The alchemy room Wan Zhenyuan chose had the best Feng Shui, was full of treasures, and had the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. There were arrays and runes arranged around the large rock cave, which was mainly for preventing outsiders from intruding with Yin or Yang Spirits. On top of that, there was a huge Eight Trigrams Array of Yin and Yang in the center of the stone room which was empty at the core, looking like a huge abyss.

The flames flickering in the medicine pool, above which floated a Medicine King Tripod that was in fact the magic tool of Sun Simiao, the famous medicine king of the Tang Dynasty. The top of the medicine tripod was aimed at a cave skylight that had been hollowed out in accordance with the meaning of the nine heavens above and the nine earths below.

This Medicine King Tripod was about half a meter in diameter and was completely black with ancient characters and totems engraved on it. Underneath it lay the medicine pool, from which floated up various kinds of faint mist that went into the bottom of the tripod, slowly gathering inside. The colorful mist rolled and twisted within, like colorful pearls shining in all directions.

Wan Zhenyuan seized the opportunity and threw the 1,000-year-old snow lotus into the medicine pond. Then, he quickly pinched a few fingers to cast a few spells. With a loud shout, he pointed at the medicine pond!

Immediately, a monstrous flame suddenly rose from the medicinal pool, accompanied by a rumbling sound. A green-white color gathered together with the six-colored light in the tripod immediately and turned into a seven-colored light in the raging fire around the tripod. This light lingered and twisted as it repeatedly changed shape.

After an unknown amount of time, a dragon roar and tiger roar suddenly erupted from the medicinal pond, shaking Tiandu Peak until it trembled. The seven-colored glow, which had originally been emitting a brilliant glow from the stone chamber, rose into the sky and transformed into a powerful light pillar. Following the appearance of this light pillar, a strange medicinal fragrance immediately permeated the interior of the stone room. It was unusually beautiful, enough to make one's mind intoxicated.

Li Yundong saw the light rush up along the skylight at the top of the rock cave, as if it could penetrate the nine dens. He was shocked and asked, "What's going on?"

Wan Zhenyuan said with a fanatical look in her eyes, "It's done. I've refined the Diyuan Jindan!"

Li Yunyang hadn't expected the refining speed of Diyuan Jindan to be so fast or the noise to be so loud. He asked in surprise, "So fast?"

Wan Zhenyuan laughed ecstatically and said, "Of course! I have been collecting medicinal materials for more than ten years all for this moment! Everything had already been prepared except the 1,000-year-old snow lotus! After getting the lotus, naturally, the Diyuan Jindan would be refined immediately!"

Li Yundong opened his eyes wide and looked at the colorful light, only to see four colorful pills the size of thumbs floating in the air gradually appear in the seven-colored light.

These three medicinal pills were crystal clear. They emitted waves of gentle seven-colored light that lit up the walls of the stone room, looking unusually bright.

Wan Zhenyuan grew ever more ecstatic and said, "One furnace produces four pills, hahaha! Master, do you see this? I've refined legendary four pills with one furnace! Even the King of Medicine, Sun Simiao, could only refine five pills in one furnace!"

As soon as he finished his words, someone suddenly jumped in from a round hole that was smaller than a football at the top of the alchemy room.

At first, his shadow was stretched to be extremely long, like a rolling pin, but the moment he got into the stone room, the shadow immediately swelled and quickly turned into a masked man in black.

The man in black appeared in the blink of an eye and reached out to grab the four Diyuan Jindans floating in the air!

Li Yundong and Wan Zhen Yuan had never thought that someone would intrude in this place. They were shocked and shouted in unison, "Stop! You're courting death!!"

Li Yundong recited a spell in his mind without moving. A flash of lightning rushed toward the man in black. It was the lightning strike of the Liuhe Sword!

Obviously, the man in black had such a high cultivation that he was brave enough to try stealing the Diyuan Jindan under such a dangerous condition, like snatching food from a tiger's mouth. Without looking back, he reached out and firmly clamped down on the Liuhe Sword with only two fingers.

However, the Liuhe Sword was a powerful magical weapon. As soon as it was pinched, it began to struggle violently, like a monster trapped in a cage.

