Seeing the plague coming at him from all directions, Li Yundong immediately held his breath and entered a state of True Breath from his mortal breath. At the same time, the Yang Spirit instantly went out of his body and turned into the Wisdom King with superhuman powers. He also made three Mahamudras in his hands and took out the burning thumb pot from his arms and flicked his fingers, making a dinging sound.

The burning thumb pot was made for restraining the Evil Qi of demons and ghosts. Although the five ghosts were gods, the bad spirits released by them were sinister and vicious, so they were also restrained by the burning thumb pot.

Li Yundong flicked his finger, and layers of halos immediately spread out from the burning thumb pot. These halos spread constantly, like ripples, instantly blocking the poisonous wind coming from all directions around him. Moreover, as soon as this halo made contact with the four-colored smoke, it immediately absorbed a part of the smoke and bounced back, as if it had absorbed a part of the evil Qi.

Xu Ling was shocked and looked at Li Yundong in disbelief. He said in surprise, "A burning thumb pot?! How is that possible? How could you have such a magical item? You have three powerful magical weapons?"

Powerful magical weapons were the weapons of cultivators. However, not every cultivator had one. Each powerful magical weapon had its own unique uses. As long as they were used properly, they would have the strength to change the tide of battle. Such things were naturally extremely rare. It was extremely impressive for ordinary cultivators to have a powerful magical weapon. If they could have two at the same time, they would be awe-inspiring and no one would dare to offend them.

However, if a cultivator had three at once, his combat strength would increase by more than double. Any challenger would have to settle a score with the cultivator and his three powerful magical weapons, which meant one versus four!

After the surprise, Xu Ling soon showed strong jealousy and greed in his eyes. He said with a grim smile, "Okay, okay. What powerful magical weapons do you have? Take them out all at once! I'm lucky to have you now!"

Once he had finished talking, he wrapped his sleeves and quickly disappeared from where he was. His shrill laughter came from all directions in the wind. At this time, Xu Kong was entangled with the Liuhe, and he suddenly threw the long sword in his hand into the air, making his sword and the Liuhe fight. He also rolled up his sleeves and concealed himself in an instant, disappearing from the same place.

Li Yundong saw that there was a four-colored poisonous wind around him. Although the burning thumb pot could block the evil Qi outside, because every time the alms bowl emitted a stream of light, a part of the poisonous gas would be absorbed. This part of the poisonous gas was different from the Yuanqi of the demons and ghosts, so it could not be directly absorbed by the burning thumb pot. Therefore, the burning thumb pot had to spend a lot of Lingqi to fight the evil Qi that had invaded the inside of the magical item. Every time the alms light was released by the burning thumb pot, it would weaken a little bit, and the surrounding wild wind and evil Qi would become stronger and fiercer.

Li Yundong saw that things were not going well, but he wasn't shocked at all. His face was as calm as water, and he closed his eyes. As soon as he closed his eyes, the Yang Spirit's eyes opened, and the vertical pupil on his forehead opened, emanating blinding light!

He controlled his Yang Spirit Fashen, and his six arms pinched three Mahamudras one after another. One of his hands was tied inside, and his two index fingers were vertical. His wrists were two to three inches apart, and his two fingers were bent three times. It was the Tathagata Print, which could remove all the miasma!

Li Yundong's other two hands were made in Vájra Fetters, and his two middle fingers were as vertical as needles. They were in unique shapes. It was the Samayah Mahāmudrā of Diamond Element that couldn't be moved by the eight winds!

As for the remaining two, he put his palms together humbly. His two little fingers, such as the two nameless fingers, merged into his palms. The two index fingers were attached to the back of the two middle fingers, and his thumb was erect. It was the shape of three eyes, which could destroy all obstacles and subdue all the ghost-like light at the top of the Mahamudra!

These three Mahamudra seals were extremely powerful. They were aimed at the evil Qi from the surrounding poisonous winds, the ferocious attacks from all directions, as well as the defense and counterattack of the Five Ghosts that had been summoned.

