Shen Hui suddenly saw Shen Wancai at a glance, and her heart suddenly thumped. She secretly cried, "Oh no!" Her eyes turned quickly, and she said with a smile, "Nothing, sir. You misheard, didn't you?"

Shen Wancai had started from nothing and had been fighting with others all his life. He was the best at observing people's expressions. He glanced at Shen Hui, snorted, and said, "You've appeared so unnatural. What's wrong with you? Tell me what you said just now. What made you so happy?"

Shen Hui forced a smile and said, "It's really nothing!" As she said this, she turned around and winked at her companions. "Right guys?"

The girls laughed dryly and said, "Yes, nothing serious."

Shen Wancai was not willing to believe them. He glanced at these girls and then at the field quietly. Suddenly, he had a thought. He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Shen Hui with unkind eyes. "Did Li Yundong come just now?"

Shen Hui opened her mouth and subconsciously wanted to refute, but when she saw Shen Wancai's sharp, eagle-like eyes, her heart suddenly trembled. When the lie came to her mouth, she couldn't say it out loud. She forced a smile and knew she had to tell the truth. "He came just now, but then left again."

Shen Wancai narrowed his eyes again. The look in his eyes grew sharper. "The banquet hasn't started yet. Why did he leave?"

Shen Hui looked up at the sky and said insincerely, "Who knows? Don't you know that that guy has a strange temperament?"

Chen Wancai snorted. "His temperament is eccentric? Young Master Li is the kind of talent that I've never seen before in my entire life. He's a calm and generous person. I think you're the one who has a strange temperament, right?" As he spoke, he paused and said in a meaningful tone, "Did you drive him away again?"

Shen Hui was stunned. "Again? What do you mean? I didn't drive him away. He left by himself!"

Shen Wancai's anger gradually rose in his heart. He glanced at the girls beside Shen Hui and said in a low voice, "You guys stay away from me for a moment."

The girls looked at each other, forced a smile and nodded to Shen, then slipped to the other side.

Shen Wancai took a deep breath and walked up to Shen Hui. He lowered his voice and said, "Today is your birthday. I don't want to get angry. I'll give you a chance. Hurry up and get him back, and I'll pretend that nothing has happened. Otherwise..."

Shen Hui braced herself and said, "I really didn't drive him away. If you don't believe me, you can ask anyone here!"

"You are still stubborn and reluctant to admit your mistakes or defeats." Shen Wancai's eyes suddenly widened. Although he was old, he still had his aura. Immediately, Shen Hui was so frightened that she took two steps back.

Shen Hui calmed down, and she made up her mind. Pointing at Rong Jun, who was not far away, she said, "It was him and my fourth aunt who drove Li Yundong away. It wasn't me!"

Shen Wancai was slightly taken aback. "Young Master Rong? Xiaoxian? They have no feud with Young Master Li. Why would they chase him away?"

Shen Hui sneered and said, "How would I know? Go and ask them."

While the father and daughter were talking, a voice suddenly came from the side. It was Shen You, the youngest son of Shen Wancai, who had come over. He said unhappily, "Dad, I don't understand why you think so highly of Li Yundong. What's so great about him? Isn't he just a gangster who relies on Nepotism? On Shen Hui's birthday, do you need to offend your relatives to please a stranger?"

Shen Wancai was furious, but he wouldn't lose his temper when he was at the banquet. He just glanced at Shen You coldly and scolded him in a low voice, "You know nothing!"

After that, he walked up to Rong Jun and asked in a deep voice, "Mr. Rong, Xiaohui said that you persuaded Young Master Li, who just invited me, to leave?"

When Rong Jun saw Shen Wancai walking towards him, he got ready to perform well as a future father-in-law in his heart. However, he had not expected Shen Wancai to say such a thing. He was instantly stunned and subconsciously looked at Shen Lan.

Shen Hui immediately glared at him, and her eyes were full of threats, as if to say, "If you dare to give me away, you will die!"

Shen Wancai did not even need to turn around. It was as if there was a pair of eyes in the back of his head. He chuckled coldly and said, "There's no need to worry about the little runt. If it's her who ordered you, there's no need to cover up for her."

Rong Jun complained in his heart. He had to brace himself and said, "No, I wanted to ask him to do me a favor, but he played a trick on me instead. In the end, Aunt Shen couldn't stand it anymore and spoke up for me. Then the man left, shamed."

Shen Wancai couldn't help but laugh out loud, as if he had heard the most absurd joke. "He left, shamed? Hahahaha!"

