While Feng Na and the others stared in disbelief, they saw Li Yundong standing behind them with a faint smile. At the same time, Su Chan beside him looked at Feng Na sympathetically and shot her a helpless expression.

Feng Na was so shocked that she suddenly jumped up and her eyeballs almost popped out. Then she stammered, "You, why are you here? Are you ghosts?"

Besides Feng Na, Kris, John, and Cheng Cheng were also scared to death. Alba was eating, and she got so scared that she almost choked and even rolled her eyes. She was beating her chest loudly, and it was not easy for her to recover her breath. She immediately turned to John and slowly said, "God, is he a human being? When did he get here? How long has he been here?"

Li Yundong put on a straight face and pretended to be very angry. He went over to Feng Na and took a bag of snacks. As he tore it open, he said leisurely, "I am not an ordinary person. It is normal for me to suddenly appear here?"

Feng Na was tongue-tied and said, "But, but... I didn't see you just now! Were you hiding in the classroom? No, no, if that's the case, I would have been able to hear your phone ring and voice!"

Next to her, John suddenly shouted in an excited mood, "I got it. Master suddenly appeared like last time on the ship, like the Japanese ninjas!"

John's eyes glowed and he said to Li Yundong, "Is that right, Master?"

Li Yundong didn't prefer to argue with them on this matter. He coughed dryly, eating snacks, and said to Feng Na with a meaningful smile, "I seemed to have heard that someone acted first and reported afterward under my name, was it right?"

As expected, Feng Na and the others present were attracted by Li Yundong's topic. She smiled awkwardly, and soon said to him with a big smile, "Oh my dear. Can't you see I'm just kidding? By the way, it's not a big deal for friends to help each other... right?"

Cheng Cheng also added, "Yeah, Li Yundong, Kris and John are quite sincere and they came all the way to China to learn from you. It's a great honor for you. Why don't you agree?"

Li Yundong smiled, glancing at them, and then said, "Come off it. I have a sense of propriety."

Cheng Cheng was always righteous and straightforward. She couldn't help wanting to speak again, but Feng Na immediately stopped her. She rushed to interject with a smile, "Well, we don't care, but they've traveled a great distance here. You have to give everyone an account, right?"

At this time, the astute Kris immediately stood up and said with a respectful mood, "Master, you asked us to change our nationality. We have already done it, but we still need some time..."

Li Yundong was a little surprised. He had only spoken casually, and hadn't expected John to really change his nationality!

But what he said couldn't be changed now. Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry in his heart. After thinking for a while, he decided to use delaying tactics and said, "Let's talk about it later."

Kris said with a little disappointment, "But, we've waited a long time!"

Li Yundong smiled. "Take it easy. Haste makes waste. If God gave you a talent for cultivation, everything will work out!"

Kris and John looked at each other, then Kris said sadly, "Just as I expected, he won't agree!"

John said in a low voice, "Master, do you think our sincerity is not enough?" He suddenly thought of something and immediately said to Li Yundong with an excited face, "Master, in the next few days, I'm going to get my new identity and new nationality, so I did an earth-shattering thing!"

Although Li Jiandong felt that John addressing him was a little harsh, he still asked curiously, "Oh? What earth-shattering event? Did you hold a press conference to announce your new identity?"

John waved his hand and said with a big smile, "No, no, I gave myself an imposing Chinese name!"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "What name? How awe-inspiring is it?"

Su Chan also came over and reached for the snack bag in Li Yundong's hand to get something to eat. She looked at John while eating and asked curiously, "Yes, what's your name?"

John said proudly, "You all know this name. If I say it out loud, it will definitely make you feel refreshed!"

Li Yundong was unable to stifle a laugh, "Pretty good, John, now you can use Chinese idioms. It seems that I won't have to teach you how to greet people again in the future!"

The foreigner chuckled and said, "Master, can you guess what Chinese name I have?"

Li Yundong scolded with a smile, "Don't call me master. I'm not your master. Go on. Don't keep us guessing!"

Only then did John wave his arm and proudly say word by word, "The Chinese name I have is... Mao! Ze! Dong!"

Even though Li Yundong's cultivation was profound and his willpower was strong, when he heard this name, he almost couldn't breathe. He almost choked and rolled his eyes!

If a top-level Yang Spirit expert like him was choked to death, it would truly make it the greatest joke in the past five thousand years!

