As soon as Zheng Yuan returned to the cave residence in Mount Wuhua, he suddenly knelt on the ground as if he had lost all his strength. He vomited a mouthful of blood wildly, and his face went frighteningly pale. He trembled all over and took out a medicine bottle from his arms, swallowing almost all of the pills inside the bottle in one gulp.

This was his elixir of life, Heavenly Jindan, that he had treasured for many years. Anyone who still had breath in their lungs would be able to live a little longer after taking this pill.

After taking the pill, he immediately sat in meditation on the spot. Before the meditation, he said to Ding Nan beside him, "Ping'er, I'll sit in meditation to heal my injuries. You cast a protective spell on me and stop anyone from disturbing me!"

At this time, the Diyuan Jindan began to take effect slowly. Ding Nan felt that her whole body was extremely cold, her head was heavy while her feet were light, and she was dizzy. She subconsciously responded, but soon after Zheng Yuan sat in meditation, she staggered and leaned against the wall.

Alba, who had been kidnapped and taken with them, looked around in horror. She saw herself in a stone room with several cabinets on the walls, on which were all kinds of rare antiques or exquisite medicine bottles. In the middle of the stone room was a prayer mat on a sitting altar, which was against the wall. On the left and right sides of the prayer mat were two censers, in which sandalwood was burning. Over the prayer mat hung a picture of Eight Trigrams. Every corner of the room was filled with a mysterious and eccentric oriental atmosphere.

Alba felt like she was in a nightmare. After looking around stiffly, she pinched her thigh hard, as if after a sharp pain, she would wake up from her nightmare and go back to the green lawn of the University of Pennsylvania to enjoy the happy and comfortable sunshine.

The reality, however, was incredibly cruel, and all Alba felt was a sharp pain in her thigh. She was still in this demon-like place.

Alba thought of what had happened since she had decided to come to Mount Huangshan with Kris and John. That was when her nightmare had begun. Especially when John had fallen into a bottomless abyss and no one knew if he was alive or dead. Moreover, she herself had become a hostage and could not understand the language here, and her cell phone had been lost in the panic. How could she escape and regain her freedom from this place?

Alba was filled with grief for a moment, and she regretted her choices so much that she almost burst into tears.

At this time, Diyuan Jindan had already taken effect. Ding Nan suddenly fell to the ground with a crash. Alba was shocked. Looking back, she was in shock and delighted to find that Zheng Yuan and Ding Nan were both in comas.

Alba almost couldn't believe her eyes. She stood up and bowed watchfully and reverently, like a frightened deer trying to test whether the beast had fallen asleep or not. After carefully observing them for a while, she finally confirmed that they had passed out.

At this moment, Alba couldn't help but be overjoyed and her heart beat faster and faster. She was unable to stop herself from running out of the cave. As she ran, she was afraid that Zheng Yuan and Ding Nan would suddenly wake up. After being caught, she would inevitably be tortured. Therefore, she turned around in horror while running in ecstasy.

The reason why traditional Chinese medicine believed that "Panic damages the kidneys; Anger damages the liver; Joy damages the heart; Over-thinking damages the spleen; Grief damages the lungs." was that when people were most afraid, blood would flow slowly over the human body, making people weak, cold, and even cause trembling. The human body wanted to maintain homeostasis, so the kidney would mobilize a large amount of essence.

Sometimes, if one's essence was mobilized too much, one would be scared to death.

Similarly, when people were ecstatic, the blood would flow too fast in an instant and their blood vessels would open, resulting in their hearts suddenly bearing a heavy burden and the pressure of huge blood transport. If a large amount of blood was suddenly transported out at a time, it would also cause the loss of a large amount of Qi in the middle Dantian of the human body, hence the saying: "great joy leads to sadness".

Alba was both happy and afraid, so her heart and kidney were suddenly suffering a great loss. Although she didn't have any cultivation foundation, this stimulation immediately stimulated the effect of the Divine Aura of Elixir. When she ran to the entrance of the cave, she suddenly fell to the ground without saying a word.

After a long time, Alba woke up from her unconscious state. She looked around in a daze at first, but soon after, she jumped up in fear.

