Li Yundong smiled without saying a word. He remembered that when he had been beaten by Ao Wushuang in the past, he had had no way to fight back. But now... he could defeat her just by holding the burning thumb pot. What's more, he also had the Dharmakaya Fashen, which was the nemesis of all demons and spirits in the world.

Ao Wushuang looked Li Yundong up and down, and her eyes were shining. She nodded secretly and couldn't help saying, "Yes, as I expected. Chan'er, you found a good partner!"

Su Chan put her arms around Li Yundong with a proud face and raised her little face high, saying with a smile, "Of course!"

Li Yundong also said with a grin, "Predecessor Ao Wushuang, how were you in the Emperor's Clock? I heard from Chan'er that you were injured before you were sealed. Are you all right?"

Ao Wushuang chuckled. "Senior Shijie, if you hadn't sealed me in the Emperor's Clock, I would have died, and my soul would have been sucked clean by the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal. But she sealed me within the Emperor's Clock, which saved my life. Don't worry, as long as the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal doesn't suck my soul, this injury will be nothing at all."

At this time, Su Chan hurriedly said to Ao Wushuang, "Master, I have a lot of things to tell you! First, it's not your great master, Shibo, Mo Ahshi, who attacked you, but Yan Fang. Second, Yundong is now the leader of Fox Zen School! Third, Yundong has already seriously injured Yan Fang's Yang God. Her cultivation has been reduced by half, so she is no threat to us."

All of these things surprised Yan Fang. She stared at Li Yundong and said with a slight smile, "It seems that you have a long story to tell me."

Li Yundong also smiled and said, "I'm going to make dinner. Let's talk while we eat."

When the little foxes heard this, they immediately cheered, "The Leader of Fox Zen School is going to cook. Hooray! There'll be delicious food!"

Ao Wushuang saw that the little foxes of the Fox Zen School were very enthusiastic with Li Yundong, and their faces were filled with deep affection. Obviously, they loved this leader very much. Especially when they heard that he was going to cook, they were even more overjoyed than when they had seen that she had escaped. She couldn't help but be curious and muttered to herself, "What magic does Li Yundong have?"

Su Chan rolled her eyes as if she understood what her master was thinking. She said with a smile, "Master, do you want to know why Yundong is so popular?"

Ao Wushuang glared at her, pretending to be angry. "You are so smart. You know everything! Tell me now!"

Su Chan mysteriously leaned into Ao Wushuang's ear and whispered, "Because the food he makes is very delicious. It's too delicious! No, no, you don't know how to cook! You only buy me hard, cold noodle cakes!" After that, the little girl giggled and ran away on her own.

Ao Wushuang suddenly raised his eyebrows and said, "Villain, say that again. I just got out of trouble, but you dare to fight with me?"

Su Chan laughed out loud and hid behind Li Yundong, making a face at Ao Wushuang.

Ao Wushuang was so angry that she burst out laughing. Cao Yi and the injured Liu Yuehong also came over. They took Ao Wushuang's hand and couldn't help chuckling. "Our little Shimei, you're finally free. We were very worried about you!"

Ao Wushuang's face was cold but his heart was warm. She couldn't help but feel warm in her heart. She also took Cao Yi's and Liu Yuehong's hands and said with a smile, "Shijie, why are you two here? Where are the others? Where is the Shibo of the Fox Zen School Leader?"

Liu Yuehong immediately burst into tears. She sobbed, "Eldest Shijie, Ao Wushuang, Second Shishiong, Gu Feng, Third Shijie, Zhuang Yating, Fifth Shimei, Zhangsun Hong, Seventh Shimei, Ye Yu, they... they're all gone!"

Ao Wushuang was shocked. "Ah? They, they're all dead? Then, how about the Shibo of the Fox Zen School? How is he? He's so powerful, he shouldn't have..."

Liu Yuehong cried, "The leader was ambushed by Yan Fang and besieged by cultivators from all schools. In the end, she was also gone!"

When Ao Wushuang heard this, her body suddenly trembled, and she stood rooted to the spot for a long time without saying a word.

Cao Yi, who was standing by the side, sighed and said to Ao Wushuang, "If Li Yundong hadn't arrived at that time, I'm afraid that our Fox Zen School would be in trouble now."

Seeing their sadness, Li Yundong said, "Don't mention that. Let's talk about something happy. What do you want to eat tonight? If you have a request, say it quickly!"

Su Chan also cooperated with him and said with a smile, "Yundong, everything you make is delicious. We will eat whatever you do."

The little foxes also said, "Yes, Leader, hurry up and get something to eat. The Taoist assembly has been held for a whole day. Apart from tea, we haven't eaten anything! We're starving to the point of keeling over!"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "I don't know what to do if you don't order."

Liu Yuehong also beamed and said, "Leader, you can do whatever you want."

Li Yundong rolled up his sleeves and said loudly, "Well, I'll cook the four famous dishes of the Fox Zen School today!"

When everyone heard this, they immediately exclaimed in unison, "No!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "You eat whatever I cook, don't you?"

Su Chan scolded him with a smile, "You're so naughty. That doesn't count!"

Ao Wushuang said, "The Taoist assembly was held? What are the Four Great Delicacies of the Fox Zen School? Why didn't I know this stuff?"

