Facing an attack from both sides, Li Yundong did not panic. He made a Vajra Fist with both hands, and the index finger of his left hand stood straight. He held the first part of his left index finger with the little finger of his right hand, and the first part of his left index finger was supported by the right thumb. It was the Wisdom Fist Seal, an Emblematic Gesture that could destroy all the unknown darkness in the Divyadundubhi Meghanirghosa's hand!

He performed the Divyadundubhi Meghanirghosa's hand and recited the mantra. The Wisdom Fist Seal was one of the shortest movements in the mantra. There were only three small pieces of the mantra in total. He recited them quickly, and in the blink of an eye, he finished it. "Hey! Sun-Touching Talisman! "

As soon as Li Yundong finished reciting, all the Zhenqi in his body rushed out like a volcano eruption, and a majestic force instantly gathered in his hands. With a boom, the Wisdom Fist Seal rushed toward Xu Ling like a cannonball.

The power Mahamudra was far beyond that of Li Yundong's previous six-word mantra. In the past, when he had done a Mahamudra, it had shone with golden light, like a golden palm. But at first glance, it could still be seen that this handprint was illusory and transparent. But at this time, when Li Yundong struck out, all the Zhenqi in his body seemed to be condensed into this move. At first glance, it was like a real palm, and even the air and light could not penetrate it!

Xu Ling felt that the Mahamudra had come to him in the blink of an eye, as if a Vajra Buddha had suddenly appeared in front of him and slapped him!

This fierce, domineering wind made all the hairs on his body stand on end. He immediately let out a scream and disappeared.

Li Yundong's big handprint forced Xu Ling, who was rushing toward him, to retreat again, but Xu Kong next to him rushed over in the blink of an eye. With a flick of the fly-whisk in his hand, he threw it at his face like a steel whip.

Dorjee Tenzin and Meiduo, who were not far away, heard the horrible sound breaking through the air, and they felt afraid. They knew that if this hit was true, even solid ice would be smashed to pieces, let alone a human body.

Seeing that Li Yundong had done Mahamudra to drive away Xu Kong, but had been attacked by him, they immediately let out a cry of surprise.

But Li Yundong didn't notice. Suddenly, white light flew out from behind him. It was the Liuhe Sword's guardian. It cut fiercely and sharply at the head of the fly-whisk!

Xu Kong frowned and immediately turned his wrist, and the fly-whisk he had thrown came back. He turned his body, and the fly-whisk in his hand went soft. The soft beard avoided the fierce cleave of the Liuhe, but with the power of the rotation, it climbed to the handle of the Liuhe Sword like a vine. Then, Xu Ling turned over with the momentum of turning and made a sword. The black longsword stretched out from his core in an instant and went straight to his waist.

It was impossible for him to defend against this attack. Li Yundong's Liuhe was entangled with the fly-whisk in an instant. If it had been anyone else and he hadn't had enough powerful magical weapons, he would definitely have died in an instant.

But Li Yundong instantly stretched out his hand and quickly pinched a colorful embroidered purse. In the blink of an eye, the Psychic Fan of Seven Treasures jumped out.

Every leaf of the treasured fan was like a saw wheel clanging, and it fiercely chopped toward Xu Kong's black long sword.

Xu Kong was stunned. He hadn't expected that Li Yundong would have a magical weapon beside him. When he saw the leaf of the Psychic Fan spinning rapidly, a layer of golden Sanskrit appeared on it, and the edge of the fan became even sharper. If he fought it head-on, his sword might be damaged.

He did not dare to fight recklessly against the Fan of the Seven Treasures. With a flip of his wrist, he released the Liuhe in his hand and wrapped it around the tail of the fan like a group of vipers.

In the blink of an eye, this fly-whisk wrapped tightly around the tail of the fan like a tree vine. The rapidly spinning leaves of the fan stopped spinning and Xu Kong let out a loud shout. With a violent shake of his wrist, he threw the whisk in his hand into the air and pulled the fan into the air.

The two magic treasures flew up, then immediately stopped. They fought each other like two strong men. The Fan of Seven Treasures struggled madly, trying to break free from the entanglement of the whisk. However, this whisk fought back hard, desperately trying to wrap itself around the fan, getting tighter and tighter.

When Li Yundong saw that his weapon was entangled, he had an idea and immediately commanded the Liuhe to attack the other side fiercely.

The two of them fought as hard as thunder and as fast as lightning. However, by the time Xu Ling was driven away by the Mahamudra, the two of them had already finished several rounds of fighting.

When Xu Ling reappeared, he suddenly opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, "The Fan of Seven Treasures? You little kid, your magical weapon is not bad! What's your relationship with the Fox Zen School?"

But before he had time to be surprised, he saw a sword that was attacking Xu Kong suddenly split into two and rushing toward him.

Xu Ling was shocked and asked, "The Liuhe? What's the relationship between you and the Linggong Sect?"

As he spoke, the Liuhe rushed in front of him like lightning. Xu Ling saw it clearly. He stretched out his finger and flicked the sword hard. With a clang, it was thrown far away.

Xu Ling saw Li Yundong's gloomy face and did not speak. He looked at these powerful magical weapons, and his eyes suddenly showed strong greed. He laughed and said, "You don't want to tell me, do you? It doesn't matter. When I get it, it will be my magical weapon!"