With this jump, Alba felt that her entire body was full of power. She didn't know that she had already absorbed the divine aura of the Diyuan Jindan. Although it was only a little bit, it was enough to cause her entire body to undergo earth-shattering changes. Her Essence, Qi and Blood were far more abundant than that of an ordinary person.

Once a person's Essence, Qi and Blood became vigorous, their courage would also increase. Alba took a look behind her and saw that Ding Nan was surrounded by colorful lights, mysterious and eccentric. Above Zheng Yuan's head was constantly white air, as if he was a Shenxian.

Alba was stunned, and she muttered to herself, both frightened and curious, "Why are these Chinese so strange? For God's sake, they're so strong but why did they get beaten up so badly over a hundred years ago? Who can tell me why? If all the Chinese are so powerful, why haven't they unified the world?"

However, Alba didn't have time to think about it. She just turned around and ran out.

Zheng Yuan's cave residence was in the depths of Mount Wuhua, and he usually would not allow other disciples to come to his house. In addition, he was suspicious, so he had only accepted two disciples in his life. Therefore, no one in the cave residence at the back of the mountain stopped Alba, allowing her to rush all the way out of the cave.

Just as Alba was running away, Ding Nan slowly woke up from her meditation. After her Zhenqi had been transformed by the Divine Aura of Elixir, the density of the Neidan in her body had become several times what it was before. She took a long breath, and this breath condensed like a sharp arrow and sprayed over the wall, and it didn't disappear at all. Instead, with a bang, it was like a hammer hitting the wall.

Ding Nan was so shocked that she opened her eyes, but as soon as she did so, she found that Alba was nowhere to be found in the stone cave. In a fit of anger, she immediately chased after her and flew into the air to look for Alba's figure.

Alba didn't get far before Ding Nan found her.

Ding Nan sneered and immediately chased after her. In the blink of an eye, she appeared by Alba's side and said with a grimace, "Where do you want to go?"

When Alba saw Ding Nan suddenly appear, she trembled with fear. The courage she had gathered just now suddenly collapsed and disappeared. She begged loudly, "Please, for God's sake, let me go! I'll give... I'll give you all the money you want!"

Ding Nan had once been in the upper class with Zhou Qin, so she had specially learned how to speak English fluently. As soon as Alba spoke, she frowned and replied in English, "I don't want your money."

Seeing that Ding Nan could speak English so fluently, she was overjoyed and hurriedly begged again, "Oh my god, your English is really good! You're really a beautiful lady. Could you please be merciful and let me go? My parents and family will be very worried about me!"

Ding Nan's heart was moved with commiseration as she couldn't help but think of her own parents.

When Alba saw the hesitation in Ding Nan's eyes, she knew that she was a little soft-hearted. Alba said, "If you let me go, I won't tell anyone what I saw, including John's death and everything. I will keep quiet, definitely!"

Her words immediately put Ding Nan on high alert!

She suddenly remembered that John had arguably died by her hands!

Ding Nan had been cultivating for a period of time, and she understood the rules of the Cultivation World. "Everything that happens in the Cultivation World must be solved in the Cultivation World. Therefore, Zhou Qin would never call the police about these things and she would definitely come to make trouble for me.

"However, once Alba reveals this matter to the police, I will become a criminal!

"At that time, if I'm wanted all over the world, how can I practice? I'm not going to hurt an ordinary person!"

Realizing this, Ding Nan suddenly had evil thoughts, and the eyes she looked at Alba with slowly became cold.

Seeing that Ding Nan's eyes were getting colder and colder, Alba felt fear in her heart. She subconsciously wanted to turn around and run away, but Ding Nan sneered and reached out to grab her neck. She picked her up like she was picking up a chicken and said, "Be good and go back with me!"

Although Alba was struggling desperately, she couldn't get out of Ding Nan's grasp.

The poor cheerleader was dragged back by Ding Nan like livestock. When she saw that she had returned to this dark, cold stone room, she suddenly burst into tears in despair.

Ding Nan did not intend to let her go, but seeing her crying, she couldn't help saying, "Don't cry. I won't hurt you as long as you're obedient."

