Zheng Yuan was a sophisticated man. As soon as she heard that he was going to practice the sexual techniques of the combination of Yin-Yang Principle with her, Ding Nan paled, and her eyes flashed with intense resistance and hostility.

Zheng Yuan's mind was suddenly filled with doubts when he saw her expression!

In the past, Lyu Fengping had always been a woman with a coquettish personality. She had always been very proactive when it came to studying the art of love-making. However, ever since she had started occupying her current body, her temperament had changed greatly!

"Is she... Ping'er?"

He gazed at her in surprise and confusion. His eyes narrowing more and more, a strong killing intent gradually grew within him.

Seeing Zheng Yuan's reaction, Ding Nan's heart suddenly trembled. She knew that she was no match for him. Even though he was seriously injured at this time, who knew if he had any other tricks up his sleeve.

She came up with an idea and immediately said with an ingratiating smile, "Master, do you want to practice sexual techniques with Ping'er? That'd be great! But..."

"But what?" Zheng Yuan stared at her coldly.

Ding Nan leaned against Zheng Yuan seductively and said charmingly, "Master, you haven't recovered yet. Aren't you afraid I'll suck you dry?"

He stared at her and after a long time before bursting out into a peal of laughter. "Do you take me for some old man?"

Ding Nan said with an enchanting grin, "Of course not. Master is so energetic! It's just that Ping'er is still worried about you!"

As the saying goes, dangerous beauty brings bad luck to the people. When Ding Nan acted like a spoiled child, Zheng Yuan's suspicion dissipated significantly. He chuckled and said, "What you're saying is reasonable..." He looked to Alba. Although she was a western woman, her hips were wide and she was at the perfect age. Obviously, she was a maiden. What was even more rare was that her eyes were full of Essence, Qi and Blood. In addition, with her lack of knowledge of cultivation, she would be the best Furnace tripod.

Zheng Yuan was thrilled by Alba and he leered at her unsettlingly. "Well, I won't practice sexual techniques with you today! I'm going to have a taste of this foreign girl today!" As he said this, he got up and walked over to Alba step by step.

Although Ding Nan had successfully stifled his doubts, she had not been expecting him t change his target and start aiming for Alba!

Shocked, she cried out, "Master..."

Zheng Yuan tilted his face slightly and said meaningfully, "Do you think... I can't handle a girl who hasn't even reached Zhuji phase yet?"

Hearing this, Ding Nan was stunned and suddenly swallowed the words that had come to her lips. She forced a smile and said, "Master, what are you talking about? I mean, that western woman is very powerful. Please be careful!"

Zheng Yuan raised his head and laughed heartily. He walked over to Alba's side, grabbed her chin roughly with one hand, and said with a sickening smile, "Kid, take good care of me. Maybe I'll take you on as my disciple if you make me happy!" After that, he pulled her along and was about to take her into the inner room.

Alba was no fool. Although she did not understand the conversation between Ding Nan and Zheng Yuan, she could see from the man's eyes that he was a lecherous beast. She immediately struggled violently and shouted at Ding Nan in horror, "Help, help me!"

Ding Nan watched helplessly as Alba was carried over Zheng Yuan's shoulder and taken into the inner room. She gritted her teeth and turned her face away, not wanting to see the scene.

But Alba's cries were constantly ringing out of the inner room, cutting at Ding Nan's eardrums and penetrating her heart like sharp knives.

"Help! Oh my god, is there no one coming to save me? Don't you have a heart? If one day you see someone you love being insulted like this, will you just stand by and watch?

"You promised me that you wouldn't hurt me. You lied, you liar!

"You just said that you have a beloved man! Do you know why he hates you? Because you have done such a thing without any humanity or conscience. If he knew what you did, how would you face him in the future?"

Alba's screams almost tore Ding Nan apart, reminding her of the scene where she had schemed to frame Zhou Qin, but had been framed by her instead, leading to her crying in despair in her room.

Ding Nan suddenly seemed to understand why Zhou Qin had turned around and saved her from He Shao's evil clutches at that time.