Li Yundong's previous Mantra Mahāmudrā had been extremely powerful. Now, combined with all these mantras, its power was terrifying.

Although the crazy evil wind around him was fierce, Li Yundong's Apothecary Buddha's Emblematic Gesture, together with the burning thumb pot, immediately forced the wind around him back, as if there was a barrier in the air around him.

Li Yundong struck out with the Samayah Mahāmudrā of Diamond Element, which instantly turned into countless Vajras and scattered around him. As soon as Xu Ling and Xu Kong appeared around Li Yundong to launch a sneak attack, a golden radiance Vajra appeared automatically. He slammed his palm toward the two Taoists, forcing them to retreat, as if thousands of troops and horses were surrounding him.

He then recited the mantra and used two Mahamudras in succession. He immediately reversed the situation and put himself steadily in an invincible position. When he recited the mantra, he slapped out the third Light Gathering Mahamudra. In an instant, the sky and earth changed color, and all the light seemed to gather on Li Yundong's Mahamudra.

This strong white light seemed to pierce all the dark evil forces. It squeezed the air around it and rushed toward the five ghosts in a fierce torrent!

How could these five ghosts dare to take such a horrible Buddha-gathering Mahamudra? They immediately let out screams like night owls and rose into the air in an instant.

Li Yundong snorted and slapped them again with the Light Gathering Buddhist Mahamudra. The five ghosts were immediately driven away by Li Yundong. They didn't have the time or strength to stimulate the Evil Wind Qi.

Meiduo, Dorjee Tenzin, and the others were already stunned. Although Meiduo was the heir of Banda Lam and had seen Li Yundong's divine power many times, she still hadn't expected Li Yundong to be so powerful!

The two Taoists had killed several of them in less than a few seconds, and the ones who had been killed were all powerful guardian sentinels!

However, Li Yundong was fighting two people alone, but he was not at a disadvantage at all!

This kind of strength was more than frightening!

Dorjee Tenzin also widened his eyes and couldn't help sighing, "Great, great. Zhenren Li really can't be moved by the wind. He's mighty and fierce! He's so powerful, so powerful!"

But as soon as he opened his mouth, Xu Ling, who had been unable to attack for a long time, suddenly looked at them with anger. He rolled his eyes and smiled gloomily. "Boy, I didn't expect you to be this good at Mahamudra kung fu! However, even if you can guarantee that you won't be affected by these five ghosts, can you guarantee that the others will be fine as well?"

After saying that, he roared and pointed at Meiduo, Dorjee Tenzin, and the others. The five ghosts in the air immediately released a gust of evil wind and rushed towards them.

Li Yundong suddenly became furious. He lit up his Mahamudra and drove the five ghosts away so that they didn't have time to fan the dark wind. But even this little bit of dark wind and evil air had shocked Meiduo and the others.

Dorjee Tenzin shouted again, "Making the Vajra Formation!"

The remaining three Lamas immediately sat cross-legged. The four of them were occupying one of four directions, one in the east, one in the east, one in the west, and the other in the west. Each of them pinched Fixed Fundamental Palms with their hands, and they chanted the scriptures quickly.

For a moment, their bodies emitted a faint golden radiance. The golden radiance slowly connected together and formed a golden barrier, blocking the evil Qi outside.

However, the Vajra Formation could block the poisonous miasma and evil Qi, but it could not stop Xu Ling and Xu Kong. The two of them instantly appeared next to Dorjee Tenzin and the others. They slammed their palms toward the top of their heads!

Li Yundong shouted angrily, and the Yang Spirit appeared between Xu Ling and Xu Kong in an instant. Relying on his six-armed Yang Spirit, he blocked the palms of the two at the same time, and at the same time, each of them punched at the other.

Immediately, the two of them were hit by Li Yundong's lightning-fast fists, and their bodies were shattered in an instant.

Meiduo's face was filled with horror when Xu Kong and Xu Ling appeared in front of Li Yundong. They attacked Li Yundong from both front and back. She was shocked and cried out involuntarily, "Watch out!"