Alba still wailed. "What have I done? Why can't you let me go? What have I done wrong?"

At first, Ding Nan listened quietly, but when she heard Alba repeat these words again and again, she finally couldn't help roaring, "You're asking me? Then who should I ask? What did I do wrong at that time? Why did I have to end up like this and have my beloved man hate me so much that he wants to kill me? Answer me, why?"

Alba was astonished by Ding Nan's roar. For a moment, with tears still on her face, she looked at Ding Nan dumbly, unable to speak.

At this time, Zheng Yuan seemed to have been startled by Ding Nan's roar and woke up from his meditation.

Although his face was still pale, he looked much better than when he was dying. After taking a breath, he said in a hoarse, tired voice, "Ping'er, what happened? What were you shouting for?"

Ding Nan forced a smile and said, "Master, are you awake? It's nothing. I was quarreling with this foreign girl. She wanted to go back."

"Go back?" Zheng Yuan snorted. He swept a contemptuous glance at Alba and said with a sneer, "You still want to leave now you're here? Impossible!"

Then Zheng Yuan looked at Ding Nan, but he found that her eyes were full of vigor, and there was an extremely strong Yuanyin Qi coming out of her body. He was surprised and couldn't help saying, "Ping'er, your... your Cultivation Quotient has greatly improved!"

Ding Nan naturally knew that it was because she had absorbed the Lingqi of the elixir of life. She said with a flattering smile, "It's all thanks to you, my master!"

"Thanks to me?" Zheng Yuan was not stupid. Previously, he hadn't been able to detect that the abnormality of the Diyuan Jindan had been slapped into the form of immortal mist, but now, Ding Nan's Cultivation Quotient had suddenly increased greatly, and she was about to reach the top level of Cultivation of Yang Spirit. Such a strange cultivation speed. If he hadn't noticed it yet, it would be in vain for him to cultivate even for a lifetime.

Zheng Yuan was shocked and angry. "That cloud of smoke is the Lingqi of the elixir of life? You took it? Li Yundong and the others also all took it?"

Seeing the shock, anger, and jealousy in Zheng Yuan's eyes, Ding Nan's heart thumped. She quickly knelt down and said in a trembling voice, "Master, I... I didn't do it on purpose... At that time, I just..."

Zheng Yuan looked at Ding Nan with a gloomy face. His jealousy and hatred almost dripped out of his heart. He just wanted to drain Ding Nan's blood in an instant, and then dig out all the Lingqi in her body to enjoy!

However, the speed of the Diyuan Jindan's efficacy was very fast, and Ding Nan was also an unusually good Furnace tripod, so she soon reduced the efficacy completely. It was too late for him to do anything.

Now that everything was over, Zheng Yuan had no choice but to suppress the wild jealousy in his heart. He forced a smile and said, "Good Ping'er, this is your good fortune. As your master... even I am not as good as you!"

Ding Nan was extremely good at observing people's expressions. Just now, she had noticed Zheng Yuan's eyes flashing with a murderous aura. She was shocked and wanted to resist, but Zheng Yuan had accumulated his power for a long time and had an extremely domineering powerful magical weapon. Although she had the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal, she didn't know much magic. If she really fought with him, she would be in great danger.

At this critical moment, Ding Nan thought quickly, and immediately said with a charming smile, "Master, You're good if I'm good."

Zheng Yuan's heart skipped a beat when he saw that Ding Nan, who was as beautiful as a flower, was pleasing him with such an enchanting smile. He thought in his heart, "Yes, as the leader of the Yin Yang Sect, am I not good at sexual practice in combination with the Yin-Yang Principle?"

Zheng Yuan laughed heartily and said, "Dear Ping'er, you're right! If you're good, I'm good. I'd like to have a try with the combination of Yin-Yang Principle with you, so I can experience the Shentong of the elixir of life!"

Hearing his words, Ding Nan wanted to slap herself. Her face suddenly stiffened, and her hands unconsciously reached for the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal, which was hidden behind her. She gritted her teeth and thought. "Old pervert, can't you bear it anymore? If you dare to touch me, I'll kill the both of us!"