Li Yundong saw Su Chan actually grab the Diyuan Jindan from amongst the crowd. However, he was not happy at all; on the contrary, he felt utterly terrified. He could not imagine what he'd do if something happened to his girl.

Li Yundong was frightened and shouted in a hurry, "Idiot, throw it away!"

Su Chan was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted to his urging. When the girl saw the overwhelming powerful magical weapons coming at her, she was so scared to death that she ran spontaneously, crying out, "Ah, don't attack me, don't attack me, I don't want it!" Saying this, she chucked away the Diyuan Jindan, and the three elixirs of life immediately flew out of her hands.

The three Diyuan Jindan spun in the air and landed in the hands of a cultivator like a bouquet. Before the cultivator could celebrate, the flying powerful magical weapons tore him apart instantly.

After the man's body was destroyed, his Yang Spirit emerged, jumping up in the air and screaming abuse, but no one had time to pay attention to him. They all stared at the three Diyuan Jindan floating in the air with red, greed-filled eyes.

None of those present were fools. They soon came to their senses. They knew that the person who took the Diyuan Jindan would become the target of everyone there and would be surrounded and beaten. However, they didn't have Li Yundong's ability to ensured their own safety when under siege. For a moment, they didn't dare to move again. Tiandu Peak once again became deserted, leaving nothing but blood on the ground, and the air was filled with a pungent smell of death.

At this time, Su Chan's face was filled with fear and she hurried back to Li Yundong's side for safety. She patted her chest and said in shock, "Fortunately, I threw it fast. I was scared to death!"

Li Yundong glared at her fiercely. "What were you thinking just now? Are you nuts?"

Su Chan, frightened by Li Yunyang's roaring, simply stuttered. "I... I just wanted to do you a favor..."

"A favor?" Li Yundong spat. "Didn't you see how the people who took the Diyuan Jindan were? If anything should happen to you, what would I do?"

Although Su Chan was being yelled at by Li Yundong in front of everyone, her heart was bursting with joy. She pretended to be upset, pulled Li Yundong's sleeve, and whispered, "Well, I understand. Don't yell at me in front of so many people... I'm fine, ain't I? I promise I won't do this again next time!"

Li Yundong couldn't stand her soft words. Even though his heart had been palpitating with anger, it had dissipated a lot at this time. He snorted and pretended to still be enraged. "Next time?"

Zi Yuan, who was standing to one side, saw that Li Yundong was all bark and no bite, so she knew he was no longer angry. She quickly came to the rescue and said, "Su Chan, how did you get the Diyuan Jindan just now?"

Su Chan's face lit up, and she said with a smile, "It was a piece of cake. Think about how I got the Renyuan Jindan last time."

Li Yundong saw that Su Chan had been having qualms of conscience just now, but now she was wagging her tail and showing off triumphantly. He glared at her with anger and amusement. "Did you get it? How come I seem to remember that it was your master who got it?"

Su Chan pouted and said, "You’re a pain in the ass. What's the difference?"

Li Yundong couldn't help but scold with a smile. "You are so thick-skinned!"

When Su Chan saw Li Yundong finally crack a smile, she immediately pulled on his arm with a grin and said shyly, "Yundong, aren't you angry with me?"

Li Yundong immediately glared at her again. "Can‘t I? Why are you here? Tell me the truth!"

Su Chan immediately wiped the grin off her face and muttered, " Sister Zi Yuan and Sister Zhou Qin are not going to be held accountable. Why are you pursuing this matter with me?"

Zhou Qin saw the two flirting with each other and acting as if there was no one else around. She coughed awkwardly and whispered, "Master, what should we do now?"

Li Yundong stared at Su Chan and whispered, "I'll get even with you later!" As he said this, he glanced at Kris, who was standing in the distance, and frowned. "Why is she here? Who else is here? Where's John? He must be here as well, right?"

Zhou Qin looked a little gloomy and recounted the events that had occurred on the ropeway to him, eventually whispering, "I'm sorry, master. It's... it's all my fault."

Hearing this, Li Yundong fell silent for a long time. He took a deep breath and said slowly, "That was his destiny, which we're powerless to change. We'll talk about these things later, and then think about some proper solutions. "

Su Chan glanced at Kris and said with guilt and sympathy, "Yundong, how about asking her to come over here. She'll be safer that way, right?"

"No!" Li Yundong immediately shook his head and rejected the request. "If she comes over, it'll be a disaster, not a blessing, to her now. It is very likely that she will be killed. The three of you have the ability to protect yourselves, but she is a girl who lacks the strength to even bind a chicken. What do you want her to do? She is not a cultivator, so I believe that these cultivators will have some scruples if they want to kill her. Don't look at her, pretend that you don't even know her, in case someone has ulterior motives and gets the idea to use her to do something mean and dirty."

Only then did Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin turn around. They quickly glanced about, only to find that the night had resumed its tranquility. There were only three Diyuan Jindan floating in the air, and no one was within ten meters of them.

Looking at the colorful light, Zi Yuan frowned inwardly and said, "This colorful light will attract people's attention sooner or later. Li Yundong, why didn't you want to wrap up the Diyuan Jindan just now?"

Li Yundong smiled bitterly and said, "You think I had time for that? As soon as the Diyuan Jindan pills were refined, someone took them. Once I rush out, someone greeted me with his powerful magical weapon. The moment I hid myself, I heard your shouts. How could I have had the time to care about the Diyuan Jindans? I haven't even had the time to touch them yet!"

