When Ding Nan killed Zheng Yuan herself, Li Yundong was struggling to reach the most important level of cultivation.

At this point, Li Yundong had fallen into the deepest possible state of meditation. He was surrounded by dazzling and colorful divine light, which was sometimes hidden and sometimes visible, sometimes strong or weak.

Ao Wushuang was standing to one side and looking at him with bright eyes and a nervous expression.

She knew that the Zhuji phase was the threshold between ordinary people and cultivators, Shentong was the threshold between ordinary cultivators and master cultivators, and Jinshen was the threshold between master cultivators and truly great cultivators.

Since ancient times, there had been many cultivators in the Chinese cultivation world, but those who had truly cultivated jinshen were few and far between.

Throughout the dynasties, all the cultivators who had reached the jinshen phase had been recognized by the cultivation world as great cultivators, and even the emperors held them in high esteem.

In the Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties, the leaders of the Zhengyi School and Quanzhen Sect were honored as "the great zhenren" by the emperors!

Chinese people like to add the word "great" to almost everything. However, in the cultivation world, they usually called each other "zhenren" and "cultivator", and few people were worthy of getting the word "great" in front of their title.

There was a saying that the Chinese word “one” and the word "great" together formed a new word for "heaven". That is to say, when a cultivator attained the position of being a great cultivator, he would have the power to fight against heaven.

Zhuji phase referred to the cultivation of Neidan from the human body, so as to complete the transformation from an ordinary person to a cultivator; Shentong was to give the cultivators the power to practice magic; Yang Spirit was to give the cultivators the ability to escape death, and jinshen meant that the cultivators could begin to stand up to heaven and have the strength to challenge it.

"I can't believe... a guy who has only been cultivating for half a year is about to break through the jinshen phase!" Ao Wushuang looked at Li Yundong with intense emotion and stared at him for a while before turning to gaze at Su Chan.

At this time, Su Chan had already transformed into her fox body and was quietly lying in a small corner with her body curled up into a ball. The fox had almost completely hidden under her giant scarlet tail, the end of which was growing slowly, splitting from three to four and to five tails.

Ao Wushuang knew that although fox cultivators were the same as human beings, which had nine dens, due to the special physique of the fox spirit, the tail number of a fox was not consistent like a human's cultivation.

For foxes, the hardest two phases were being three-tailed and being eight-tailed. For those, the fox evolved from being a two-tailed fox essence to a three-tailed fox spirit, which meant that the fox could change into human form and start further cultivation with the human body.

If any species wanted to cultivate a higher level, it had to first cultivate the human form from the original form. All creatures were born from the heavens, and human beings were the wisest amongst them. It was twice as effective to cultivate in human form.

A fox breaking through to the three-tailed realm was equivalent to the Shentong and could use various kinds of magic or sorcery. Reaching four tails meant breaking through to the primary Yin Spirit, five tails was equivalent to the top-level Yin Spirit, six tails was equivalent to the primary Yang Spirit, and seven tails was equivalent to the top-level Yang Spirit.

The biggest difference from cultivators was that a fox's cultivation speed became slower and slower as it progressed through the later stages. From the seven-tailed to the eight-tailed, the fox would greatly increase her strength and directly skip the Jinshen phase, breaking through to the primary cultivation of the lightning retribution phase.

For foxes, the gap between being seven-tailed and being eight-tailed was just like the huge gap between the Yang Spirit and the jinshen master, but for the jinshen and the lightning retribution phase, it was not as huge as the gap for the fox spirits.

At this time, when Su Chan slowly grew her seventh tail, Ao Wushuang became nervous. Her eyes were fixed on Su Chan, trying to see if there was any sign of her continuing to grow the eighth tail. She waited for a while but saw Su Chan’s scarlet fur began to fade slowly, and her body gradually turned back to its human form.

Ao Wushuang sighed in her heart, shaking her head.

After a while, Su Chan groaned and woke up from her sleep.

As soon as Su Chan opened her eyes and looked around, she found herself in the house on Shantang Street in Dongwu City, and she saw that Ao Wushuang was standing not far away with a smile on her face.

