Li Yundong looked at the Vajra statue in front of him in shock as if he couldn't believe his eyes. "The Buddhist doctrine Mantra kung fu of the Mantra Mahāmudrā is actually engraved under the statue? Is it true? Aren't the people of the Esoteric Sect afraid that someone will steal it?"

Li Yundong suddenly turned his head and looked at the other statues in the copper hall. There were hundreds of statues there, each of which was holding a Mahamudra. There were two rows of characters below each statue, respectively written in Chinese and Tibetan.

Li Yundong was surprised and uncertain. Regardless of the fact that great master Banda Lam hadn't come yet, he had begun to practice the kung fu Mahamudra, and then recited the true Mantra of these Mahamudra in a soft voice.

But Li Yundong had clenched the Mahamudra, and as soon as he had recited these mantras, he felt the blood in his body boiling, as if a huge stone had been thrown into a calm lake, stirring up a thousand waves. Especially when he continued reciting them, the water in the lake became boiling. Especially at the end, Li Yundong felt that all his Zhenqi seemed to have transformed into a volcano lava lake that was about to burst out at any time, and in the next second, it would rush into the Mahamudra.

Li Yundong was shocked and immediately let go of the Mahamudra. In an instant, the strength slowly dissipated.

At this moment, Li Yundong was finally sure that the words were indeed the complete mantra of the Mantra Mahāmudrā.

But what puzzled Li Yundong was how these mantras had taken such a long time. Just now, he had recited the mantras, and the time had been so long, it was as if he were reciting magic. If he recited the mantras in a fight, he would have been knocked down more than ten times by the opponent. Besides, wasn't that the six-word mantra of the Esoteric Sect Kung fu? How could there be so many mantras?

Just as Li Yundong was feeling puzzled, he suddenly heard a burst of laughter behind him. "The Six-word Mantra is a secret of our Esoteric Sect, but people only know the Six-word Mantra of 'Ba-La-Ba-Ba-Ba'. They don't know that the Six-word Mantra is actually a rough mantra Kung fu."

He heard the voice behind him and looked back in surprise. With his current cultivation Quotient, it was absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to get within ten meters of him.

However, eight meters away from Li Yundong stood an old man in yellow, wearing a red robe and a yellow Lama cap. The old man's face was full of wrinkles and he had long eyebrows. Two gleaming eyes looked at Li Yundong with kindness, as if they were smiling.

Li Yundong only took a glance, and he felt that the divine light in the other side's eyes was as deep as a vast sea. He knew that this must be the Master Erdeni. He turned around, bowed respectfully, and said, "Master Erdeni, I've been looking forward to this for a long time."

With a smile, Master Erdeni put his palms together and returned the greeting. "No, no. Zhenren Li, I've heard a lot about you."

Li Yundong smiled modestly and said, "Master, how did you know what I was thinking just now?"

With a smile, he mysteriously pointed to the sky and said, "If God knows, the Buddhas know too. If the Buddhas know, I know too."

Li Yundong was unable to stifle a laugh. "As expected of Master Buddha, he deserves his reputation. However, since you know what I am thinking, why are there two different versions of the Mantra Mahāmudrā kung fu?"

Erdeni smiled and said, "In fact, this is the language used by Buddha, also known as Buddha's language. Only when these mantras of Buddha language are fully recited can the Mahāmudrā exert its full power. However, because the Buddha's language can't be used by ordinary people, or when you recite it, it is very difficult. Therefore, in order to pass down the Mantra Mahāmudrā, the disciples of the Buddha thought of a simplified version of the Mantra Mahāmudrā, which is the Six-word Mantra you are using now."

Li Yundong suddenly understood, but he still asked with a puzzled face, "Master, I'm a Han man. Why would you pass this kind of secret kung fu to an outsider like me?"

He looked at Li Yundong with deep eyes and said meaningfully, "Because Buddha doesn't discriminate based on race!"

Li Yundong was stunned. "Buddha doesn't discriminate based on race? What do you mean? But I'm not a member of your Esoteric Sect."

He said with a smile, "When I heard Dorjee Tenzin talk about you, he admired your talent in cultivation. At that time, I just sighed with emotion over there being so many hidden talents and heroes in the Central Plains. But when he said that it only took you a few days to learn the Mantra Mahāmudrā, I was immediately shocked by what he said and immediately thought of one thing. Do you know what it was?"

Li Yundong asked, "What?"

In a meaningful manner, Erdeni laughed. "I immediately realized... that the True God had been reincarnated!"

Li Yundong's heart skipped a beat. He asked in surprise, "Can you judge it just by this?"

Erdeni laughed and said, "Zhenren Li, you're really a mystery! People with great strength can easily carry a heavy burden of a thousand pounds. They must be very unusual. Why can't most people carry it? Because they are talented and can't be compared with ordinary people! Do you know even if it is a disciple of Gautama Buddha who learns Mantra Mahāmudrā kung fu, how long it takes for them to learn it completely?"

Although Li Yundong had read classics all over. He knew nothing about these secrets that were not recorded in the old books. He asked curiously, "How many years?"

Erdeni raised three fingers, laughing without saying a word.

Li Yundong asked tentatively, "Three days?"

He asked again:"Three months?" Master Erdeni shook his head and laughed.

He still shook his head and smiled. Li Yundong was slightly surprised and said, "It can't be three years, can it?"

Erdeni began to laugh loudly. "No, it's thirty years!"

Li Yundong suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air. "Thirty years? Is it so difficult to practice?"

Erdeni nodded. "Yes, the Mantra Mahāmudrā is extremely difficult to practice. That's why the abbot of the Kathok Monastery dared to give you the treasure book, because he thought you wouldn't be able to learn it. But what he hadn't expected was that you would not only learn it, but also learn it easily in just a few days, as if you had been immersed in it for decades! Do you know what's wrong with that?"

