When Li Yundong returned to the small building, he found that apart from the Zhengyi Sect, the True Dragon Sect, and the Xuan Pavilion Sect, the cultivators of each sect had already left, such as the Qingcheng Sect, the Qingwei Sect, the Jinshan Sect, and especially the cultivators of some small cultivation sects. Most of them were gone.

At this time, Zi Yuan and the others had recovered from the Immortal Fall. When they saw Li Yundong, Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, Cao Yi and the little foxes, who were taking care of Liu Yuehong, they immediately stood up to greet him.

Su Chan and those little foxes stared at Li Yundong with wide eyes and asked with concern, "Did you catch her?"

Li Yundong shook his head, and the little foxes suddenly sighed. Cao Yi ground her teeth in anger and said, "This guy ran away again!"

Zi Yuan looked very worried. "Second Shibo is stubborn and patient. I don't know when she will appear again."

Li Yundong also sighed and said, "In the end, Yan Fang would rather lose half of her strength and run away with a broken wrist. Although she is an enemy, I admire her bravery very much..."

Liu Yuehong, who was seriously injured, was delighted to hear that Yan Fang had lost half of her strength. She said, "Leader, since Yan Fang has been seriously injured, I think she won't make things difficult for us for a while. Isn't that right?" As soon as she spoke, her injury was immediately affected and she began to cough violently again.

Cao Yi couldn't help complaining to her, "Shijie, there are a thousand days to be a thief. How can there be a thousand days to guard against a thief? You'd better take it easy!"

Liu Yuehong forced a smile and said, "Younger sister, I want to take advantage of this time to search for Yan Fang everywhere for once and for all!"

When Li Yunyang saw Liu Yuehong call Cao Yi 'younger sister', he couldn't help but ask, "Liu Yuehong Shibo, Cao Yi Shibo is only sixth, not the youngest. She has Ye Yu and Ao Wushuang below her. In theory, Ao Wushuang is the youngest, so she should be called younger sister. Why do you call Cao Yi Shibo that?"

Liu Yuehong sighed and said bitterly, "Leader, Ye Yu is dead, and Ao Wushuang is also in danger. Now in the Fox Zen School, Cao Yi is the youngest. If I don't call her younger sister, who else can I call younger sister?"

Li Yunyang smiled and said to Cao Yi, "Cao Yi Shibo, I'm afraid that your younger sister apprentice will not be able to be your younger sister."

His words stunned everyone in the Fox Zen School. Su Chan was the smartest and she suddenly looked ecstatic. She grabbed Li Yundong with both hands and said loudly, "Yundong, did you save my master?"

Li Yundong smiled, patted her hands and nodded: "Yep!"

All the members of the Fox Zen School were overjoyed and cheered loudly.

Liu Yuehong couldn't help but be thrilled. "Younger sister was rescued? Where is she? Where is she?"

Cao Yi was also surprised and couldn't help chanting the name of Buddha. "Amitabha, thank God, younger sister is finally saved? The Fox Zen School finally doesn't need to hold on alone. This is great news!"

The little foxes rolled their eyes and looked Li Yundong up and down from head to toe, as if they wanted to see where Ao Wushuang would crawl out of in the next second.

Li Yundong turned his wrist, took out the fist-sized Emperor's Clock from his arms and said, "Ao Wushuang is inside. We can save her when we go back."

Everyone could only see that the entire body of the Emperor's Clock was purple, and that there was a golden glow inside. All kinds of runes and characters were engraved on it, one after another.

Su Chan saw that the woman's appearance and figure were very similar to Ao Wushuang's. She pointed at the picture on it and said, "This is my master!"

Li Yundong looked at it and said with a smile, "I'm afraid so. Don't worry, you'll see your master when you go back."

Su Chan looked up at Li Yundong with admiration in her eyes. This man had promised to save her master, and now he had done it!

Cao Yi couldn't help but urge, "Leader, shall we go back now?"

However, Li Yundong waved his hand and said, "There's no hurry. Let me say hello to the cultivators from other sects."

