Li Yundong and Yan Fang were fighting fiercely in the cabin, sometimes using magic, sometimes using fists and kicks. Every time Yan Fang wanted to disturb others to protect herself, Li Yundong always had a way to force her down, so she had to obediently fight with him like this.

After fighting for a while, she also noticed that he deliberately wanted to exhaust her Zhenqi and spiritual energy. As long as her Zhenqi was consumed to a certain extent, Li Yundong could use the burning thumb pot to absorb all of her spiritual energy and Zhenqi.

This was like a blunt knife that could kill people. It could cut through flesh. Although it was not fierce, its purpose was extremely vicious.

The more Yan Fang fought, the colder her heart became. "Could it be that I, Yan Fang, who has been famous for 20 years, is today going to be defeated by this kid?"

Thinking of this, Yan Fang couldn't help but grieve, but she was not willing to give up. She made up her mind to fight to the death and gritted her teeth. Suddenly, she turned her wrist and threw a talisman at the three stunned people beside her, including Kris, John, and Alba.

This talisman quickly began to burn in the air, as if it was a blazing fireball. In the blink of an eye, it appeared before Kris's eyes, burning her face until it was completely red.

"Damn it!" Li Yundong was furious when he saw that Yan Fang was being crazy enough to attack an ordinary person. He quickly flashed and appeared in front of Kris and the others like a mountain. With a wave of his hand, he put the fireball into his palm.

He clapped his hands and shattered the fireball in the palm of his hand. Instantly, countless tiny sparks appeared in his hands, like the flames of stars.

Li Yundong waved his hand, and these small flames immediately pounced on Yan Fang.

Yan Fang took a deep breath and suddenly exhaled. This breath of hers was truly the orthodox kung fu of the Xuanmen Sect, which had existed for more than twenty years. Her aura was dense and heavy. It was as if a sharp arrow had pierced through the sparks of the fire, still stabbing straight towards Kris and the others.

All three of them only felt a wave of aura approaching them. It was as if a galloping knight was holding a long spear in his hand, his red tassel flying everywhere as his horse rode through the camp. This bone-piercing sharpness seemed as if it was going to go right through their bodies!

Seeing Yan Fang attacking the three of them one after another, Li Yundong became angrier and angrier. His eyes widened, and his whole body burst with Gang Qi, which instantly shattered Yan Fang's Qi Arrow.

This condensed aura seemed to have smashed against a great mountain, surging in all directions. A strong wind blew through the cabin with a howl, blowing through the hair of Kris and the others until they couldn't open their eyes.

At this time, the little girl playing the pipa also happened to play the "The Battle of Jiulishan" of "No Way Go Out". She sometimes drew lines, sometimes played two strings, sometimes pulled, and sometimes flicked her fingers up and down. The music was passionate and tense, and there seemed to be the sound of horseshoes, machetes, and shouts woven into it. The sound was sonorous and full of killing intent!

Kris, John and Alba had never seen such a strange fight before. It was like a Hollywood fight.

The three of them didn't know that they had fought several times before the Gate of Hell. If it weren't for Li Yundong, they would have died long ago.

Kris and the others stared at the fierce battle. Listening to the passionate and fierce "No Way Go Out", they were really intoxicated. They all opened their mouths wide and their eyes bulged, as if they were seeing an alien from outer space.

Yan Fang attacked Kris and the others twice in a row. Finally, she got Li Yundong away from her. She immediately shrank her body, and then exploded like a fireball, turning into countless green lights and flying in all directions.

Li Yundong's eyes suddenly widened, and his body instantly changed from Yang Spirit to Yin Spirit. He flew into the air and hovered in space. He then recited the Diamond Sutra, held the burning thumb pot in his left hand, and flicked the middle finger of his right hand gently at the weapon.

Suddenly, the pot made a "ding" sound, and the air around it was shaken as countless ripples and spread in all directions, like soundwaves visible to the naked eye.

Fortunately, it was still dark at this time, and Li Yundong was flying high, so the world didn't notice him.

Only, Yan Fang's Yang Spirit avatars, which had fled in all directions, suddenly heard the sound of the burning thumb pot. Immediately, her body went sluggish, and then the soundwaves caught up to Yan Fang's avatars. Each time he caught up with her, he pulled her clone back a little bit.

Li Yundong then flicked his finger at the burning thumb pot again. With a ding, the pot released another layer of soundwaves, pulling back Yan Fang's avatars that had fled in all directions.

Yan Fang was scared out of her wits. She knew that the burning thumb pot was like a huge fishing net, enveloping all her avatars. The more he pulled, the tighter it got. As long as he pulled closer, Li Yundong would withdraw the net. At that time, it would be impossible for her to fight to the death.

Yan Fang thought like a flash of lightning. She immediately screamed and said loudly, "Li Yundong, do you still want to save Ao Wushuang?"

