Just as the forces of each sect were surging secretly, a clear, calm atmosphere came over the Fox Zen School.

In the early morning, Ao Wushuang awoke from her meditation. She gently exhaled, and a stream of white air spurted from her ruddy red lips like a sharp arrow, rushing straight to the wall and then scattering.

The beauty breathed like a fairy. For a moment, the room was filled with a delicate, sultry smell.

Ao Wushuang opened her eyes and looked around. What she saw was a forty-inch plasma TV hanging on the wall. When she spat it out just now, the TV, which was four meters away from her, was covered with a layer of mist.

Next to the TV was a luxurious sound system, and underneath her was a spacious, luxurious bed. The whole room was decorated in a fashionable and gorgeous style.

Ao Wushuang couldn't help sighing in her heart, "I have been cultivating my whole life. I used to live in a wooden bed, which served as a home. I wasn't expecting that I would end up in such a luxurious place now. It's really unusual."

While she was sighing with emotion, she suddenly saw a small piece of the mist on the opposite television screen being wiped away. She couldn't help laughing in her heart and said lightly, "Come out, don't hide!"

The room was silent.

Ao Wushuang snorted and said, "Go back and look at yourself. You're on TV! Stop pretending!"

At this time, a figure appeared in the room. The person was smiling and her eyeballs were rolling. There was something lovely and smart about her. If it was not Su Chan, who else could it be?

Su Chan said with a smile, "Master, it's better for you to observe the waters clearly!"

Ao Wushuang snorted and said, "Is it necessary for us to do this? Is there anything you can't tell me directly? And you even used invisibility? Are you afraid that Li Yundong won't let you come to see me?"

Su Chan quickly shook her hand and explained in a hurry, "No, no, Yundong is good to me. Don't talk nonsense."

Ao Wushuang looked at Su Chan strangely. "Then what are you doing secretly? Do you want to compete with me on wisdom and courage again?"

Su Chan sat near Ao Wushuang with an apologetic smile on her face. She took her arm and said coquettishly, "Master, how could I hope to compete with you? Who is not as beautiful as you in the world, and who is not as smart as you? You are really the most beautiful woman there's been since ancient times. You are so intelligent!"

At first, Ao Wushuang listened with a smile, but later, she couldn't help but get goosebumps all over her body. As the saying goes, no matter what you do, you can't flatter someone, but you can't stand a slap!

Ao Wushuang glared at her and said, "Get to the point. What's the matter? Tell me quickly. If you don't tell me, I'll drive you out!"

Su Chan's face was full of grievances. She said tearfully, "Master, you want to drive me out as soon as you get here?"

Seeing that she was about to cry, Ao Wushuang started teetering on the border of tears and laughter, "Silly girl, I mean this door!"

Su Chan burst into tears and smiled. She wiped her eyes with both hands and said, "I knew you were the best!"

Ao Wushuang pressed her forehead and shook her head helplessly. "Stop pussyfooting around. Tell me what's going on..."

Su Chan blinked her eyes and said cautiously, as if she had gathered a great deal of courage, "Master, could you continue to teach me how to cultivate?"

Ao Wushuang was stunned and said in surprise, "Zi Yuan and Li Yundong haven't taught you anything in the past few days, have they?"

Su Chan was stunned. She pretended to be pitiful and said, "They're all too busy..."

Ao Wushuang chuckled and said, "You're not willing to learn, are you? Well, Zhou Qin's cultivation is almost higher than yours now. When Li Yundong enforced justice on behalf of heaven, she was still a weak mortal. Now she seems to have the temperament of a cultivator. Are you anxious?"

After saying that, Ao Wushuang couldn't help raising her head. She remembered that she had threatened Su Chan a few days ago in order to make her cultivate well. However, this little girl had refused to learn. Now, she regretted it and wanted to learn it?

Ao Wushuang only felt proud, as if her serfs were singing her praises. She laughed and said, "Do you want to learn now? Ha, I won't teach you anymore!"

Su Chan was so anxious that she quickly tugged Ao Wushuang's arm and shook it hard. "Master, Master! You can't do this! I am your only disciple. How can you regard me as a burden!"

Ao Wushuang burst into laughter and said, "You also know it's a shame to be a burden, don't you?"

Su Chan smiled apologetically and said, "Yes, when the time comes, I will be useless and lose not only my face, but also yours! Am I right, master?"

Ao Wushuang glanced at Su Chan and snorted. She wanted to put on airs. Otherwise, it would be too easy for the girl to get what she wanted, and she wouldn't cherish it.

Ao Wushuang thought for a moment before saying, "Su Chan, in fact, when you were young, I did divination for you. This divination showed your life."

When Su Chan heard this, her eyes widened and she quickly asked curiously, "What did it say? Tell me quickly!"

Ao Wushuang said seriously, "You have been lonely since you were a child, but your cultivation improved markedly when you were young. You didn't meet your lover until the age of 16. But later, your cultivation will be difficult to improve, and you will be laughed at by others after you are twenty..."

When Su Chan heard that she met her lover at the age of 16, she thought to herself, "Isn't that Yundong? Hehe, did Master really calculate divination, or did she just say that casually?" But when she heard that her cultivation would be difficult to improve in the future, the little girl suddenly became anxious and asked in a hurry, "How will it be after I'm 20? Will I make great progress after I'm 20 years old? Ah? Will I have to wait four years? But, Master, what realm will I reach after I'm 20?"

