Mount Longhu in Jiangxi, at Zhengyi School's Shangqing Temple:

Zhang Ling returned to the mountain with the Taoist priests and nuns of the younger generation of the Zhengyi School. She ordered sternly, "Whoever dares to talk nonsense will die on the mountain!"

Although they were cultivators, these disciples, who were still young, longed for the outside world and often gathered together to discuss it. For example, which Shishiong or Shidee went down the mountain, which Shijie or Shimei would buy a beautiful new set of clothes outside?

Zhang Ling also knew that these people usually liked to talk nonsense when they had nothing to do. Sometimes, a good thing could be distorted by them completely. They could spread the thing throughout the whole Zhengyi School in a few minutes.

Hearing Zhang Ling's scolding, the younger members of the Zhengyi School all stuck out their tongues and left one after another.

Zhang Ling suddenly stopped the youngest Shimei of the middle-aged generation and said, "Liufang, wait a minute."

Zhang Liufang stopped. She looked back at Zhang Ling in confusion and asked curiously, "Shibo, what's the matter?"

Zhang Ling hesitated for a moment. "Call your master here, I have something to say to him."

Zhang Liufang smiled slightly and said, "Okay." Then she jumped away.

Zou Ping looked at her retreating figure and asked in a low voice, "Master, why are you calling Third Shishoo?"

Zhang Ling sighed. "The current situation in the Cultivation World needs Jinshen masters to control it. We have three Jinshen masters in Zhengyi School. One is Leader Wang Yuanshan, and the other is Zhang Kongyun, who's the master of Zhang Liufang."

Zou Ping opened her mouth wide and said in surprise, "Zhang Kong... Ah, Third Shishoo is a Jinshen master? I just can't believe it. You never told me!"

Zhang Ling snorted and did not speak. Zou Ping immediately understood and said, "My master is not a Jinshen master, why should I tell her about the other Jinshen Masters?"

Zhang Ling's face darkened. After a while, she said slowly, "Although my third Shidee has a strange temperament, he is a rare cultivation genius in Zhengyi School. He is not inferior to anyone. When he reached the Jinshen Phase, you were not born yet!"

Zou Ping smiled awkwardly. "Didn't I hear that Third Shibo's personality is eccentric?" As she spoke, she became more and more curious. A master at the top of the Yang Spirit was already so powerful, so what about a master at the Jinshen phase?

After a while, Zhang Liufang came over with someone. In the distance, Zhang Liufang waved her arms and shouted, "Hey, Shibo, I've called my master here!"

As she spoke, she pulled the sleeve of the person next to her.

Zou Ping took a closer look and saw that the man was extremely short, about 1.5 meters tall, with his back crooked and waist bent, as if he was carrying a huge stone which weighed ten thousand pounds on his shoulders. His face was full of wrinkles, and he looked as old as if he had lived for hundreds of years. His eyebrows were long and white, drooping to his cheeks, and the goatee under his chin was sparse, making him look funny.

Zhang Liufang pulled Zhang Kongyun's sleeve and urged him as she walked, "Oh, Master, hurry up, hurry up and leave!"

Zhang Kongyun sighed and said, "Girl, what are you doing? I'm busy!"

As soon as he walked in, Zou Ping detected a fishy smell. She couldn't help frowning and covering her nose, saying, "Third Shishoo, what were you doing just now? It's so stinky!"

Zhang Liufang also pinched her nose and made a face. She said with a grimace, "Master was nurturing the cabbage with fertilizer just now!"

Zou Ping almost fainted. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she said, "Third Shishoo, why are you doing this again? Didn't you say you were going to be a carpenter last time? Why have you become a vegetable farmer again?"

Zhang Kongyun's hands were covered with black mud. He rubbed his hands, and the old mud fell away. He laughed and said, "It's always good to learn more. Ah, hahaha! I'll have the skill to feed myself in the future!"

Zou Ping didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Third Shishoo, you're really funny. With your cultivation, you could go anywhere in the world."

When Zhang Kongyun heard Zou Ping praising him, his eyebrows immediately twitched happily. He smiled proudly and said, "Yes, these cabbages I raised are white and big, and so crisp! Ordinary people couldn't have raised them!" As he said this, he went to pull Zou Ping's sleeve and said with a smile, "Little Shizhi, come with me and have a look. You'll know when you see them!"

Zou Ping was shocked when she saw that his dark hands were touching her clean clothes. All the hairs on her beautiful body stood on end, and she quickly shrank back.

However, Zhang Kongyun seemed to have expected her to react like that, and he firmly grabbed her arm, leaving a five-finger black mark on her clean sleeve.

Zou Ping was so angry that she shouted, "Third Shishoo!" However, due to the age difference, she was too embarrassed to scold him and her pretty face turned red.

Zhang Ling couldn't stand it anymore. She sighed and said, "Third Shidee, don't torment my disciple as soon as you appear, Okay? What are you doing? Let her go. How impolite you are!"

Zhang Kongyun smiled awkwardly. He let go of her and scratched his hair with his black and dirty hands. "I was a little excited when I saw you, junior Shizhi. By the way, old Shijie, why did you call me?"

Hearing the word "old sister", Zhang Ling immediately pulled a long face. "I've told you many times, don't call me old Shijie. I'm the first senior Shijie!"

Zhang Kongyun nodded, bowed, and said with a flattering smile, "Yes, old Shijie, you're right!"

Zhang Ling was so angry that she was almost frothing at the mouth. She took a deep breath and thought to herself, "If it weren't for my Shidee's closed-door meditation, who would have wanted to deal with you? Damn it!"