The man in black was holding the Liuhe Sword with one hand and grabbing the Diyuan Jindan with the other. However, at this time, Wan Zhenyuan's powerful magical weapon of Qu Chi also flew out and rushed toward the intruder.

The man gritted his teeth when he felt the weapon strike his chest. He still reached his hand out to grab the Diyuan Jindans and finally grabbed them firmly with his five fingers.

When the black-clothed man had just grabbed this Diyuan Jindan, the seven-colored light that had been soaring to the sky from the stone chamber instantly disappeared. Immediately, the originally brilliant stone chamber turned unusually dim.

Although the man had snatched the Diyuan Jindans, he had been hit by the magical weapon. Suddenly, the Qu Chi slammed into his chest. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his Yang Spirit body with three souls and six spirits was blown out of his body!

Once a person's soul left their body, their physical body would no longer have an owner. Not to mention activating their Zhenqi and spiritual energy, they would not be able to exert as much strength as an ordinary person.

The Liuhe Sword, which had been intercepted by him just now, suddenly came to life like a tiger out of its cage. The blade of the sword rotated, and his fingers were instantly cut off with a clang. Then, another flash of lightning shone, and his hand, which was holding the Diyuan Jindans, was cut off at the wrist. The Liuhe Sword did not stop but flashed again and pierced his heart!

As soon as the man's hand fell, his five fingers involuntarily loosened. The four Diyuan Jindans floated in the air, and the stone room was once again filled with colorful brilliance.

The body of the man had been irreparably crippled. His Yang Spirit roared and was about to pounce on the Diyuan Jindans again, but he hadn't been expecting to hear a mantra be recited: "Vajra-jnana! Ah!"

In an instant, a shiny golden Vajra buddha-seal hit his Yang Spirit firmly. The man did not even make a sound. Instantly, his Yang Spirit was smashed to pieces and turned into countless tiny cyan lights.

The light did not dare to stay any longer and flew quickly to the skylight exit of the Alchemy Room.

Wan Zhenyuan sneered and said, "Do you think you can come and go as you please? Humph!" A stream of purple Qi spurted out from his nostrils. He quickly pinched the incantation and pointed to the medicine pool. Suddenly, a colorful flame rose from the medicine pool and rushed toward the light.

At the same time, Li Yundong took out a Liaoran thumb pot. He flicked his finger, and with a clink, the bowl began to emit ripples, pulling the fleeing divine Yang Spirits back one after another.

Li Yundong and Wan Zhenyuan attacked together, leaving no chance for the Yang Master to escape. In the blink of an eye, he had been swallowed up by the flame in the medicine pool. More than half of his Spiritual Qi and Zhenqi had been absorbed by Li Yundong's burning thumb pot, and his body and soul had been completely destroyed.

Although Li Yundong and Wan Zhenyuan had killed the cultivator who dared to snatch their treasure from right in front of them, they did not feel happy about fighting side by side. Instead, they looked at each other with hostility.

Wan Zhenyuan said angrily, "Zhenren Li, I will definitely give it to you. Why do you have to do this?"

Li Yundong spat back, "You're actually shifting the blame to me? Didn't you say that this place is very safe and hidden? How could someone suddenly intrude and take the pills?"

Wan Zhenyuan saw that Li Yunyang was full of indignation and didn't seem to be lying. He was stunned and muttered in a low voice, "Zhenren Li, if I wanted to play tricks, would I really use such a low-level method?"

Li Yundong stared at Wan Zhenyuan angrily. After a while, he said slowly, "Weren't you the one who leaked the news?"

Wan Zhen Yuan laughed angrily and said, "And here I was thinking that it was you! I have worked hard for more than ten years all for this day. Do you think that I would be stupid and get deliberately robbed?"

Li Yunyang frowned. "What's going on then?"

Just as Wan Zhenyuan opened his mouth and was about to speak, a man suddenly flew in from the skylight. Li Yundong and Wan Zhenyuan were instantly infuriated, and their magical weapons suddenly rushed toward the man.

The cultivation of this man was obviously not as high as that of the previous man. In the blink of an eye, he was killed by their weapons. He fell to the ground without saying a word. His Yang Spirit was also felled by Li Yundong and Wan Zhenyuan in the same way.