Li Yundong was silent and serious.

Seeing that he didn't want to say anything, Erdeni smiled and said, "Zhenren Li, you're the reincarnation of a True Spirit. Otherwise, it'd be impossible for you to learn the Mantra Mahāmudrā kung fu so quickly! Did you just feel that these Mantra incantations were very familiar? Have you ever felt tired when reciting them yourself?"

Li Yundong couldn't help but nod. He said, "But I feel a little slow and not very natural when I do it. Besides, I recited the incantation for so long. In a real fight, I feel that the real martial art of the Mantra Mahāmudrā kung fu is not very practical."

Then, he chuckled and said, "Zhenren Li, do you know how long it would take to cast a protective spell on Vajra of our Esoteric Sect to finish reciting the complete version of the Mantra Mahāmudrā when he learns the complete version of the incantation?"

Li Yundong didn't guess this time, so he simply asked, "How long?"

He raised a finger and said, "Ten years! Because every word of these mantras takes a lot of Zhenqi to recite. Unless you have profound magical power, you can't recite it completely! And Zhenren Li, your cultivation is not much higher than that needed to cast a protective spell on Vajra of our Esoteric Sect, but you can recite it easily. This means that you are a real Buddhist God. Apart from that, there is no other explanation that can be found!"

As he spoke, he pointed to a Vajra statue next to him and said, "Zhenren Li, give it a try. Can you recite this paragraph of Mantra incantation?"

Li Yundong looked in the direction of his finger, only to see the Vajra holding the Amituofo Print. The mantra looked frightening, and there were three rows of it!

Li Yundong looked at it and saw that although these words were hard to pronounce, when he tried to recite them, they were a little slow, but they still came fluently. He recited in a low voice, "Zuimo、Zui Mo, Lao Da Lao Da Luo Ye Ye, Nam Mo, A Li Ye, Mi Da Po Ye, Heng Ta La Duo Ye, Lao Tong Di, San Liao San Bo Tu Ye, he you also him, An, Ami, Emperor, Jealous Napo Bark, Duo San Po Bark, Duo Tiller Bark, Duo Si Di, Duo Di Ji, Multi-tailed Phosphorus Emperor, Multi-tailed Phosphorus Duo Xing Mi Ning, Duo Xing Piao Ji Jia Li, Du Nen Na Pisuo Lai, Savurato Sathonen, Savva Karma, La Ritual, Begging for Pregnancy Kali, Shaha! "

When he had finished reciting, he felt that he was sweating all over, as if he had exhausted all his strength. Especially when he recited the last syllable, he felt like he was going to run out of breath, as if he had to use all his strength and Zhenqi to recite it with every syllable he said.

Seeing that Li Yundong had finished reading, the master couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Li Yundong thought that the master was laughing at him when he finished reciting the incantation. He smiled bitterly and said, "Master, don't laugh at me."

The master shook his head. Laughing, he said, "Are you kidding me? No, no, I'm just becoming more and more certain that you are definitely the reincarnation of a True Spirit! Because you actually know how to crack the words of these mantras!"

As he spoke, he walked up to the Vajra Buddha statue, pointed at the mantra below, and said with a smile, "There are no symbols on it. If it weren't for the fact that you were born to understand the Buddhist language, you wouldn't have known where to start. However, each of your broken positions was a true mantra. Furthermore, this is the most difficult part of all the Mahamudra kung fu. Even I may not be able to recite it in one breath, but you can! Moreover, this Mahamudra is divided into nine levels, which are Nine-level Amitabha. You can recite the ninth in one breath. Zhenren Li, are you still not willing to admit it?"

Li Yundong was silent for a long time before he slowly said, "Even if I am, what does that have to do with your Esoteric Sect?"

Master Erdeni clapped his hands and laughed loudly. "Very well, very well. You've finally admitted it! It has everything to do with you, of course!" As he spoke, he respectfully leaned down and prostrated himself on the ground, saying, "Master Erdeni pays his respects to Buddha!"

Li Yundong quickly helped him up and shook his head, saying, "You're too polite, master. I'm embarrassed. You're the reincarnation of Living Buddha, so I should salute you. However, I only know that I have the spirit of the Immovable Wisdom King, not the Buddha Fashen."

He stood up and said with a smile, "Immovable Wisdom King is the incarnation of Buddha. It's used to subdue demons. It has great divine power and supernatural power. No wonder Living Buddha can recite these mantras so easily!"

Li Yundong said with a wry smile, "Don't call me Living Buddha. It sounds weird. Besides, in front of you, Master, how dare I call myself Living Buddha?"

However, Erdeni shook his head, taking a step back, and then said seriously, "That won't do!"

Li Yundong also said seriously, "Master Erdeni, I'm a Daoist cultivator. Even if I were to be reincarnated from an Immovable Wisdom King, I would have other cultivations and destinies in my life. Calling me Living Buddha is too absurd. I'll be laughed at."

He thought for a moment, then said, "Alright then! However, how can Tianzun address you as an ordinary man? I'll just address you as a Tianzun! You don't have to call me by your surname because you're the only Tianzun in this world!"

Seeing that he couldn't dissuade her, Li Yundong had no choice but to change the subject and said, "Master Erdeni, I heard you say that there are also nine levels in Amitabha. May I ask which nine are available? Can you teach me?"

Erdeni smiled slightly. "If the Tianzun wishes to learn, of course, I can help!"

Li Yundong was happy to hear this. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard a "plop" in the distance, followed by a cry. He was immediately shocked and turned his head sharply. His sharp eyes were like lightning as they flicked in the direction of the sound. He shouted, "Who is it?!"