Upon hearing Zheng Yuan's loud shout, Su Chan and Zhou Qin were almost scared out of their wits, and Zi Yuan's face turned pale and her whole body began to tremble, even though she was usually able to stay calm. Zi Yuan flew far away when she saw the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade pouncing toward her.

Hoping to catch the key figure, Zheng Yuan was set on getting Zi Yuan first and then Zhou Qin and Su Chan. Therefore, he immediately chased after Zi Yuan.

Zheng Yuan's Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade was an extremely vicious magical weapon. No one could resist it if they got caught off guard. Zi Yuan had happened to witness its power just now, so she had taken precautions against it. Moreover, as one of the few cultivators who were very knowledgeable about magic and magical weapons, she well understood the strengths and weaknesses of the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade.

Zi Yuan had flown far away from Su Chan and Zhou Qin. Dodging Zheng Yuan's attack, Zi Yuan quickly sent a transmission to Su Chan. "Su Chan, run with Zhou Qin and Kris! The Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade can only capture one person's soul at a time, and it can only lock onto a target within a range of 50 feet. I'm keeping Zheng Yuan distracted right now. You guys should run!"

Su Chan was stunned. She quickly relayed to Zhou Qin what Zi Yuan had said. Zhou Qin was still in shock at this time, but she, who had lived through so much, took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She thought for a moment before saying, "No, Zi Yuan can't resist Zheng Yuan by herself! Since she said that his magical weapon can only deal with one person at a time, why don't you and I attack him and help her out?"

Su Chan's eyes lit up, and she shouted back, "Good idea! But, Zhou Qin jiějie, your Yang Spirit can't fly proficiently. You won't be able to do it. It would be a disaster if Zheng Yuan attacked you! It's better for me to assist her alone. I can fly very fast, and he can't catch me!"

Zhou Qin knew that this was not the right time to argue. She said decisively, "Fine! But be careful! I will get out of here with Kris and the others so as not to get in your way!"

Su Chan nodded and quickly flew off, rushing towards Zheng Yuan.

Although Zheng Yuan was more experienced, his cultivation was not much higher than Zi Yuan's. Therefore, he could not catch up with her at all, and always kept a distance away from her. His Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade could not catch her soul like this.

Losing patience, he suddenly felt a blast of wind coming over him. He turned back to look and saw Su Chan looking like a ghost and holding a hairpin to stab toward his waist.

Zheng Yuan hadn't been expecting that a three-tailed fox spirit would dare to offend him. He was so enraged that he stopped caring about anything else and just mobilized the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade towards Su Chan as he yelled her name.

At that time, Su Chan began trembling with deep fear. Without a second thought, she turned tail to flee, and disappeared in the blink of an eye before the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade could reach her.

In terms of their ability to escape, if fox spirits humbly claimed that they ranked second, no one would dare to boast that they could be first.

Su Chan, on the other hand, was a fox spirit amongst fox spirits. As long as she wanted to escape, she could disappear without a trace at an even higher speed than Zi Yuan.

Zheng Yuan hadn't expected Su Chan to be that fast, and she was stunned to see the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade pass him to chase Su Chan.

At this time, Zi Yuan came to her senses in the distance. Once the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade was far away, she immediately began attacking Zheng Yuan with her Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk.

After realizing that the two were applying guerrilla tactics along the lines of "retreat when the enemy advances and advance when they retreat", Zheng Yuan flew into a rage out of shame, and immediately fought back against Zi Yuan's weapon with his Enchanting Jade.

The three of them were fighting furiously in mid-air. Zi Yuan was attacking Zheng Yuan in the distance, but when she saw the Enchanting Jade pouncing toward her, she immediately turned to get away from it. At this moment, Su Chan shot over to attack Zheng Yuan fiercely.

Although her cultivation level was not very high, Su Chan was still in the Zhuji phase, and she was attacking Zheng Yuan's vital parts. If he got hit, Zheng Yuan would definitely get fatally injured.

Zheng Yuan didn't have enough magical weapons to fight both of them at once. If he concentrated on attacking one of them, he would be at risk of being assaulted by the other. Especially after Lin Xueqing had recovered from the sorrow of losing her master, she joined in the fight and crazily lunged at him, filled with rage and seeking revenge for her master.

For a moment, the four of them were heavily involved in their spat, savagely attacking back and forth in the air.

At this time, Zhou Qin hurried back over to Kris, John, and Alba, and said to them, "Go! Go!"

Kris and the others had no idea of what was going on. John said blankly, "What's happening?"

Zhou Qin urged them anxiously and seriously. "Don't ask now. If you want to live, just go!"