After annihilating his Yang Spirit, Li Yundong's face changed and he said, "One could have just gotten lucky, but two?"

As soon as he finished speaking, another figure popped in from the skylight, appearing in a flash.

Li Yundong was furious. With a mind spell, the Liuhe Sword flashed like lightning and lunged at the newcomer.

The man at the skylight had no time to dodge and fell to the ground with a helpless yell. His scream of pain was clearly transmitted around the alchemy room and heard outside. "It's inside! The Diyuan Jindan is inside!"

As soon as the man shouted, the alchemy room immediately rumbled as if countless magic treasures were rushing toward it.

Li Yundong felt as if the stone room had been violently struck by a forceful cannon. Countless shells began pelting down, shaking heaven and earth, and the gravel and dust in the stone room kept being shaken loose.

Wan Zhenyuan's face was ashen. He gnashed his teeth and said, "What the hell is going on? Why are there so many people here? Zhong Qingsong, have you betrayed me?"

Li Yundong‘s face turned dark. He quickly looked around, as if he wanted to judge how long the stone room could last under the bombardment of magic tools and spells.

Wan Zhenyuan noticed him doing this, he snorted and said proudly, "Zhenren Li, there's no need to worry. They can't get in! I've set up more than a dozen magic circles here. Unless a master of Lightning Retribution phase comes to attack us, they won't be able to break in in a short time." As he said this, Wan Zhenyuan raised his head with a cold look, stared at the skylight, and said coldly, "I already sealed the entrance when I came in. If they want to intrude, they can only come from there..."

Li Yundong snorted and said, "One man against ten thousand enemies! They'll all have to die down here if they come no matter how many of them there are!"

Wan Zhenyuan sneered and said, "You're right, but how many can we really kill? What if they just overwhelm us with their numbers? Won't we be here for the rest of our lives? Besides, there's no fortress in the world that can't be broken into!"

Li Yundong's face darkened. "Then what do you think we should do?"

Wan Zhenyuan looked Li Yundong up and down, then suddenly smiled and said, "Zhenren Li, I have a way..."

Li Yundong asked in reply, "What way?"

Wan Zhenyuan smiled and said, "That is, the Cicada takes off its shell!" As he said this, he suddenly lifted the fly-whisk in his hand. The tail of the whisk wrapped around the floating Diyuan Jindans in the air. Then, his body quickly turned into a green light and he fled toward the skylight.

As soon as Wan Zhenyuan started getting away, Li Yundong immediately went out of his body with his Yang Spirit and chased him closely out of the skylight.

As soon as Wan Zhenyuan got into the air, he gnashed his teeth and shouted at Li Yundong with bitter hatred, "Li Yundong, there are still three Diyuan Jindans below. Do you still think it's not enough? Why won't you let me go?"

After that, he instantly turned into a beam of cyan light and fled toward the horizon.

Li Yundong was instantly angry and shocked. He knew that Wan Zhenyuan was trying to shirk off the difficulties and get away. However, he couldn't chase after Wan Zhenyuan because there were indeed three Diyuan Jindan still in the alchemy room below them. If he were to chase after Wan Zhenyuan, he would lose everything. Even the colorful splendor emitted by the Diyuan Jindans were still shining brightly. The other cultivators who came to snatch the pills would be ecstatic about the bounty.

"This Wanzhen Yuan is cunning! What courage! Four pills, but he only took one of them!" Li Yundong's heart was surging with rage and shock.

If Wan Zhenyuan had taken all of the Diyuan Jindan away, he would definitely risk his life to chase him to the ends of the earth.

If he were to snatch three pills, the light in the stone chamber would definitely be reduced greatly. The other cultivators would naturally pursue the person with the most pills!

However, he had only taken one! He hadn't even taken two! It seemed that he was afraid that he would fail to escape Li Yundong and the others if he took more.

"This man is ruthless. He is an enemy, not a friend. We can't let him go!" Li Yundong was extremely angry. Just as he was about to use his burning thumb pot, countless magic weapons starting flying at him from all directions. These weapons of all kinds formed a turbulent wave, coming as a huge torrent and smashing toward him!