Zhou Qin said with lingering fear, "Fortunately, no masters with jinshen came this time. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable!"

Su Chan also asked curiously, "Yeah, why are there so many cultivators here, but no jinshen experts?"

Li Yundong was just as perplexed. He couldn't help pondering, "Yes, it's very abnormal, even a little bizarre!" He turned his head and looked at Zi Yuan. "What do you think?"

She thought for a moment before saying, "If the news was spread by Zheng Yuan, judging from his nature, he definitely won't have informed the cultivators who have higher cultivation levels than him. Otherwise, he'd be cutting off his nose to spite his face. But it's impossible for him to have gotten the message out in a few hours without a leak. However, although the jinshen masters of the various sects are powerful, they keep each other in check and form a delicate balance. It's also possible that they are in the vicinity now, but staying hidden and not taking action.

"Furthermore, even though this Diyuan Jindan is important to a Yang Spirit master like us, it's not so important to a jinshen master. Maybe... they're not interested in making a move?"

Speaking of this, Zi Yuan also felt that her speculation was very unreasonable. She shook her head with a smile and said, "I don't know. However, it is fortunate that there are no jinshen masters, otherwise..."

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard an ear-piercing, arrogant voice ring out.

"Haha, Shidee, it's really the birth of the elixir of life! Your eyes have a chance to be cured. Haha, God bless me. Today, when I made a calculation with my fingers, I saw that the colorful light in the sky kept flashing, and so I knew that there must be something unusual going on. I came here to have a look, it turned out to be just as I expected, hahaha!"

As soon as Li Yundong heard the voice, his expression suddenly changed and he looked in the direction of the noise.

Two Taoists quickly appeared around the Diyuan Jindan. Their Taoist robes looked sloppy and tattered. The tall, thin Taoist had covered his eyes with a black cloth. Obviously, he was blind. The other was short and fat, with a surly and arrogant face. Who else could it be other than Xu Kong and Xu Ling, who had once fought with Li Yunyang in Kari Holy Mountain?

Li Yundong was shocked. Su Chan, who was standing next to him, asked curiously, "Who are these two scruffy weirdoes?"

Zhou Qin frowned and looked at the newcomers, asking, "Where did these two dirty guys come from?"

Li Yundong looked at Xu Ling with vigilance and said slowly, "Say, if there were a jinshen master who had a grudge against you coming to steal your Diyuan Jindan, what would you do?"

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin were transfixed at the same time. They quickly did a double-take, their expressions odd, then said in unison, "The Ling and Kong Daoists of Zhenkongism?"

As soon as they finished saying this, Xu Ling immediately looked in the direction of their voices and said, "Strange, there are girls here who know us?"

Xu Ling took in the appearances of Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin with a glance, and his eyes lit up immediately. He tugged his beard with one hand and said in surprise, "Who knew there were such beautiful women in the world? And three at the same time? And one of them is a Fox Spirit?!"

But then he noticed Li Yundong next to them, and Xu Ling felt angry as sinful thoughts rolled in the bottom of his heart. He laughed and said, "It's really a coincidence. Shidee, guess who I'm looking at again!"

Xu Kong put his head to his ear and whispered a few words, and Xu Ling snorted a few times, staring at Li Yundong with hatred. "Why care about them? The Diyuan Jindan can't run away. Is there anyone who took it away in front of me? Humph, if anyone dares to take what I want, I'll kill them!"

His arrogant words immediately aroused the onlookers' anger. One of the cultivators said angrily, "Hey, who do you think you are, you big-mouthed fool? How arrogant you are! Which sect are you from? Tell me your name quickly!"

Xu Ling did not even look at him, simply flicking his finger at the man who was speaking, and a strong gust of wind appeared in the air like a bullet. It shot over and hit the man, causing him to fall back a long way. After a few rolls, he fell silent.

Xu Ling said with a grim smile, "What's my name? Have you said the word 'please'?"

The truth would come out once an expert made a move. His attacks made the cultivators hiding in the shadows shocked and their faces turned pale with fright. Some of them even shouted, "Let's work together! Kill this guy first!"

Everyone shared the same hatred, and their magical weapons and magic arts once again rushed toward Xu Ling like a stormy wave.

Xu Ling did not dodge, nor did he use any magic. He stood with his hands on his waist, facing these magic and magical weapons without moving, allowing them to hit him.

Everyone saw that every time he was hit by a magic treasure, a golden light ripple would appear faintly on his body, undulating in layers. However, he remained unscathed, as if he was covered in invisible armor.

At this time, there were some experienced and knowledgeable cultivators who finally understood. They cried out in horror, "He's a jinshen master!"

Ding Nan, who had been staring at the scene, also looked at Xu Ling in horror. Even if she didn't know how fearsome a jinshen master was, after seeing so many magic weapons and magic arts rushing toward him while he remained unscathed, she knew this was a big deal.

She said in a trembling voice, "Master, I, what should we do?"

Zheng Yuan's face was ashen as he looked at Xu Ling. He had calculated and calculated countless times, but he had never thought that this jinshen expert would appear out of thin air and ruin everything!

Zheng Yuan's expression was volatile, and his eyes were cold as he surveyed the field. Like everyone else there, he quickly thought: "What should I do if a jinshen master wants to pilfer the Diyuan Jindan?