Looking at his injured shoulder, Xu Ling was shocked to see that his indestructible jinshen had been broken by someone!

With mixed feelings of surprise, shock, and rage, he reached out in a subconscious attempt to pull the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk out of his body.

However, the instant he grabbed the Silk, it immediately changed into a sharp knife from a constantly rotating drill. The edge of the knife was filled with many small blades which instantly scratched his hands.

Xu Ling's hands were cut up into a bloody mess. He roared with pain, but still grabbed the Silk tightly and crazily tried to pull it out.

Zheng Yuan knew that if he pulled the Silk out, then he would have an unpunctured body, and would once again recover jinshen. If that happened, they would be in big trouble!

Thus, he immediately shouted, "Xu Ling!"

Almost at the same time, Li Yunyang's palm and Zhou Qin's whip both struck toward Xu Ling.

Xu Kong immediately protected Xu Ling in front of him. Although he could resist the Mahamudra and the Vulcan's Whip, he couldn't withstand Zheng Yuan's insidious Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade.

Upon hearing Zheng Yuan's call again, Xu Ling felt a quiver, although he did not lower his guard at all. The Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk had been about to be pulled out of his shoulder, but at this time it sank even deeper!

Anger simmered inside him. Instead of pulling it out, he slammed the bottom of the Silk, letting it pass through his body!

At the sight of Xu Ling's reactions, Zi Yuan was shocked, thinking, "Oh no! How ruthless he is!" She immediately made the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk turn into countless tiny purple threads, jabbing toward his wound.

The Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk seemed to be silk, but in fact, it was a magical item transformed from the Ninth Heaven Rosy Clouds, and it could change according to its master's wishes. Now it had turned into countless threads. Once these threads entered Xu Ling's body again through his wounds, they would immediately travel rapidly through his blood vessels all over his body and control all his meridians and organs. At that time, Xu Ling would be unable to save himself!

However, how could a jinshen master be defeated so easily?

After getting the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk out, Xu Ling quickly touched his index fingers together. Suddenly, his jinshen appeared, shining with a golden radiance, as if he was covered with a thick layer of visible golden armor.

As soon as the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk hit the golden armor, it hardly advanced further, and was even shaken enough to bounce a few meters away.

Just as Zheng Yuan was about to call his name again, he saw Xu Ling glaring at him with a terrifying and ferocious look, and he heard his ferocious roar, "You're courting death!"

After that, Xu Ling raised his hands to strike Zheng Yuan!

Although his strike was not as powerful as Li Yunyang's Mahamudra, Xu Ling, after all, was a jinshen master who could give great power in this strike. The soft-pedaling palm immediately made everyone on the Tiandu Peak feel as if the air had been sucked away. Although they were not the targets, they all were suffocated by his momentum!

The others were still in such a state, let alone the object of the attack, Zheng Yuan. He trembled with fear, and quickly took out a prepared talisman in the Immortal Pen, shouting, "Earth!"

With a loud bang, a solid stone wall rose before him in an instant.

The stone wall was made of hard rocks, all up to a meter thick. However, under the strike of Xu Ling, it was instantly smashed to pieces. Besides, the momentum of his strike was not weakened, and he slammed fiercely toward Zheng Yuan!

Zheng Yuan hadn't expected that the stone wall wouldn't be able to withstand Xu Ling's strike at all. With nowhere to hide, he could only resist the strike with his hands.

With a loud bang, Zheng Yuan was hit, and his whole body shook violently as he vomited a mouthful of blood and knelt down on the ground, unable to move for a while.

Ding Nan, who was standing to one side, quickly stooped down, asking in shock, "Master, how are you?"

At this time, the blood in Zheng Yuan's chest was boiling, and all his meridians were in a mess. He stared at Xu Ling with fear, muttering, "Get... get off. If... if not, we can... cannot!"

After saying this, he vomited another mouthful of dark red blood.

Ding Nan had been cultivating for some time. At the sight of Zheng Yuan's dark red blood, she knew that his internal organs had been injured seriously. She was about to flee with Zheng Yuan, but Xu Ling sneered, "Go? After hurting me? It's not so easy!"

Just as Xu Ling was about to kill both of them, the magical weapons of Li Yundong's, Zhou Qin's, and Zi Yuan's rushed over. Meanwhile, other cultivators came back to their senses and also directed their weapons to attack Xu Ling.

Xu Ling resisted the weapons around him, roaring, "Good, none of you will live today! Even if I have to go through lightning retribution, I will kill you all! Shidee, cast a protective spell on me!"

