When Li Yundong and Su Chan walked to the door of the hall, they heard the chaos behind them, and screams came one after another.

Su Chan couldn't help but stop. She looked back and saw everyone around Shen Wancai in a panic. She stretched out her head and said in surprise, "Yundong, it seems that someone has fallen ill. It's Mr. Shen!"

Li Yundong looked back and shook his head secretly. "Mr. Shen is too overbearing and strong. I saw that his face was yellow and his eyes were black, and most of his hair was white. At his age, he shouldn't have so much white hair. Obviously, there is something wrong with his liver and liver. And I just saw him drink so much wine and become bad at controlling his emotions and temper. Wine hurt his liver, and the essence, Qi, blood in his body are weak, which has led to a relapse of heart disease..."

Su Chan hesitated for a moment before asking, "Yundong, should we save him?"

Li Yundong sighed and said, "The Enneacyclic Haworthia Pill I took out just now is an elixir of life that can save his life. Unfortunately, he didn't want it..."

Su Chan was slightly startled. "So you won't save him?"

Li Yundong looked around the hall where people were tossing and turning, and sighed to Suchan, "This is his life. We can't force him!"

Su Chan looked at the people in the hall sympathetically. Through the gaps in the crowd, she saw Shen Wancai with his eyes closed. She sighed in her heart, "You didn't take the pill that was more potent than a dragon's liver and phoenix's gall just now. Now it's all right... Perhaps Yundong is right. This is his life, isn't it?"

Just as they were about to go out, they suddenly saw a red Lamborghini driving over. Li Yundong was stunned when he saw this car. "Ms. Cao? She's here too?"

But soon, the car stopped in front of him and Su Chan. It was Yin Mengfen who got out of it in a hurry. She saw Li Yundong and Su Chan, who were about to leave, and said, "Ah, Li Yundong, you're here? Am I late? Are you leaving?"

Li Yundong looked back and shook his head. He smiled sympathetically and said, "It's not too late. I can still say goodbye to Mr. Shen for the last time."

Yin Mengfen was confused. She glanced at the hall and was shocked. "What's going on?"

Li Yundong smiled and didn't answer. Instead, he pointed at the red Lamborghini and said, "Why are you driving Cao's car here? Where is she?"

Yin Mengfan said anxiously and quickly, "I've sent my car for repairs, so I'm borrowing hers. Hey, what's going on?"

Su Chan explained, "Mr. Shen has had a heart attack. You should go and have a look. Maybe... this is your last chance!"

Yin Mengfan turned pale with fright. She wasn't even in the mood to blame Su Chan for speaking so straightforwardly. "What? How did this happen?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Mr. Yin, go and have a look. Su Chan and I have to go now."

Yin Mengfan had seen Li Yundong's extraordinary skills several times. She knew that Li Yundong was definitely not an ordinary person, and she saw that he had saved Cao Kefei, who had had a heart attack. When she saw that Li Yundong was going to leave at this time, she immediately said anxiously, "Li Yundong, you can't go. Hurry up and save that person!"

Li Yundong shook his head and said with a meaningful smile, "I'm not welcome. I can't save him."

Yin Mengfen stamped her feet and said, "What time is it? How can you say that?"

At this time, Su Chan couldn't help but explain what had just happened to Yin Mengfan quickly. Yin Mengfan understood, but she still said unwillingly, "Li Yundong, I know you are a strange man. You are broad-minded and won't make a fuss like a child, right?"

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said, "They are not children. They are about the same age as me."

Yin Mengfan said anxiously, "But you can't just stand by and watch! Do you know why we went to see you last time when you and Su Chan were in the small hotel? It's because I saw that you had cured Cao Kefei and knew that uncle's heart was not good, so I asked you to take a look at him. But I forgot to tell you about it for some reason. Can you help me now?"

Li Yundong's heart skipped a beat. Only then did he understand why Zhou Qin and the others had appeared in the small inn when he and Su Chan had first reached the Foundation Building Realm.

Su Chan was also enlightened. She pulled Li Yundong's arm and whispered, "Yundong, in that case, we owe Mr. Yin a great favor... If it weren't for her, I'm afraid that we would have already..."