As he spoke, he suddenly stretched out his hands from his sleeves. A black jade pendant was in his hand.

Xu Ling threw the jade pendant into the air and immediately stopped. The Liuhe also stopped in front of him in an instant, and it was difficult for them to take half a step further.

Li Yundong looked over and recognized that it was the board in the hand of the ancient ministers. The board was erected in the air, as if there was an invisible god holding a jade coffin, making the Liuhe unable to move anymore.

Li Yundong suddenly felt a chill in his heart. He frowned and thought, "What kind of magic weapon is this? How can it make the Liuhe unable to move? Even I feel that my connection with it has been cut off?"

Xu Ling seemed to know his thoughts. He said proudly, "Humph, no matter how powerful your sword is, it's worthless in front of me. Humph, let me tell you, my Yuhuang Xiandu specializes in all magic tools in the world. No matter how powerful your weapons are, you're powerless when you meet mine!"

Only then did Li Yundong understand. He thought in his heart, "This Jade-slaying Immortal is probably a powerful magical weapon of the same type. If I trade one for one, I won't have much attack power, but using this powerful magical weapon can offset a powerful magical weapon of his. If I use it properly, this powerful magical weapon will really be a bit abnormal. If I have such a magic treasure, I don't have to be afraid of the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade in Zheng Yuan's hand."

Xu Ling saw that Li Yundong was silent, so he laughed wildly and said, "Boy, there is a way in heaven, but you're not taking it, and there's no door in hell! I have given you a chance to live, but you won't cherish it! Hum, let's see what powerful magical weapon you have now!"

After that, he roared and took out a powerful magical weapon from his sleeve. It was a jade seal.

Xu Ling held the jade seal in his hand and covered it in front of him. Suddenly, two black characters were clearly drawn by him in the air. They were the words 'Five Ghosts' from the ancient seal book.

The two black characters 'Five Ghosts' hung in the air for a while, and then slowly twisted and drifted away, as if the condensed ink had been scattered.

The blackness slowly dispersed into five human figures. These five people were wearing colorful robes and each of them had an item. One of them was holding a piece of cloth and a jar, one had a leather bag and a sword, one had a fan, one had a hammer, and the other had a firepot. The five people's faces were green, and their eyes looked hollow. They were exuding a black aura of death all over their bodies.

With only one glance at them, Li Yundong was greatly shocked. He recognized that they were the five plague ghosts of the sky and earth. They were Zhang Yuanbo of the Spring Plague, Liu Yuanda of the Summer Plague, Zhao Gongming of the Autumn Plague, Zhong Rengui of the Winter Plague, and Shi Wenye of the Historical Plague.

Usually, only one of these ghosts would appear, and then there would be a terrible plague in the world. No one could imagine what would happen if all five ghosts appeared together!

Li Yundong was both shocked and angry. "Five ghosts? How, how can you summon such vicious ghosts?"

Xu Ling laughed loudly and said, "Vicious? Are you kidding? They are the gods of the immortal class! Don't you know that Emperor Suwen once conferred the title of general to them? Look at this cyan-robed man who was given the title of General of Xian Sheng, the red-robed man who was given the title of General of Xian Ying, the white-robed man who was given the title of General of Perception, the black-robed man who was given the sense of General, and the yellow-robed man who was given the title of General of Juewei! You are just a kid who don't know the immensity of heaven and earth. When you see the Five Ghosts, shouldn't you surrender yourself?"

After that, he flicked his sleeve, and the ghosts immediately waved the powerful magical weapons in their hands together. The one holding the hooks hooked the jar's mouth, releasing cyan smoke in an instant. The one holding the leather bag and the long sword split the leather bag open with the sword in their hands, and the leather bag immediately released red smoke.

The plague ghost held the hammer and slammed it hard against the ground. With a loud noise, a crack appeared on the ground, and wisps of black mist flew out from it. The plague ghost took a deep breath from the firepot, and then spat a mouthful of yellow smoke at Li Yundong.

The four wisps of smoke surged in the air. At first, they were not fast, like four crawling pythons of different colors in the air, but the plague ghost holding the fan suddenly waved the fan in his hand hard. In an instant, on the hillside of Kari Holy Mountain, a strong wind blew and whistled.

Within one blink of an eye, the four wisps of smoke turned into crazy dancing snakes, and then into a huge whirlpool, pouncing on Li Yundong from all directions.

Li Yundong was shocked. He knew that these four auras respectively represented the most terrible four kinds of Death Qi in the world. They were the Qi of Death, of Plague, of Ghost, and of Poison. As long as ordinary people touched a little of it, they would immediately turn into rotten water, their bones gone.

Even an expert at the top level of Yang Spirit like him would rot and die if he inhaled a little bit, let alone touched it!

Li Yundong knew that Xu Ling was vicious, but he hadn't expected that the Taoist in front of him would be quite so vicious. He had never heard of such a thing!

He was furious and shouted, "With such a harmful powerful magical weapon and magic, aren't you afraid of divine punishment?"

Xu Ling laughed wildly and said, "Just worry about yourself first!" After that, he pointed at Li Yundong and sneered, "This is the result of going against me!"