Ever since Li Yunyang had reached the top cultivation of the Yang Spirit, it had been difficult for him to make further progress. Although his mana was constantly growing, it was caused by the growth of magic tools, magic arts, and moves. Especially after learning the complete version of the Mantra Mahāmudrā, Li Yunyang's actual combat strength had been multiplied.

However, he knew very well that his cultivation would not reach the next state. The accumulation of quantitative changes did not result in qualitative changes. Still, he could rely on his powerful magical weapons, moves, and talents to defeat all the masters below the Jinshen phase.

But what would he do when met a master of the Jinshen phrase?

How great was the gap between the top realm of the Yang Spirit and the Jinshen phase?

He used to think that the Yangshen phase represented people beginning to transcend life and death. Even if their bodies were destroyed, their spirits could swim out of their bodies and find another one to start their cultivation again.

Although people in the Yangshen phase had transcended life and death, they could be destroyed, smashed, or even captured and killed actually. Li Yundong had once shattered Yan Fang's Yangshen with palm power, which had reduced her strength by half in an instant. It could be seen that the Yangshen was actually a powerful energy body. It was powerful, but not condensed enough to be invincible after all. When faced with the fierce attack of Zhenqi, it could easily collapse.

However, once one reached the Jinshen phase, the Zhenqi of their Yang Spirit would increase exponentially. With that, a person could resist all kinds of powerful external energy attacks. Besides, with the increase of cultivation, the Yang Spirit of the Jinshen phase could not be destroyed by any magic arts or magic treasures in the world and a cultivator could become indestructible and impenetrable.

At this state, a top level jinshen master could only defeat them by improving their cultivation, and could completely destroy them with a large magic circle and terrifying lightning retribution phase.

After taking Li's palm directly, the jinshen Yang Spirit of Xu Ling was made to fly out of his body a little bit, and then continued to pounce on him, unscathed. Li Yundong was shocked and quickly made a Vajra Fist Seal again. Xu Ling, relying on his Jinshen phase, still did not dodge and rushed toward Li Yunyang with a grim smile.

With a loud bang, Xu Ling's body shook slightly, and he rushed toward Li Yundong like a whistling cannonball.

Li Yundong felt a horrible aura coming at him, like the grim smile of the god of death!

At this moment, Li Yundong felt that he was very close to death for the first time since he had started cultivating. The situation was so critical that it was even more terrible than the first time he had been faced with a pistol!

There was a swoosh behind Li Yundong's back, and all the hairs on his body stood on end. He immediately stamped his feet and retreated madly. At the same time, he kept doing big handprints with his hand and rushing to Xu Ling like a storm.

But Xu Ling seemed to want to show off his Jinshen phase. He still didn't dodge and kept chasing Li Yundong with a grim smile, like a maggot attached to his bones.

The power of Li Yunyang's Mahamudra was terrifying, but whether it was the Fixed Fundamental Palm, the Wisdom Fist Seal, the Vajra Fist Seal, or the Divyadundubhi Meghanirghosa's hand signs, when these moves hit Xu Ling, they were like great waves in the sea, ferocious. They slammed into the cliff bank, and then quickly shattered, but the huge stone of the cliff bank didn't move at all!

"Is the Jinshen phase so strong?" Li Yundong was shocked. He retreated in a hurry and exerted his speed to the extreme. At the same time, his hands were frantically releasing spells one after another.

However, Xu Ling seemed to be encased in invisible armor. No matter which kind of magic elements he used - gold, wood, water, fire or earth - when they hit him, it only made a slight golden ripple. Even the powerful Mahamudra only slightly shook his golden body away from his physical body, but it was just a momentary flaw. When Li Yundong attacked him again, Xu Ling would be back to his original state.

After Li Yundong used the magic arts and the Mahamudra, he suddenly found that almost all of his magic arts and moves were useless against Xu Ling!

