Li Yundong and Su Chan sat in the car that Shen Wancai had specially sent to pick them up. After about 30 minutes, they finally entered a heavily-guarded, upscale community. After passing through a lake and garden, they stopped in front of a two-story villa.

Before he got through the door, Li Yundong saw several luxury cars parking in front of the villa. The man who had come from the car was dressed in a suit, and the woman was gorgeously dressed.

Li Yundong pulled Su Chan out of the car. At this time, Su Chan, who was confused, found that she was wearing a very ordinary long dress and she hadn't even combed her hair. She said in a panic, "Ah, I haven't dressed up yet. Why have you taken me to such a place?"

Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He pinched Su Chan's nose and said with a smile, "You silly girl. You didn't dress up at home for so long, and didn't say anything when you went out. Do you regret it now? What are you thinking about? You are out of your mind today!"

Su Chan lowered her head and muttered, "Nothing..."

Seeing that Su Chan was full of worries, Li Yundong thought a lot. He raised her chin and asked, "Chan'er, what's wrong with you? You are so strange today?"

Su Chan raised her head and looked at Li Yundong eagerly. She wanted to say something, but on second thought, she closed her mouth. Finally, she shook her head firmly.

Li Yundong saw that she was refusing to say anything, so he smiled and said, "Did you somehow make trouble again? It doesn't matter. I won't be angry."

Su Chan quickly waved her hand and said, "No, no! I am very obedient. I didn't get into trouble, and I won't get into trouble in the future! But..."

Li Yundong asked, "But what?"

Su Chan thought for a while before saying, "If someone wanted to frame you, what would you do?"

Li Yundong was stunned, and then he burst into laughter. "Is there anyone who would want to frame me? Hahaha, I'm upright, and I'm not afraid of those tricks. Why would someone want to frame me?"

Su Chan said anxiously, "No, it's..." She still wanted to say something more, but he smiled and said to her, "Forget it, let's talk about it when we go back. Don't talk about it here. Didn't you see people around us are looking at us?"

Su Chan looked around and saw many people looking at them with curious eyes.

Snuggling close to Li Yundong, she whispered, "Are they laughing at me for not dressing well?"

Li Yundong knew that Su Chan had once been chased out by He Shao because of her clothing, so she paid special attention to this matter when she attended banquets.

Li Yundong patted the girl's head dotingly. "Silly girl, they are envious of your beauty!"

Only then did Su Chan feel warm in her heart. She smiled sweetly at Li Yundong.

The two walked through the garden path in front of the villa. When they arrived at the door, they saw a middle-aged man in a tuxedo standing there. The middle-aged man stood upright, with an obelisk folded in his chest pocket and a golden brooch on it, making him look noble and reserved.

The middle-aged man was slightly stunned when he first saw Li Yundong and Su Chan, as if he was surprised by the temperaments of these two people. But he quickly greeted them with a smile and said, "Hello, please show me your invitation card."

Li Yundong handed over the invitation card with a smile. He opened it and looked at it, then said with a bright smile, "Ah, it's Mr. Li. Please!"

Li Yundong nodded to him and walked inside with Su Chan. When they entered the hall, they saw an extremely spacious living room. In the center of the living room was a long table which was full of different kinds of delicious food. On the long table were silver tableware and copper candlesticks. Those decorations were more luxurious when considering the gold ceiling decorations on the ceiling above.

There were about 40 or 50 well-dressed men and women standing around the hall. Among them, attendants holding wine trays kept coming and going.

Although Li Yundong had also been to a high-grade hotel, he was still surprised by the luxurious and rich scene of Shen Wancai's house. Su Chan couldn't help opening her mouth to show her surprise and she whispered, "What is he going to do? Why is he holding this banquet?"

Li Yundong whispered, "His youngest daughter, Shen Hui, is celebrating her birthday!"

Su Chan asked in surprise, "Shen Hui? Isn't she the little girl who wanted to worship you as her master on the opening day of our Disanxian?"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Not quite. First of all, it's not Shen Hui who wants to take me as her teacher. It's Shen Hui's father, Shen Wancai, who wants her to take me as her teacher. She hates me. Secondly, she's not a little girl. It's just that she looks young."

Su Chan didn't take him seriously and asked, "Do you want to take her as your disciple?"

Li Yundong shook his head and said, "If I wanted to accept a disciple, I would have to choose one who focuses on Taoism. I can't make people like me. Besides, people like her are not suitable for cultivation."

Su Chan blinked and tried to persuade him, "But you could accept her as an unofficial disciple, not to cultivate her as a major cultivator. You know, even Zhang Daoling, the founder of our Chinese cultivation world, was only responsible for supporting someone at that time, but he didn't receive a true disciple. In addition, in recent times, Minister Zhou once accepted Han Muru as his teacher, but he didn't become a Master Xingyi!"