Li Yundong smiled and patted the little girl's hand, indicating that he understood. He turned to Yin Mengfan and nodded. "Mr. Yin, let's go in and have a look."

Yin Mengfen was overjoyed. She quickly pulled Li Yundong and rushed inside.

After the three entered the hall, they found that everyone was tightly surrounding Shen Wancai, and no one paid any attention to Li Yundong's return.

At this time, a woman, who was still old and charming, was kneeling on the ground and resting Shen Wancai on her knees. She raised her head and said to Shen You in a loud voice, "Hasn't Xiao Xian gotten the medicine yet?"

Shen You seemed to be very afraid of this woman. He said in a low voice, "Maybe there's too much medicine. We're looking for her, aren't we?"

The woman sneered and said, "Is it that difficult to find? In my opinion, she just wants to see the old master die early, so she can do whatever she wants, right?"

Shen You's face turned red. He looked around at the guests and suppressed his anger, asking, "Aunt Zheng, how can you say that?"

The Third Madam named Aunt Zheng said sarcastically, "Isn't that right? In this family, aren't you and she the ones who count on the death of the Old Master the most?"

Shen You was like a mouse whose tail had been stepped on. He screamed, "Bullsh*t, we don't!"

Li Yundong saw that Shen Wancai was panicking as his family began to scold him in front of outsiders. He frowned secretly and said to Yin Mengfan, "Who is this?"

Yin Mengfan whispered, "This is Shen Hui's mother, as well as Shen Wancai's third wife."

As she spoke, she saw a woman about 50 years old beside her. She couldn't help but say in a low voice, "There are so many outsiders here. Don't talk too much."

Li Yundong asked again, "Who is this?"

Yin Mengfan explained in a low voice, "This is Uncle-in-law's second wife, whose surname is Ma. Uncle-in-law's wife was paralyzed in bed 30 years ago due to a stroke. She was like a vegetable. She was unconscious and had lost her mind. However, Uncle-in-law thought of the benefits of starting a family with her and never divorced her. But he had no children, so he found this second wife. Second Madam gave birth to three children for him, one male and two female. Unfortunately, two of them died. The other girl has gone abroad and rarely contacts the Shen family.

"In order to pass on the torch, Shen Wancai married Third Aunt, the one who spoke. Third Aunt was very beautiful when she was young, and Shen Wancai liked her very much. Unfortunately, her fertility was disappointing and she couldn't give birth to a child. In desperation, Shen Wancai had to find another one, which was Li Xiaoxian. Li Xiaoxian was very competitive. She gave birth to a male for Shen Wancai, which was Shen You. But two years later, Third Aunt also gave birth to a child, Shen Hui. Because Shen Hui has been smart and cute since she was a child, she is most favored by her uncle..."

Li Yundong heard this and sighed slightly. "The relationships in this big family are really complicated!"

The two of them were whispering to each other, but there was still a loud quarrel going in the field. Aunt Zheng sneered and said, "Could you talk less? Aren't you being an unfilial son? Why is the old man so angry?"

Shen You couldn't help but say angrily, "It's all my fault? Is it because Shen Hui didn't say anything that made my dad angry?"

Shen Hui was already extremely remorseful at this time, and his eyes were full of tears of horror. When she heard Shen You's words, she couldn't help crying and shouting, "I know I'm wrong, don't quarrel!"

Shen You was instantly very pleased. "Did you hear that? She admitted that she was wrong. What does this have to do with me?"

Aunt Zheng said angrily, "Bullsh*t. You were the first one to provoke her. Do you think I didn't hear you?"

The Second Madam advised with a sad face, "Oh, don't quarrel, don't quarrel!" She turned to look at Housekeeper Zhang and said with a sigh, "Go and see Xiaoxian. Has she got the medicine yet? What's taking so long?"

Housekeeper Zhang nodded and was about to go upstairs when he saw Li Xiaoxian shouting before he could say anything. "She's coming!"

Hearing this, everyone immediately looked up at the stairs at the same time.

Li Xiaoxian rushed over to the railings of the stairs with a pale face and said in horror, "He's taken all the medicine! I can't find it!"

The crowd burst into an uproar!

The second wife was the most gentle person and could not bear such a blow. Her eyes darkened and she fell backward. Housekeeper Zhang was quick-witted and immediately supported her.