"Master?" Su Chan said with surprise and joy, "It's really you! I thought I was dreaming! Did you save us? "

Ao Wushuang shook her head and said with a wry smile, "No, it was the former head Shibo who saved you."

Su Chan was stunned. "Grandmaster? Liu Ye?" The girl couldn't help but recall the last bolt of lightning. She said in surprise, "So he didn't die? Is he a master of thunder tribulation? No way!"

"Is it strange? Many years ago, he was a seven-tailed fox. After more than a decade, he became an eight-tailed fox. What's strange about that?" Ao Wushuang smiled faintly.

Su Chan widened her eyes and said in disbelief, "But... Since he is a thunder tribulation master, why did he just watch so many of my Shijie and Shimei die when we were being besieged at the Fox Zen School?"

Ao Wushuang's smile faded. She took a deep breath and said slowly, "Chan'er, there are some things you're better off not knowing..."

Su Chan looked anxious. She walked quickly over to Ao Wushuang and said argumentatively, "Master, I don't know for sure, but Yundong seems to already be involved! It was because the grandmaster pretended to be dead that he inherited the leadership of the Fox Zen School. Do you know how much he has sacrificed to be the leader of the school? Do you know how much effort he has to put in for the sake of the Fox Zen Sect every day?"

Ao Wushuang's eyes fixed on her and she suddenly smiled. "It is true that girls are outgoing. Don't you care about your own fellow disciples? You only care about Li Yundong?"

Su Chan said unhappily, "I haven't stayed in the Fox Zen School since I was a child. I don't care whether I am a member at all. I only care about Yundong! Where is the grandmaster? I want to see him. Why is he pretending to be dead? Harming him is equivalent to harming many Shijie and Shimei of the same sect! How many times has Yundong been scolded for being the leader of Fox Zen School? If he were not the leader of the Fox Zen School, he would be respected by many people!"

Ao Wushuang sighed lightly and said, "Silly girl, don't be like that! Even if he weren't the leader, he would be criticized as long as he was with you. Do you think the people who stay with us fox spirits have ever been able to enjoy a happy ending?"

Su Chan said grimly, "Anyway, I'm going to ask the grandmaster. Even if he won't give the Fox Zen School an explanation, he has to give Yundong one." As she said this, she hurried to go out.

Ao Wushuang glared at her unhappily, muttering in a low voice, "Where are you going? Where are you going to find him? Do you even know?"

"I... I don't know!" Su Chan opened her mouth and was about to say something more, but she swallowed back her words helplessly. However, she soon became happy again and said, "Master, you must know, right?"

Ao Wushuang shook her head and said, "I don't know. Now he is being monitored by a bunch of charlatans from Xiyuan Temple and Jinshan Temple every day. I won't be able to find him unless he contacts me."

"Xiyuan Temple and Jinshan Temple? What are they monitoring the grandmaster for?" Su Chan was stunned.

"Hum! Eight-tailed fox, do they not dare to watch? There were Mystical Silver Foxes in the past, did they dare to be careless? What if Liu Ye cultivates to the phase of Mystical Silver Fox?" Ao Wushuang sneered.

Su Chan asked in confusion, "But... I've seen the head of Xiyuan Temple. Master Puren is an eminent monk. Shouldn't he be the kind of person who doesn't distinguish between good and evil? Is... Did the grandmaster do anything wrong?"

Ao Wushuang immediately shook her head and said, "Chan'er, don't ask any more questions. The grandmaster pretended to be dead because he had his own difficulties and had no other choice. Besides, even if you don't trust him, you should trust your master, right? Don't worry, he won't harm you. You don't need to ask too much. All you need to know is that the grandmaster is still alive and he saved you."

Su Chan lowered her head. After hesitating for a long time, she suddenly looked up and asked, "Master, can I tell Yundong about this?"

Ao Wushuang replied flatly, "No!"

Su Chan suddenly jumped up and wheedled, "Why not! Last time, what happened in Mount Qingcheng was directed at Yundong, but you didn't let me tell him. Why can't you let me tell him this time?"