"Is it... is it because I once cried and said something similar to 'How will you face him in the future'?"

Ding Nan's heart suddenly trembled. In her mind, there seemed to be a crazy voice shouting, "If he finds out what you have done in the future, will you still expect him to look at you? It's useless. Even if you become a Golden Immortal, it'll be no use at all! Li Yundong won't take a second look at you!"

At this moment, Alba suddenly let out a miserable scream, Ding Nan's whole body suddenly shook. She gritted her teeth fiercely, took out the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Travelsal, and rushed into the stone room.

When Ding Nan came to the door, however, she abruptly stopped.

She took a deep breath and quickly calmed down. She even unbuttoned two buttons of her top, revealing a white, pink, and dedicate chest, along with some plunging cleavage.

After tidying herself up, Ding Nan walked into the stone room to assess the situation. She saw Zheng Yuan panting heavily while dealing with the struggling Alba.

If it had been in the past, Alba would have been exhausted. However, her Qi and Essence had just been transformed by the Diyuan Jindan, and her strength was far more than that of an ordinary person. In addition, Zheng Yuan had been seriously injured before, and he was unwilling to waste his essence on restraining Alba with magic anymore. As a result, he forced himself upon Alba, making him feel rather ashamed.

Zheng Yuan sensed someone approaching from behind. He turned his head warily and saw Ding Nan standing behind him seductively. He was immediately stunned and asked, "Ping'er, what are you doing here?"

She deliberately covered her mouth and said with a smile, "I heard all the ruckus and come to help you, Master!"

Zheng Yuan smiled quite awkwardly. "This foreign girl is really strong! You're just in time, hold her down!"

Seeing that Alba's clothes were in disarray and that she was staring at her as if her eyes were about to burst into flames, Ding Nan ignored her and walked over to Zheng Yuan with an enchanting smile. She put one hand gently on his shoulder and the other on Alba's wrist, "Master, I'll stand here and watch you work," she said.

Seeing that Ding Nan was really willing to help him, Zheng Yuan was overjoyed and his suspicion vanished. He said delightedly, "My good disciple, when I recover my strength, I will naturally let you be my partner next time, haha!"

With her help, Zheng Yuan was about to get really into it when he suddenly felt numbness on his waist. He couldn't help but look at Ding Nan and touch his back!

With this touch, Zheng Yuan came into contact with an ice-cold metallic object.

He definitely knew that this was the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal, which specialized in absorbing the soul, essence and blood of a person!

Zheng Yuan was trembling and looked at Ding Nan with his mouth wide open, saying in shock and rage, "Are... Are you crazy?"

Even though his waist had been pierced by the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal, not only did he not fall down, but his essence and blood were also not drained. Ding Nan was greatly frightened and immediately slapped a palm towards him.

In such a life-and-death moment, there was no time for him to retain his Zhenqi and spiritual energy. He immediately slapped back at Ding Nan.

When their palms collided, both of them were sent flying back more than two meters away.

Although Zheng Yuan's cultivation had not reached the Jinshen phase for decades, his vigorous, solidified body was much stronger than that of an ordinary cultivator. His unpunctured body had been pierced by the threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal, but he had prevented his essence and blood from being absorbed with his deep and perennial foundation.

He looked at Ding Nan in disbelief and asked in a trembling voice, "Ping'er, what are you doing?"

Ding Nan gritted her teeth and sneered, "Bah, I'm not your Ping'er."

Zheng Yuan's face changed dramatically. He seemed to have figured out what was truly going on, and his face suddenly became extremely ferocious. "I see, I see! It turns out that I was right before! Little brat, you're so scheming and cunning!"

She snorted, saying nothing but staring at him with vigilance and nervousness.

Zheng Yuan said with a hideous grimace, "Do you think that the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal is enough to deal with me? Hum! You deceitful b*tch! Stop dreaming!" Saying this, he prepared to jump out of the cave.

Just as he was about to move, Alba, moving like some sort of frenzied beast, suddenly pounced on him and crashed into his body.

