With the sudden appearance of Tsing Lam, the entire Kari Holy Mountain seemed to have become shrouded in a layer of black Death Qi. Coupled with the rolling thunder clouds and lightning in the sky, the whole mount seemed to be getting more and more horrible and creepy.

Compared with the current situation, Xu Ling summoning the Five Ghosts and Five Plagues to bring the evil wind had been like a child playing house. It seemed that the real god had now woken up and was roaring at the world in anger. It was angry at their offense to the holy land and the disrespect to the gods.

Xu Ling and Xu Kong were stunned. Xu Ling saw that the beautiful, delicate Meiduo with white skin had turned into a monster in human skin, skeletal all over, black-masked and with red hair, looking like a demon. He looked at her carefully and suddenly remembered something. He couldn't help exclaiming, "You are the reincarnation of Banda Lam? No way!"

Banda Lam had the image of Brahms and Tsing Lam. The former represented kindness, quietness, and elegance, but the latter symbolized death and anger. Meeting a strong enemy, the beautiful Brahms would transform into a horrible Tsing Lam to protect and subdue them!

Although Xu Ling and Xu Kong had been sealed in the Emperor's clock for nearly a hundred years, they were old cultivators who naturally knew the horror of Tsing Lam.

In the seventh century of Dais, when Songtsan Gambo, the king of Tibet, had built the Great Zhao Temple, he had invited Banda Lam to be the guardian of the Great Zhao Temple. In the future, Banda Lam would be promoted to the guardian Sovereign of Tibet. What was different from the methods used by Immovable Wisdom King and others to subdue demons was that once Banda Lam appeared, no matter how powerful the enemies were, as long as they were stared at by the eye of rage, they would definitely be dragged into hell together with Banda Lam!

However, Tsing Lam had originally been the chief commander of the three realms in Tibetan Buddhism, so she could be resurrected from hell infinitely, but her opponent's soul would remain trapped in the blood-filled skull bowl in her hand.

For thousands of years, the invasions of foreign tribes and foreign religious cultures had been numerous. However, Tibetan Buddhism had always stood firm, and Banda Lam's contribution was second to none. Therefore, in order to commemorate her contribution as a guardian, the Tibetan people held the auspicious Heavenly Mother Phantom Festival on the 10th day of October every year.

Xu Ling and Xu Kong naturally knew of the horrible legends of Banda Lam, but they still stared at Meiduo. It seemed that they could not believe that the Tibetan girl who had been as beautiful as a flower a moment ago had now turned into a horrific devil.

After Tsing Lam's transformation, she closed her eyes, raised her head, and let out an earth-shattering roar. Only then did Xu Kong recover from the panic. He quickly leaned in to Xu Ling's ear and said a few words. Although Xu Ling could not help but take a step back with a frightened look on his face, his eyes were still full of unwillingness and greed. He quickly glanced at Li Yundong and said, "Go? Are you kidding me? I haven't got this guy's magic treasure yet, and I haven't got the 1,000-year-old snow lotus either!"

Xu Kong looked anxious. He pulled Xu Ling's arm hard and kept whispering in his ear.

Xu Ling couldn't help but say angrily, "Don't I know that there is no need worry about firewood? Now we've seen the light again, is our first action going to fail? No, no, how can we show our faces in the future and revive the glory of the Zhenkongism?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt a terrible chill rushing toward him.

Xu Ling couldn't help but look in the direction of the aura. Upon seeing it, his body shook violently.

He saw that Tsing Lam was facing him. She slowly opened her eyes, which were round and full of a blood-red fog. A Heavenly Eye was slowly opening between her eyebrows. There was a horrible black light coming out of the deep and bottomless black eye in-between her eyes, going straight toward Xu Ling.

As soon as the light shone on Xu Ling, his whole body trembled and he couldn't move.

Countless black undead flew out from the skull stick in one of Tsing Lam's hands. They howled and pounced on Xu Ling. Blood was boiling in the skull bowl in her other hand. Dark red blood flowed out of the bowl like lava and dripped to the ground in a waterfall.

As soon as the blood touched the ground, it immediately melted the snow and made a sizzling sound. The ground turned black, the color quickly spreading to the place where Xu Ling was standing, as if the Gates of Hell were opening little by little.

Although Xu Ling was in the Jinshen phase, he had no way to fight back against the powerful and horrible Tsing Lam. He could have escaped in time, but because of greed, he had been immediately caught. The undead flying out of the skeleton stick even trapped his Yang Spirit, making it impossible for him to escape.

In an instant, Xu Ling was terrified to the extreme. He wanted to struggle desperately and howl crazily, but he felt as if his whole body was being grabbed by an invisible hand. Not to mention struggling, even moving his little finger was a vain dream!

Seeing that his Senior Brother had been instantly bound by the furious stare of Tsing Lam, Xu Kong was shocked and madly pulled Xu Ling, trying to pull him out of the constraint.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not shake it at all. It was as if Xu Ling had been petrified and integrated into the whole of Kari Holy Mountain. He now seemed as heavy as a thousand pounds.

