While Li Yundong and the rest of the Fox Zen School were happy for Ao Wushuang's escape and worried about the bad cultivators escaped from the Emperor's Clock, most of the cultivators from other sects had returned to their own sects.

Among them, Zhang Cunyi and the others had been taken back to the Qingyang Palace by his Shishiong Qian Tong and Zhao Ping. When they entered the gate, they shouted, "Help, help!"

It was late at night. They shouted, which immediately startled the birds in the mountains and made them scream. Several Taoists ran out quickly. "What's going on in the middle of the night? Who is it?"

But when these Taoist priests saw Zhao Ping and Qian Tong, they immediately laughed and said, "Haha, so it's you! I thought it was someone else. What's wrong? The Taoist assembly is over? Where's Shishiong? How's he?"

The person who spoke was suddenly hit by the shoulder of the Taoist next to him. He immediately reacted, only to see that Zhao Ping and Qian Tong's faces were gloomy, especially Zhao Ping's, who was carrying a person on his back. He lowered his head and leaned on his shoulder. It was unknown whether he was alive or dead. A fool could have guessed who this person was, even though it was hard to see their face from the side.

The Taoist's heart skipped a beat. He asked tentatively, "Is, is that Shishiong?"

When they got closer, they saw Zhang Cunyi clenching his teeth and lying on Zhao Ping's back with his eyes closed. He didn't move at all. They didn't know whether he was dead or alive.

All of a sudden, these Taoists panicked. One of them quickly ran inside, opened the mountain gate, and shouted all the way, "Help! Young Master is hurt!"

Qingyang Palace was the first Taoist temple in the west of Sichuan, which had a steady stream of visitors and many Taoist priests. When they heard the voice, many Taoist priests immediately came over and said, "Oh my, what's wrong with the eldest Shishiong?"

"Has the fight been lost?"

"I don't know. However, the eldest Shishiong is holding the Three Emperor Sword. Which son of a b*tch can defeat him?"

“You are right. Could he have fallen into someone's trap?"

"Yes, that's possible!"

Seeing that these Taoist priests were blocking his way, Zhao Ping and Qian Tong couldn't help but shout, "Get out of the way! Get out of the way! What are you doing here! Hurry up and call the head and the Master of the Hall! Hurry up!"

After that, they went to the backyard of Sanqing Hall and placed Zhang Cunyi in a small room. Giving him with the magic medicine brought by others, they nervously looked at his complexion.

The other Daoist priests of the Qingyang Palace all raised their heads to look at the situation in the house. Their hearts were full of suspicion, but they didn't dare to ask. For a moment, the backyard was so quiet that only the sound of insects in the middle of the night could be heard.

After a while, someone suddenly said in a low voice, "The head of the sect is here, and so is the Master of the Hall!"

While they were talking, the Taoist priests made way for them. A middle-sized Taoist with a yellow face and cyan beard, dressed in a navy blue Daopao, with tiger eyes and a lion-like nose upon a bearded face, and a tall Taoist in a dark green Tai Chi Daopao, both came in.

The yellow-faced, cyan-bearded Taoist walked in front, and his appearance was quite similar to Zhang Cunyi's. He was Zhang Tongtian, the head of the Qingcheng Sect. The other Taoist was a little behind him. He was Zhang Huashui, the head of the Qingyang Palace.

Although Zhang Tongtian was not tall, he had a square face and deep wrinkles between his brows. The lines around the corners of his mouth were deep and majestic. He looked around and shouted coldly, "What are you doing here? Do you think this is a show? Go back!"

Hearing his words, these Taoist priests suddenly became serious. After saying goodbye to Zhang Tongtian and Zhang Huashui, they left slowly, whispering to each other.

Zhang Huashui, the head of the hall, was Zhang Cunyi's uncle. He had brought Zhang Cunyi up since he was a child, so he doted on him a lot. When he saw that everyone had left, he couldn't help but rush forward and check Zhang Cunyi all over in front of Zhang Tongtian. A trace of anger suddenly flashed in his eyes, and he said in the standard Sichuan dialect, "Which one of you did such a thing? We are all in the same boat, how could they not be merciful?"

Zhang Tongtian also fixed his eyes on Zhang Cunyi. There were grief and pity in his eyes, but more than that, he was angry at Zhang Cunyi's failure. He sneered and said, "You deserve to be a loser. He asked for it."

However, Zhang Xieshui acted as if he didn't hear this. He glared at Zhao Ping and Qian Tong, who were still standing there.

