When Li Yundong heard Liu Xia's words, his heart suddenly moved. He thought to himself, "Banda Lam? Isn't that Meiduo?"

Thinking of this, he became more and more serious as he looked at the person coming.

At this time, there was a sea of people on the most prosperous Bakuo Street street in Lhasa. Countless Tibetan people crawled down like ants, making the people in the distance see the believers who were dancing the Guardian Dance more clearly.

They saw a group of people walking in front of them, dressed in colorful Tibetan clothes. They were wearing large masks made of clay and painted with the shapes of gods and ghosts, and a snow-white khada was tied to the top of the masks.

At first glance, Li Yundong saw that these masks were exquisitely made out of pure gold and fine powder. Some were calm, some were fierce, some were black, and some were ugly and ferocious with fangs. They were decorated with skulls, giving people a strong and deep impression. The big sleeves and wide robes of believers had beautiful patterns. The ribbons were fluttering and colorful, and there were human faces and skulls on the back and the front of the clothes.

Lamas were holding Buddhist conches in both of their hands. Some of them were carrying the Buddhist conches on the shoulder of the person in front of them, while others were blowing on the road behind them. The sound of the Buddhist conch was full of deterrence, making people feel respected.

When the crowd got closer, Li Yundong saw a tall bun on the top of the leading woman's head. She wore a bright crown, a big ring in her ear, and a mask on her face. Her appearance could not be seen clearly. There were three slender eyes on the mask, which seemed to reveal a kind look. The woman was wearing a white coat, a big red robe, and a pair of red boots. She was sitting on the lotus throne on a high platform, holding a long arrow with a white rod in her right hand, and a bowl full of jewelry in her left. In the midst of the chanting, she really had the majesty of a True God.

Liu Xia, who was watching nearby, was fascinated. She could not help but click her tongue and sigh, "It's really unusual. Isn't it the tenth day of October when the Spring Festival occurs, according to the Tibetan calendar? Why did they come out today?"

Out of curiosity, she took the initiative to grab a Tibetan next to her and ask them quickly in Tibetan. After the Tibetan politely answered with a few words, Liu Xia suddenly realized something. She excitedly pulled Li Yundong and said, "Hey, you're lucky! As soon as you arrived, you saw such a grand celebration that has not been seen for a hundred years. I heard that the Living Buddha found the reincarnation of Banda Lam, and that's why she has the Guardian Dance on a trip! Come on, kneel with me!"

Bakuo Street was the most prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Tibet, and it was also the most famous Holy Street. Because it was built around the Great Zhao Temple in Tibet, it passed through Potala Palace, Yaowang Mountain, and the Ramoche Temple, so it was named Bakuo Street. In Tibetan language, the meaning of Bakuo Street was to transfer the channel and the central circle. Every day, countless believers came and went around Bakuo Street Street for a pilgrimage.

It seemed that they had heard the news of Banda Lam's trip, so there were a lot of Tibetan believers on this day. Some of them had come from the northern pasturing area in white robes, some from the Tibetan groups of heroes from Mount Kangba, and some were the Tibetan people living on Bakuo Street wearing gorgeous and luxurious clothes. They gathered together and made the place very noisy and crowded. But as soon as they left, the noise level fell down like a tide, and the voices disappeared immediately. The originally lively Bakuo Street became quieter and quieter, with only waves of majestic Buddhist voices lingering in the air.

As most of the Tibetan people were kneeling on the ground, many tourists who came to Bakuo street were also kneeling on the ground as usual. This was even more so for Liu Xia. After getting down, she was just about to kneel on the ground in a decent manner. However, when she turned her head, she saw that Li Yundong was still standing behind her in a daze. He held his head high and looked at the scene before him, as if he was in a trance.

Liu Xia was very anxious. She quickly pulled Li Yundong's hand and said, "Hey, what are you doing? We can't look directly at her, otherwise, it will be regarded as offensive."

However, Li Yundong didn't seem to hear what she said. His eyes were still fixed on Banda Lam, who was sitting on the Lotus Throne.

At this time, Li Yundong was sure that the person sitting on the Lotus Throne was the innocent Tibetan girl he knew, Meiduo. At this moment, he seemed to have a feeling of being separated from the world.

"The Meiduo who once surrounded me with sweet smiles and called me 'Brother Han' has now become a high-ranking Lakşmī?

"The Meiduo that once dared to show her love to me in the moonlight and cried after being rejected by me. Is she now wearing a divine robe and sitting high on the Lotus Throne?"

Li Yundong suddenly sighed in his heart and thought, "It's true that I have been looking for this person thousands of times in the crowd. When I suddenly look back, that person is at a high and cold place!"

What kind of expression would the innocent, lovely, simple and kind Meiduo have under the mask of Banda Lam now?

Was she sad? Was she joyful? Was she happy? Was she melancholy?

