Nodding slowly and walking towards Yan Hua, Yan Fang looked him up and down seriously. She thought to herself: "Although Yan Hua is not a sage as talented as Li Yundong or Zhou Qin, he is still a talented man. Besides, he is still a boy with a seven-treasure body. With my guidance, he will improve his cultivation in a few days... Humph, now that Li Yundong can teach Zhou Qin to be an excellent woman, I won't be inferior in cultivating a superior."

Yan Hua said excitedly, "Aunt, I've always known that you are extraordinary. Li Yundong is also extraordinary, right? He has learned what you've learned, right? Are... are you really a Sword God?"

Yan Hua bombarded her with a series of questions, while Yan Fang just said nothing. She focused on Yan Hua's bones and sensory organs, and occasionally reached out for his limbs, joints, and acupoints.

Receiving no answer, instead of being disappointed, Yan Hua asked more excitedly, "Aunt, am I talented internally?"

Yan Fang nodded slightly. "Not bad..."

Yan Hua's aunt seemed to Yan Hua to be a serious person, and she seldom smiled. She even took no initiative to praise someone. When Yan Fang praised him, Yan Hua was overjoyed and said, "Aunt, can I defeat Li Yundong?"

Yan Fang was stunned for a moment, but she quickly sneered and said, "You? You are far worse than him!"

Yan Hua was a little disappointed, but he soon braced himself again and said, "It doesn't matter. He began to cultivate earlier than me, so it's only natural that he is sharper than me. But aunt, you will teach me better kung fu, so that I can be better than him. Am I right?"

Yan Fang's directness meant she never spoke in a roundabout way. She couldn't help sneering and saying, "Although you are talented, it's impossible for you to catch up with Li Yundong. You're daydreaming."

Thinking of Li Yundong's cultivation, Yan Fang was scared and jealous. She secretly thought, "If this guy continues to cultivate like this, sooner or later he will reach the Jinshen phase in advance of my Shixiong. If I decide to teach Yan Hua to cultivate, I'm afraid... we'll never catch up with Li Yundong!"

Yan Hua was very disappointed. "Aunt? Then, how long will it take for me to catch up with him?"

Yan Fang's expression was one of anger and she did not speak.

Yan Hua asked tentatively, "Three months?"

Yan Fang flared up as she said, "Three months? Do you think you are the Great Emperor of Three Pure Ones or Ancestor Hong Jun? You even don't know Li Yundong's cultivation phase and you can't imagine how strong he is! Even I, who has been cultivating since childhood and has practiced kung fu of Xuanmen Sect for decades, was defeated so badly by him. You, a little kid who knows nothing, want to surpass him in three months?"

Hearing this, Yan Hua paused but was still ticked off in his heart. He tried to swallow his anger and asked tentatively, "How about... half a year?"

Yan Fang was still in a rage, so Yan Hua immediately corrected himself and said, "One year? Two years? Could it be... three years?"

At the end of the sentence, Yan Hua couldn't help flaring up and saying, "That's to say, I am going to be crushed by him for four whole years, right?"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "You won't surpass Li Yundong for the rest of your life, unless you get some great opportunity!"

Yan Hua immediately asked for an explanation. "Well, what kind of great opportunity?"

Yan Fang thought for a moment and said, "Not only was Li Yundong's body rebuilt by Jindan, but he is a once-in-a-century genius of cultivation... Unless you get the Di Yuan elixir of life, it is absolutely impossible for you to surpass him!"

Disappointed, Yan Hua was still unwilling to give up and asked, "Then... what is the Elixir? Where can I get it?"

Yan Fang smiled coldly. She was about to say something, but swallowed back her words. She turned her head, looked at Yan Hua coldly, and said, "Don't worry about this. Since it's an opportunity, it is not something that you can strive for. Otherwise, we wouldn't call it an opportunity. I just want to ask you... Since you hate Li Yundong so much, can you hold back your anger?"

Yan Hua asked in confusion, "How can I hold back my anger?"

Yan Fang said, "It means you can't expect to surpass him in a short time. You must disguise yourself as his friend and put up with him until your kung fu surpasses his and you have 100% confidence that you can defeat him! Otherwise, you can't show any hostility to him. Not only can you not do that, but you have to flatter him! Can you do that?"

Yan Hua's face suddenly changed, and he said angrily, "How is that possible? I'm a man, how could I do such a humble thing! It's absolutely impossible!"

Yan Fang's facial expression immediately changed. She scolded harshly, "What did you say? How humble?"

Yan Hua said angrily, "Aunt, it's not like you don't know that I have a grudge with Li Yundong. How can you make me bow to him? Isn't it humiliating?"