"Could it be..." Li Yundong's heart suddenly sank, and an ominous thought flashed through his mind. "Master Erdeni told me not to go up the mountain from the east, because he knew that there would be an enemy on this mountain that I couldn't defeat?"

Li Yundong knew that if he wanted to retreat, although Xu Ling and Xu Kong were masters in the Jinshen phase, they might not be able to stop him. But if he ran away, Meiduo and Dorjee Tenzin would definitely die!

Li Yundong was thinking quickly about how to deal with a tough situation. At this time, Dorjee Tenzin and the other three guardian sentinels saw that although Li Yundong's magic arts and Mahamudra were being sent at Xu Ling wildly, Xu Ling was acting as if nothing had happened even after Li Yundong had hit him several times, but Li Yundong didn't dare to take Xu Ling's magic arts!

Dorjee Tenzin was shocked. He knew that if Li Yundong was defeated, they would definitely die. He gritted his teeth and immediately shouted in Tibetan, "Zhenren Li can't stand it anymore. Buddha is watching us from the sky. Now it's time for us to take action!"

The three Lamas stood up, and a trace of sadness and courage flashed through their eyes. They knew that they could not even defeat the previous Xu Ling. Now that Xu Ling has jinshen to protect himself, they would be cannon fodder if they went forward. They would definitely die.

Although they knew that they were going to die, the three Lamas still silently tidied up their red robes and put the yellow crowns on their heads. They screamed in unison and rushed toward Xu Ling.

Dorjee Tenzin raised his voice and shouted at Li Yundong, "Zhenren Li, we'll hold him back. You take Meiduo and run!"

Li Yundong saw three figures flash by his side quickly. Like moths to a flame, they rushed to Xu Ling without hesitation.

But Xu Ling didn't even look at them. He sneered and shook his arms, like a python chasing away small pests. In an instant, the three strong Lamas were sent flying.

They rolled far away on the snow ground and spat out mouthfuls of blood. However, they immediately got up again. While shouting scripture, they pounced on Xu Ling again. They were fanatical enough to die, which was horrifying.

It really concerned Li Yundong, who immediately said to Dorjee Tenzin, "Don't fight head-on. Hold him for a while and buy me some time!"

Although he didn't know what Li Yundong wanted to do, he rushed toward Xu Ling without hesitation. In the blink of an eye, he was sent flying by Xu Ling. As soon as he landed on the ground, he jumped up like a spring and madly rushed toward Xu Ling again.

The four guardian sentinels attacked Xu Ling again and again with wolf-pack tactics. Although they couldn't hurt him at all, he was surely disturbed by their attacks. Therefore, he stopped chasing Li Yundong.

Xu Ling saw Li Yundong fly more than ten meters away from him in the blink of an eye and make a Mahamudra with both hands. This time, Li Yundong recited the mantras for a particularly long time, and as he recited more mantras, a shining golden Buddha of infinite life slowly appeared in front of him. Its hands were together, and his two middle fingers were erected to support each other. The thumbs were crossed like lotus leaves.

This Mahamudra was the longest Mantra Mahāmudrā and the most powerful Amituofo print. It was also known as the Buddha of infinite life print!

Xu Ling felt that this Buddha was gathering an extremely powerful force. This force faintly revealed the power of the True God, and even made the Yang spirit, who was in the Jinshen phase, tremble slightly. The hair on his back stood on end, as if he could sense a terrible power rapidly condensing.

Xu Ling's heart trembled, and he frowned slightly. Although he was a master of the Jinshen phase, he did not dare to be careless in the face of such a heavy blow from a God.

At this time, Xu Kong quickly rushed over to him and whispered a few words.

Xu Ling looked up, only to see that the wind and clouds had gathered overhead. Countless dark clouds had grouped in the sky, and they seemed to be stuck to the peak of the Kari Holy Mountain.

The dark clouds kept spinning, forming a huge vortex. Lightning flashed in this vortex, as if divine punishment would come at any time.