Zhang Rongshui's appearance was fierce. With a glare, the Daoists of the Qingyang Palace became so weak that their legs trembled. Zhao Ping and Qian Tong were no exception. They looked at each other and tried to convince each other to tell the truth.

Zhang Huashui shouted angrily, "F*ck! Qian Tong, tell me what happened?"

Zhao Ping let out a sigh of relief, as if he had escaped a disaster. But Qian Tong, with a sad face, told him what had happened in the Taoist assembly. However, he concealed the fact that Zhang Cunyi had used a scheme to drive Li Yundong out of the Taoist assembly and that Shinsyu had borne away the Three Emperor Sword. He simply said that Shinsyu had defeated Zhang Cunyi.

Hearing this, Zhang Shui couldn't help but be furious. "What? You're saying that there was a Japanese guy who beat him like this at the Taoist assembly! Damn it, where did these Japanese guys come from? I'll go and kill them!"

Zhang Tongtian sat down at this time. He sat steadily, like a mountain, with his eyes slightly narrowed and the corners of his mouth drawn down. He asked in a very dignified tone, "Did Wan Zhenyuan just let these Japanese run riot?"

Qian Tong whispered, "These Japanese... they're too powerful. No one has ever defeated them."

Zhang Huashui couldn't help but curse again, "Bullsh*t, let go of your f*cking fart. Call them over, I'll deal with them with one finger!"

Zhang Tongtian asked again, "Hasn't Zhang Cunyi defeated the Sanhuang Sword?"

Qian Tong couldn't help looking at Zhao Ping, then saying timidly, "Shishiong Zhang was defeated before he pulled out his sword."

Zhang Xieshui couldn't help but curse again, "What? It must be a trick by this Japanese! Call him over, I'll show his what's for!"

Qian Tong and Zhao Ping smiled bitterly in their hearts when they heard this. They thought to themselves, "Where can we find them?"

Zhang Tongtian suddenly asked, "What about the other sects?"

Qian Tong whispered, "The other sects... They all failed."

Zhang Rongshui suddenly widened his eyes and said with anger, "Such a waste. Damn it!"

Zhang Tongtian couldn't help but widen his eyes and say in surprise, "You've all been defeated? Did these Japanese humiliate our Chinese cultivators at the Taoist assembly?"

Qian Tong and Zhao Ping couldn't help but look at each other again. At this time, Qian Tong lowered his head and refused to say anything more. Zhao Ping had to say in a low voice, "Leader, later this Shinsyu was defeated by Zi Yuan..."

Zhang Huashui and Zhang Tongtian were both stunned. Zhang Huashui nodded and said, "Well, this girl I know. very good!"

Zhang Tongtian also nodded slightly. He stroked his beard and said, "Fortunately, our Chinese cultivation world didn't lose face in front of the Japanese. Zi Yuan did a good job. She deserves to be Wang Yuanshan's disciple."

Unexpectedly, Zhao Ping whispered again, "But... later, Zi Yuan was defeated by their witch, Tachibana Wakako..."

Zhang Huashui and Zhang Tongtian suddenly exclaimed at the same time, "What?!"

Zhang Huashui's eyes were as wide as copper bells. "Then what happened afterward?"

Zhao Ping glanced at Qian Tong, as if he was reluctant to say what he was going to say next. However, it seemed that Qian Tong could not see him. He lowered his head, as if he was a dull gourd with its top cut off.

Zhang Huashui was a hot-tempered person. When he saw this scene, he became so angry that he slapped his thigh. "Do you two sons of b*tches want to kill me? Tell me what happened. Zhao Ping, tell me!"

Zhao Ping had no choice but to say, "Then, later, this Tachibana Wakako was defeated by Li Yundong."

"Li Yundong?" Zhang Huashui was stunned, as if he had just heard the news that aliens had attacked the earth. He opened his mouth and said, "The head of the Fox Zen School? No, no way! How did he defeat them? Tell me!"

Zhao Ping swallowed. He had to describe the fight in a simple way and had omitted many things that were unfavorable to Zhang Cunyi. He had exaggerated the strength of Tachibana Wakako and downplayed Li Yundong's strength. He said that the fight between the two people had been extremely difficult. In the end, Li Yundong had been lucky to win.

Zhang Huashui gnashed his teeth and said angrily, "If it weren't for the little Japanese envoy's trick and Zhang Cunyi's Sanhuang Sword, it would have been a doddle. Damn it!"