Feng Na was drinking coke. Hearing John's words, she immediately spewed out a mouthful of her drink, covering Cheng Cheng's whole face.

Su Chan bent over in laughter and clutched her belly hard.

Seeing that Li Yundong and the others had such a big reaction, John suddenly said with a puzzled look, "What's wrong? Isn't this name good?"

Li Yundong came to his senses. He suppressed his laughter and said, "Okay, of course, this name is good! But you can't use it."

John said anxiously, "Why not?"

At this time, Feng Na helped wipe the coke off Cheng Cheng while suppressing her laughter. She explained, "This is the name of the founding leader of our country. You can't use it."

John said curiously, "But there are also many people in our country who have the name Washington! What does it matter?"

Cheng Cheng, whose face was dripping with Feng Na's coke, said angrily, "You can't use it. There is no reason. Don't you know the ways of different countries? Anyway, you can't use the name of our national leader!"

John couldn't help muttering, "I hate politics!" But soon, his eyes lit up again and he said, "Then, I'll take another one. How about Renmingongshe [TL: Means 'people's commune']?"

At this time, Cheng Cheng was so angry that she couldn't help laughing out loud. "No, no, that name is too strange!"

John said with a little disappointment, "That's not okay? Then... how about Da Yuejin [TL: means 'the great leap forward']?"

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing and said, "John, why do you keep going with weird old terms? Can't you find something that can keep up with the times?"

John clapped his hands and said proudly, "Then, call me... Gaigekaifang [TL: means 'the reform and opening-up revolution']!"

Here Li Yundong finally couldn't help laughing. Even Su Chan laughed so hard that she almost rolled on the ground.

When John saw Li Yundong and the others laughing so hard that they were out of breath, particularly Feng Na and Cheng Cheng, who were nearly dying of laughter, he said with suspicion, "What's wrong? Is this name not good? It's very popular!"

Feng Na rubbed her belly and said with a smile, "John, if you really want to be Chinese, you can't randomly choose a name. You have to choose a surname first, and then a given name. Isn't it the same for your country when you guys choose names?"

John scratched his messy blonde hair and said, "My father gave me my grandfather's name directly. How could I have had a say?"

At this time, Kris couldn't help but say with a smile, "John, Chinese people are very particular about their names. Some of them even consider feng shui."

Li Yundong looked at her in surprise. "You know about this?"

Kris smiled faintly and said in a reserved manner, "I know a little bit. I heard Grandma mention it before. She said that in ancient times, when Chinese people picked a name, they would first calculate their dates of birth by examining their Birth Chart. Next, according to what their life lacked, they would find a fitting name, right?"

Li Yundong suddenly looked at Kris with new eyes. He nodded and praised her, "Pretty good, it's unusual for you to know this kind of thing!"

John said to her curiously, "Then do you know what I'm lacking? What name should I be called?"

Kris said helplessly, "I don't know this... This is something only those who understand Zhouyi can understand."

Li Yundong said with a smile, "It's good that you know these things."

John looked at Li Yundong eagerly and said, "Master, please help me!"

Li Yundong smiled, patted Su Chan's shoulder next to him, and said, "You can ask her. She is an expert."

Su Chan held back her laughter and said to John with a smile, "Do you want to have a Chinese name? Then you should choose a surname first. Only then can you choose a Chinese name!"

John asked, "What family names do you have?"

Su Chan counted on her fingers and said, "Uh, a lot. There are more than a hundred surnames in China. Almost every surname has its own origin and meaning."

John was shocked by her words, "So many? Then, I'll have the same surname as my master!"

Su Chan turned to Li Yundong and noticed that he didn't seem to mind. She said with a grin, "So your surname will be Li? Zhao, Qian, Sun and Li. The surname Li not only ranks fourth out of the hundreds of family names in China, but it's also an emperor's surname. Not bad! However, if you want to calculate your Birth Chart based on your birth date, you have to tell me the specifics of the year and month first."

"I was born in May 1990..." John said.

Su Chan counted on her hands and said, "Then you were born in Gengchen month, the year of Geng Wu...What about the specific date and time?"

After John said the time, Su Chan calculated again and said, "Ah, your fate is full of fire, and the five elements lack wood, so you have to choose a name with wood."

