Not far away, Ruan Hongling could see that Li Yundong was refusing to accept Kris and the others as his disciples. She gloated and watched them from the side, but soon she found that Zhou Qin was looking at Kris with sympathy. Ruan Hongling suddenly realized something and found that Zi Yuan was absent, so she walked over to Zhou Qin and whispered, "Zhou Qin, are you okay with letting Li Yundong go to Mount Huangshan alone?"

Unsuspecting of other motives, Zhou Qin sighed and said, "I also want to go, but... Master won't allow me, so what can I do?"

Ruan Hongling winked at Zhou Qin, glanced at Kris not far away, and then blinked.

Zhou Qin has a sharp mind and she immediately caught on. "You mean..."

Ruan Hongling swiftly made a gesture of silence, then winked.

Zhou Qin's eyes brightened and she cast a grateful look at Ruan Hongling. She hesitated for a moment after taking several rapid steps forward, then turned back to whisper to Ruan Hongling, "No, if Master finds out, he will definitely blame me."

Ruan Hongling laughed and secretly pointed at Su Chan. "Will Li Yundong blame you if you take her with you?"

Zhou Qin was stunned, then immediately felt a wave of joy. She smiled and nodded to Ruan Hongling, then she walked over to Su Chan and said softly, "Su Chan, do you want to go to Mount Huangshan with me?"

Su Chan was looking in the direction in which Li Yundong was leaving with a helpless face. She had a hard time watching his back, especially as he was leaving after being around for less than ten minutes. It really made the girl feel deeply aggrieved!

Hearing Zhou Qin's words, the girl's eyes suddenly brightened. "I want to go, sister Zhou Qin, what about you?" But soon the little girl's expression changed, and she said, "But if Yundong finds out that I've been disobedient, he will scold me!"

Zhou Qin pointed at Kris and the others and said in a low voice, "We'll just say that these foreigners insisted on looking for him, and that it was useless to dissuade them. We were afraid that something would happen to them, so we had to go with them. What do you think?"

Su Chan was thrilled by these ruse and quickly nodded. But she immediately frowned and asked, "But how would they know where Master is going?"

Zhou Qin hesitated for a moment, but soon she pointed to Ruan Hongling next to her and said, "We could say that she spilled the beans!"

Su Chan was shocked. "Eh? We can't do that, can we?"

Ruan Hongling said with shock, "Why me?"

Zhou Qin turned her head, looked at Ruan Hongling with a faint smile, and said, "It was your idea. What's wrong with you taking one for the team?"

Seeing that there was something being indirectly implied in Zhou Qin's words, Ruan Hongling flashed a guilty smile, then braced herself and said, "Okay, let's just say I let it slip! But you must never tell anyone that this was all my idea, or I won't admit that I let it slip!"

Zhou Qin was delighted. "Deal!"

But Su Chan asked suspiciously, "What are you talking about?"

Zhou Qin always had the resolute spirit of a fabled heroine. She said to Su Chan, "There's no time to worry about that. Master is flying so fast with his Yang Spirit that we won't be able to catch up if we delay. Are we going or not? Just say the word."

Su Chan hesitated for a long time. She really missed Li Yundong very much and was worried about the safety of her beloved, so in the end, she made up her mind and gritted her teeth, saying, "Fine, let's go!"

Zhou Qin felt a spark of joy rush through her, and she quickly walked over to Kris and said in English, "Kris, my master is actually testing you as to whether you're able to worship a master in China. You'll have to go through lots of tests. If you really want to be apprenticed, you should follow my master. You should go wherever he goes!"

Kris looked pleased and hurriedly asked, "Really? So where did he go?"

Zhou Qin suddenly smiled, feeling satisfied that she had succeeded in her deceptive scheme. "He's gone to Mount Huangshan, but I think if you guys want to go, you won't be able to find him alone. Su Chan and I will take you there!"

John and Kris were delighted, but Alba muttered a few words in a low voice, too quiet for anyone to hear.

After Zhou Qin, Su Chan and Kris had finished their discussion, Ruan Hongling quickly began chasing after Li Yundong. When she saw that everyone was far away and that they had been going for a long time, she laughed proudly and said, "Even if one of you is a fox spirit and the other is a witty Miss Qianjin, you still fall into my trap. Hah, gotcha!"

At this time, Zi Yuan heard her laughter echoing from inside the room. She came out curiously and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

Ruan Hongling proudly told her of the plan and then said, "Sister Zi Yuan, I've seen you around flirting with Li Yundong, and you obviously like him very much, but you refuse to confess to him. If I hadn't helped you like this, when would you have ever been able to show your true feelings?"

However, Zi Yuan hadn't been expecting this. She was shocked and angry, saying, "You think you're helping me?"

Ruan Hongling said in wonder, "Aren't I? Do you dare to pretend that you don't like him? Humph, he is completely devoted to Su Chan. Last time she caused such a big mess, and Li Yundong didn't even blame her. Hum, this time, with Su Chan's personality, she'll definitely cause more trouble again, and Li Yundong will finally get tired of her. When that time comes, Sister Zi Yuan, you can..."

