Li Yundong felt surprised to have received Feng Na's call, asking, "Feng Na? What's wrong? What happened?"

Feng Na said in an exaggerated voice, "Oh, someone died. Come to school quickly!"

Li Yundong thought that something big had happened, so he hurriedly asked, "What happened? Don't worry. Slow down!"

Feng Na said quickly, "You'll know when you come. I'll wait for you to save me!" After that, the line was cut.

Li Yundong frowned and turned to look at Su Chan. "Did you hear that?"

The girl nodded and asked with a worried face, "What's happened?"

Li Yundong pondered for a moment before saying, "I don't know, but sounds serious. Shall we go and have a look now? But, tsk, that girl didn't tell me where exactly she is at school. How can we find her?"

Su Chan thought for a moment. "Let's talk about it when we get there. Maybe there's really something urgent. What if it's a school shooting again? We should get there in no time."

"Then, shall we fly to school?"

Su Chan looked around and saw that the upscale district, though opulent, was located in the suburb of the city, in a relatively remote area. The road was almost empty, except for a few luxury cars sporadically passing by.

The girl nodded and said, "Well, they should be breaking for lunch about now. I haven't been back for a long time."

Li Yundong sighed slightly and said, "Yes, it's been a long time! Let's go. Although I've only been away from school for about a month, it feels like I haven't been back for hundreds of years. By the way, I haven't been there for so long. I don't know if I have been expelled."

Su Chan snorted. "That would be their loss if they really did that!"

Li Yundong chuckled. He used to value his education and degree highly, just because he could get an extra sum of money from his parents if he was a student. But now, he was a person who ran a teahouse, and many rich businessmen wanted to give him money. How could he care about the allowance from his parents anymore?

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said, "Let's go. We can't wait any longer. Let's go back and have a look."

Seeing that there was no one around, they quickly leaped into the air and flew toward Tiannan University. After arriving, Su Chan, in order to save time, used Goddess Nayan Mudras to hide their figures as they descended.

Su Chan looked at the familiar surroundings of the campus. It was dawn. Many students were carrying their textbooks and shuttling through the shaded paths of the campus to the teaching building for self-study. Many young men and women were going in pairs, cuddling and flirting. Some vigorous students were playing football on the playground. The scene was full of passion.

The girl couldn't help sighing, "It hasn't changed at all! It feels so familiar! However, has something serious happened?"

Li Yundong also felt a little strange, but when he glanced around, he saw a familiar figure passing by not far away. He fixed his eyes on it and saw a round-faced beauty in a long purple dress carrying two plastic bags filled with snacks. Listening to an mp3 player, she was walking to the academic building leisurely, listening to music and humming a little tune.

Who else could it be but Feng Na, who had been in such a hurry earlier?

Li Yundong and Su Chan looked at each other in dismay. The girl opened her mouth wide and said, "Were we fooled? Why does Feng Na look like she's going to have a picnic?"

Li Yundong was also a little surprised. He couldn't help but say, "I know, right? Given that she made plots against me before, I'm afraid it's another trap!"

He remembered that he had been "fooled" by Feng Na several times before. She had taken advantage of him in speech or implored himself to make a statement as a student representative on the stage. Those things never ended without making him look foolish.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help shaking his head and laughing. He said, "Forget it. This chick loves to play first. Let's go and see what she is doing."

The two people followed Feng Na stealthily, and Feng Na didn't sense them. She carried her bags of snacks and walked into the teaching building.

After she went up to the third floor and came to a classroom, she immediately greeted a busty beauty, Feng Na's best friend, Cheng Cheng.

Cheng Cheng cried out in surprise, as if she had seen a life-saving Bodhisattva. "Wow, that's a lot of food!"

After she exclaimed, another scream came from beside her. A boy with blond hair and blue eyes sprinted over like a hungry dog. He shouted, "God, there's final food!"

Then, a girl with brown hair and blue eyes followed him and said in Chinese, "Thank God, I'm starving to death!"

Li Yundong was stunned when he saw them. Su Chan couldn't help asking in surprise, "Yundong, aren't they the two who wanted to be your apprentices? Why are they here?"

Li Yundong also felt a little weird. "Why are John and O'Brien here?" he wondered. But he pinched Su Chan's soft cheek, indicating that she should not speak. The classroom was empty except for Feng Na, Cheng Cheng, Kris, John, and Alba. Any noise would be particularly ear-piercing.

Li Yundong and Su Chan silently followed Feng Na into the classroom, standing behind her and listening to their conversation.

Feng Na looked speechlessly at the two bags in her hands that had been snatched away by the Cheng Cheng and John. She shook her head, turned around, and said to Kris, who was comparatively reserved, "Have you guys been robbed? Why do you look like you've been starving for a few days?"

Kris smiled and didn't answer. Instead, she asked, "Have you contacted Li Yundong? Where does he live?"

Feng Na smiled proudly and said, "I called him over!"

John, who was eating Oreos, was suddenly shocked. Ignoring the fact that his mouth was full of food, he shouted, "What? You've already called my master here? Oh my god, I, I haven't finished my meal yet!"

Feng Na laughed and said, "Surprised? Don't worry, eat slowly. They will need a little time to get here, and he doesn't know where we are."

Cheng Cheng nudged her with his elbow and said, "Hey, Nana, it's not kind of you to lie to Li Yundong!"

Feng Na snorted in disapproval. She tore a bag of steamed buns open and said, "Am I not kind? Of course, I am not the unkind one. It's okay that he doesn't attend classes, right? The problem is that he didn't even log into QQ. Yesterday, when he went to Disanxian, his store didn't even open! What the hell is he doing? Is he running some kind of conspiracy? I was forced to lie."

Cheng Cheng thought for a moment and nodded. "That makes sense!"