Zhang Tongtian didn't say a word, just stared at Zhao Ping and Qian Tong. He saw that the eyes of the two people were flickering, and some things were unclear. Obviously, they were hiding something. He suddenly slammed the table, got up, and shouted, "No, you're lying! Tell me everything! What's going on? If I find out that there's a lie, I'll kick you out!"

Zhao Ping and Qian Tong trembled. They knew that Zhang Tongtian's eyes were like torches that could see through people's hearts. However, they had also thought that they were lucky and that they could muddle through the difficulties and avoid this great shame. But now, they had finally been discovered by their sect leader. They had to tell the whole story clearly.

When they heard what he said, Zhang Huashui's mouth grew bigger and bigger, 'til he could almost stuff his fist into it. However, Zhang Tongtian's face became darker and darker, and his eyes glittered with malice.

When they were done, Zhang Tongtian sneered again, but he didn't say a word. Zhang Huashui laughed angrily and said, "Super Li, very good, there are talents coming out from generation to generation!"

Zhao Ping and Qian Tong looked at each other. Zhao Ping whispered, "Shibo, I think there is something wrong here."

Zhang Huashui glared at him and asked, “What?"

Zhao Ping whispered, "How could so many people not defeat this Japanese witch? But when Li Yundong hit her, the Japanese witch admitted defeat? Why did these Japanese people come here coincidentally?"

Zhang Huashui frowned and asked, "You mean..."

Qian Tong also came over and whispered, "We discussed it on the way back. They all think... maybe Li Yundong colluded with these Japanese!"

Zhang Tongtian couldn't help but say angrily, "What are you talking about? What's the point in them colliding with each other?"

Zhang Huashui sneered and said, "Shishiong, you're a gentleman. I'm afraid you don't know how to hook up with such a villain, do you? This b*stard Li Yundong colluded with the Japanese and then displayed his divine power at the Taoist assembly. In this way, this b*stard can be said to have gained both fame and fortune! If Zheng Yuan hadn't taken the immortal pen, hmph... I'm afraid that Super Li would be invincible!"

Zhang Tongtian frowned and said to Zhao Ping, "You can leave now!"

After Zhao Ping and Qian Tong had left, he said to Zhang Huashui in a deep voice, "Shidee, the whole thing is not clear yet. Don't come to a conclusion in a hurry. I know what kind of person he is. He has been proud and conceited ever since he was a child. He will definitely lose this time. Hum, this is his own fault!"

Zhang Huashui waved his arm and said angrily, "My nephew's been beaten up like this, but I still feel distressed. As a father, how can you not feel distressed? Why should our Qingyang Palace be defeated? As a crooked sect, how can the Fox Zen Schoot be so powerful? Humph, how can a sect full of spirits be so strong? There is no trick in this, I don't believe it! I will seek justice!"

Zhang Tongtian looked down at the unconscious Zhang Cunyi. Although he was speaking harshly, he was his biological son. In particular, it also involved the face of the Qingcheng Sect. He couldn't help sighing in his heart and asked, "What do you want to do?"

Zhang Huagshui sneered and said, "A Yang Spirit Master dares to call himself invincible? It's so ridiculous. I'll show him what a real master is! You asked me how to seek justice? I'll fight with him! This pair of fists of mine is good enough!"

Zhang Tongtian couldn't help but say angrily, "Nonsense! Whether Li Yundong colluded with the Japanese or not, now the whole cultivation world owes him a favor. What do you think others will think of us when we make such a scene? Besides, if he really won't work with us, what are you going to do next?"

Hearing this, Zhang Huashui was stunned. He straightened his neck and said, "If I ask him to compete with me, would that be okay?"

Zhang Tongtian suppressed his anger and said, "Shidee, listen to me, and hold it for the time being. I will write a letter to Zhang Ling, who is from the Zhengyi School, to find out what she was thinking, and then make plans! Even if you want to take action, you're not in a hurry now. In another month or two, the inauguration ceremony of the head of the Linggong Sect will be held. At that time, it won't be too late for you to make plans! These days, it's just the right time for us to find out the truth!"

Zhang Huashui thought for a moment and nodded. "Shishiong, you're the one who is more considerate. It‘s up to you’!" After that, he strode over to the nearby study, wrote a few lines down on some paper, and folded it. He whistled with his fingers in his mouth, and suddenly, a crane came to the window.

Zhang Huashui put the letter into a bamboo tube and hung it under the crane's wings. Then, he patted it on the head and said with a smile, "Well, let's go to Mount Longhu to find Zhang Ling of the Zhengyi School and send the letter to her. I'll wait for your news!"

As if he understood, the crane gave a long cry, spread its wings, and disappeared into the sky in the next second.