Hearing this, Xu Kong swiftly took out two talismans from his pocket and muttered some words while making his index finger touch. The two talismans between his fingers suddenly began to burn.

One of the talismans was burning with a yellow flame, and the other with a green one.

Soon, the flames were blazing fiercely and turned into two divine statues in the air. As soon as these statues appeared, they formed two barriers, enveloping Xu Ling and Xu Kong.

"What is this!?" Zhou Qin was shocked at the sight of the two divine statues.

Zi Yuan was also stunned, crying out involuntarily, "Are they Taoist Thirty-two Emperors?"

Zhou Qin asked in surprise, "What's that?"

Li Yundong said gravely, "The yellow one is the Emperor Huangzengtian, one of the eight Eastern Heaven Emperors. He is also known as Yujian Yuming, taking charge of the list of immortals in Ziwei Palace. The color of Yuanyang yellow is his typical color, and that's why his body is surrounded by a yellow flame."

"The other one is the Emperor of Mingyuwan, who is known as Xu'e Natian, responsible for releasing souls from purgatory. He lives in Zipang Palace. The color of Shangyang green is typical for him, so he is surrounded by a green flame."

"Damn it, this guy's wound is healing with the blessing of the Emperor Huangzengtian, while he can guard against the Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade by the Emperor Mingyuwan!" Zi Yuan was gnashing her teeth, "If Zheng Yuan calls his name again, Emperor Mingyuwan will instantly release all the ghosts in the Jade!"

Zhou Qin took a deep breath, the panic in her eyes obvious. Under the blessing of these two Taoist Emperors, Xu Ling's injured shoulder was rapidly healing. He gave a furious roar, the golden radiance around him shook violently, and his Yang Spirit went from his body into the air, turning into an extremely mighty Tower God.

With the protection of two Taoist Emperors, Xu Ling boldly went out of his body using his Yang Spirit. His Yang Spirit, high in the sky, towered over those people on the Tiandu Peak as it sneered and roared, "Go to hell! Go to hell!!"

Then he opened both of his hands, and his whole body was like a dazzling sun, shining more and more brightly.

Li Yundong's face immediately turned pale. He turned to Zi Yuan and said, "Go and get Kris!"

Hearing this, Zi Yuan instantly ran to Kris and pulled the stunned girl to her.

At this time, Xu Ling had gone ballistic. He turned his jinshen into countless arrow-sharp golden threads and crazily shot them in all directions.

Some of the cultivators hiding nearby were shot by Xu Ling's Yang Spirit. Some were so scared that they fleed, but they were still killed mercilessly after being caught up to by the avatar of Xu Ling.

Zheng Yuan had already been seriously injured, and he almost fell into despair at the sight of the scene. But he still took out three golden needles from his pocket to insert into his Baihui acupoint on his head!

The Baihui acupoint was a vital point of the human body, and the irritation to it could almost mobilize the potential and vitality of his body. This choice was actually quenching thirst with poison, although he soon felt refreshed and looked ruddy after a rush of blood and Qi stirring in his body. He took out two talismans after taking a deep breath and recited some incantations at the same time. In an instant, there was subsidence under his feet, and Ding Nan, Alba, and he all fell into a pit, hiding in the Ninth Earth.

As for Li Yundong, he quickly made his index finger touch to make a Fixed Fundamental Palm. Thus, he remained in the posture of the immobile Buddha but kept the lethal things of Xu Ling three meters away from him.

Su Chan and the others saw that many cultivators had died in the shower of golden arrows and that those who had barely avoided catastrophe quickly fled from the horrible Tiandu Peak, leaving a succession of screams and groans behind.

Zhou Qin looked at Xu Ling, who had gone ballistic, in terror. She asked in a trembling voice, "Master, what should we do? What should we do?"

Li Yundong also looked at Xu Ling with shock and involuntarily said, "Wasn't he using his full strength last time?"

Su Chan stared at Xu Ling in horror as well, a tremble in her voice as she said, "Yundong, I don't want Diyuan Jindan anymore. Let's go. Xu Ling is awfully mighty! We have no way to defeat him!"

Li Yundong answered gravely in a low voice, "Maybe there's a way..."

Su Chan and Zhou Qin were so surprised to hear this. They hadn't expected that Li Yunyang would have a solution to deal with such a powerful guy.

"Really? What's the solution?" they asked in unison.

Li Yundong nodded and pointed to the sky. "Let the Heavenly Thunder strike him!"