened to become the background music of the fight between Li Yundong and Yan Fang. The atmosphere was suffocating, as if two armies were fighting against each other. The blades and spears were hitting each other, and the atmosphere was full of killing intent!

Kris, John, and Alba were stunned and dazzled. Kris and John had seen some incredible things in Li Yundong, but they were still able to hold on. Alba couldn't help but murmur, "Oh, my God... Am I watching a movie?"