After saying goodbye to Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and the others early in the morning, Li Yundong went to Tibet alone.

Since he was ready to go back as soon as possible, he not only refused Zhou Qin's company but also did not take Su Chan with him. He did not even take any luggage. He flew to Tibet alone.

Because the altitude was much higher than in most places in China, the winter in Tibet was particularly cold.

Unlike Zhou Qin, who traveled thousands of miles to cultivate Zhuji, when Li Yundong came to Tibet again, the sky was not snowy, but there was some haze around. The ice and snow piled up on the plateau of the Snow Region covered the magnificent plateau in silver, especially the undulating mountains between heaven and earth. It was like a silver dragon winding and wandering, and in the next second, it would wake up.

As soon as he flew into the sky above the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Li Yundong immediately felt that the earth was much closer to him, and the sky seemed to be much lower. There seemed to be a pair of eyes hidden in the dark, thick clouds, staring at him silently, dignified and solemn.

After flying for a while, Li Yundong landed on the ground again. Fortunately, there were few people on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, so no one found him.

Li Yundong slowly walked into a mountainous area, which was the center of Tibetan society.

When the first sign appeared, Li Yundong clearly saw that the traffic on the road was dense. There were many off-road vehicles and cars running across the wide road. Most of these cars were private cars of backpackers or travel groups.

These tourists curiously looked at Li Yundong from the window. In their opinion, it was really rare for someone like him, who had no luggage and was dressed like a Han man, to be alone on the road. Many people were pointing at him.

Li Yundong didn't mind. When someone waved to him, he smiled politely and nodded to them. Then he continued to walk unhurriedly toward the downtown area.

As he walked, he admired the magnificent winter scenery in Tibet. Wherever he looked, he only felt that everywhere could be a scene in a painting. Even the lamest cameraman, with his eyes closed, could take the camera and shoot the most beautiful scene on earth.

Li Yundong looked around at it all and sighed in his heart. He thought to himself, "If it weren't for the fact that this place's Tibetan Buddhism is too powerful and too deep-rooted, I'm afraid that Daoist cultivators would have snatched such a sacred land a long time ago. Cultivating in such a place would give twice the result with half the effort."

Thinking of cultivation, Li Yundong suddenly saw a large-scale bus passing by. As usual, there were many warm-hearted tourists on the bus who curiously poked their heads out the window to see the strange traveler. Li Yundong smiled and nodded at them. But soon after, the bus suddenly stopped. A woman in sunglasses and a down jacket got out of the car.

After the woman got out of the car, she waved at Li Yundong enthusiastically and cried, "Hey, hey!"

Li Yundong was stunned for a moment and looked at the woman. He saw that the woman had long black wavy hair and wore sunglasses, which made her look very fashionable and western. Although her voice and figure looked a little familiar, he couldn't remember who the woman was for a while.

Only then did the woman take off her sunglasses. She waved at Li Yundong with a smile and said loudly, "Hey, don't you know me?"

Li Yundong looked at her and suddenly laughed. Wasn't this the tour guide Miss whom he had met in Tibet and Xiyuan Temple before?

He walked over with a smile and said, "It's you. I thought it was you."

Liu Xia, the tour guide, saw that Li Yundong had recognized her, so she put on her sunglasses again. She said with a smile, "Why are you here? Why are you alone? Where is your car? Have you lost it?"

Li Yundong smiled slightly. "I don't have a car."

Liu Xia suddenly understood, "Ah, I almost forgot. The last time I saw you, you were running like a wild horse in front of me. I almost couldn't catch up with you when I was driving."

Li Yundong smiled and changed the topic. "Did you bring a team out again this time?"

After chatting with Li Yundong in the Xiyuan Temple for a while, Liu Xia's vigilance and hostility toward him decreased a lot. At this time, suddenly seeing Li Yundong in Tibet, she was even more surprised and asked the car to stop for a while. She began to talk with him enthusiastically.

Liu Xia said with a smile, "Yes, this time I'm leading the team. I just took the tourists around the Mu District next to the mountainous area. Now I'm ready to go back. What about you? Where are you going? I'll take you there."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "There's no need to do that. I can walk by myself."

Seeing that Li Yundong refused her, Liu Xia was slightly disappointed, but she still smiled and said, "Well... Are you traveling again? Ah, since I became a tour guide, I have seen a lot of people, but I have never seen someone like you. Why do you have to use your legs instead of your car? Are you superman?"

As she spoke, the car behind her suddenly honked its horn. It was the driver urging Liu Xia to get in the car quickly.

Liu Xia immediately asked Li Yundong, "Are you really not going to come?"

Li Yundong shook his head with a smile, but he immediately seemed to think of something. He asked, "By the way, do you know where Master Erdeni lives?"

Liu Xia was stunned. "Master Erdeni? Are you talking about... one of the three Living Buddhas in Tibet?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "It seems to be this person."

Liu Xia asked with a strange look, "Why are you looking for him?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "It's just a small matter. Can you tell me where he is?"

Liu Xia rolled his eyes and smiled cunningly. "Okay, but you have to get in the car. I can't tell you clearly in a short time. Come on, I can be a tour guide and take you there."

Li Yundong laughed and said, "I'm penniless. If I don't have money, I can't pay the tour guide!"

Liu Xia waved her hand generously and said, "Don't worry. We've met several times, this is fate. I won't charge you! Hurry up and get in the car. All the people are waiting for you."

When Li Yundong saw the other party's enthusiastic invitation, he no longer put on airs. He nodded with a smile and said, "Well, I owe you one then."