Li Yundong couldn't help but feel sad. He thought to himself, "The one sitting here should be Zhou Qin! But if it really were Zhou Qin, I would not agree, not to mention she doesn't agree. But, but... if Zhou Qin can't be this Banda Lam, why must she make Meiduo be it?"

Thinking of this, Li Yundong couldn't help shouting, "Meiduo!"

At this time, the whole street was extremely quiet. Li Yundong's shout immediately made everyone raise their heads to look at him. They saw that all living creatures on both sides of the street were kneeling except for him. He was standing upright and shouting at Banda Lam sitting on the Lotus Throne.

The scene in front of him shocked everyone, including Liu Xia, who was next to him. She was afraid that these angry Tibetan people would rush up and tear them to pieces in the next minute.

Sitting on the Lotus Throne, Banda Lam trembled all over and slowly turned her head away. Her eyes seemed to follow the voice in disbelief.

Through the mask of Banda Lam, Meiduo saw Li Yundong standing proudly in the crowd, towering above the rest. Her mind suddenly rumbled, and an excited and crazy voice shouted in her mind, "He's coming! He's coming!"

At this moment, Meiduo subconsciously reached out her hand to her face. She wanted to remove her mask and shouted at Li Yundong with surprise, "Brother Han!"

However, as soon as Meiduo put her hand on her mask and lifted half of it, the prayer wheel she had in her arms suddenly buzzed.

Meiduo's body suddenly trembled, and her originally excited mood suddenly cooled down. A mournful voice could not help shouting in her mind, "So what if he's here? So what?"

Meiduo's body stiffened bit by bit. Her hand, which was holding the mask, froze in the air, revealing only half of her jade-like face and a small red-cherry mouth that was as red as a dragonfly's finger.

Li Yundong saw Meiduo looking at him blankly through her mask. The look in her eyes gradually turned from surprise and excitement to sadness and finally became as cold as ashes. Under her mask, her red lips gently mouthed something. Although Li Yundong didn't hear what she said, he could clearly tell from Meiduo's mouth shape that she had said two words silently, "Brother Han..."

At this moment, Li Yundong and Meiduo looked at each other silently. The distance between them was less than five meters, but they might as well have been as far apart as the sky and the earth. Time stopped, and space was frozen. The originally flowing Bakuo street instantly became a picture of a Tangka.

Li Yundong looked at Meiduo blankly. He wanted to shout her name and pull her down from the Lotus Throne, making her become the carefree and laughing Meiduo he had known before. Though he wanted to reach out his hand, he didn't know where to start. More importantly, if Meiduo was pulled down by him, what about Zhou Qin? What would she do?

Was he going to sacrifice Meiduo for Zhou Qin?

Li Yundong was fighting in his heart. When he was hesitating, he suddenly saw a crystal teardrop rolling down Meiduo's snow-white cheeks to the corner of her mouth. At this time, Meiduo no longer hesitated. She took advantage of the action of raising her hand to wipe her tears and put on her mask fully again, covering her snow-white, beautiful face under the mask of Banda Lam.

After speaking a few words to the dancers around her in a hidden language, the people began to move forward slowly again.

Li Yundong watched Meiduo pass by him. Behind her was another image of Banda Lam, the image of Tsing Lam.

There were five skeletons on this Tsing Lam's red hair. There was a small lion ornament on her right ear, a small snake hanging on her left ear, and an account book on her waist that specifically recorded the names of evil people. She was holding a skull stick in her left hand, and a bowl full of blood in her right hand. She looked ferocious, horrible, cold, and ruthless.

Li Yundong suddenly trembled, and he couldn't help shouting, "Meiduo, do you really want to be this Banda Lam? Answer me. If you don't want to, I'll take you away!"

Hearing Li Yundong's shout, the Tibetan people who knew Chinese suddenly burst into an uproar. Liu Xia was almost scared to the ground by Li Yundong. She whispered in a trembling voice, "Oh my god, what's wrong with this guy?"

Meiduo, who was sitting on the Lotus Throne, trembled again. She slowly turned around and stared at Li Yundong with a complicated look.

Li Yundong saw that when Meiduo turned her body, half of her mask was white, half was cyan, half symbolized a horrible and ferocious Tsing Lam, and the other half symbolized a kind and beautiful Brahms, as if a living person had been cut in half.

Meiduo looked at Li Yundong blankly for a while, and then she whispered something to a believer next to her. The believer looked at Li Yundong strangely, and then said to him in stiff Mandarin, "She said that she is fine, so you don't have to worry about her. Her compatriots need her. In addition, she said that she doesn't know you, so please go away."

Li Yundong was stunned and thought, "Meiduo's words are contradictory! Does she really not want to leave?"

After Meiduo finished her words, she said a few more words to the believers, and those guarding her continued to walk forward.

This time, Li Yundong didn't say anything to stop them. He just watched Meiduo go away slowly, and the image of Tsing Lam also slowly disappeared from the street...