Li Yundong's words immediately aroused everyone's curiosity. Rong Jun laughed, and his eyes were full of ridicule. "Where do the dragon liver and phoenix gall exist in this world?"

Shen Wancai also curiously asked, "Young Master Li, can you create a dragon liver and phoenix gall?"

Li Yundong replied with a smile, "Why not?" After he said that, he turned over his palm, and everyone saw a small, thumb-sized, dark pill in his palm.

"This is Dragon's liver and Phoenix's gallbladder!" he said.

Everyone laughed. "Are you kidding? What kind of dragon liver and phoenix gall could this be?"

Rong Jun was also contemptuous and said, "Is this a Dragon's liver and Phoenix's gallbladder? Do you think we are all fools?"

However, Li Yundong said seriously, "Has anyone ever seen a dragon before?"

Everyone was stunned and looked at one another, not saying anything.

Li Yundong asked again, "Has anyone seen a phoenix before?"

Rong Jun said unhappily, "Have you seen one before?"

Li Yundong raised the pill in his hand and said with a smile, "Yep. This is the elixir of life made of dragon liver and phoenix gall. Eating it can prolong your life."

How could anyone believe him? They just shook their heads and laughed. Some people didn't have the nerve to say harsh words because of Shen Wancai. Only Rong Jun laughed and said, "This thing is too dark. Don't tell me it's going to kill people?"

Su Chan, who was standing to one side, blinked at the pill. She thought to herself, "Isn't this Sister Ziyuan's Enneacyclic Haworthia Pill?"

After hearing Rong Jun's words, Li Yundong was not angry. He just smiled and said to everyone, "Will it kill people? Someone will know if they try it."

Everyone saw that the pill was dark but they didn't know where it had come from. They didn't even know what it was made of. Although this 'Young Master Li', who was highly valued by Shen Wancai, said that this pill was made with a dragon's liver and phoenix's gallbladder, who would believe it?

Rong Jun was contemptuous and thought, "I even said that I grew up eating dragon livers and phoenix galls! Who are you trying to fool?"

Li Yundong saw that no one dared to test the medicine themselves. Even Shen Wancai just smiled and didn't go forward. Li Yundong grinned and put away the pills again.

Su Chan looked at the people around her with disdain. She snorted secretly and muttered, "Dragon's liver and Phoenix's gallbladder can't compare with Enneacyclic Haworthia Pill! In addition to the three top-grade elixirs of life, the Enneacyclic Haworthia Pill is the first-grade elixir of life. It's hard to buy such a thing with money! These people don't want such high-grade elixirs of life. They really can't see through gold and jade!"

Seeing Li Yundong put away the pill, Rong Jun couldn't help asking, "You're not going to use the medicine?"

Li Yundong said in surprise, "I transformed it! That was Dragon's liver and Phoenix's gallbladder just now!"

Rong Jun sneered and said, "Do you think we are three-year-olds? If this is an immortal method, I can do it too!"

Li Yundong smiled and said meaningfully, "It is precisely because no one has seen Dragon's liver and Phoenix's gallbladder that when I took out the real Dragon's liver and Phoenix's gallbladder, no one was willing to believe me. Can you blame me?"

Rong Jun sneered and was about to speak again when Shen Wancai couldn't help but laugh loudly. He tried to smooth things over and said, "Alright, alright. Young Master Li has made a joke. Everyone, please don't mind."

When the crowd saw Shen Wan open his mouth, they all laughed and then dispersed.

Shen Wancai saw that Li Yundong was looking at everyone with interest, and there was no embarrassment or anger on his face. Instead, his eyes were full of meaningful sighs and extraordinary sympathy. It was as if the gods in the sky were looking down at the people in the world. They were sighing over mortal ignorance.

This kind of gaze touched Shen Wancai. He thought of something and asked subconsciously, "Young Master Li, is this... really the dragon liver and phoenix gall you are talking about?"

Li Yundong looked at Shen Wancai with a smile and said, "Mr. Shen, have a try if you don't believe me."

Shen Wancai hesitated for a moment, but as soon as he hesitated, Li Yundong laughed and said, "Forget it, I was only joking. Mr. Shen, please pay it no mind."

Shen Wancai also chuckled and said, "Young Master Li is really funny..." However, not long after, he spoke again. "Young Master Li, I have something to ask. I don't know if I should."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Is there anything you can't ask?"