When John heard this, he was confused. Although he could understand every word she said, he didn't know what it meant when connecting them together. However, when he heard that he was going to make up for wood, he immediately understood and said happily, "My name is Li Mu!"

Cheng Cheng beside him smiled maliciously, "Why don't we call you... Shan Mu?"

Feng Na burst into laughter and glared at Cheng Cheng. "Don't talk nonsense. You shouldn't joke around."

Cheng Cheng laughed in a low voice and said, "He is already stupid. If he's making up for wood, what kind of wood should it be?"

As they spoke, the two of them began to chuckle.

John didn't know what they were talking about, so he just smiled. Su Chan said with a grin, "Is there the word for wood in your name? Are you sure? You should know that the more we lack in the five elements, the more words there should be in the name. For example, if you lack a piece of wood, you can be called Lin, because that contains two Mu! [TL: the character for 'lin' is made up of multiple 'mu' trees]"

John said immediately, "My name is Li Lin! Ah, call me Linlin!"

Cheng Cheng couldn't help but tease, "But in Chinese characters, the 森 (sen) of 森林 (Senlin) consists of three 木 (mu). Isn't that even more?"

John soon added, "Then my name is Li Sensen!"

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng laughed. "What a strange name!"

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing and said, "Forget it, don't tease him. the name Li Sensen feels gloomy. Call him Li Sen. It's good!"

John was overjoyed at once. "Li Sen? Okay, I like it! Haha, I have a Chinese name!"

Kris couldn't control her curiosity. "Then can I have one too?"

Su Chan said with a smile, "Of course. Do you have any idea for your surname?"

Kris thought for a moment and said, "My grandmother's surname is Lin. I'll use that as my surname."

Su Chan nodded. "Okay. What about your date of birth?"

Kris quickly told her. Su Chan counted on her fingers and said with a smile, "Your life flourishes with the earth, and the five elements lack water."

Kris' reaction was very fast. "Then my name is Lin Miao?"

Su Chan clapped her hands and said with a smile, "Lin Miao? Good name, not bad!"

Although Alba had come to China and studied Chinese for a while, at this moment, she only looked at Kris, John, Li Yundong and the others, who were talking in Chinese. How could she understand?

She felt like she was listening to aliens talk. She was both angry and anxious. She gnashed her teeth and thought to herself, "D*mn it, John. He must be speaking Chinese on purpose. Ugh!"

Alba couldn't help but ask, "Can anyone tell me what you are laughing at?"

Feng Na was a bit closer to Kris. She laughed and then explained what had happened just now, saying, "Kris and John both have Chinese names. Do you want one?"

Alba couldn't help being delighted and said, "Can I do it too? Okay, okay!" Then, she quickly told her the date of her birthday.

Feng Na smiled and translated Alba's words to Su Chan. Su Chan counted on her fingers and was suddenly stunned. She turned to Li Yundong and said, "Yundong, her Birth Chart is a little strange."

Li Yundong silently calculated with his fingers, and he was also slightly stunned. He couldn't help but glance at Alba in surprise.

When Alba saw Su Chan and Li Yundong looking at her with strange eyes, she couldn't help but feel anxious. She tentatively asked in stiff Chinese, "What's wrong?"

Su Chan said to Alba with confusion, "Your birth destiny is very strange. It's actually full of the five elements, especially the Yin Qi, which is very heavy. It's really strange!"

Feng Na translated the words directly to her, but Alba asked in a strange tone, "Five elements? What is it? What does she mean by too much Yin Qi?"

Feng Na frowned. It was really hard to translate these words. "The five elements are the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. The Yin Qi is too heavy... Well, it's just that the Yang Qi in your body is less than the Yin Qi..."

Alba listened with blank eyes. "What is the Yang Qi?"

Feng Na's back was sweating. She didn't know how to translate the words, but she quickly had an idea. She pointed to the sky and said, "It's the meaning of the sun and the moon. The Yang Qi corresponds to the former, and the Yin Qi corresponds to the latter."

At this time, John asked curiously, "Alba, since your Yin Qi is so strong, what do you need?"

Alba was confused at this time. She didn't fully understand, but she didn't want to lose face in front of everyone. She thought to herself, "This man says that I lack Yang Qi. Isn't that just a lack of sun?"

She clapped her hands and said in awkward Chinese, "I've got it!"

Everyone was stunned and looked at her one after another. Alba was so proud, shaking her head as she said, "I lack the sun!"