After that, he walked up to Du Fei of the True Dragon Sect, cupped his hands, and said, "Zhenren Du, I really didn't expect the Taoist assembly to become like this. Thank you for your righteous words at the Taoist assembly. If there's anything you need in the future, just let me know."

Du Fei also cupped his hands and said with a smile, "Zhenren Li, although the Taoist assembly has become a farce and Zheng Yuanyu has benefitted from it and gotten the Immortal Pen, Zhenren Li, you have shown great power and defeated masters from all sects. Then, you turned the tide and drove Li Gaoye's master out of the conference. Such prestige will be forever remembered in this world. In the future, it will definitely be a popular tale!"

Li Yundong smiled noncommittally and said, "It's just an empty victory. It's not worth mentioning. Zhenren Du..." Then he looked at Yue Sheng and Wei Qing, cupped his hands, and said, "Zhenrenl Yue, Zhenren Wei, I'd like to go now, goodbye!"

At this time, Yue Sheng had completely lost his temper toward Li Yundong. He was convinced and cupped his hands to Li Yundong, saying, "After this battle, Zhenren Li, you'll have no objection to your reputation as the best amongst the younger generation, I‘m convinced!"

However, Yue Sheng quickly changed the topic and said, "But, Zhenren Li, there are so many cultivation masters in the world. Every sect has a senior who has cultivated in seclusion. I'm afraid that it will be difficult for you to be the real number one cultivator in this world!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "I just want others not to make trouble for me. I don't care whether I'm first or not."

Yue Sheng admired him more and more. "You're so modest. Respect!"

Wei Qing's eyes widened. She quickly took out a notebook and a pen from her arms and handed them over to Li Yundong eagerly. She said, "Super Li, give me your autograph, please."

Li Yundong asked, "What are you calling me?"

Wei Qing had always been afraid that things would go wrong, and her words were shocking. She giggled and said, "I called you Super Li! I wanted to call you Zhenren Li 500 years ago, and then Zhenren 500 years later! In the past, Zhenren was conferred by the emperor, but now there is no emperor, and everyone calls themselves Zhenren, so they call you Super Li! So I simply call you that too! Anyway, Zhang Sanfeng was also known as Super 500 years ago. Just 500 years ago, Super Zhang, 500 years later, Super Li!"

Wei Qing was enraptured and said proudly, "Haha, in the future, if anyone asks who gave the title, they may mention my name! Super Li, I'm also famous with you. Haha! Sign quickly! Hee hee!"

Li Yundong found this both funny and annoying. Du Fei, who was beside him, also held back his laughter. He glared at her and shouted, "Ugh, don't you know the word 'Pengsha'?"

Wei Qing made a face at him and said, "I don't know what Pengsha is. No one in the Lotus Gathering defeated that Tachibana Wakako, but Li Yundong's palm scared her to tears. Isn't he invincible? Is he invincible?"

Yue Sheng said seriously, "It's not true that he is invincible in the whole world. At least, Master is not weaker than Zhenren Li."

Wei Qing rolled his eyes. "How old is Master? How old is Zhenren Li? After a few more years of cultivation, if Li Yundong is not invincible, you can dig out my eyes!"

Yue Sheng thought for a moment and nodded. "That's true."

Wei Qing laughed again, then handed the signed notebook and pen over to Li Yundong and said with a smile, "Sign it quickly! please!"

Li Yundong took it with a smile. When he opened it, he saw the signature that he had signed last time and said, "Didn't I sign this for you last time? Why sign again?"

Wei Qing smiled and said, "The last time was the last time, this time is this time!"

Li Yundong signed helplessly and asked, "Why did you bring this to the Taoist assembly?"

To the side, Yue Sheng held back his laughter and said, "She said that she wanted to collect the signatures of all the famous cultivators in the world so that she could sell them for money in the future."

Wei Qing immediately stepped on his foot and glared at him fiercely. "You talk too much!" As she said this, she turned to look at Li Yundong with a smile on her face and said, "Super Li, you won't give it all to me, will you? Shishiong is stingy. Although he has money, he won't give it to me. So I have to make my own money!"

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "Gossip Wei has a good, creative idea!"

Wei Qing said, "Gossip Wei?"