Zhang Ling suppressed her anger and told him about the Taoist assembly. Then, she said, "Third Shidee, now Wang Yuanshan has been carried out of the mountain gate and the head is in seclusion, the only one who can suppress Li Yundong is you. You can't just sit there and watch us being bullied by others!"

Zhang Kongyun blinked, and his eyes, which were as small as black beans, turned around. He suddenly turned to Zhang Liufang and asked, "Is this Li Yundong so powerful? Has no cultivator from any school defeated him?"

Zhang Liufang couldn't help showing strong admiration on her face. She nodded hard and said, "Yes, he's amazing! He is nicknamed Super Li!"

"Super Li... Super Li?" Zhang Kongyun stroked his beard and thought for a moment. He nodded slightly and said, "Oh, he has reached the Jinxian phase at such a young age?"

Zhang Ling was stunned when she heard this. She said angrily, "How is that possible? He is at most at the top level of the Yang Spirit phase."

Zhang Kongyun said in surprise, "Then why should he be called invincible? I know of the Jinshen masters in this world, and there are five Lighting Retribution masters! I don't know if there are any living beings in the Jinxian phase. When did he reach the Jinxian phase? It's not too late to call him invincible!"

Zhang Liufang suddenly asked, "Top ten Jinshen masters? Who are they?"

Zhang Kongyun stroked his beard and said, "Among the top ten Jinshen masters, three are from the Zhengyi School. Two are from the Quanzhen Dragon Sect and Qingcheng Sect. The other three are scattered in the Jinshan Sect, Lou Guan Sect, and Donghua Sect. Well, these ten people will definitely be able to defeat any Yang Spirit masters. Li Yundong is overestimating himself. How dare he call himself invincible in the Yang Spirit phase?"

Zhang Ling sneered and said, "He reached the top realm of the Yang Spirit phase at such a young age. Who knows what level he will reach in the future?"

Zhang Kongyun tilted his head and thought for a moment. Then, he said, "Well, let's wait until he's reached this phase." After that, he turned around and was about to leave.

Zhang Ling hurriedly stopped him and said anxiously, "Third Shidee, what's your opinion of this?"

Zhang Kongyun turned his head and asked in surprise, "What do you mean?"

Zhang Ling said angrily, "Will you stand by and watch a junior bully us?"

Zhang Kongyun grinned and said, "You think I'd do that? When he comes to Mount Longhu, come and find me!"

After that, he shook his head and slowly walked away.

As Zou Ping wiped at the dirty handprint on her sleeve, she complained to Zhang Liufang, "Why is your master like this? He is so annoying!"

Zhang Liufang smiled at Zou Ping and said cautiously, "Shijie, you know his temper, don't you?"

Zou Ping snorted and said to Zhang Ling, "Master, what should we do?"

Zhang Ling's face was full of uncertainty. She gritted her teeth in her heart and said, "I knew I couldn't rely on him! Damn it!"

After a while, Zhang Ling snorted. Just as she was about to speak, she heard the crisp sound of a crane in the sky. After a while, a crane suddenly flapped its wings and stopped not far away.

Zhang Liufang caught sight of the elegant, beautiful crane. She immediately ran over with a smile, put her arms around its neck, and said with a smile, "It's so strange. Why is there a crane here?"

Zhang Ling frowned slightly and said to Zou Ping, "Go and have a look."

Zou Ping walked over. After just a little observation, she noticed that something was tied to the crane's wings. She opened them up and took a look. Then, she took out a small bamboo tube and handed it to Zhang Ling.

Zhang Ling looked at the note inside and couldn't help sneering.

Zou Ping leaned over and couldn't help but ask, "Master, what's this?"

Zhang Ling sneered and handed the note to Zou Ping. "Look at it yourself! Hey, Zhang Huashui, a rough old man, hasn't changed at all. He's so peremptory!"

Zou Ping took a look and saw the words scrawled on the note. There was a hint of arrogance in the tone of the words, and she couldn't help but be furious. "What the hell is Qingcheng Sect? A thousand years ago, it was just a branch of our sect. How dare they order us like this and shout at us?"

Zhang Ling had already calmed down by this time. She suddenly laughed and said, "They want an answer... Hey, well! Although Zhang Huashui turned out to be rude, he must know that these words will provoke a fight between the two families. I see, he is looking for trouble with Li Yundong, and his senior Shishiong, Zhang Tongtian, is a cautious person. He must have suppressed Zhang Huashui and asked him to find out the truth so he could cause trouble with Li Yundong. So, hee hee, Zhang Huashui sent a letter with such arrogant words."

Zou Ping asked tentatively, "Then, Master, what should we do?"

Zhang Ling laughed and said, "Zhang Huashui is one of the top ten Jinshen masters around. If he wants to make trouble for Li Yundong, why don't we help him? Give him a reply!"

Zou Ping asked again, "Shall I reply?"

Zhang Ling couldn't help but say angrily, "Nonsense, need I do such a small thing in person?"

Zou Ping was being scolded, but she was not angry. Instead, she took the letter and left in high spirits.

The junior Shimei, Zhang Liufang, looked at Zou Ping strangely, and then couldn't help looking at Zhang Ling. She couldn't understand why her senior Shibo and senior Shijie wanted to make trouble for Li Yundong.

Zhang Liufang blinked her eyes and thought to herself, "Amitayus, I heard that Zhang Huashui of Qingcheng Sect is known as the fierce Zhang Fei in the Cultivation World. If he goes to find trouble with Li Yundong... there will be a good show!"