Ao Wushuang cleared her throat and said mysteriously, "When you're over 20 years old..."

Su Chan's eyes widened, and her heart was beating wildly. She asked nervously, "So? Can I practice to the stage of the six-tailed fox? Or the stage of a seven-tailed fox spirit? Maybe even an eight-tailed earth fox?"

Ao Wushuang said seriously, "After you are 20 years old... you will slowly get used to being a burden!" After that, she couldn't help laughing.

Su Chan was exasperated. "Master, why are you like this?"

Ao Wushuang smiled for a while, then held back her laughter, glared at Su Chan, and said with a smile, "Isn't that right? I've been away for so many days. Have you made any progress in cultivation?"

Su Chan seemed to be really a little angry. She jumped out of bed and stormed out angrily. As she walked, she muttered, "Bad Master, damn Master, I hate you so much! You don't even want to teach your own disciple. I hate you so much!"

When Ao Wushuang saw Su Chan approaching the door, she didn't slow down her pace. She hesitated and rubbed her feet, unable to help laughing in her heart.

Seeing that it was about time, Ao Wushuang said, "If you really want to cultivate, you can't give up halfway this time. Otherwise, I won't be at all pleased!"

Su Chan immediately turned around like a gust of wind and pounced over to Ao Wushuang. Her eyes were wide open, and her long eyelashes were fluttering like two small brushes. Her small head nodded vigorously, like a chicken pecking at rice. "Well, Chan'er is the most obedient!"

Ao Wushuang laughed and said, "You're the most disobedient of all!"

Su Chan giggled, shamelessly pulled Ao Wushuang's arm, and said with a smile, "Anyway, I'm your only disciple. You can't find anyone more obedient than me, so you can make do with it, master!"

Ao Wushuang glanced at Su Chan with a smile, her eyes full of love. She stroked Su Chan's hair and said, "Don't talk about such useless things. Sit down and meditate. Let me see how your cultivation is now."

After saying that, Su Chan replied with an "oh" and sat down obediently. However, as soon as she sat down, the expression on her face settled and she heard a cheer coming from outside the room. It was the shouts of the little foxes.

Among them, Ling Yue's crisp voice rang clear, and she said in surprise, "Leader, you bought a lot of delicious food today!"

Su Chan opened her eyes as soon as she heard that voice. Her eyes were wide open and her eyes were darting around. She raised her head and unconsciously looked out of the door. Her neck craned and her feet were eager to move. She wanted to rush out and see what delicious food Li Yundong had bought.

However, as soon as Su Chan moved, she heard Ao Wushuang cough hard from beside her.

The little girl turned her head and saw that Ao Wushuang was looking at her with a cold face. Her eyes were full of threat, as if she was saying, "You dare to go out and have a try!"

Su Chan immediately shrank back and sat back down submissively. However, she was still unwilling to give up, so she muttered, "Can't I go out and take a look? Maybe something was bought for me."

Ao Wushuang said angrily, "No. Cultivators should be clear-hearted and devoid of desire. How can you cultivate like this?"

Su Chan was being scolded so hard that she shrank back and said with a grievance, "I was only asking..."

Ao Wushuang's eyebrows suddenly rose, and she couldn't help but say angrily, "Do you want to tick me off? Just now, you said that you would cultivate well, but in less than a minute, you've become distracted!"

Su Chan's face turned red from the scolding. She had no choice but to sit upright and meditate seriously. However, no matter how hard she tried, the sound coming from outside the door never stopped. It was like mercury pouring into her ears, going all the way to her head.

After Su Chan heard the cheers of the other little foxes outside the door, she shouted, "Oh, I like this!"

"Don't be noisy. This was brought for me, and that is yours!"

"Nonsense, Leader brought this for me. If you don't believe me, you can ask him!"

"Leader, tell me, who did you buy this for?"

Outside the door, Li Yundong was obviously being harassed. He shouted, "Don't make any noise. This is for Su Chan. These are for you!"

Su Chan immediately opened her eyes again, a look of surprise on her face. She subconsciously wanted to rush out of the door, but as soon as she moved half of her body, she tilted and saw a black shadow slapping her forehead.

Su Chan covered her forehead with her hand, only to see Ao Wushuang staring at her. "Evil disciple!"

Su Chan whined with a face full of grievance, "Yundong's brought me something. I'll go and have a look. It won't take long."

Ao Wushuang's face was full of anger. "Brat! You dare have the guts say it again! We cultivators give priority to being calm. Do you think you deserve to be called a cultivator like this?"

Su Chan was startled and muttered to herself in a low voice, then closed her eyes and said, "Maybe you still have something..."

After saying that, she felt uncomfortable. The voice outside the door was like twenty-five little mice rolling in her heart and scratching her heart. The little girl couldn't help opening her eyes again.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw that Ao Wushuang was looking like a Bodhisattva with angry eyes and raised eyebrows. If she opened her mouth, she would be hit.

Su Chan was shocked and didn't dare to speak again. She responded with an "oh" and closed her eyes again quickly.

Seeing that she had finally calmed down, Ao Wushuang snorted and said, "Can't I control you?"

But as soon as she finished her words, she heard the voice of a little fox outside the door clearly say, "Oh, there's something for junior Shishoo!"

"That's right, little Shishoo. Leader bought you something!"

The sound outside the door was intense, but the room was quiet. Su Chan could not help opening one of her eyes quietly, only to see that Ao Wushuang was staring at her angrily.

The two of them stared at each other, saying nothing.