Seeing Li Yundong talking confidently, Rong Jun couldn't help sneering, "You killed Mr. Shen, and you are still so stubborn. I'd like to see how this muddy root of yours will become a fresh lotus seed of West Lake!"

Everyone also looked at Li Yundong with a complicated look. Their eyes were full of suspicion, ridicule, and disdain.

Even the third concubine and Shen Hui looked at Li Yundong in horror, and the look in their eyes showed that they didn't believe his words at all.

Only Su Chan knew that Li Yundong had quietly displayed his Divine Transcendence magic cultivation just now.

In Chinese history, Zhang Boduan, the founder of the Ziyang Sect, one of the five Taoist ancestors in the Northern Song Dynasty, had once visited Yangzhou with a monk. They had made an appointment with each other and gone to Yangzhou to enjoy the sumptuous flowers.

A while after their souls went out of their bodies, they came back at the same time. The monk talked about the scene of the flowers. When he asked Zhang Boduan, Zhang Boduan smiled without saying anything. He took out a flower he had picked from his sleeve. The monk was shocked. He felt inferior because of Zhang Boduan's magic cultivation, so he asked Zhang how he did it.

Zhang said with a smile, "I cultivated both life and nature, so I cultivated the Yang Spirit Body and could touch the real thing. But you only cultivated your nature and did not cultivate your life, so you cultivated the Yin Spirit and could not touch the real thing."

In front of him, Li Yundong flew to West Lake in an instant with the help of Yang God. But because it was winter at this time, there were no lotus flowers on the lake, let alone lotus seeds, so he flew to the bottom of West Lake and took a piece of lotus root.

He was already at the top realm of the Yang Spirit. He changed as he wished and everything was natural. It was just a matter of mind for him to turn this lotus root into a lotus seed.

Seeing that everyone was suspicious, he didn't get angry. He just smiled and put his hand into the water basin again, burying the lotus root in the water. He quickly mobilized the purest Primordial Yuanyang Qi in his body and poured it into the lotus root.

Everything was born in spring. The reason why life grew was because of the Yang Qi that began to grow in spring. Although there was a lot of Yang Qi in heaven and earth, it was sparse and thin. How could it compare with the extremely pure Yang Qi of the cultivators stored in the Dantian for days and months?

As soon as Li Yundong's wisp of supreme Yang Qi between heaven and earth was absorbed into the lotus root, it stimulated the original vitality of the lotus root to grow rapidly.

At first, there was no movement, but soon, roots and rhizomes slowly grew out of the water basin, and then got longer and longer. In the blink of an eye, roots and leaves of the lotus were bursting out of the water basin!

For a moment, everyone was stunned. They couldn't help but open their mouths wide, and their eyeballs almost popped out of their eye sockets.

But what was even more shocking was that after the lotus leaves grew, the water basin became filled with a layer of green lotus leaves. The leaves were so green that it made people feel like they were in a warm spring instead of the cold winter!

Before long, the crowd saw a tender pink lotus quickly emerging from the lotus leaves. Then the lotus grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. It swayed and became bigger and bigger. In the beginning, it was as big as a little finger, delicate and replete, until suddenly it became the size of a fist, waiting to bloom.

When the crowd exclaimed in surprise, they saw the lotus suddenly bloom. Petals were peeled layer by layer, revealing a bright green lotus plate in the middle. The lotus seeds on the plate were clearly visible, like drops of crystal clear water gathering on it.

At this time, Li Yundong turned his wrist and took the plate. He held it in front of everyone and said with a smile, "How about it? I said it's a fresh lotus seed from the West Lake, so it's a fresh lotus seed of West Lake, isn't it?"

Only then did the crowd come to their senses, and they all exclaimed in shock, "Oh my god, am I seeing things? Is this, is this magic?"

"No one in the world can perform such a magic trick! Didn't you hear what Mr. Shen said before? It's an immortal skill! It's an immortal skill!"

"Then, is this guy an immortal? Isn't it too exaggerated?"

Some people like Rong Jun still didn't believe it. He said loudly, "Is this lotus seed real or not?"

Li Yundong handed the lotus plate to the third concubine with a smile and said, "Go and pick it up. Break it and give it to Mr. Shen."