Li Yundong knew that Han Muxia was a martial arts master who had once been as famous as Huo Yuanjia in the Republic of China, and he was the chief national martial arts instructor of the former Huangquan Military Academy. He used to be the leader of the world-renowned team, Dadao.

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Girl, you tricked me into accepting her. What do you want to do?"

Su Chan asked in confusion, "But, using your own disciple's money is better than using other people's money, isn't it? As the saying goes, people are short-mouthed, and people are soft-hearted. Isn't that right?"

Li Yundong was stunned. "Did you hear me talking to Wan Zhenyuan?"

Feeling a little embarrassed, Su Chan lowered her head and whispered, "You were talking in such a loud voice that it was hard for you not to be overheard."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. There is nothing shameful in that. However, you are right. The reason why I didn't promise Wan Zhenyuan is that his conditions were too generous. I don't want to owe him anything. He seems generous and broad-minded, but in fact, he is deep-minded and sophisticated. It's a pity that today's world is not chaotic. If he wants to succeed, he must disturb the overall situation, but once he does so, he will definitely cause trouble. Therefore, I don't want to have too much contact with him."

"To disrupt the overall situation?"

When Su Chan heard Li Yundong's words, a thought suddenly flashed across her mind. It was as if a bolt of lightning had suddenly descended from a dark fog, lighting up this shadowy world and allowing her to see her surroundings clearly. However, this bolt of lightning was simply too fast. In a flash, it had disappeared. Even though Su Chan felt she had understood something, she quickly discovered that her surroundings had once again sunk into darkness. It was as if she didn't understand anything at all.

The little girl opened her mouth and stood there in a daze, her eyes flashing.

Li Yundong looked at her and couldn't help asking, "What are you thinking about?"

Before Su Chan say anything, she saw a person suddenly walking towards her. A strong smell of perfume wafted into her nostrils.

"Hey, who is this? What a strange face!" A voice dripping with sarcasm and mockery sounded beside Li Yundong and Su Chan.

Li Yundong turned his head and suddenly laughed quietly. He saw a woman in her thirties standing in front of him and dressed in a luxurious fur, laden with jewels. She was extremely beautiful. She was the fourth concubine of Chen Wancai, Madam Li, whom he had met in Dragon Gate Building.

The fourth concubine hadn't heard that Shen Wancai had invited Li Yundong before, so when she suddenly saw him at her family's banquet, she was surprised and excited. She secretly thought that there was finally a chance for her to humiliate this young man who had once humiliated her.

The fourth concubine thought proudly in her heart, "I will let him know who is the most important person in the Shen family in case he doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth!"

Li Yundong turned around and pretended to be respectful. "Ah, it's Madam Li. Nice to meet you!"

When the fourth concubine saw that Yundong was taking the initiative to call her Mrs. Li, she was so angry that her nostrils flared. She couldn't help but raise her eyebrows and said sarcastically, "Housekeeper Zhang, I don't know what you are doing. Why are all kinds of trash coming in? Hum, although Shen is broad-minded, not everyone can tolerate it. What are you doing here?"

Su Chan was very unhappy when she heard that. Just as she was about to speak, she felt Li Yundong put one hand on her shoulder and saw him motion for her not to speak. She snorted and turned away angrily.

Li Yundong was not angry. He laughed and said, "Mrs. Li, I'm really sorry. It was Shen Wancai who invited us here."

Fourth concubine was surprised, "What did he invite you for?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Well, you should ask Shen Wancai about that, shouldn't you, Mrs. Li?"

Fourth concubine was so angry that she said, "How dare you call Shen by his full name?"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Why can't I? Isn't the name just a symbol? You can call me, I can call you, and everyone can call me. Is it because of the money that your name has become noble?"

The fourth concubine was extremely angry. She glared at Li Yundong fiercely and gritted her teeth, saying, "You sharp-tongued kid, I'll remember this!" After that, she turned around and left.

Su Chan looked at her figure and then at Li Yundong helplessly. She asked, "Yundong, why are people always coming to make trouble for us wherever we go?"

Thinking for a moment, Li Yundong patted the little girl's head and said, "Maybe it's because we are noteworthy people." After that, he also laughed.

The fourth concubine of the Shen family had had a hard time with Li Yundong. Her angry look had been seen by a handsome young man, who walked over to her with a smile and asked, "Aunt Shen, what are you so angry about?"

The fourth concubine turned her head. Seeing the young man, the anger on her face dissipated a little. She smiled and said, "Ah, Mr. Rong. Nice to meet you."