Liu Xia was overjoyed. "That's a deal. I'll show you around the beautiful mountainous city later!"

Li Yundong smiled and got in the car with Liu Xia. He saw that the group of tourists was looking at him curiously as if they wanted to see the appearance of the man who had suddenly asked the tour guide Liu Xia to stop the car and rush out.

When they saw that Li Yundong was handsome and arrogant, they immediately looked at Liu Xia with various kinds of ambiguous expressions.

Liu Xia's cheeks turned a little red under these gazes. She coughed awkwardly and said to Li Yundong, "Go to the back row and have a seat. We'll be arriving soon."

Li Yundong didn't seem to feel these gazes. He nodded lightly, went straight to the back, and sat down.

Liu Xia saw that Li Yundong was calm as if he was not affected at all. She was both disappointed and curious. She couldn't help looking down at herself and thinking, "Who is this guy? Is he only pretending to be so calm, or does he really care about nothing?"

Liu Xia had seen Li Yundong several times, and several times she had seen some magical and incredible things. It was impossible for Li Yundong not to have left a deep impression on her.

Sometimes, she would even make private guesses with her close friends about who Li Yundong was, why he was so mysterious, and why he could do so many incredible things.

These questions had been lingering in Liu Xia's heart for a long time. This time, meeting him again, she suddenly had a feeling that she could not meet him anywhere else in the world. It seemed that she was destined to meet such a magical man again and again.

After thinking about it for a while, Liu Xia expelled the distracting thoughts from her mind. She calmed down and continued to explain the local customs to the tourists along the way.

About half an hour later, the bus finally drove into the downtown area of the city. When the bus stopped, the tourists got off in a hurry. Li Yundong calmly waited for everyone to get off, and then he got out slowly.

As soon as he got out of the bus, Li Yundong saw the tour guide Liu Xia standing next to it. She stood at the door with a smile and said to him, "We're here. Wait for me in the hall. I'll go back and take care of it." After that, without waiting for Li Yundong's consent, she quickly went into the hotel.

Li Yundong cried out. Before he could say "no need to dress up", Liu Xia had already run away.

It was not until half an hour later that Liu Xia came out of the hotel in a hurry. When she saw Li Yundong at the door, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief. She patted her chest and said with a smile, "Why are you still here? Didn't I ask you to wait in the hall? I just looked around and didn't see you. I thought you had left impatiently."

Li Yundong saw that although Liu Xia was still wearing a pair of big sunglasses, she had taken off her down jacket that covered her curves and changed into a hand-made brown plaid sweater. Under her shirt, there was a pair of jeans that hugged her long legs tightly, perfectly outlining her beautiful figure.

Li Yundong noticed that Liu Xia had even deliberately painted her crystal lips. He couldn't help but smile bitterly and said, "It's just a road. Do you need to change clothes from top to bottom?"

Liu Xia adjusted the sunglasses on her nose and said with a chuckle, "You can't entertain distinguished guests casually. Let's go. I'll take you to a shopping mall!"

Li Yundong hurriedly said, "I don't have time to go shopping. Just tell me where Master Erdeni is. I'll go and find him myself."

Liu Xia immediately giggled. "Don't be silly. You won't be able to see him! Master Erdeni lives in Potala Palace. An ordinary person like you can't see someone like him!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "You don't have to worry about that. You just need to take me there."

Liu Xia looked at Li Yundong strangely and said, "Well, since you insist... However, this place is really beautiful. Don't you want to look around? Don't worry, I won't take you to the store and force you to buy things."

Li Yundong laughed and said, "It's useless for you to take me away, because I..."

Liu Xia did not wait for Li Yundong to finish his words, and said in unison with him, "You don't have any money! Am I right?"

Li Yundong was stunned for a moment, and then he burst out laughing with Liu Xia.

Liu Xia giggled, pushed her sunglasses back to her nose, and said, "Let's go. I'll take you to the palace."

Although the two of them had met several times before, they had not spoken much. However, this time around, they seemed to be very friendly with each other due to their unexpected encounter. As a tour guide, Liu Xia had excellent eloquence and was very good at observing people's expressions. In addition, she enthusiastically introduced the scenic spots and history of the area. As they walked, they arrived at the Jokhang Temple near the Potala Palace.

The two of them had just entered the lively timple when they saw a sea of people on the streets. Countless residents flocked on the streets, looking in one direction, as if they were waiting for someone to arrive.

Li Yundong was stunned and asked curiously, "What are they doing?"

Liu Xia stood on tiptoe and looked into the distance carefully. Suddenly, she was surprised and excited and said, "Oh, how lucky you are! You've actually run into the Divine Guardian's dance on the street! This is a rare sight!"

Li Jiandong asked curiously, "Guardian Dance?" As he spoke, he turned his head and looked into the distance. He saw a group of people walking on the street and taking heavy breaths. Some of them were holding musical instruments and walking while playing them. Some of them were wearing various ghost-like masks and dancing as they walked.

Among this group of people, a few strong young men with bare upper bodies were carrying a well-dressed woman and walking slowly.

Wherever the woman went, the Tibetan people would bow to her reverently in waves.

Li Yundong was very far away. At first glance, he saw that although the woman was wearing an exaggerated ghost mask, her figure seemed to be familiar.

While he was feeling a little strange in his heart, he heard Liu Xia say excitedly, "Oh, it's Banda Lam! It's a true God's journey! It's rare, it's so rare!"