Li Yundong had been fooled by Xu Ling and Xu Kong's trick of luring the tiger away from the mountain. Suddenly, he had lost the protection of the Samayah Mahāmudrā of Diamond Element and was being attacked from both sides.

However, Li Yundong was not in a hurry. He leaned to one side and quickly formed two Mahamudras of Reincarnation Nine Prints, one on the left and one on the right. He patted Xu Ling and Xu Kong.

Xu Ling and Xu Kong hadn't expected Li Yundong's two Mahamudras to be this fast. They hadn't even heard him recite the mantra and had hit themselves in the face.

The two of them had been caught off guard and sent flying. Xu Ling had been hit in the chest and couldn't help taking a breath of poisonous air. Xu Kong had been hit in the chest by Li Yundong's palm and spurted out a mouthful of blood. When he fell to the ground, he immediately trembled and coughed violently.

Li Yundong snorted and said coldly, "You deserve it. I'll let you have a taste of the poisonous miasma yourself!"

As soon as Xu Ling landed on the ground, he rubbed his chest. With a wave of his sleeve, he summoned the five ghosts back in an instant. The four-colored evil Qi hovering in the air also disappeared instantly. He quickly rushed to the side of Xu Kong and asked in concern, "Shidee, are you okay?"

As he spoke, he raised his head. His face was full of ferocity, and his eyes were full of murderous aura. "Little kid, how dare you hurt my Shidee! You have provoked me!"

Seeing him take a breath of poisonous miasma, Li Yundong was totally nonchalant!

He was actually slightly stunned, and a hint of foreboding appeared in his heart. He thought to himself, "The poisonous miasma is fierce and horrible. Any Yang Spirit Master would decay and die if he touched it. This Xu Ling not only touched it, but also took a breath. How is he not dead?"

Li Yundong's heart suddenly stirred. "Could it be that he turned the Yang Spirit into Gang Qi and covered his whole body to form an invisible barrier to isolate the poisonous miasma?"

However, if he wanted to do this, he would not have been able to do it just by relying on the Yangshen phase. Furthermore, the Yang Spirit's Yuanqi was not enough to withstand this terrifying poisonous miasma. Even though the Yuanyang Qi in the Yangshen phase was dense and thick, it was still not substantial.

Only... the Yuanqi of the Jinshen phase could be condensed thickly enough that not even the slightest bit of aura could penetrate it!

Thinking of this, Li Yundong looked at Xu Ling in horror and thought to himself, "He can't be a jinshen master, can he?"

Just as he was thinking about it, Xu Ling suddenly shouted, and the bones all over his body cracked. His figure, which had originally been short and fat, gradually became taller and longer, and he became a man as strong as an iron tower. Xu Ling's originally-wretched face also became valiant, but the fierce light in his eyes became more intense, as if he were a hyena. He shook and turned into a horrible wild beast.

Xu Ling stomped on the ground, causing the entirety of Kari Holy Mountain to tremble. Then, he rushed toward Li Yundong like a cannonball!

Li Yundong immediately made a Fixed Fundamental Palm with both hands and quickly recited the mantra. Then, he made a Mahamudra toward Xu Ling.

This time, Xu Ling did not dodge at all. With a grim smile, he slammed into the Mahamudra.

With a bang, the power of Xu Ling was slightly blocked, and a golden figure appeared behind him in an instant, as if another person had been knocked out of his body by the Mahamudra.

However, in the blink of an eye, the golden figure flew back into Xu Ling's body, not damaged at all!

Li Yundong immediately took a deep breath. He knew that the golden figure that had just been forced out was the Yang Spirit of Xu Ling!

As for the cultivators in the Yangshen phase, no one in the world would have been able to withstand this Mahamudra from him and not dissipate!

Xu Ling in front of him had taken his palm head-on, but the Yang Spirit had been only slightly separated from his body by the blow. In the blink of an eye, it had returned to normal. This showed that he was definitely a fearsome jinshen master!