Ding Nan's appearance filled the Huangshan Cableway with a murderous aura. Zhou Qin sternly stared at her and said in a low voice, "Ding Nan, is there any ill will between us? Do we have to resolve things right here?"

Ding Nan sneered, then looked around and said, "What's wrong with doing it here? Now is the best time for us to battle!"

As Ding Nan moved toward her, Zhou Qin quickly winked at Alba, who was lying on the drawbridge, and whispered, "Go!"

However, Alba was so frightened that she could barely move. She couldn't even stand up as she narrowly had escaped death's clutches just a minute ago. At this moment, she was clinging onto the iron chain tightly and refusing to release it. How could she be willing to budge?

Zhou Qin frowned and yelled at Kris and John, "Get her out of here!"

Kris and John gave Ding Nan a blank look, then glanced at Zhou Qin. It seemed that they could not understand why such intimate friends, who had once been inseparable from each other, had suddenly become enemies.

When Zhou Qin saw them staring at her in a daze, she immediately shouted and roared, "Are you deaf? Hurry up! Do you want to die?"

Kris and John were shocked by her behavior. They unthinkingly attempted to help Alba stand up, but Ding Nan laughed and said, "You want to leave? Have you asked my permission?"

Saying this, a golden radiance flashed in her hands, and it suddenly shot towards Kris.

Zhou Qin's pupils suddenly contracted, and her hand quickly reached for her waist. With a swoosh, the Vulcan's Whip was thrown toward the golden radiance like a viper darting out of its cave.

The Vulcan's Whip accurately collided with the golden radiance in the air with a snap, sounding like bamboo snapping. As the golden radiance had been hit, it swayed a few times and flew to Ding Nan, then steadily stopped beside her. It turned out that it was a gold hairpin - Mo Ahshi's Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal.

Zhou Qin stared warily at the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal next to Ding Nan, asking in surprise, "You've reached the Zhuji phase? Is this your powerful magical weapon?"

Ding Nan burst into wild laughter and said proudly, "Did you think that I would always follow you like your pathetic shadow and be cowed by your achievements? Hum, let me tell you, I will surpass you sooner or later. I will defeat you and insult you, so that you can have a taste of the humiliation I have been suffering for so long!"

Zhou Qin looked at her former classmate and friend with a complicated feeling. Suddenly, she was conscious of the vicissitudes of life. It seemed that those days back on the campus when she and Ding Nan had always been together flashing through her mind, vivid and clear, as if she could reach out and touch the memories.

The Ding Nan in front of her now looked so familiar, yet so strange!

Zhou Qin had always known that they would eventually become enemies one day. However, she had never expected that this day would come so quickly and suddenly!

She shook her head slightly and sighed softly. "Why do you have to do this?" As she said this, she took a deep breath, and her eyes turned cold as she said, "Let them go. Don't get them involved in the grudge between us."

Ding Nan flashed an ugly sneer. "Have you ever thought about whether the grudge between you and Zhao Yujian got me involved?" As she said this, she suddenly opened her eyes widely and pointed threateningly at Kris and the others. The Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traveral next to her suddenly transformed into countless golden radiances and rushed over to Kris, John, and Alba in torrential rain.

At this moment, Kris and the others watched the countless golden hairpins suddenly appear in the air and lunge towards them. They realized that just one of the hairpins alone could tear a bloody hole through them.

These three foreigners from overseas had not expected such a horrible thing to happen to them on their cultivation journey, which they had naively thought would go smoothly. Just when they thought that they were about to die, they suddenly heard wind rushing in their ears. Then, a red snake quickly flew in front of them and formed an impenetrable barrier, firmly blocking the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal.

However, after the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal was blocked and started shooting off in all directions, it quickly turned back and quickly jumped up along Vulcan's Whip in Zhou Qin's hand, like a small snake scrambling along vines, quickly attacking Zhou Qin's wrist.

Zhou Qin frowned and immediately shook her wrist. With a swoosh, the long whip in her hand flicked out so straightly that it was like a long spear. The whip was instantly carried out with a strong vital Qi of Core Yin, shaking the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal to pieces.

Zhou Qin and Ding Nan fought with each other, and with the snap of a finger, Kris, John, and Alba saw that the golden radiances and red radiances in front of them had become a mass. The scene was even more thrilling than something from a Hollywood blockbuster, but in the blink of an eye, they saw that the surroundings were returned to a state of peace, as if it had all just been an illusion.

John was stunned and stammered, "Oh my God, are Chinese people even human?"

Kris also widened her eyes. Her gaze was fixed on Zhou Qin, and her eyes were filled with fanaticism and excitement.

