Alba's words almost caused Li Yundong, Feng Na, and Cheng Cheng to burst into laughter. Su Chan also cracked up. Even Kris's face went red from trying to avoid laughing, seeming to be too embarrassed.

Only Alba looked at everyone in confusion and said in English reluctantly, "What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

Blushing deeply, Kris whispered to Alba, "You said something wrong. In Chinese, the word 'Ri' means 'f*ck'..."

Alba's face immediately turned red, and she muttered in embarrassment, "Shit, damn Chinese! The man just told me that it means sun, didn't he?"

Kris held back her laughter and said, "A Chinese character can have a lot of different meanings, especially when it's in a different context..."

Alba couldn't help but cover her face and sigh. "I don't think I'll ever learn Chinese well..."

Li Yundong held back his laughter and said, "Alba, your birth chart is really different. I have never heard that someone lacks nothing of the five elements but lacks Yang..."

Standing nearby, Feng Na tried to hold back her laughter and translated it to Alba. Alba asked curiously, "Is that good or bad?"

Li Yundong smiled slightly. "There are both strengths and weaknesses. The strength is that your birth chart is very good and suitable for cultivation. It could be said that you were born to cultivate because your five elements talent distribution is very balanced. However, balance also means that you are mediocre and not particularly prominent. Therefore, it is possible for you to become a carefree cultivator."

Having heard what Feng Na said, Alba asked blankly, "So?"

Su Chan could not help but attempt to explain, "So, you'll either become a great cultivator mastering powerful the spells of the five elements, or a common cultivator accomplishing nothing!"

Alba couldn't help laughing aloud with an extremely proud expression.

Su Chan was stunned. She couldn't help asking curiously, "Is there something wrong with her? What's so funny about that?"

Alba patted John on the shoulder and said proudly, "John, did you hear that? She said that I might become a great person! My talent is better than yours!"

Full of envy, jealousy, and hatred, John said viciously, "Don't just suck up their compliments. She also said that you might become a common cultivator and accomplish nothing!"

Not minding what John said, Alba waved her hand casually and said, "As a genius, I must be the former, not the latter!"

John snorted and was about to speak while Li Yundong smiled and said, "Whatever, if you want to have a Chinese name, I suggest you select a family name first."

Alba thought for a while. "What's the first among the Chinese family names?"

Feng Na said with a smile, "Zhao Qian and Sun Li, the first one is Zhao."

Alba said immediately, "Then my surname is Zhao!"

Having heard that, Cheng Cheng couldn't help laughing again and whispered into Feng Na's ear, "Ah, because her birth chart lacks Ri, and her surname is Zhao. Therefore, her full name is Zhao Ri? Zhao Ri? It seems to go with her birth chart well!"

Feng Na couldn't help but burst into laughter. She quickly stopped smiling and glared at her. "Come off it. Be nice to our foreign friends!"

Li Yundong also heard Cheng Cheng's words. He tried to hold back his laughter and said, "Then I'll call you Zhao Jing."

"Zhao Jing? Zhao Jing!" Alba repeated the name twice and said with an odd expression, "It sounds hard to pronounce. But..." Soon, this woman who bore exotic beauty in a South American style, smiled and said, "But, I like it very much!"

While speaking, Alba walked over to Li Yundong with enthusiasm, trying to hug and kiss him.

Li Yundong was quick-witted and immediately took a step back quietly, while Su Chan stood in front of her, looking at her with hostility.

Alba smiled awkwardly, saying, "I just want to thank him. I don't have other intentions... Well, I know that the Chinese are conservative. Just forget it!"

Li Yundong turned to Feng Na and said, "Did you ask me to come here just to give them names?"

Feng Na smiled awkwardly. Just as she was about to say something, there was a boy's voice outside. "Feng Na, you're here! I've been looking for you..."

As soon as the boy entered the classroom, he saw Li Yundong and was stunned, frowning at once.

Li Yundong saw the boy carrying a schoolbag with a book in his hand. His eyebrows were full of pride and conceit. It was none other than Yan Hua.

When Yan Hua saw Li Yundong, immediately, he felt somewhat awful. He pretended to not see him and didn't go further into the classroom either. He said to Feng Na, "Feng Na, what were you looking for me for this afternoon? I went to the Students' Union looking for you just now but didn't find you there. Someone said that you were here, so I thought I'd drop by."

Feng Na knew that there was a grudge between Yan Fang and Li Yundong. She didn't want to put Li Yundong on the spot, so she walked out of the classroom quickly and said, "A couple of freshmen want to join us in the Students' Union. Besides, other three foreign friends want to transfer to our university and join too."