Before she could finish her words, Zi Yuan suddenly felt an explosion of rage. "Asshole!" She screeched, unable to stop herself from raising her hand to slap Ruan Hongling. However, just as her hand was about to slap Ruan Hongling's face, she stopped abruptly.

Zi Yuan quickly glanced into the room and closed the door, scolding her with great anger, "Are you helping me? How could you do such a thing? Haven't you heard that 'it's better to destroy ten temples than one marriage'? Hong Ling, you disappoint me so much!"

After that, Zi Yuan stomped off and rushed outside.

Ruan Hongling was frightened by Zi Yuan's anger and she covered her face subconsciously. When she saw Zi Yuan leaving, she asked, "Shijie, where are you off to?"

Zi Yuan turned her head and said angrily, "Do you know how many people are watching us now? I'll get them back!" Then, she pointed at Ruan Hongling and glared at her with hatred in her eyes. "If anything happens to them, I will never forgive you!"

Ruan Hongling stared blankly at Zi Yuan leaving, feeling both aggrieved and sad, and she couldn't help but shed a few tears. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be a wicked person. You know you like him so much that you call his name in your dreams at night, but you just won't admit to it! I'll be the wicked one, it's fine if you don't acknowledge my kindness, but you shouldn't scold me like this!" she cried.

The more Ruan Hongling thought about it, the harder it became for her to figure it out. She turned her head and rushed over to the opposite room, sobbing and crying.

In Zi Yuan's view, Su Chan and Zhou Qin wouldn't be able to get far with three foreigners who didn't have any cultivation skills. After she had rushed out of the community, she immediately chose an empty spot and flew over to the roof of the high-rise building to survey the surroundings.

Zi Yuan looked around for a while, and indeed saw the figures of Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and Kris flash by the corner of the street. She immediately shouted their names, then chased after them at once.

Su Chan, who had sharp ears, heard Zi Yuan's yell. It made her heart tighten and she promptly said to Zhou Qin, "Oh no, it must be sister Zi Yuan coming to bring us back!"

"Zi Yuan is too mature to tolerate this. She definitely won't agree to let us go. What should we do?" said Zhou Qin, frowning.

When Su Chan saw Zhou Qin looking towards her, she immediately decided to take the opportunity to look at Kris and John.

Kris was quite calculating. She didn't know what was going on and said nothing. Meanwhile, Alba couldn't understand what they were talking about and just kept silent. Only John said carelessly, "Of course we should avoid her, or how will we find Master?"

Zhou Qin and Su Chan were delighted. "You said it!" they exclaimed, grinning cheekily.

They then made their way around the corner, and Su Chan quickly released the Goddess Nayan Mudras to hide their figures.

As soon as Zi Yuan arrived at the spot which they had appeared at, she found that they had vanished without a trace. She was shocked and hurriedly looked around. However, her remarkable and stunning appearance attracted the attention of all the passers-by on the street. Some of the drivers even saw Zi Yuan at a glance and were shocked by her amazing beauty. In a flash, there were numerous car accidents and cases of tailgating on the road.

When Zi Yuan saw that such a thing actually happened, she couldn't help but became headachy and grow even more anxious. Last time, Zhenyan Tantrism had secretly sent a challenge letter right under her nose, which had made her feel quite ashamed. Now, Li Yundong had entrusted these people to her, and if something happened to Zhou Qin and Su Chan, how would she explain it to him?

Zi Yuan didn't want to make a scene on the street either. She quickly evaluated the situation in her mind and wondered to herself, "Are they hiding from me?"

Zi Yuan deliberately stomped on the street in anger and soon disappeared, hiding in a corner and surreptitiously looking around.

Seeing Zi Yuan leave, Kris said, "She's gone. Can we go out now?"

However, Su Chan raised a finger and gestured for her to be silent. "Shh, sister Zi Yuan is smart enough that she is probably waiting for us somewhere. Don't be hasty! Anyway, we know that Yundong has gone to Mount Huangshan. If we go there later, we can find him in Pine Valley Cottage."

Hearing her words, Kris fell silent. They waited for a long time until Alba started whining and John was on the cusp of losing his patience, at which point Zi Yuan flashed out of the corner in disappointment. Taking advantage of the empty street, she instantly turned into a beam of green light and flew into the air, heading for Mount Huangshan.

Only then did Su Chan breathe a sigh of relief and say triumphantly, "Alright, we can go now. Follow Sister Zi Yuan!"

Zhou Qin, however, sighed. "After such a long delay, I don't know if we'll still be able to make it! Forget it, let's go! The high-speed train is pretty fast. It'll probably arrive at Mount Huangshan in Anhui in a few hours."

After this brief discussion, they hailed a cab and headed to Mount Huangshan together in tandem with Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, and others.

But what they didn't know was that Ruan Hongling's whim had created the famous "Disanxian" in the Cultivation World, known as 'Heavenly Immortal, Human Immortal, Fox Immortal'.

Similarly, the fates of Kris, John, and Alba, these three foreigners with different purposes, wanting to be apprenticed, would be dramatically different from that day on, and they would all end up going their separate ways.