Aunt Zheng was stunned for a moment. She immediately frowned and shouted angrily, "Li Xiaoxian, what the hell are you talking about? I saw half a bottle of medicine yesterday. How could it be gone today?"

Li Xiaoxian also said angrily, "Zheng, clean up your mouth. If you don't believe me, you can go and see for yourself! Since when have you spoken so boldly?"

Aunt Zheng was furious and threw Shen Wancai to the ground. She stood up angrily and said to everyone, "It's just in front of so many people today. Everyone is watching! This woman has been coveting the Shen family's property as far back as I can remember. She has been looking forward to the Old Master's early death so that she can monopolize his property! Today, she took this opportunity to kill him! Everyone can recognize her beast-hearted face! I swear to God that I saw half a bottle of medicine in the Old Master's medicine bottle yesterday. If I'm telling a lie, I will be a whore and lie with thousands of people in my next life!"

The crowd burst into an uproar. "How bold of a woman to curse herself as a whore in her next life!" They all looked at Li Xiaoxian in confusion.

Li Xiaoxian's face turned red from Auntie Zheng's words. She gnashed her teeth and said, "You're slandering me! Since when did this family belong to you? I, Li Xiaoxian, swear in front of everyone that if I'm lying, I'll be struck by lightning!"

When Su Chan saw this scene, she subconsciously remembered the internal strife that had happened when she had first returned to the Fox Zen School. The little girl had been thinking about something, but now she was growing more and more nervous when she came into contact with the situation. She grabbed Li Yundong's hand and became lost in thought.

Li Yundong noticed the abnormality of the little girl, but he didn't think too much about it. He just turned to Yin Mengfan and said, "If they continue to quarrel like this, I'm afraid that Mr. Shen will really die!"

Yin Mengfan had originally thought that he was not a direct relative, but an outsider. He should not have interrupted Shen Wancai. However, at this time, Shen Wancai's life was unknown. The Third concubine and Fourth concubine, who usually didn't get along well with each other, had actually ignored Shen Wancai and sworn at each other in public. This was really disgraceful!

Yin Mengfen couldn't hold it in anymore. She stepped forward and hugged Shen Wancai. She shouted angrily, "Stop arguing. Do you want your uncle to die?"

Everyone was stunned when they saw Yin Mengfan. It was only then that Third Madam's expression softened a little. "Little Yin, you came at the right time. You were here yesterday as well. Is there medicine in the old man's medicine bottle? Tell me, tell me quickly!"

Li Xiaoxian's heart tightened, and she immediately scolded, "How could she know? She's just an outsider, why did she make such irresponsible remarks here?"

Yin Mengfen couldn't help but say angrily, "Shut up. Do you really want your uncle-in-law to die?"

Li Xiaoxian hoped that Shen Wancai would die immediately. In this way, the Shen family's property would undoubtedly fall to Shen You. At that time, her mother would become noble because of her son, so she would get what she wanted.

However, the third concubine did not wish for Shen Wancai to die. If the Old Master really died, it was not certain how much of the Shen Family's assets she could get. Moreover, she always thought that the Old Master doted on Shen Hui and might hand over the family property to her. Therefore, there had always been a hidden thought in her heart. How could Shen Wancai die before the big plan was realized?

The third concubine heart tightened. She immediately rushed over to Shen Wancai nervously. While massaging his chest, she shouted at Steward Zhang, "Old Zhang, call the old man's private doctor. Hurry up! If there's any more delay..."

Before she could finish her words, she suddenly opened her mouth wide, and the following words got stuck in her throat.

The third concubine stood rooted to the spot. Her hand, which was on Shen Wancai's chest, trembled and moved to the pulse near his neck. Suddenly, her whole body trembled and she said in a frightened and desperate voice, "Old, old man, he, he... he's dead!"

All of a sudden, everyone was shocked!

At this time, the second concubine had just woken up. When she happened to hear this sentence, she passed out without saying a word.

For a moment, the hall was in chaos. Yin Mengfan was the only one who was calm. She shouted, "Don't be noisy, the old man still has a chance to live!"

As she spoke, she shouted to Li Yundong, "Li Yundong, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and save him!"

His words made everyone look at Li Yundong at the same time.