Kris raised her head and looked at the four who were fighting in the air under the moonlight. She was stunned, and for a moment, her feet seemed to be rooted to the ground as she remained motionless.

Alba also asked blankly, "What's going on?"

As soon as she had said this, a thunderous roar rang through the air. It was Zheng Yuan shouting the name of Lin Xueqing when he saw her growing deranged with anger and lust for revenge. The Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade instantly locked Lin Xueqing and rushed into her body to pull out her three transcendent components and seven material components.

As soon as she lost her components, Lin Xueqing's body fell straight to the ground. With a heavy thud, she fell in front of Alba with her body was eviscerated into a bloody mess!

Alba stood stock-still out of fear, then touched her face with her trembling hands, only to find a few drops of hot blood on her cheek, scarlet and hideous!

She uncontrollably let out a scream, then turned to ran as if her life depended on it.

Kris was also shivering with fear at the sight of the scene before her eyes, but she still managed to keep calm, and shouted instantly. "Alba, don't run!"

Alba, however, was too frightened to keep her composure. She ran all the way in extreme fear and tripped over a few times. After falling down, she got up in a flurry only to fall down yet again.

Stamping her foot with anxiety, Kris immediately ran after her as John's cried from behind her, "Kris!"

"Although they're running in terror, they're at least leaving," Zhou Qin thought. She then shouted at John, "Stop yelling and go after them!"

Brought back to his senses by Zhou Qin's yell, he hurried after them.

Alba fled desperately before the four of them, Kris and John hurried to catch up with her. Zhou Qin ran after them and at the same time kept alert to their surroundings.

In the face of death, people could always unleash their infinite potential. Alba, who had originally been exhausted, was now running tirelessly. She ran wherever there was a path for her to go down. She even madly ran to the Huangshan Cableway.

By the time, Kris and John came to their senses. They shot into the Huangshan Cableway after Alba. The iron chain of the cableway was clanging in the strong wind. They seemed to be stepping on waves, about to tumble off the cableway at any time.

Kris and John instantly grabbed the iron chains in horror and shouted at Alba. "Stop, Alba! Do you want to die? Look around you!"

Running had almost exhausted Alba. Hearing Kris and John's shouts, she stopped and looked around, only to realize that she was on a high cableway beside a steep cliff and hanging over a tremendous abyss.

With a horrified gasp, Alba poked her head out of the cableway to take a look. The sight of the yawning abyss below made her feel that she would be swallowed by the darkness within at any moment!

Just then, a gust of wind blew over, causing the cableway to shake wildly. It was as if a huge wave was threatening to throw Alba off her feet.

She was so frightened that her legs turned to jelly, her body involuntarily tilted, and she fell down the cliff.

Kris and John let out a cry of fright at the sight, but their bodies went limp and they too fell onto the cableway.

Behind them, Zhou Qin clenched her teeth and rushed over to grab Alba.

By this point, Alba had already fallen off the cableway. Without any hesitation, Zhou Qin immediately jumped out, her hands grabbing Alba's arm and her feet hooking around the iron chains to secure herself.

Zhou Qin just managed to grab Alba by hanging upside down from the chains. She exerted herself to drag Alba up to the cableway with a yell of "Go up!"

Alba was thrown onto the cableway like a rag doll. Kris and John reached out their hands at the same time and caught Alba in a fluster.

After escaping the jaws of hell, Alba was already scared to death. Her whole body was shaking, and she couldn't even stand up.

Zhou Qin, however, still hanging upside down on the rope, suddenly bent over like a bird and jumped up from under the cableway in a mighty leap.

Kris and John, still badly shaken, couldn't help but give out a gasp of admiration and surprise, awe flashing in their eyes. Most Americans worship heroic figures, you know.

Before they could say anything, they heard some claps echoing from the end of the cableway from which they had come.

Out of curiosity, Kris and John looked around to see a well-dressed, sexy woman sneering at them. Clapping her hands, she walked toward them.

The woman stared at Zhou Qin. Her clapping was slow but hard, sounding like Death's approaching steps. "Excellent!" she sneered. "It's you that jumped from high buildings several times!" As she said this, she poked her head out of the cableway for a look and smiled coldly. "The buildings are so high, but you're not afraid at all!"

Catching sight of the woman, Zhou Qin frowned and asked in a low voice, "Ding Nan... why are you here?"

This woman was none other than Ding Nan. She sneered at Zhou Qin and said harshly, "Since you're here, why can't I be?"

Feeling Ding Nan's hostility and murderous intent, Zhou Qin asked warily, "What are you doing here?"

Ding Nan laughed. "What am I doing here?"

Then her face suddenly became extremely sinister, and she shouted harshly, "What am I doing here? Coming to kill you!"