Shen Wancai thought for a moment before saying very seriously, "Is there a Shenxian in this world?"

Li Yundong was stunned. "Mr. Shen, why are you suddenly asking this question?"

Shen Wancai said with some emotion, "After attending the Disanxian' Ceremony last time, I was lucky enough to witness Young Noble Li's amazing spirit skills. Only then did I learn that the whole world is vast and that there are all kinds of strange things in it. There are so many capable people, crouching tigers and hidden dragons! Ever since I came back, I've been thinking about what I saw that day. I've also asked some mages privately. They all told me that these things could not be done through magic. That's why I thought that this was Shenxian magic and should not exist in this world."

"But I just happened to see them happen in front of me! So, I now suspect that there are immortals in this world, and you and Zi Yuan are both immortals!" Shen Wancai said to Li Yundong seriously, "Childe Li, can you tell me if I'm right?"

Li Yundong sighed with emotion in his heart. Once upon a time, he had been just like Shen Wancai. When he had suddenly seen this power in the world, he had been suspicious and confused about his previous understanding.

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Ge Hong once said, "There are all kinds of things. The people of Kuang Lixian are as simple as bamboo. The Way of Immortality means that there is nothing in the world, let alone Shenxian. We can't speculate about the infinite world with our limited cognition and think that what we have never seen does not exist."

Shen Wancai sighed and nodded slightly. "What you have said makes sense! In the past, if I had heard such words, I might have refuted them as being paradoxical. However, ever since I saw the abilities of Zi Yuan Immortal in the tea arts competition and saw your abilities, I finally realized that I was being like a frog at the bottom of a well with limited outlook!"

With this, Shen Wancai said to Li Yundong in an extremely serious tone, "Then... Childe Li, are you an immortal?"

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "Me? Of course not!"

Although Shen Wancai had expected this answer in his heart, he was still a little disappointed as he asked, "Then, who is? Childe Li, who did you learn your skills from?"

Li Yundong pulled Su Chan in front of him with a smile and said, "This is my teacher!"

Shen Wancai found it hard to believe that Su Chan, the delicate and beautiful girl, was Li Yundong's teacher. However, when he saw that he was serious, he was a little surprised and said, "You can't judge a person by their appearance. You can't learn from a young age. Those who are capable can be taught!"

Su Chan was a little embarrassed. She smiled and said, "No, I didn't teach him anything!" As she said this, she looked at Li Yundong with admiration and continued, "In the past, I only taught him a few martial arts, but now he has become very strong, far better than me!"

Shen Wancai sighed and said with a smile, "That's because a famous teacher can produce a brilliant disciple!"

Su Chan was not greedy for merit. She said with a smile, "No, Sister Zi Yuan is the famous teacher. If there is an immortal in this world, I think it must be her!"

Shen Wancai clapped his hands and said with a laugh, "I agree! I absolutely agree! Miss Zi Yuan does seem like an immortal! I've seen Chang'e before, but she must be more beautiful than Chang'e!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Mr. Shen, thank you on behalf of Zi Yuan. But, Mr. Shen, why did you suddenly ask about the Shenxian?"

The smile on Shen Wancai's face gradually disappeared. He subconsciously touched his chest and sighed deeply. "Young Master Li... you don't understand! Why are there so many rich and powerful people in the world who believe in gods and devils? I, Shen Wancai, started off with nothing and never believed in the tricks of gods and devils. I saw them as superstition! But the richer I get, the older I get, the more I believe in them! Why?"

Shen Wancai said with a sigh, "Because we are afraid of death!"

Shen Wancai pointed at the magnificent hall in the villa and the scene of wealth and prosperity. He said, "When I was young, I had nothing. Even if I died, it would not have been pitied. But now, I have everything that a man can have... However, time and the illness can take it all away! I have no way to escape or resist it! Even the Emperor, who is in a high position, like Emperor Yanwen, will still feel a pity for half the night and sit in the front seat without asking about the common people or gods because he is afraid of death!"

Li Yundong listened silently and did not say a word.

Shen Wancai continued, "I heard that Lao Tzu lived for more than a hundred years, Peng Zu lived for eight hundred years, and Li Babai in Qingcheng City also lived for eight hundred years. Do you think that is true?"