Li Yundong also pretended to look at Wei Qing with a strange face. "Aren't you surnamed Wei?"

Wei Qing quickly came to his senses and said with a smile, "You're the gossiper!"

Li Yundong, Du Fei, and Yue Sheng all laughed at the same time.

Not far away, Zhang Ling, Zou Ping, and the others of the Zhen Yi Sect saw Li Yundong talking happily with Du Fei and the others of the True Dragon Sect. Zou Ping couldn't help but sneer and said, "Humph, they're really colluding with each other! The Quanzhen Sect is really determined to make a hard time for us! I don't think they want to be the leader of the Six Leagues! And Super Li? Bah! It makes me sick to listen to this flattery!"

As she spoke, Zou Ping could not help stepping forward to sneer loudly.

However, Zhang Ling immediately grabbed her with one hand and shook her head. She said in a low voice, "Li Yundong is very popular now. Let's not have a conflict with him first. What's more, he turned the tide and drove away the master of Rigoino. All the sects owe him."

Zou Ping said anxiously, "But didn't Yan Fang say that he was part of a big conspiracy to resurrect the Mystical Silver Fox?"

Zhang Ling looked at Li Yundong with a gloomy face and said, "Yan Fang has no evidence to prove it. Now Li Yundong is back, but Yan Fang has vanished without a trace. It is very likely that she is hiding or has been arrested."

Zou Ping said, "That's just right. Yan Fang is also a member of our sect. We can take advantage of this opportunity to ask him to hand Yan Fang over. If he can‘t, it'll ruin his prestige!"

Zhang Ling glared at Zou Ping and sneered. "If he insists that Yan Fang is not here, what will you do? Force him? If there's a fight, can you beat him? Hum! This Li Yundong has become so powerful that you and I can't deal with him! If you get into trouble with him now, you will be asking for humiliation!"

Zou Ping said angrily, "What should we do? Can we only look at him being more powerful than our sect? Humph, he's called Super Li at such a young age. If he is allowed to cultivate for another two years, I'm afraid that the head of our sect will salute him! Bah, I don't want to admit that he is invincible!"

Zhang Ling sneered and said, "Hum, Super, Super... What a good Super Li! Zou Ping, you are wrong. We just want to admit that he is invincible! Not only do we want to admit it, but we also want to publicize it so that all the people in the world will know his reputation!"

Zou Ping asked in surprise, "Why? Master, are you trying to boost other people's morale and destroy your family's prestige?"

Zhang Ling sneered and said, "There are many cultivation sects in the world. How can they all be willing to let Li Yundong overwhelm them? What's more, although Yan Fang's words have no evidence, baseless lies can still have legs! I believe that soon, the Fox Zen School will become the target of the world, and Li Yundong will definitely become the most suspicious person around. The title of Super Li... hahaha, I'm afraid it will arouse the suspicion of the cultivators of all sects!"

Zou Ping's eyes lit up, and she said to Zhang Ling, "Master, you are so clever. What a good plan!"

Zhang Ling waved her sleeves and shouted in a low voice, "Li Yundong is also a rare talent. He is no less talented than Wang Yuanshan. It's a pity that he is against us everywhere! Hurry up and take Zhang Tianhe and Wang Lingfei back. Don't waste any more time here."

Zou Ping nodded and hold the unconscious Zhang Tianhe, then asked her younger sister not far away to hold up Wang Lingfei.

Zhang Ling smiled and said to Li Yundong, "Super Li, goodbye. Thank you very much for your kind attention to Zhengyi School in the Taoist assembly. I'll keep it in my heart!"

After that, she quickly turned into a beam of cyan light and left with the disciples of the Zhengyi School.

All the members of the Fox Zen School suddenly laughed and said to Li Yundong, "Congratulations, Sect Leader. The Zhengyi School has also recognized your invincible position. This is really a happy thing for our Fox Zen School!"

Li Yundong did not comment, but he was neither surprised nor unhappy. He looked in the direction in which Zhang Ling and the others had left, and his eyes flickered. After a long time, he said, "Let's go back. It's time to save Ao Wushuang, who has been trapped for a long time."