Yan Hua was a man of utilitarian views. As the deputy president of the Students' Union, upon hearing that three foreigners wanted to join in the Students' Union, he became a little excited, saying, "Really? That's good. We can take this chance to make a big deal out of it. We will be glad and proud! It can verify that our Students' Union has made some achievements. What we publicized long ago was not in vain! Of course, this also means that Tiannan University's status and the image has improved due to some foreigners wanting to enter the university to study and even taking the initiative to join the Student Union!"

Feng Na pretended to cough and said, "They're here not for Tiannan University, they're the exchange students who took part in the exchange with foreign universities last time."

Yan Hua was even more surprised. "You mean the University of Pennsylvania?"

Feng Na nodded. She looked back at Li Yundong, pointed at him, and said, "Well, these three came back to serve an apprenticeship with Li Yundong, so they decided to settle down and enroll in China. They were all the core of the Students' Union of their previous school, so they're just trying to fit in here. They came to me to join the Students' Union."

Yan Hua was very upset when he heard that. He glanced at Li Yundong, only to find that wherever the boy went, he was like a sun always shining splendidly. Anyone who stood beside him would be overshadowed by his light. What made him jealous was that these foreigners were doing this just because Li Yundong was at Tiannan University!

"I thought it was because of me, but in the end, it turns out to be because of Li Yundong!"

If this could be endured, what couldn't be!?

Yan Hua felt uncomfortable like countless ants were gnawing at his heart. He just tried hard not to show it. All his feelings had faded a lot. He smiled reluctantly and said, "I know... I will arrange for it when I come back next week. If you have nothing else to do, I will go home."

Feng Na didn't know what Yan Hua was thinking. She smiled and said, "Okay, see you next Monday."

Before leaving, Yan Hua snorted to himself. In the end, he glanced at Li Yundong with hatred, saying to himself: "Without this guy, I would be the most outstanding person in the school!"

Yan Hua cursed indignantly all the way home, then locked himself in the room. His fist punched the wall, causing a thump. He couldn't help roaring in a low voice, "Why didn't this guy die? Why can't I become stronger and surpass him?"

Suddenly, a woman's voice came from Yan Hua's room: "Do you want to become stronger?"

Hearing this, Yan Hua was shocked and immediately turned his head back.

It was already eight or nine o'clock in the evening. After Yan Hua entered the room, he did not turn on the lights. A person standing quietly by the window of his bedroom was lit by the moonlight. Her figure was graceful and beautiful. Though her appearance couldn't be clearly seen, she was obviously a very charming woman.

Yan Fang asked warily, "Who are you?"

Saying this, he quickly turned on the light in the bedroom.

But when he did so, he was stunned. "Aunt?"

It was Yan Fang. She had escaped from Li Yundong's clutches, but her Yang Spirit had been greatly reduced, so her cultivation had fallen from the Yangshen phase to the Yinshen phase.

Yan Fang wanted to find a host with an excellent talent to cultivate again, intending to make a comeback. However, she had failed to find a suitable host. On the contrary, her magic power and cultivation were declining day by day, especially her zhenqi, which she was losing every day.

Time was passing. Yan Fang painfully felt that as wide as the world was, she had nowhere to go. There was no place for her. Being sad and in pain, she returned home in a curious coincidence.

However, soon after her return, she heard Yan Hua's painful roar in her room. There was a temptation, and Yan Fang couldn't help but appear and ask. But when Yan Hua was looking at her, she froze on the spot and asked again, "Do you want to become stronger?"

Yan Hua could not understand why his aunt, who had always been mysterious, would suddenly appear in his room. And something odd was that when Yan Hua looked at Yan Fang, it seemed that her body was transparent.

After Yan Fang asked again, Yan Hua said as if waking from a dream, "Aunt, how did you become like this? You, you seem to..."

Yan Fang looked at herself. She smiled bitterly and said, "I don't look like a person, but I'm not like a ghost either, right?"

Yan Hua was subconsciously going to nod, but he quickly reacted and said awkwardly, "Aunt, what happened?"

Thinking that she had lurked in Fox Zen School for nine years, but in the end, all her effort had been in vain, Yan Fang couldn't help being sad and angry. She sneered and said, "You wouldn't understand even if I told you. I just want to ask you, do you want to become stronger?"

Yan Hua knew of some tricks of Yan Fang's. Suddenly, his eyes brightened and he said, "Aunt, you, you're willing to teach me kung fu?"