Su Chan pulled Ao Wushuang to the side and sat down with a smile, saying, "Master, listen to me slowly." She told her about how she had been sealed by Yan Fang, and then fled down the mountain. Then she said how Li Yundong had begun to fight with all Schools in Mount Tianlong. Along the way, she embellished heavily. Li Yundong's face went red, so he immediately went into the kitchen.

Seeing that the entire Fox Zen School was filled with joy, Ruan Hongling couldn't help but turn her head to look at Zi Yuan. She saw that Zi Yuan was still lowering her head, frowning and looking worried. She whispered, "Shijie Zi Yuan, what are you thinking about?"

Zi Yuan said in a deep voice, "I'm wondering... what kind of people are imprisoned in this Emperor's Clock."

Ruan Hongling smiled and said, "We'll know when we ask Ao Wushuang later."

Zi Yuan nodded. She had a bad feeling in her heart, but now the rare atmosphere of the Fox Zen School was full of joy and excitement, so she didn't say it out loud.

After Li Yundong had done a full table of dishes, the group of people sat down around the table. Even Zhou Qin was helped up by Li Yundong and sent to her place.

Li Yundong had been chosen to sit in the top position by everyone. Zi Yuan sat in the first seat on the left, followed by Ruan Hongling, Zhou Qin, and the little foxes. On the other side were Ao Wushuang, Cao Yi, Liu Yuehong, Su Chan, Ling Yue, and the others.

Li Yundong saw that everyone was gathered together, and that the Fox Zen School had not been so lively for a long time. He couldn't help laughing and said, "Although I didn't get the Immortal Pen in the Taoist assembly, in my opinion, I found our predecessor, Ao Wushuang, again. This is far better than getting ten good powerful magical weapons!"

Everyone praised his magnanimity. For a moment, the table was full of women chattering together pleasantly and laughing. From Ao Wushuang to Ziyuan, from Su Chan to the little foxes, all of them were beautiful. This table was really full of blooming flowers competing on their looks.

While they were having dinner, Ao Wushuang saw Zi Yuan sitting opposite and frowning, as if she was thinking about something. She couldn't help but smile and ask, "Ziyuan, what are you thinking about?"

When Ao Wushuang had heard what had happened in the past few days from Su Chan, she had known that if it weren't Zi Yuan, even the roots of the Fox Zen School would have been destroyed. In addition, Zi Yuan and Wang Yuanshan were the closest people to each other, so she had a better impression of Zi Yuan.

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "Wushuang-qianbei, I have a question for you."

Ao Wushuang smiled and said, "Just say it."

Zi Yuan asked, "Qianbei, do you know who is locked up in the Emperor's Clock?"

Ao Wushuang was stunned for a moment. Se couldn't help frowning and asking, "What's wrong? Is there someone else who has been released?"

Li Yundong couldn't help coughing when he heard this matter being revealed. He pulled a wry smile and said, "It's my fault. If I hadn't been reckless, I wouldn't have released others..."

Ao Wushuang glanced at him. She knew that he was protecting her reputation. The Emperor's Clock was Ye Fashan's personal powerful magical weapon, and Ye Fashan had been one of the great cultivators of the Tianbao years of the Tang Dynasty. How could his powerful magical weapon be a joke? If he hadn't split it open, how could he have released the sealed person from inside? But after that, the sealed person would naturally have run out with him.

Ao Wushuang thought to herself, "Chan'er, you really have good taste. Li Yundong's cultivation is so high now, but he can still put down his pride and cook for you. You are so considerate when you talk, and you are so kind. It's very good!"

Ao Wushuang said seriously, "Leader, you don't have to explain it to me. It's all because of me. If I hadn't believed Chan'er, I wouldn't have been attacked by Yan Fang, and there wouldn't have been such things happening. Leader, don't worry, I will take responsibility for the whole thing."

Seeing that Ao Wushuang was blaming herself, Su Chan immediately said anxiously, "No, I didn't make it clear. Master, it's not your fault!"

Ao Wushuang touched Su Chan's head with a smile and said, "It's none of your business, fool."

Zhou Qin, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly smiled and said, "But I don't think so. If Qianbei Ao Wushuang hadn't been caught, Li Yundong wouldn't have gone to Mount Tianlong, and nothing would have happened later, and then he wouldn't have become Super Li!"

Everyone laughed when they heard this. Zi Yuan also smiled and said, "This is the cycle of karma."

Ao Wushuang smiled and went back to the main topic. "When I was sealed by Yan Fang, almost all my six senses were sealed, and I felt as if I had been filled with cement. When I came back through the air, I was already here, so," she smiled and said to Zi Yuan, "I really don't know who was locked up in the Emperor's Clock."

Li Yundong saw Zi Yuan's worried face and couldn't help saying, "Zi Yuan, don't think too much. Even if there are demons and ghosts, I'll catch them again."

However, Zi Yuan bit her lip, looking as if she wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. Seeing this, Ao Wushuang said, "Zi Yuan, if you have anything to say, just say it."

Zi Yuan thought for a moment. She glanced at Li Yundong and said softly, "Is the Great Catastrophe that Yan Fang mentioned... related to this?"

Everyone at the table was stunned by these words. For a moment, the room was quiet, and no one was saying a word.

Li Yundong's heart skipped a beat. He thought to himself, "If this so-called Great catastrophe in the cultivation world is because I release the sealed good and evil cultivators in the Emperor's Clock, then... it will be too sad!"