At this time, Zheng Yuan's entire energy was focused on resisting the powerful suction of the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal, and his attention was solely on Ding Nan. How could he pay attention to Alba?

Normally, with a wave of Zheng Yuan's sleeve, he would have been able to send Alba flying more than ten meters away. But at this time, he felt a tremor all over his body. Alba's shoulder had hit right the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal on his waist!

At this point, Zheng Yuan could no longer control himself. The blood and essence in his body were quickly absorbed by the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal!

He immediately let out an earth-shattering howl, and his skin withered and turned yellow!

Alba was also scared to death by the sight of Zheng Yuan and she cried out, crawling away on her hands and knees.

Zheng Yuan looked at Ding Nan in pain and shouted unwillingly, "You deceitful b*tch! You'll never escape me!"

Ding Nan gritted her teeth and replied with a mocking sneer, "I'm not your disciple. You think I've been deceiving my master and annihilating my ancestors?"

Zheng Yuan, however, only laughed wildly and said, "I've been keeping you by my side all this time. Everyone knows that you're my disciple. If they find out that you've betrayed your master, I'm afraid that there'll be nowhere for you to go! The first fixed law in the Cultivation World is that you can't use magic or powerful magical weapons on mortals, but do you know what the second fixed law is? You can't deceive your master or insults your ancestors! You'll suffer divine punishment!"

As Zheng Yuan shouted wildly, all the essence and blood throughout his whole body was being constantly absorbed by the Threaded Hairpin of Soul Traversal. His originally smooth and delicate skin had already become wrinkled like the withered bark of an old tree. He looked like a rotting skeleton!

However, the most terrifying thing was that at the moment of Zheng Yuan's death, he was still viciously cursing and shouting, "I'm waiting for you. You will suffer divine punishment! The Cultivation World will never let such a deceitful b*tch get away!"

With this final roar, his Yang Spirit, Essence, Qi, and Blood were completely sucked out. Finally, he turned into a dried corpse and fell to the ground with a musty "puff".

Having seen a living person just get sucked into a dried corpse in the blink of an eye, Ding Nan was frightened and anxious. More importantly, Zheng Yuan's ferocious curse before his death was enough to terrify her!

It had been a long time since her entry into the Cultivation World, so she naturally knew what it would mean when others found out that she had betrayed her master!

Alba stared at Ding Nan, who was standing blankly, and said in a choked voice, "I knew you were good really. Thank you for saving me! Thank you so much. God will bless you! I will never tell anyone what has happened today, I promise!"

But no matter how she spoke, Ding Nan remained as motionless as a block of wood.

Receiving no response from Ding Nan, Alba asked tentatively, "May I go?" After asking this, she saw that Ding Nan still wasn't responding, so she finally got up and began heading out.

As soon as she reached the door, she heard Ding Nan say in a cold voice, "Where do you want to go?"

Alba's body trembled, and she said in a quivering voice, "I... I want to go home..."

Ding Nan slowly turned her head, and there was a strange and ferocious look on her beautiful face. "You watched me kill John, and then watched me kill my own master... You still think you can leave?"

Alba was greatly shocked. She knelt down with a heavy thud, begging bitterly, "Spare me, I definitely won't tell on you. I definitely won't tell anyone! Please don't kill me!"

Ding Nan walked slowly over to Alba, lifting her chin with one finger and saying coldly, "From today onward, I'm the leader of the Yin Yang Sect based in Mount Wuhua, and you're my new disciple! If one day I find out that you want to escape, I'll chop off whichever leg steps out first! If you step out with both legs, I'll leave you unable to stand up! Do you understand?"

As the saying goes, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned!

Alba was scared silly at this point and was stunned for a moment just looking at Ding Nan, feeling that the beautiful woman in front of her was vicious and even more malicious than Zheng Yuan. It seemed that she'd jumped from the frying pan directly into the fire!

Alba had never imagined that her cultivation career would begin in such an unpleasant way, but what she was still unaware of was what she would achieve in the future. Her master, Ding Nan, would become a terrible cultivator.