Before Li Yundong could say anything, Suchan, who was beside him, rushed to say, "Of course it's true! There are records of all kinds of historical materials. How could it not be true?"

Shen Wancai smiled, "In the past, I definitely would have said that the historical materials might not necessarily be true. But now, even if they are fake, I still hope that they are real! Childe Li, I know that you are definitely not an ordinary person. If you know of anything that can prolong your life, ah, even if it is just a method, please tell me, I will definitely thank you!"

With this, he turned around and waved to Shen Hui and Shen You, who had been listening to their conversation with their ears pricked not far away, and said, "You two, come here."

Shen You and Shen Hui looked at each other and walked over reluctantly.

Shen Wancai solemnly said to Li Yundong, "Childe Li, I have a presumptuous request. I hope you will agree to it on my account."

Li Yundong smiled bitterly in his heart and thought, "He's here again. Is he going to be apprenticed again?"

Shen Wancai said, "Young Master Li, no matter whether you are an immortal or not, I admire your abilities greatly. I hope that you'll accept them as students, even if you just make them serve tea to you every day..."

Shen You's heart skipped a beat when he heard that. "I'm the heir of the Shen family. How could I serve tea to someone? Isn't that wrong?"

Shen You couldn't help but say angrily, "Dad, how many times have I told you? I don't want him to be my teacher!"

Shen Hui immediately echoed, "That's right. Dad, can you respect us a little?"

Shen Wancai's gaze was unfriendly as he glared at the two of them. "I'll take care of this family!"

Li Yundong also sighed and said, "Mr. Shen, I understand what you mean, but it's not sweet to force them like this. If neither of them wants to do it, it's useless for others to force it."

Shen Wancai was anxious and about to say something, but Shen You interrupted him and said, "Did you hear that? I'm right. It's not good to force things. Dad, don't be too meddlesome, okay?"

Shen Wancai was so angry that his face turned purplish red. He coughed violently and said angrily, "Do you want to p*ss me off?"

At this time, Li Xiaoxian saw Shen Wancai's reaction and immediately rushed over. She stroked Shen Wancai's back carefully and scolded Shenyou, "Can't you go along with your father just once?"

Shen You said angrily, "Has he ever respected my wishes?"

Shen Wancai was furious. He roared, "You want me to follow you? Alright, let's talk about it after I die!"

Shen You's words made his face turn red, and he immediately vented his anger on Li Yundong. He said angrily, "It's all your fault. Nothing will happen if you don't come! Why do you always go against me? You want to annoy me!"

Shen Hui was a little upset and echoed, "That's right! It's better if you don't come!"

When Su Chan saw that the two of them were besieging Li Yundong, she immediately stood in front of him and shouted angrily, "Don't talk about him like that! If you didn't invite him, would Yundong have come? You guys don't know what's good for you. You've been targeting Yundong again and again. How hateful!" As she said this, she took Li Yundong's hand and said, "Yundong, let's go. Don't argue with such people!"

Li Yundong was not angry. He patted Su Chan with a smile and said, "People laugh at me for being too crazy. I laugh that people can't see through me. Little girl, let's go!"

After that, the two of them walked away hand in hand.

As Shen Wancai watched Li Yundong and Su Chan leave, he suddenly felt a surge of anger rushing to his head. He started coughing violently. When he coughed, his breathing did not recover. His face instantly swelled to a purplish-red color. Everything before his eyes went black and he fell to the ground!

For a moment, there was a burst of exclamations in the hall.

Shen You rushed over to Shen Wancai and said in surprise, "Oh no, my dad is having a heart attack! Mom, go get the medicine!"

Li Xiaoxian ran upstairs in a panic. At this time, Shen Wancai's second and third wives heard the noise and also came down in a panic.

Li Xiaoxian rushed into Shen Wancai's bedroom and opened the medicine cabinet. However, just as she was about to rush down with the medicine, she froze.

The anxious expression on her face faded away bit by bit. Instead, it was replaced by a sinister and cold smile.

Li Xiaoxian unscrewed the bottle cap, walked to the bathroom next to the bedroom, opened the toilet lid, poured all the medicine from the bottle into the toilet, and then reached out her slender fingers to flush!

With the swirling water, the life-saving pills immediately disappeared...