After a long time, Su Chan walked over to Ao Wushuang's side and said in a low and trembling voice, "Master, who is this man? Why did he massacre at Mount Qingcheng? And why had he framed Yundong?"

Ao Wushuang moved and returned to her human form. Her brows were tightly furrowed and her lips were pursed together. Her eyes were filled with shock and uncertainty, as if she had not heard Su Chan's words. It was only when Su Chan asked her a third time that Ao Wushuang returned to her senses finally.

Ao Wushuang's look was surprisingly cold. She said to Su Chan, "Chan'er, we can't stay here for long. Let's go!"

When Su Chan saw that Ao Wushuang was about to leave, she immediately grabbed her arm and said anxiously, "Master, you can't go. You have to erase these words first!"

Ao Wushuang turned her head and saw a few malicious words written on the golden wall. She couldn't help saying in a low voice, "It's impossible. Why did he do that?"

Hearing Ao Wushuang's words, Su Chan couldn't help asking, "Master, what are you talking about?"

Ao Wushuang's face became serious and she said coldly, "Don't ask! Hurry up and wipe these words away. We'll leave then! Be careful not to leave any trace!"

"Ah!" Su Chan responded. Like a little swallow, she flew lightly to the front of the golden wall and stretched out her hand to wipe the blood away.

Ao Wushuang immediately appeared beside her, grabbed her arm, and scolded her, "Are you stupid? Do you want to leave your fingerprints and handprint?"

Su Chan seemed to have just woken up from a dream. She immediately picked up a broken sword and wiped the words with it.

When she saw the two lines of words, she noticed that the words at the bottom were the most dazzling. She gritted her teeth and began to dig at the words at the bottom. She ground her teeth in anger and said, "Big villain, how dare you do such a thing to Yundong! When I become stronger in the future, I will definitely not spare you!"

After she had scratched at Li Yundong's name for a while, Ao Wushuang suddenly appeared in front of her again. She grabbed the broken sword from her hand and shouted, "Idiot! Step back and see what the effect is!"

Su Chan took a few steps back in confusion and was suddenly dumbfounded. She saw that she had gotten off the three words "Li Yundong", but she had followed the strokes of these three words and also wiped off the lime powder from the wall, revealing the white wall beneath. Therefore, Li Yundong's three blood-red words had suddenly turned into three big white words. On this golden wall, they were even more conspicuous than the blood-red words from before!

Su Chan cried out in surprise and rushed over to the wall immediately. She picked up a broken sword again and used all her strength to shovel the wall without any pattern. Finally, she got rid of all three words.

The most important three words had been removed by Su Chan. Just as she was about to scratch off the other words, she heard Ao Wushuang beside her say nervously, "Oh no, someone's coming. Chan'er, let's go!"

Su Chan responded in a panic and said loudly, "But, I haven't finished with the words yet!"

Ao Wushuang grabbed her and ran out without saying anything. Su Chan kept struggling. She shouted, "Master, if we don't remove these words, the Fox Zen School will be doomed! Yundong will also be implicated!"

However, Ao Wushuang didn't look back. She pulled Su Chan and ran away. Su Chan turned her head and kept looking behind. Suddenly, she saw a flash of green light. The sword Buahuang turned into an iron lotus and flashed around the wall a few times. In an instant, the wall collapsed and crumbled into countless pieces.

The sword instantly turned into a green light and returned to Ao Wushuang's back. Ao Wushuang glared at Su Chan and said, "Are you satisfied now?"

Su Chan forced a smile. As she ran, she whispered, "Master, why can't we fly away?"

Ao Wushuang sneered and said, "If you want to die, just fly away! These people must be the reinforcements from the Qingcheng Sect. If they've appeared, they must have flown here from the top. If we fly up at this time, we will definitely be discovered by them and will be regarded as murderers. At that time, we will definitely die!"

Before she could finish her words, Su Chan suddenly saw more than a dozen green lights flash, looking incomparably eye-catching across the night sky as they fell into the vicinity of the Taoist priest Cave like meteors.