Shen Wancai's laughter attracted everyone's attention for a moment. The hall suddenly quieted down. Only Shen Wancai's exaggerated laughter kept echoing in the room.

Rong Jun's heart beat wildly. He was flustered by Shen Wancai's laughter, so he passed the buck to the fourth aunt, Li Xiaoxian, and said, "Uncle Shen, if you don't believe me, you can ask Aunt Shen."

Shen Wan stopped laughing. He turned his head to look at Li Xiaoxian, his eyes filled with impatience and suppressed anger.

Li Xiaoxian's face was not the only reason to keep the status firmly in the Shen family. She saw that Shen Wancai was like a volcano about to erupt and could get furious at any time. She trembled in her heart and rushed forward, but she did not dare to trick Shen Wancai at this time as Shen Hui had done. She immediately confessed and said, "Old Shen, I drove him away, but he was too rude and even disrespected me. Why did you invite such a person to come here?"

Shen Wancai suppressed his anger and said in a low voice, "Do you know why I invited him here?"

Li Xiaoxian said disapprovingly, "You just wanted to find a tutor for Shen You and Xiaohui, didn't you? Oh, Old Shen, there are so many good teachers in the world. Why were you looking for him?"

Chen Wancai could barely control his anger anymore and trembled a little, but he still remained calm. "Tutor? I could get some fresh Harvard graduate no problem, but do you know how much effort I had to put in to invite someone like Li Yundong? I am afraid that my face was not enough, so I specially asked Yin Mengfan, who has a good relationship with him, to find Zhou Qin. That's why he came here and how he was invited!"

Shen Wancai's entire body trembled as he said, "You actually managed to chase him away with a simple sentence? Do you know how difficult it is to invite someone like him? Do you know how arrogant he is?"

Li Xiaoxian felt bad in her heart, but in front of so many people, she refused to admit defeat. "Old Shen, today is Xiaohui's birthday. What are you doing? If it doesn't work, you can find him again."

Shen Wancai let out a cold laugh. "Alright, you have driven him away. Go and invite him back! Remember, it's you who invited him!"

Li Xiaoxian's smile froze. She said in a low voice, "Old Shen, it's Xiaohui's birthday today. There's no need to embarrass me in front of so many people, is there?"

Shen Wancai also sneered impolitely, "Have you ever given me face? Did you ever think about me when you drove him away?"

Li Xiaoxian's smile suddenly turned extremely ugly. Shen You couldn't help saying, "Dad, are you kidding me? Is it just because an outsider is making things difficult for my mom?"

Shen Wancai finally couldn't bear it anymore. His anger burst out like a volcano and he roared at Shen You, "Are my words worthless in this house?!"

This roar frightened everyone!

Li Xiaoxian immediately pulled Shen You aside and forced a smile at Shen Wancai. "Old Shen, don't be angry. I'll invite him back right away."

Saying this, she quickly ran out.

At this moment, the people in the hall began to whisper to each other. Most of these guests knew Shen Wancai very well. They knew that the Old Master of the Shen family doted on their fourth aunt the most. They had never seen him lose his temper in front of so many people. They could not help but gossip about Shen Wancai. Who on earth was the guest that Shen Wancai had invited?

When Li Xiaoxian walked out of the door, she felt extremely aggrieved. She had never been roared at like this in public before in her life. She was about to cry, but in the rich and powerful family, she had already realized this. In an instant, this emotion disappeared. She reorganized her feelings, quickly asked the servants where Li Yundong and Su Chan had gone, and then chased after them.

Li Yunyang and Su Chan hadn't gone far at this time. After walking more than 200 meters, he heard an anxious cry coming from behind. "Master Li, please stay. Please stay!"

Li Yunyang turned his head with a smile and said to Su Chan, "Well, I said someone would come to find you, didn't I?"

Su Chan pouted and said unhappily, "Do we still have to go back?"

Li Yunyang patted the girl's head with a smile. "I'll listen to you. If you say we should go back, we'll go back. Okay?"

Su Chan smiled and nodded. "Well, I'll give her a good scolding, and then we'll leave. I'll tick her off!" As she said that, the girl turned around and looked at Li Xiaoxian, who was running toward her with a malicious look.

Li Xiaoxian was not an ordinary person. She could tell at a glance that Su Chan was determined to make things difficult for her. On the other hand, Li Yundong, who was standing next to her and watching the scene, suddenly had an idea.

Li Xiaoxian apologized to Su Chan and Li Yundong with a smile and said, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. It is totally a misunderstanding. I don't know if you were honored guests invited by my Old Shen."