Xu Ling immediately cursed, "Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have used Jinshen in such a high place. Damn it, I've really provoked lightning retribution!"

Xu Kong attached himself to Xu Ling again and whispered a few words. Xu Ling immediately turned to him and said unhappily, "Are you kidding? Do you think I don't want to deal with this guy quickly?"

As he spoke, a Lama rushed over from the side. Xu Ling suddenly turned his arms and expanded. Instantly, his five fingers grabbed the head of the guardian sentinel and picked him up as if he were a chicken. Xu Ling said with a ferocious smile, "You are begging for death!"

After saying that, he clenched his five fingers, and the head of the guardian sentinel suddenly split like a watermelon, spraying red and white goop in all directions.

Meiduo, who had been staring in terror at the scene, let out a scream. She hadn't dared to imagine that after she arrived at the Budala Palace, the guardian sentinel, who had been by her side this entire time, would die so tragically.

Meiduo was so stirred up that she shouted, "Stop, don't fight anymore!"

Xu Ling glanced at her and smiled coldly. With a flick of a finger, a strong gang wind blew toward her.

The gang wind seemed to be light, but it moved along a visible trajectory toward Meiduo like an invisible bullet.

Dorjee Tenzin's face turned pale with fright. He immediately rushed over to Meiduo like crazy, and his burly figure was in front of hers in the blink of an eye.

With a puff, a bloody hole immediately appeared in his chest. The gang wind continued to blow at Meiduo again and again, hitting the prayer wheel in her arms.

Meiduo shuddered, and she stared blankly at Dorjee Tenzin's chest, which was full of blood, as he lay in front of her. The prayer wheel, which warded a critical strike for her, developed a dent.

Meiduo stared blankly at the wheel on the ground and picked it up mechanically. When she looked up, she saw the rest of the guardian sentinels pouncing on Xu Ling like a flame, but they were killed in an instant, dying miserably.

Li Yundong, on the other hand, was still chanting the mantra. His voice shook the sky and the earth. It seemed that Kari Holy Mountain also felt the power of the mantra, and the whole peak was shaking slightly.

Seeing that no one could stop Xu Ling, Meiduo could not help putting her palms together and whispering with her eyes closed, "Buddha, if I am really the reincarnation of Banda Lam, please give me the power of Banda Lam and let me help my brothers of the Han to defeat the enemy in front of me!"

As soon as she finished speaking, the wheel in her hand trembled slightly, and then began to spin quickly. The wheel rotated faster and faster, and countless cyan lights appeared around Kari Holy Mountain, flying toward the wheel in Meiduo's hand.

This was the power of pilgrimage that had gathered in Kari Holy Mountain for thousands of years, and at the same time, it was the powerful strength of the Mountain God!

With each turn of the wheel in Meiduo's hand, the gathered power increased a little. Since she had entered the Budala Palace, she had been enlightened by the Nine Sects of the Vajra of the Living Buddha's Tibetan Realm. At this moment, she already possessed the power of Buddha. This power quickly poured into Mei's body along the prayer wheel. In an instant, she felt as if a violent torrent had appeared in her body.

This powerful force made Meiduo suddenly raise her head and let out a sharp whistling sound. The sound seemed to tear through the air and pierce the sky. Even Xu Ling, who was in the Jinshen phase, could not help but frown.

At this time, the power in Meiduo was getting stronger and stronger, and the skin all over her body was getting more and more terrifying green and black. Her long black hair also turned a bloody red, as if she had been soaked in a blood pool in hell!

Meiduo's red hair flew about in the wind. Her originally beautiful and quiet appearance became extremely horrible and ferocious. She was wearing a sheet of human skin, holding a skull stick made of pure magic power in one hand, and a skull bowl in the other hand. It was full of blood, and there was a string of horrible skulls hanging from her chest, like a devil coming out of hell. She looked extremely horrible!

This was the other form of Banda Lam, which symbolized death and anger!