The third concubine was so excited that her whole body trembled. She had seen the miracle of Li Yundong. Only now did she understand why Shen Wancai admired this young man so much and even said that he knew magic arts. He had even ignored his family's opposition and invited him to the banquet!

The third concubine had already respected Li Yundong like he was a god. She firmly believed that a god-like person like Li Yundong could save Shen Wancai. She immediately took the lotus plate with both hands and said to Shen Nu with a trembling voice, "Come on, come with me to peel the lotus seed!"

Although Shen Hui had seen Li Yundong's amazing skills several times already, he had never given her such a strong shock as he had now. She suddenly understood the intention of her father to make her take this young man as her teacher.

But now was not the time to think nonsense. Shen Hui quickly calmed down and ran into the kitchen with her mother.

Before long, the two of them came out quickly with a bowl in their hands.

Shen Hui held the bowl with both hands, as if there was a Yu Huang Da Di golden pill in it. Beside him, the third concubine stared at the broken West Lake lotus seed in the bowl, as if she wanted to take a bite of it herself.

Not only her, but most of the people in the room had seen Li Yundong's magical skill. They couldn't help but think, "This lotus seed of West Lake must not be an ordinary thing. Although it can't last for a hundred years, it can prolong one's life. It's good for beauty and health care, isn't it?"

Shen Hui poured the broken lotus seed into Shen Wancai's mouth bit by bit. After only two mouthfuls, he suddenly saw Shen Wancai's body tremble. He spat out the lotus seed soup in his mouth and shouted, "It's so bitter, so bitter!"

When everyone saw that the lotus seeds had just fallen and that Shen Wancai, who seemed to have been dead a moment ago, had come back to life, they immediately widened their eyes and exclaimed, "He's alive, he's coming back to life!"

The third concubine and Shen Hui suddenly hugged each other and cried with joy. At the same time, Li Xiaoxian and Shen You looked at each other in horror. Both of them trembled with fear.

Li Xiaoxian thought like a flash of lightning and immediately burst into tears. She threw herself at Shen Wancai and cried loudly, "Old Shen, you scared me to death! Fortunately, you're all right. You have to prove my innocence!"

Li Yundong saw Li Xiaoxian cry so easily. Her acting skills were so exquisite that many movie stars in the film and television industry would have felt inferior to her. He couldn't help admiring her in his heart.

Yin Mengfan and Shen Wancai had finally woken up, and Yin Mengfan could not help heaving a long sigh of relief. She put her palms together and said, "Thank goodness, Amitabha, I was really scared to death! Li Yundong, I thought you couldn't save me! The last time I saw you, I had saved Yin Mengfan in a few moves. Why is it so troublesome this time?"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "President Cao is not very old, and his body is just a punctured body. The Essence Qi and blood in his body are not weak. It's just that it happened so suddenly that the Qi and blood aren't enough. That's why his life is in danger. I used the massage method to transfer the vigorous Qi and blood out of her body, so I can save him immediately.

"But Mr. Shen is in his sixties. His body is already weak and his Qi and blood are very weak. If I also use massage techniques to adjust his Primordial Qi that was originally low, even if I tried to save him for a while, he would be harmed in the end. Not long after, his Qi and blood would be exhausted and he would die. Therefore, I must nourish his Qi with Dragon's liver and Phoenix's gallbladder, and then use the fresh lotus seed of West Lake, which is full of Yang Qi, to strengthen his Yang Qi. Therefore, at this time, not only will I have saved him, but I'd dare to say that Mr. Shen will have ten more years to live because of this!"

With this, Li Yundong suddenly turned his head and said with a smile to Rong Jun, who had been unable to get along with him all this time, "Your excellence Rong, I said this is a dragon liver and phoenix gall, and I said this is the lotus seed of West Lake. What do you think? Am I right?"

If Li Yunyang's words had been said more than ten minutes ago, no one here would have believed them except Su Chan. But just now, in the water basin, a lotus root had changed from nothing, and then rotted through magic, turning the lotus root into a lotus seed. If such an amazing magical skill was put in front of everyone, who would dare not believe it?

No matter how unconvinced Rong Jun was, how could he dare to deny it?

At this time, everyone looked upon Li Yundong as a god. Some of the older distinguished guests rushed over to Li Yundong, regardless of their identities, and shouted, "Childe Li, no, Immortal Li, as well as the dragon liver, phoenix gall, and West Lake lotus seeds? Can you give them to me? Ah, no, no, I'll pay a lot of money to buy them. You can pay as much as you want!"