Li Yundong was instantly stunned, but while he was stunned, Yan Fang's Yang Spirit avatar immediately fled far away in every direction.

He became furious at once and shouted, "You still won't repent until you die. You're courting death!" After that, he vigorously flicked the burning thumb pot in his hand.

This sound shook all of Yan Fang's avatars. They fled as far away as they could and then were pulled back as much as they could be.

Yan Fang said in horror, "Li Yundong, are you crazy? How can you save Ao Wushuang if you kill me?"

Li Yundong snorted. He had fallen into this trap once, so he didn't want to be fooled again. Without saying a word, Li Yundong flicked his finger again.

Yan Fang could only hear the ringing of the burning thumb pot. It sounded like a soul-stirring bell, pulling her into the abyss again and again.

Yan Fang was horrified and didn't dare to play any more tricks. She said sternly, "Li Yundong, do you want to save Ao Wushuang or capture me?" After that, Yan Fang immediately threw out the hidden Emperor's Clock.

He could see that the Emperor's Clock had been thrown away by Yan Fang and flown into the sky in an instant, drawing a purple light streak. Yan Fang's avatars fled in all directions like madmen.

Li Yundong snorted and flicked the burning thumb pot again. This time, the burning thumb pot pulled many of Yan Fang's avatars to the front. As soon as these avatars got within ten meters of the burning thumb pot, they immediately turned into cyan lights and flew quickly toward the inside of the burning thumb pot.

As for Li Yundong himself, he instantly turned into a beam of cyan light and chased after the Emperor's Clock.

Although he did these things one after another, his speed was so fast that it seemed as if they were carried out at the same time.

Nearly half of Yan Fang's avatar was pulled over by the burning thumb pot and then quickly refined by it.

The Yang Spirit was equivalent to a cultivator's second physical body. His physical body was devoured by half in one go, and his injuries were unimaginable to cultivators.

Yan Fang immediately let out a miserable scream. Her pain was no less than that of being lynched, and her cultivation was greatly reduced.

Yan Fang's angry voice came from afar. No one heard her roar clearly, but her voice disappeared into the dark night. It was like a wild wolf had fled back into the deep mountains and forests, and there was no trace of it.

Li Yundong instantly returned to where he had been before. He held the burning thumb pot in one hand and the Emperor's Clock in the other, then looked in the direction where Yan Fang had gone. He could feel Yan Fang's hatred and anger.

At the last moment, Yan Fang not only threw the Emperor's Clock and tried to lure the tiger away from the mountain, but also broke her wrist. She would rather be refined by Li Yundong than be caught by him.

After the wolf was caught in the wolf trap, in order to escape, it would even bite off its own foot!

For cultivators, their cultivation and Cultivation Quotients were more important than their reputations. In order to escape, Yan Fang would rather consume half of her cultivation. What kind of great determination and courage did she have?

"She ran away again. What a terrible opponent..." After Li Yundong came to a standstill in the air, he snorted in his heart. Soon, his body turned into a blue light and flew back in the direction of Su Chan and the others.

In the yacht, the girl had already played the part of "The Defeat of The King of Xiang." The chorus of the rhythm and the tight melody of the horse's hooves melded together. Then, she waved her five fingers, and the four strings rang at the same time, stopping the music abruptly.

At this time, the people on the deck were still enjoying the night view, and the cabin was extremely quiet. The little girl who was playing opened her eyes, but she couldn't see the figures of Li Yundong and Yan Fang anymore, as if they had never even been there. She couldn't help but be stunned. She looked around, but she didn't see any of them and couldn't help wondering, "Strange, this yacht didn't stop. Where did they go?"

Only then did Kris and John let out long breaths, as if they had been watching a thrilling Hollywood scene.

But they knew that the Hollywood scenes they had seen before were fake, while what they had seen with their own eyes was real!

Kris secretly pinched her thigh, and then she immediately felt a wave of intense pain. She grimaced, and only then did she believe that everything before her eyes wasn't a dream.

A sentence that her grandmother had once said echoed in her mind. "If you see those cultivators one day, you must find a way to take them as your masters. Otherwise, when you grow old, you will regret it like me!"

John's mouth was wide open, and his face was full of excitement and fanaticism. His expression was exaggerated, as if he wanted to shout and tell the whole world what he had just seen but didn't know how to say it.

John was like a dancing long-haired monkey scratching his head. He excitedly said, "Kris, did you see that? I want to be a Shenxian, I want to be a Shenxian!" Then he said to Alba with excitement and pride, "How about that then? Isn't my master powerful? Alba, I want to worship him as my teacher. Are you jealous?"

John was proud of himself, as if the fierce fight just now had been won by him.

Alba was dumbfounded, as if her whole body was frozen and petrified. After a long time, she came to her senses, her eyes wide open. She looked at Kris and then at John. Suddenly, she spoke quickly and said decisively, "What procedures do I have to go through to get Chinese nationality? I'm going to do it right now!"