It was the next morning when Li Yundong brought Chris and the others home to Tiannan City. The little foxes who had just woken up didn't know at all what had happened last night in the cultivation world, but they knew it was enough to change its whole structure.

When they saw Li Yundong coming back with the foreign girl Kris, they looked at her curiously and whispered for a moment.

Following Li Yundong's instructions, Kris returned to the arranged room. Zi Yuan, however, shot Li Yundong a meaningful look.

Then they returned to their room and Zi Yuan whispered, "Have you noticed anything wrong?"

Li Yundong grinned, "What?"

Zi Yuan said, "Who the hell shot that thunderbolt? It wasn't you or I, could it have been Ao Wushuang? Only a Lighting Retribution master could have done it, but what about Ao Wushuang as an Eight-Tailed Earth Fox?"

Li Yundong's face darkened slightly. He said, "I thought of that, but she avoided the subject when I asked her. I feel that she is hiding something from me."

Zi Yuan frowned slightly. "Why? Since she wants to help us, why is she sneaking around?"

Li Yundong meditated a moment, then suddenly raised his head and whispered, "Could it be... Liu Ye?"

A thought struck Zi Yuan. Her gaze sharpened and she said softly, "Perhaps!" But soon, she frowned again and said, "Why is he refusing to show up? Is he planning something?"

Li Yundong thought it over and said, "Yeah, whatever. All conspiracies are based on real things in this world. As long as we are strong enough, no matter how many conspiracies and tricks we come up against, they won't work. Is Yan Fang's force powerful enough? So why did she fail again and again? It's all because of her lack of strength! Now we have got the Divine Aura of Elixir and broken through the Jinshen phase. Why don't we make further breakthroughs in cultivation while the iron is hot? Then, after a few days, it will usher in the ceremony of succession for the head of the Linggong Sect. We'll be the trigger that defines the best time to go through the lighting retribution phase!"

When Zi Yuan saw that Li Yundong still remembered the affairs of her sect, she was touched and smiled, "Our matters don't count. Right now, What's most important is that you be on your guard against provocation and challenges from other sects at all times. I believe that it won't be long before all of them will know that the Diyuan Jindan is in our hands. At that time, more than a few cultivators will be stewing in envy and hate, although they might not come to us instantly."

Li Yundong laughed, "In their dreams! The Divine Aura of Elixir has been melted into the bloodline, and they won't be able to get it even if they want to. But I worry about the whereabouts of the Medicine King Tripod. Who's got it?"

Zi Yuan nodded. "The Medicine King Tripod, a supremely powerful magical weapon, is used for refining pills. Even if he fails to refine the Renyuan Jindan or the Diyuan Jindan, it'll still be a really good cauldron when used for other pills. The rate of success and productivity will be many times higher than that for ordinary Danding. It would be nice if we could find the Medicine King Tripod first!"

Li Yundong pondered for a moment before remarking, "Yeah, you're right. The second thing is to immediately mediatiate in seclusion. I want to maximize the curative power of the elixir, but I'm afraid that John and Alba's families will get us into a lot of trouble if they come to China. As such, I've been struggling with whether or not to go to Mount Wuyue to get Alba back and kill the fiend Zheng Yuan, or just meditate in seclusion to dissolve the elixir first."

Zi Yuan considered his words. "The Diyuan Jindan only shows up once every five hundred years. It's once in a blue moon. You'd better meditate in seclusion first and hand your affairs over to others for now."

Li Yundong replied with some embarrassment, "Kris is going to Mount Huangshan to get John. She can't do that alone! Will you accompany her? You have inhaled Divine Aura of Elixir as well. Would it be a waste not to mediatate in seclusion?"

Zi Yuan frowned awkwardly. She thought for a while before smiling again and saying, "I have an idea. Go find your classmate Feng Na and get her to accompany Kris. With a secular person by her side, they will still fear her even if cultivators want to strike her. Tell her that she'd better get more people. The more people there are, the safer Kris will be."

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Not a bad idea! I will!"