Yan Fang said angrily, "Do you know what kind of hatred I feel for Li Yundong? He ruined my whole plan, but I still have to pretend to smile when I should. When I pretend to be a grandson, I still have to pretend to have a grandson! He is only one year older than my nephew! But so what? It's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge if he waits for a decade! I can endure for nine years. As a man, don't you have any tolerance for such things?"

Yan Hua roared, "That's you. How can a woman like you understand the self-esteem of a man! As a six-foot-tall man, I would rather be beaten to death than do such a shameful thing!"

Yan Fang was so angry that she was trembling all over. She angrily rushed over to Yan Hua, trying to grab his collar and screeching. However, as soon as she stretched out her hand to grab him, the Yin Spirit state of her body passed through Yan Hua's body.

Yan Fang was stunned, and her Qi of Mystic Yin was penetrating Yan Hua's five Zangs, which made him feel cold all over, as if he had fallen into an ice cave. He screamed and trembled from the pain all over his body.

Yan Fang's heart skipped a beat. She looked at Yan Hua with sparkling eyes and thought to herself, "My nephew's talent is not bad, and he has a grudge against Li Yundong. I thought he would have inherited my mantle, but I didn't expect him to be so useless! However, Yan Hua's Yang Qi is so strong in his body, and his talent is not bad... If my current cultivation is added..."

Thinking of this, Yan Fang's eyes flashed with ferocity, but the expression passed fleetingly. She slowly withdrew her hand, stared at Yan Hua, and said in a tender tone, "Do you really want to surpass Li Yundong?"

After waiting for Yan Fang's Yin Qi to leave his body, Yan Hua recovered a little bit. He shivered and looked at Yan Fang with some fear, but his face still showed a strong desire to become stronger, and he nodded hard.

Yan Fang narrowed her eyes and asked in a deep voice, "Apart from kneeling down, you'll pay the price, won't you?"

Yan Hua thought for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said, "Yes!"

Yan Fang narrowed her eyes again, as if she didn't want her nephew to detect the fierceness in her eyes. Her voice was as chilly as the cold wind in an ice cave of hell. "Don't you regret it?"

Yan Hua shouted, "I don't regret it!"

"That's great!"

Yan Fang's eyes suddenly widened. Her eyes were shining with piercing coldness. Her face suddenly became extremely distorted and ferocious. With A sharp roar, her body turned into a green light and shot into Yan Hua's body in the blink of an eye.

Yan Hua had been caught off guard. He roared aloud and shrank painfully into a ball. Then, he fell to the ground and kept struggling and twisting.

However, Yan Fang was well prepared, and she was a master of cultivation. In addition, she had stabbed Yan Hua's heart and soul with Yin Qi before, which made him full of panic for a moment. He could not concentrate on fighting Yan Fang, who had invaded his sense of perception.

What's more, Yan Hua didn't dare to believe that his aunt wanted to take over his body. In a panic, his apparition was swallowed by Yan Fang bit by bit. Gradually, all of the parts of his soul were swallowed by Yan Fang.

Time flowed by, and Yan Hua, who was twisting and struggling on the ground, gradually calmed down. In the end, he lay quietly on the floor and had no reaction at all.

After a while, there was a sudden knock at the door of Yan Hua's bedroom. It was Yan Hua's mother, who shouted through the door, "Hua? Are you okay?"

At this time, Yan Hua, who was lying on the floor, suddenly opened his eyes. He sat up stiffly, like a zombie. He looked down at his hands without any expression on his face and just said loudly, "I'm fine!"

Yan Hua's mother yelled back, "I heard you talking to someone in the room? Who's there?"

Yan Hua shouted, "I'm talking on the phone!"

Yan Hua's mother did not doubt him. She muttered something at the door, then her footsteps gradually faded away.

At this time, Yan Hua stood up slowly. His hands and feet were somewhat uncoordinated. With stiff and rusty movements, he went over to a full-length mirror to look himself up and down.

Suddenly, Yan Hua - no, it should be 'Yan Fang' - burst into laughter. She laughed, but tears flowed down her face. She laughed for a while, then suddenly covered her face and burst into tears again, crying like a ghost. The sound was utterly creepy.

After crying for a while, Yan Fang began to giggle weirdly. Looking at her extremely strange self in the mirror, she couldn't help but giggle and say, "I used to hate myself due to being a woman of five punctures, but now it's all good. I'm a man of seven treasures. It won't take long for me to recover all my strength, and I'm going to be far stronger than before!"

Yan Fang sneered and said, "Li Yundong, just wait and see! I won't let you succeed!"

She then turned her head and looked out of the window coldly. At this time, her figure was casting a shadow on the ground in the moonlight, distorted and weird.

Outside the window which she was standing by, there was a silver crescent moon hanging high in the sky. It seemed to be the eye of the sky, staring coldly at the vast earth and the grievances in the world...