As soon as they landed, they let out an earth-shattering roar. Immediately, more than a dozen people turned into cyan lights and flew up in all directions, as if they were looking for the murderer.

If Su Chan and Ao Wushuang escaped from the sky at this time, the cyan light produced by their Yin and Yang Spirits would be seen clearly in the air. They were caught at precisely the right time.

Su Chan shivered inwardly and could not help but say with admiration, "Master, you're so good! What should we do now?"

Ao Wushuang said in a low voice, "Run, run out of the sphere of influence of Mount Qingcheng first!"

Su Chan nodded, and the two dashed away without saying a word.

The two didn't dare to walk the Pill Mountain Path. They chose the remote jungle and dense forest and ran for a long time. It wasn't until dawn that the two got out of the sphere of influence of Mount Qingcheng.

At this time, Ao Wushuang raised her head and took a look. She sighed softly and relaxed a little, saying, "It's okay!"

Only then did Su Chan stop. She bent down, held her knees with one hand, and covered her chest with the other. She gasped and said, "Master, I don't understand why. Who is this person? Why did he frame Yundong? Why did he frame our Fox Zen School? What kind of hatred does he have against us?"

There was a strange look in Ao Wushuang's eyes. She suddenly snorted and said with a sneer, "Chan'er, there is no need to hate someone deeply to frame them!"

Su Chan was getting more and more confused. "Then why? Master, do you know this person?"

Ao Wushuang's face changed. She suddenly scolded Su Chan sternly, "Don't ask anymore. Just pretend that you didn't see anything happened tonight! You hear me?"

Su Chan was so anxious that she shouted, "Master, but..."

The veins on Ao Wushuang's forehead stood out. She said sternly, "Don't ask! If you really want to help Li Yundong, don't ask any more and don't tell him about this!"

Su Chan's eyes widened. "Why can't I tell...?"

However, before she could finish her words, she saw Ao Wushuang's eyes getting more and more fierce. She rarely saw Ao Wushuang so riled up. The little girl was shocked and swallowed her words.

Su Chan had no choice but to lower her head and look back in the direction of Mount Qingcheng. Then, she followed Ao Wushuang out of Mount Qingcheng suspiciously.

At this time, in Mount Qingcheng, Zhang Huashui was pacing back and forth in front of the Taoist priest Cave like a furious lion. His hair was stood on end, and his eyes were as wide as copper bells. His eyes were full of bloody tendrils that were almost bursting with anger, and the veins on his forehead were rolling like small snakes.

The more than a dozen Taoists around him didn't dare to take a breath for fear of angering him and drawing great ire.

Zhang Huashui paced dozens of times. Suddenly, he stopped and shouted at a middle-aged man of medium height, "Head Shixiong, haven't you found him yet?"

A Taoist priest with a short beard at the side advised, "Shixiong, don't worry. The head still needs some time."

Zhang Huashui suddenly turned his head, as if he wanted to eat the man in one bite, and yelled angrily, "Time! It's dawn!"

Just as he was roaring, Zhang Tongtian suddenly opened his eyes. He glanced sideways at Zhang Huashui and said calmly, "Shidee, calm down!"

Zhang Huashui waved his fist, which was as big as a sand bowl, and roared, "Calm down? How can I calm down? Our Qingcheng Sect's ancestral court has been washed in blood! It's not only because of the blood, but also because of the pile of corpses of our disciples in front of the Taoist priest Cave! This kind of shame has never been heard of or felt for thousands of years. I've never seen it before! What kind of crazy beast has done such a heartless thing? I've had it. I must tear him to pieces!"

After Zhang Huashui roared for a while, he suddenly turned his head and glared at Zhang Tongtian angrily. "Shishiong, have you found any clues?"

Zhang Tongtian did not comment. With a cold face, he turned to the Taoist next to him and said, "Arrange the corpses first. The dead will be numerous. They should be buried in peace."

The Taoist asked cautiously, "Head, do you want to call the police over such a big murder case?"