At this time, when John was concentrating on eating, he saw that Alba, who was sitting beside him, had already gobbled up the food and made the food into a mess. He couldn't bear it anymore, saying in English, "Hey, Alba, watch yourself!"

Alba was gobbling a bag of potato chips. She shoveled a handful of them into the mouth, saying, "What's the matter? Anyway, I'm representing the Chinese now!"

John laughed and scolded, "Be careful not to let Master hear this. Otherwise, he will definitely be angry! Besides, you only have a temporary residence certificate! Haven't you always been reluctant to be Chinese before?"

Alba was eating in such a hurry that she suddenly choked and rolled her eyes. Kris handed her a bottle of coke, and she quickly gulped down a few mouthfuls and patted her chest forcefully. Only then did she gasp and say, "John, what you said is wrong. I actually have a secret that I haven't told you!"

"What secret?" asked John.

Alba said seriously, "In fact, I've always thought that I was Chinese in my previous life!"

John couldn't help laughing out loud. "Don't make fun of me, Alba, you said a few days ago that this was a barbaric country that had not yet evolved into a new one!"

Alba had been exposed, but she was not angry. She pursed her lips and said, "You have to know that sometimes mysterious is synonymous with barbaric."

Feng Na's English was good, but she was confused by the conversation. She said to John, "John, what are you talking about? Why don't I understand? Are you going to live in China for a long time?"

John said with excitement, "More than that. I've also applied for a transfer to Tiannan University. In the future, I will settle down in this country and marry a Chinese woman. How about that? Isn't it cool?"

Feng Na grew more and more surprised. She opened her mouth and said, "Ah? Why have you suddenly decided to transfer from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania to Tiannan University? You... you're smart... Ah, no, why did you make such a decision?"

John knew what Feng Na meant even though she had not finished the sentence, but he didn't mind. He imitated an action he had seen in a martial arts movie and said mysteriously, "I want to take Li Yundong as my teacher and be a superman who can save the world!"

Feng Na looked at him with a strange expression and said, "I can understand that you want to have Li Yundong as your teacher, but can you save the world? Are you kidding me?"

John snorted and kept putting on a stance. "Just like Superman, Spider Man, Iron Man, or the Green Giant!"

Feng Na finally couldn't stand John's exaggerated western style. She said to Kris with a suspicious face, "Are you sure that this companion of yours... is not out of his mind?"

Although she had also been hungry for a long time, Kris was still eating very slowly, maintaining the demeanor of a noble lady. With a biscuit in one hand and holding a packet in the other, she chewed and said slowly, "He has always been like this. You will learn that when you have been around him longer."

Feng Na shook her head and said, "Kris, you suddenly asked me about where Li Yundong is. I helped you find him. It's fine, but we're after all friends, aren't we? How can you keep all the gossip secret from me?"

"Gossip?" Although Kris' Chinese was good, she was very confused about this unfamiliar word.

Feng Na explained, "It means inside information."

Kris came to a realization, saying, "After hearing that John and I were going to China for an apprenticeship, Alba decided to follow us. Afterward, we met Li Yundong. He said that he would not accept our request before we got Chinese citizenship. So... we have been busy with that these days. Today, we even went the entire day without eating anything!"

Feng Na was stunned, saying "You even changed your nationality for an apprenticeship?"

Alba immediately said, "Yes, it's excessive, right?"

John immediately glared at her and said, "Stop, be careful not to be heard by Master!"

Alba waved her hand disapprovingly and said, "How could he hear me?"

John said with seriousness, "Master is not an ordinary person. What if he can hear sounds from thousands of meters away?"

Alba recalled the marvels she had seen, and her face paled. She immediately covered her mouth with a hand and said carefully, "Then can I take back my words now?"

Cheng Cheng, who had been silent all the time and doing nothing but eating, couldn't resist interrupting. She said to Feng Na in Chinese, "Nana, speaking in Chinese before me is kind of bullying me as I am such a bad Chinese speaker. What are you saying?"

Feng Na smiled bitterly and told Cheng Cheng what she had just said. Cheng Cheng replied in surprise, "So that's why you're looking for Li Yundong. I thought there was something going on. Li Yundong is so awesome. Foreigners even need to queue up to be his apprentices?"

John said to Feng Na with some worry, "Feng, do you think Master will come? I am afraid that he will hide from us when he hears that we are here!"

Feng Na waved her hand and said with a smile, "Leave it to me. I'm definitely reliable! He will come to answer my call!"

Kris asked curiously, "Are you that close to him?"

Feng Na smiled proudly, saying, "Of course. A friendship built in battle is incredibly solid. If I ask him to come, he will definitely come right away. What are 'close friends'? We're that!"

Overjoyed, John said. "Then, Feng, can you implore Master to accept us as disciples?"

Feng Na said, "Don't you already call him Master?"

John said awkwardly, "He hasn't agreed yet..." But he quickly and seriously continued, "However, in my heart, he is my teacher. I must take him as my teacher!"

Feng Na was delighted to hear that. "This guy is the same as me, accustomed to acting first and questioning later?"

John put his palms together devoutly and said, "Feng, you have such a good relationship with our master. Please help us. We really want to be his apprentices!"

Kris even put down the things in her hands. She looked at Feng Na seriously and said, "That's right. Feng Na, if you really can help, then help."

Feng Na felt very proud. She waved her hand casually and said, "Well, I'll take care of it! If I ask for help, Li Yundong will definitely agree!"

No sooner had she finished speaking than she heard a snort behind her and a voice saying, "Oh? Is that true?"

As soon as Feng Na and her companions heard the voice, they froze. They all looked behind Feng Na at the same time. The temperature in the classroom plummeted, and the air seemed to turn chilly. A tall, handsome boy was looking at them with a faint smile. Who else could it be other than Li Yundong?