For a moment, the hall was full of noise, and Li Yundong was tightly surrounded.

Shen Wancai, who had just woken up, was confused. He looked around and patted Li Xiaoxian's back, indicating for her to get up. Then he raised his hand and said to his third concubine, "What's going on? What's going on?"

The third concubine pulled Shen Wancai's hand and stood up. She smiled and said while crying, "Thank God, Old Master, you've finally returned to us. You have to thank this living god!"

Seeing the old man come back to life again, Shen Hui, who was standing by the side, regained her usual wits, as if her brain had kicked back into gear. She quickly explained what had just happened, but because she was worried about the old man's health, she cleverly omitted the part of the intrigue between her mother and Li Xiaoxian.

Shen Wancai listened for a long time and did not speak. The third concubine saw that Shen Wancai's face was ruddy, and he did not look like he was almost dying from the illness. She glanced at the lotus seed of West Lake next to her and said eagerly, "Old Shen, what's eating this fresh lotus seed of West Lake like? Is it bitter?"

Shen Wancai only glanced at the third concubine and knew what she was thinking. He wanted to ask her, "Are you even going to steal my medicine?"

However, when Shen Wancai's gaze swept across Li Yundong, who was not far away, he suddenly had an idea. As if he had thought of something, he pushed the bowl in front of his third concubine and said with a smile, "You're the best judge and saved my life. This is for you!"

The third concubine was so excited that she trembled all over as if she was afraid that Shen Wancai would go back on his word. She immediately took the bowl into her arms and did not even let others look at it.

At this moment, everyone's eyes were red with envy. They thought to themselves, "This Shen Wancai was like a corpse just now. In the end, he only ate two or three mouthfuls of this lotus seed and immediately came back to life. From this, one can see just how wonderful this lotus seed is! If he eats a whole bowl of it, won't he become an immortal?"

The third concubine was being stared at by the crowd. She immediately stood up warily and found an excuse to run upstairs. At first, she was just walking in a dignified manner, like a noblewoman, but after a few steps, she finally couldn't help running away like a refugee.

The third concubine rushed into her room, holding a bowl and drinking it. She cried and shouted as she drank. Her voice came from the room, "It's so bitter!"

At this time, Su Chan couldn't help bursting into laughter. These people didn't understand the key point, but she knew that the real panacea was the Nine Revolving Jade Dew Pill, which was the least conspicuous one from before. Without the Nine Revolving Jade Dew Pill to nourish Shen Wancai's Qi and blood, no matter how many lotus seeds there were, they wouldn't save him.

However, everyone only believed what they saw with their own eyes. When they saw that Shen Wancai had just eaten West Lake's lotus seed, they immediately became alert. They thought that West Lake's lotus seed was the best medicine for spirit pills. Therefore, they all viewed it as a supreme treasure.

However, the little girl would not remind everyone about this, and she knew that it would be useless to say it. She just looked at Li Yundong with admiration and thought in her heart, "That's right. A capable person like Yundong should be respected wherever he goes, not despised, bullied, and even framed by others!"

Seeing that everyone was being respectful to Li Yunyang, the little girl felt proud in her heart.

Li Yundong seemed to have noticed what she was thinking. He smiled and reached out to scratch her nose. Su Chan smiled and made a face at Li Yundong.

The two of them were acting as if there was no one around them. At this time, Shen Wancai walked over to Li Yundong's side, sighed softly, and said, "Childe Li, thank you for your great kindness! I don't know if I can take this opportunity to talk to you. I have a few private words to say."

Li Yundong said with a smile, "Okay!"

Shen Wancai chuckled. "Let's go upstairs and talk!"

To one side, Li Xiaoxian and Shen You ignored them after seeing that Shen Wancai had just woken up. With their guilty consciences, they became more and more uneasy and frightened. Li Xiaoxian couldn't help shouting, "Old Shen..."

However, without looking back, Shen Wancai went upstairs with Li Yundong, leaving Li Xiaoxian shivering in panic.

After entering the room, as soon as Shen Wan closed the door, he immediately knelt down in front of Li Yundong and said respectfully, "Young Master Li, I know that you are an immortal in this world. You don't have to hide anything. Please accept me as your disciple!"