Su Chan snorted. "And now you know? It's too late! What have you been doing?"

Li Xiaoxian forced a smile and said, "As the saying goes, arguments lead to understanding. Little sister, you are so generous. Please forgive me this time, okay?"

Su Chan pulled a face at Li Xiaoxian and said angrily, "I won't forgive you. I hate people like you most. You bully others with your power and look down on others!"

Li Xiaoxian saw that Su Chan was so determined that she didn't want to go back. She was anxious. She felt wronged, but she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to fetch Li Yundong back and be able to face Shen Wancai. She was ashamed. For a moment, tears fell down her cheeks.

Su Chan was stunned and couldn't help glancing at Li Yundong. She was kind and soft-hearted. When she saw the woman crying, her heart softened and her anger dissipated a lot. Su Chan looked at Li Yundong eagerly and whispered, "Yundong, what should we do?"

Li Yundong smiled and said to Li Xiaoxian, "Don't cry. Let's talk about it."

Li Xiaoxian wiped away her tears and said, "I know I went too far just now, but please forgive me this time for Old Shen's sake. Even if it's not for Old Shen's sake, for Yin Mengfan and Zhou Qin's sake, let's just go back, okay?"

Li Yundong sighed lightly. "If I had known it would happen today, why would I have come back? To be honest, I was actually not willing to come to such a banquet. However, back then, Yin Mengfan and General Manager Yin did me a great favor. I have never paid them back for it. When my teahouse opened, she gave me a major gift and added a lot of color to the ceremony. I have no way to return the good deed. Therefore, it is not for the sake of Shen Wancai or Zhou Qin, but for the sake of General Manager Yin. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for you to catch up with me."

Li Xiaoxian saw that there was a turning point in Li Yunyang's words, and she immediately broke out laughing. She quickly smiled and said, "Yes, Young Master Li, it's good that you don't mind and don't get angry. I'll apologize to you later and propose a toast to you."

Li Yundong smiled and waved his hand. "Forget it. I don't drink." He then smiled and said to Su Chan, "How about it? Will you go back?"

Although Su Chan knew that Li Yundong had already made up his mind, she was very satisfied with him taking care of her opinion in front of outsiders. She smiled sweetly and said, "I'll go wherever you do. Why are you asking me?"

Li Yundong nodded with a smile and said to Li Xiaoxian, "Lead the way."

Li Xiaoxian nodded hurriedly and led the way carefully in front of her.

In the villa hall, Shen Hui felt like every day was as long as a year. She was afraid that Li Xiaoxian would not be able to find Li Yundong. At that time, Shen Wancai was furious. It was a great thing, and she would definitely not be able to escape. But what Shen Hui was more afraid of was: if Li Xiaoxian really found Li Yundong, wouldn't she have to be apprenticed to him?

Just as Shen Hui was pacing around like an ant, she suddenly heard a cry of surprise from the female companions who had gathered around him again. "Oh, this handsome guy is back again!"

Shen Hui immediately looked up and saw Li Xiaoxian leading Li Yundong and Su Chan back. She complained bitterly, "It's over. We can't run away this time!"

The girls next to her were puzzled and asked, "Is it really so painful to worship such a handsome guy as your teacher?"

Shen Hui gnashed her teeth and said, "You don't know that this man is a lecher!"

The girls laughed and said, "A lecher? Well, I like lechers like him!"

Shen Hui said with a look of madness, "Please don't make trouble! What's so good about having a tutor? There's no freedom at all!"

The girls looked at each other and nodded. "That's true. But what did you learn from him?"

This sentence also stopped Shen Hui. She couldn't help but think, "Yes, the old master always wanted me to be his disciple. What on earth did he want me to learn from him?"

Thinking of this, Shen Hui suddenly had a thought in her mind. With a hint of cunning in her eyes, she turned to the girls next to her and said with a smile, "Do you want to know what he can do?"

These girls had long wanted to come forward to hit on him. When they heard Shen Hui's words, they immediately nodded hard.

She smiled and said, "In fact, he can do magic tricks! You can ask him to show you later. No matter how difficult the magic tricks are, he can do them. The most unusual thing is that whatever you ask him to change, he can transform!"

When the girls heard this, their eyes suddenly lit up. "Is he so powerful? Isn't he more powerful than Liu Qian?"

Shen Hui raised her head and laughed. "Yes, if you don't believe me, you can try it yourself later!"

After that, Shen Hui thought proudly, "Humph, if this guy becomes famous, I'll accept it. If he doesn't, hehe, I won't have to worship him! Hahaha, I'm really a genius!"