Before Zhang Tongtian could say anything, Zhang Huashui rushed to the Taoist in a rage and picked him up with one hand like he was picking up a chicken. "Call the police? Are you nuts? Do you want the cultivation world to laugh at us?"

The Taoist's face turned red, and he shouted angrily, "Zhang HuaShui, are you crazy? Put me down! In terms of seniority, I'm no lower than you. How can you treat me like this! How can you hide such a big thing? Can you hide it?"

Zhang Tongtian couldn't help scolding loudly, "Shidee, put him down!"

Zhang Huashui turned his head and said angrily to Zhang Tongtian, "Head Shishiong, am I right?"

Zhang Tongtian suddenly glared and said angrily, "Are you the head or am I?"

Zhang Tongtian's appearance was very dignified, and he enjoyed high prestige in the Qingcheng Sect. When he got angry, everyone was shocked into silence. Even Zhang Huashui didn't say a word. He snorted and put down the Taoist in his hand, then turned his head away and didn't say a word.

Zhang Tongtian glanced at the crowd coldly and said, "Such a tragedy has happened in our Qingcheng Sect. It means that we need to be united and help each other. How can we mess up when we are in danger? This matter happened suddenly, but we can see that the other side was prepared, while we were caught off guard. How to make up for the deaths of our friends? As for calling the police, my opinion is..."

Zhang Tongtian let out a long sound and scanned the crowd with his majestic eyes. Everyone also looked at him with different eyes.

Zhang Tongtian paused for a second before saying, "...I suggest that this problem of the cultivation world should be solved in the Cultivation World. Now the situation in the Cultivation World is very unusual. We can't attract the attention of the country anymore. Otherwise, if we get involved in the suppression, we will lose more than we gain."

The crowd immediately started talking about it and whispering to each other. Zhang Huashui slapped his thigh and said loudly, "Head shishiong, you're right!"

Zhang Tongtian glared at him. "Shut up!"

As a master of jinshen, being scolded by his shishiong, Zhang Huashui moved his head back and muttered in a low voice, not daring to speak loudly.

A middle-aged Taoist stepped forward and said, "Master, if our Qingcheng Sect is unable to speak out about their grievances, how will other sects think of us if this matter spreads?"

Zhang Tongtian said coldly, "Did I say that I'd just let it go? Humph, I will make the murderer pay with blood!"

Immediately, another Taoist asked loudly, "Head, do you know who the murderer is?"

Zhang Tongtian sneered and said, "I'm not sure, but I've got some idea..."

The crowd immediately gathered around and shouted angrily, "Who is it? Head, tell us now!"

Zhang Tongtian looked around with a sneer and said, "Before the murderer left, he destroyed the scene and a wall. He thought that he could hide something, but he hadn't expected the Skynet to be so vast!"

Zhang Huashui was so anxious that he couldn't help shouting, "Head shishiong, just tell me who it is! I'll kill them right now!"

Zhang Tongtian snorted and said angrily, "B*stard, you have no evidence. What are you going to do?"

Zhang Huashui straightened his neck and said, "I don't know who it is!"

Zhang Tongtian sneered and said, "Fellow Taoists, don't you think that the surrounding area... is rather sinister?"

The taoists from Qingcheng Sect were all stunned. They soon noticed that there was indeed a strange aura around them. With sharp eyes, one of them suddenly pointed at the blood on the ground and said, "Look!" As he spoke, he picked up a long, soft white hair from the pool of blood.

The man quickly ran up to Zhang Tongtian, handed the long white hair to him, and said, "Leader, this seems to be... fox fur?"

Zhang Tongtian twisted the fox fur in his hand and narrowed his eyes into thin lines. He sneered and said, "Sure enough, the demon aura is soaring to the sky!"

Zhang Huashui immediately flew into a rage. "Is that from the group of fox demons from the Fox Zen School? Are they tired of living? I'll kill them!" After that, he moved and turned into a beam of cyan light, rushing to the sky in the blink of an eye.