Xu Kong saw the blood flowing out of the skull bowl of Tsing Lam approaching his senior brother little by little. He was shocked and anxious, scared and afraid, and could not help but let out a desperate roar.

During the roar, Li Yundong finally finished reciting the mantra. At this time, a three-meter-tall Immeasurable Longevity Buddha stood in front of him. It was shining with golden light, and it was holding the Limitless Longevity Buddha's fundamental seal in its hand. It was majestic and awe-inspiring, making people fearful at a glance and not dare to fight with it.

When Li Yundong recited the mantra, his apparition was no longer like the realm where he had no life. He turned a deaf ear to it and did not even look at it. When he finished reciting the mantra, his apparition recovered. Just as he was about to release his Mahamudra, he was shocked to find that Meiduo had turned into Tsing Lam!

Of course, Li Yundong knew that if Tsing Lam showed up and glared at anyone with his Third Eye of Anger, any one of them could be pulled into hell by her. At the same time, her incarnation would die with her. This was the ultimate move of Tsing Lam, exchanging one life for another!

It was a good thing to kill Xu Ling, but Li Yundong didn't want Meiduo to exchange her life for Xu Ling's!

Li Yunyang suddenly shouted, "Meiduo, don't!"

However, Mei Duo had already turned into Tsing Lam and lost her apparition. How could she hear his words? The fierce and ferocious light in her eyes grew stronger and stronger, spurred on by the blood flowing from the skull bowl in her hand touching Xu Ling's body. Suddenly, hell seemed to be connected with Xu Ling in an instant. From the skull bowl in the hands of Tsing Lam, countless undead who had been pulled out of hell by her boiled up.

The undead roared and rushed to Xu Ling.

For thousands of years, Banda Lam had fought countless battles. It was unknown just how many powerful enemies she had killed with her death stare. Almost every single one of the undead in the skull bowl in her hand had a much stronger background than Xu Ling. Just one of them would be enough to pull out Xu Ling's three souls and seven spirits, not to mention when so many of them were charging at him together.

At this moment, heaven and earth began to rumble, and the wind and clouds changed color. The sky seemed to have lost all its light, and only the whistling dark red undead rushed toward Xu Ling!

Li Yundong's heart was burning with anxiety. He knew that once these undead pulled out the three souls and seven spirits of Xu Ling, they would turn back and pull out Mei Duo's three souls and seven spirits, and then they would go to hell and perish together.

If this was the case, there would be no turning back. Even if he appeared with the true body of the Immovable Wisdom King, he would not be able to change reality.

Li Yundong thought quickly, and immediately slammed his Mahamudra toward Xu Ling.

A golden light suddenly lit up the dark sky. This golden light was like a sharp sword shooting through a thick layer of dark clouds from the sun. It pierced through the whistling dead soul and slammed heavily into the body of Xu Ling.

At this time, Xu Ling was so restrained by Banda Lam's undead power so that he couldn't move. Like a wooden stake, he firmly took Li Yundong's most powerful handprint.

All of a sudden, Xu Ling's body shook violently, and the restrained undead power in his body was instantly dispelled by Li Yundong's majestic and powerful saint spirit power. In an instant, Xu Ling regained his ability to move.

Although Xu Ling had been released, Li Yundong's Mahamudra was not a joke. His body-protection jinshen was instantly blown out of his body and flew into the air, shattering into countless golden light spots.

Seeing that his Shishiong's Yang spirit of the Jinshen phase had been smashed by Li Yundong's move, his body cracked, and his bones seemed to be broken. He almost collapsed to the ground for a moment. Under the shock, he looked at Li Yundong with fear. Without saying a word, he wanted to pull his senior brother away from this terrible place.

However, as soon as the figure of Xu Kong moved, he heard a shrill roar coming at him.

Xu Kong turned around subconsciously, only to see that Tsing Lam had just tried to pull Xu Ling into hell with her Death Eyes, but failed because of Li Yundong's intervention, so she was now subconsciously aiming at Xu Kong again.

He saw a lifeless black eye staring at him. He was so shocked that his whole body turned cold.

When Xu Kong saw that his Shixiong had almost lost his life after being glanced at by Tsing Lam, he was shocked. Without thinking, he raised his hand and stuck two fingers into his eye sockets!

With a squelch, Xu Kong was immediately blinded. He let out a pained roar, and his Shixiong Xu Ling, who was pulling him, instantly rose into the air and fled to the sky.

"You want to run away?" Li Yundong gritted his teeth and was about to chase after him, but he heard a shrill screech, and a cold, horrible aura locked him in an instant.

Li Yundong's body suddenly trembled, and an ominous feeling flashed through his heart. "Could it be that Tsing Lam is staring at me?"

Li Yundong's body was stiff, and he slowly turned his head. As expected, Tsing Lam was staring at Li Yundong with her horrible black Death Eye, and a horrible aura was rushing toward him!