Only Alba's eyes were full of remorse. She hated that she had been curious enough to come to this horrible country and encounter such a horrible thing. Then she burst into tears for a moment. Her cries echoed through the silent Huangshan Cableway.

It seemed that Zhou Qin couldn't hear her crying, and all her attention was trained on Ding Nan as she said lightly, "Ding Nan, you'd better give up. Go back and cultivate for a while before you return. You are no match for me. With my Vulcan's Whip in hand, you cannot compare. When I bring out the Chiyue, you will definitely die!"

Ding Nan sneered and said, "Who says I want to fight with you? Do you take me as a fool?"

She just sneered coldly. The Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal, which was right next to her, suddenly flashed and instantly flew to a place more than ten meters behind Zhou Qin. The golden radiance flashed a few times, and then came a tinkling sound of iron being cut in the distance.

Zhou Qin was shocked and yelled hysterically, "You are too vicious!"

Ding Nan laughed and said, "Oh really? Have you ever thought that you were being vicious when you pushed me downstairs?"

At this point, Zhou Qin had no time to explain her behavior. The joints of the rope, more than ten meters behind her, had been cut off by the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal. Even if she used the Vulcan's Whip, it would be too late for her to stop the hairpin. The space between the whip and the cableway was too vast!

Just as the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal sawed through the last iron nail behind Zhou Qin, she suddenly felt her body sinking down!

Zhou Qin immediately realized that she was not proficient at flying and Ding Nan was still advancing towards her. Therefore, she immediately shook her wrist, and the whip flew back to the rocks behind her. At the same time, she shouted at Kris and the others, "Hurry up!"

As soon as she finished speaking, the cable suddenly fell down, and Kris, John, and Alba, screamed at the same time, falling into the deep abyss like meteorites.

Zhou Qin's reaction was impossibly fast. With a snap, she grabbed Kris, and Kris also seized the opportunity to grab John. Seeing someone falling down next to him, John also subconsciously grabbed at Alba's clothes. The four of them hung in the air like a precarious chain. For a moment, they swayed back and forth on the cliff wall.

Although Zhou Qin's body had been affected by the Jindan Fati and her strength was beyond an ordinary person, she could not withstand supporting the weight of three adults with one hand. Furthermore, her hands were now tied up in front of the enemy, which meant that she had no way to fight back.

She suddenly gritted her teeth and immediately used the strength of the four of them to shake back and forth, then swung her hand and shouted, "Go up!"

Kris, John, and Alba were thrown into the air like sandbags. Alba fell on the cableway behind Ding Nan, and it hurt so much that her limbs felt like they were going to fall apart. Winded, she lay on the cableway and whimpered for a while.

Kris's body was flung into the air, but she found that there was a pine jutting out from a crack in the rock in front of her. She immediately grabbed the trunk with her arms, stopping her in mid air.

As soon as she had a firm grip, she saw John swaying past her. She immediately reached out her hand and grabbed him.

But Johns was tall and strong. The pine on the cliff strained under the weight of the two and immediately made a creaking sound. It was so horrible that it made Kris and John go white as sheets.

At this moment, both of them could only watch helplessly as the pine slowly split open bit by bit. Their eyes were fixed on the roots that were being pulled out of the cracks by their weight. They could all see death beckoning them!

John suddenly turned his head, and his voice turned extremely calm. "Kris... promise me one thing."

An ominous thought flashed through her mind. She immediately screeched in horror, "No, John, what are you trying to do?"

John stared at Kris very seriously and said, "You are the smartest and the best girl I have ever met. Master will definitely accept you as his disciple... If you go to heaven in the future, you must tell me when you have the chance... how cultivation feels..."

As he spoke, John flashed a slight smile to Kris and suddenly released both of his hands!

Kris instantly let out a heart-wrenching scream. "No!!" She reached out, trying to grab him, but his sleeve tore off in her hand. John continued to fall, and in the blink of an eye, he was swallowed up by the deep abyss!

In that instant, the valley's night wind was howling, and Kris's cries were carried through the air. At this point, Alba was so frightened that she forgot to even cry. She stared blankly into the endless abyss, as if she had been frozen into a statue.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qin wanted to save John, but she had no chance. All she could do was to watch him falling into the valley.

Zhou Qin suddenly became furious and yelled passionately, "Ding Nan, you deserve to die!!!"

Zhou Qin's wrist shook, and her body rose violently. From between her feet came a shocking force. Her whole body was almost perpendicular to the rock surface. She stepped onto the steep cliff and rushed to Ding Nan like a madwoman!