When Mr. Rong saw that she was still looking at another person indignantly after talking to him, he also followed her gaze and looked in the direction of Li Yundong. He asked in surprise, "Who is he?" But when he saw Su Chan next to Li Yundong, his whole body trembled and his eyes widened. He opened his mouth and was tongue-tied, his saliva almost dripping down and showing his surprise. "How could there be such an enchanting woman in this world?"

The fourth concubine sneered and said, "Humph, he's just an ill-bred young man!"

Mr.Rong rolled his eyes and laughed. "Aunt Shen, do you want me to teach him a lesson for you?"

Hearing this, the fourth concubine was delighted. Even though she frowned, she still pretended to hesitate and said, "Isn't that a bad idea?"

Mr. Rong chuckled. Just as he was about to speak again, he saw a gorgeously dressed girl surrounded by a group of young people suddenly walking down the stairs. At first sight of this girl, he immediately looked happy. He smiled and said to the fourth concubine, "Ah, Aunt Shen, Xiaohui is coming out. I'll go and talk to her. I'll give the guy who offended you a lesson later."

The fourth concubine smiled at Mr. Rong. It could be seen that after he turned his face away, he immediately turned his face down. He looked at Shen Hui with hatred, gritted his teeth, and said in a low voice, "You little fox, why are you so proud? No matter how beautiful and capable you are, the family business can't be passed on to you!"

At this time, most of the young and beautiful girls had gathered around Shen Hui. When they saw Mr. Rong coming over, their eyes lit up and they said in surprise, "Hey, it's Rong Jun. He also came? Wow, Shen Hui, you are so amazing that you can even invite him!"

Although this banquet was being held for Shen Hui, she seemed to be a little listless. She was wearing a white dress, the bottom of which was fluffy like an umbrella, and her waist was tightly fastened, outlining her slender waist with a shocking curve. There was a bright ruby necklace on her chest, which was dazzling. She was wearing a small platinum crown with diamonds on top of her head, looking like a noble princess coming down from a western oil painting.

Shen Hui pretended to be a graceful lady. She glanced at Rong Jun, who was walking toward her, curled her lips and said, "It's not that I have a big face, but my father does!"

The girls didn't take her seriously and said with a smile, "What's the difference? Hey, Shen Hui, I heard that Mr. Rong has been chasing you very fiercely recently."

Shen Hui sighed. "Yeah, he's like a fly, so annoying!"

The girls tut-tutted and sighed. "Please, Mr, Rong is handsome. He also is a brilliant student from Harvard. Besides, he is the Eldest Young Master of the Rong Family. He is pretty good, but you don't like him?"

Shen Hui sneered and said, "If you're interested in him, he's all yours."

The girls all laughed. "That's great! I'm just afraid that you'll go back on your word when the time comes!"

Shen Hui smiled and wanted to say something. But when she looked around and suddenly saw Li Yundong, she was shocked and said, "Oh my god, why is he here? Is my father nuts? Why did he invite him?"

The girls saw that Shen Hui seemed to have seen a ghost with a frightened face, and she didn't look like a dignified lady at all anymore. They all looked at Li Yundong curiously.

At this time, Rong Jun had already walked up to Shen Hui. He said with a smile, "Xiaohui, you are looking very beautiful today!"

However, Shen Lan acted as if she hadn't heard what he had said. She just said in a panic, "It's over. My father must be bringing up the Apprentice Plan today! I hate him. I don't want to worship him as my teacher!"

Rong Jun looked at Li Yundong strangely. He frowned secretly and asked, "What's wrong with him?"

Shen Hui suddenly had a thought and came up with a good idea. She grabbed Rong Jun and pretended to be pitiful, saying, "Rong Jun, can you do me a favor?"

Rong Jun was stunned. He rarely saw Shen Hui being so intimate with him, let alone asking him for help. "What's the matter?" he asked.

Shen Hui pointed to Li Yundong and whispered, "Could you drive him away for me?"

Shen Hui was already very beautiful, and her appearance was not inferior to Su Chan's. Today, she was dressed in such gorgeous clothes that even an iron man would be soft-hearted when looking at her. Furthermore, Rong Jun had been pursuing Shen Hui desperately.

Now that this beauty was asking for help, how could he not agree? In addition, the fourth concubine of the Shen Family also hated this person very much. He could please the two important people of the Shen Family at the same time if he taught Li Yundong a lesson, so he directly accepted the request. If he didn't do such a good thing, he would be a fool!

Rong Jun was delighted for a moment. Without thinking about it, he patted his chest and said, "Okay, I'll teach him a lesson for you! And make him get out of here!"