Ao Wushuang shook her head like a rattle and said, "Chan'er, you have to believe me. I won't hurt you. He is your lover, and I won't hurt him either. If he finds out, it will be a disaster for him. Nothing good will come of it."

Su Chan said angrily, "But if we keep it from him, what if something really happens? How will he be able to deal with it?"

"He has now broken through the biggest gap between cultivators and reached the Jinshen phase. Although he is only at the primary level, he has the Fashen of Wisdom King, the mantra mahāmudrā, and other powerful magic treasures. Therefore, his jinshen will double in power. Even if he meets the "immortal" top-level master, he will also have the ability to fight. When he reaches the intermediate level of jinshen, he will even be able to fight a Lightning Tribulation Master. You know, since ancient times, the Yang Spirit hasn't been able to defeat a jinshen master. This is an iron law. But there has never been a saying that a jinshen master can't defeat a Lightning Tribulation Master."

Ao Wushuang’s face gradually softened, and she said softly to Su Chan, “So, don’t worry, Yundong will be fine. I'm doing this for your own good."

Su Chan looked at Ao Wushuang in a daze. Confused, she asked, "But Master... if it's for my own good, why don't you tell Yundong all these things?"

"You will know in the future, but it's better if you're in the dark about it for now. The only thing you need know is: I will never hurt you." Ao Wushuang gently stroked Su Chan's hair and smiled slightly.

Su Chan looked at Ao Wushuang steadily and saw that her eyes were full of pity and love. After all, she had been brought up by Ao Wushuang since she was a child. The trust and dependence she felt toward her were almost instinctive. Although she was full of suspicion in her heart, she still nodded slowly, saying, "Master, you must not harm Yundong!"

Ao Wushuang chuckled and was about to speak when she saw Li Yundong exhale and wake up leisurely. The colorful light around him gradually condensed into a ball of golden light, enveloping him and making him look as though he were glazed in gold.

"Your lover has woken up." Ao Wushuang smiled.

Seeing Li Yundong wake up, Su Chan immediately put all the questions out of her head for the time being. "Yundong, you're awake!" She rushed over with a cheer and beamed at him.

Li Yundong saw the smiling Su Chan rushing toward him like a swallow flying into the forest. He caught the girl and looked around in surprise. Then, he said to the nearby Ao Wushuang in surprise, "Senior Ao Wushuang? Why are you here? I... why am I here? Did you save us?"

Ao Wushuang smiled and said noncommittally, "I didn't expect that you would get a blessing in disguise and smash three Diyuan Jindan pills. You shared the pills with the others. Although their potency decreased a little, several jinshen experts were created at the same time. Truly exceptional!"

Li Yundong smiled and said with a sigh, "I didn't expect it to be like this. Fate makes fools of people!"

After that, Li Yundong couldn't help asking something more. "Qianbei, did you use the Heavenly Thunder to drive Xu Ling off?"

Ao Wushuang smiled and was about to speak, but she saw that Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin next to her were also rousing.

Su Chan was overjoyed and cried, "Ah, both Sister Zi Yuan and Sister Zhou Qin are awake! Have they reached the jinshen phase?"

As she spoke, Kris who was on the side also let out a soft snore, and a layer of white mist hovered over her head, steaming from the Baihui acupoint.

Seeing them awakening one after another, Li Yundong put his problem aside for a while. He looked at Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin with concern and then turned his eyes to Kris.

In the face of this blond-haired, blue-eyed foreign girl who had sworn to always worship him, Li Yundong suddenly felt at a loss.

The Kris in front of him now had obviously also inhaled the Divine Aura of Elixir. Although it wasn't much, it had thoroughly changed her physique. It was the same as back then when she had been being cleansed by the Renyuan Jindan.

If she could cultivate, her speed would increase by leaps and bounds. She would be able to break through the Zhuji phase, the Yang Spirit, and even reach the Jinshen phase!

"She's such a promising little seedling, and so eager for cultivation... Should I accept her as my disciple?"

For a moment, Li Yundong was in a state of hesitation.