He set out before long and called Feng Na. After the call connected, Feng Na shouted in surprise, "Oh my god, this is the first time you've called me! Did the sun rise from the west today? Spirit Dragon Knight, what can I do for you?"

Li Yundong broke out laughing. "Can't I call you if I have nothing to do?"

Feng Na smiled and said, "Come on. You didn't call for no reason. Tell me."

Li Yundong smiled and explained about Kris briefly, then asked, "If you're available, could you accompany Kris to Mount Huangshan to look for John?"

Feng Na was shocked by the fact that John had fallen off the cliff. "What? He fell off the cliff? Come on, what's wrong with him?"

Li Yundong explained embarrassedly, "If you can help, Kris'll tell you the details when you see her. I'll pay your fare. If you're not interested, then forget it, it's fine."

Feng Na sighed, "Don't say that. Kris is my sister as well. It's natural that I should help. Forget the fare. Do I look like someone without money?" Here, something struck Feng Na and she continued, "If you really want to thank me, why don't you invite me to your store to work? Could it also be considered a solution to my future employment?"

Li Yundong smiled. "Your re-employment? You lost your job?"

Feng Na said with a wry grin, "I'll graduate soon. Doesn't that mean I'll have lost my occupation?"

Li Yundong pondered, "Feng Na is passionate, kind, and scrupulous. She's born to be a manager. I can entrust my store to Chan'er, and make her the one in charge of the money. Feng Na can serve as manager, and handle specific things. She's definitely talented. It's not a bad idea."

Here Li Yundong smiled and said, "Well, I happen to be in need of a manager. I can think of no one better."

Feng Na immediately cheered up and she quickly asked, "Can I bring an assistant over?"

Li Yundong smiled bitterly. "It's Cheng Cheng, isn't it? Okay, okay, bring her here! But that's it. I don't have redundant positions for anyone else."

Feng Na giggled and nodded, "Yes, yes. From now on, you are my boss! My dear boss, you can't bully your loyal employees!"

Feng Na smiled at Li Yundong and then hung up. She had just put the phone down when Cheng Cheng leaned over and said with an ambiguous expression, "Oh, that's very nice. You've finally got yourself a moneybag?"

Feng Na nudged her soft waist with her elbow and said, "How is it? Aren't I a good friend? I didn't forget to take you with me!"

Cheng Cheng laughed loudly. "You did a good job, Nana! So what on earth is Li Yundong looking for you for? I've known him for a while, but I've never seen him call anyone!"

The smile suddenly vanished from Feng Na's face. She sighed, "An accident occurred when Kris, John, and Alba went to climb Mount Huangshan. John fell off the cliff. We need to accompany Kris in searching for him."

Cheng Cheng was astonished suddenly and covered her mouth. "No way! Why didn't they call the police? Get the police and locals to help!"

Feng Na also felt puzzled. "I don't get it either. Li Yundong asked us not to call the police. Maybe... he's afraid of making trouble."

Cheng Cheng thought for a moment and said, "Well, when shall we go then?"

Feng Na stood up to put away the desk and said, "Yep!"

Cheng Cheng was stunned. "Now? You have to host the student union meeting this afternoon, don't you?"

Feng Na sneered and shouted, "Screw the student union. There's no reason to stay here now that we have jobs!" She stretched out her hand, frivolously lifted Cheng Cheng's chin and giggled. "Hey, girl, follow me and enjoy your life from now on!"

No sooner had she said it than she burst out laughing with Cheng Cheng.

The two of them laughed and played around in the classroom for a while. Seeing that everyone was looking at them like they were weird, she adjusted her expression and said, "Seriously, although we got some good news just now, John falling off the cliff isn't a good thing. We are laughing like this. If Li Yundong could see us, he would think that we are cold-blooded and inattentive!"

Cheng Cheng rolled her eyes at Feng Na. "You did that, didn't you? I think you're so coquettish that you can't control yourself!"

Feng Na was just about to retort when she suddenly saw Yan Hua walking down the corridor. A sudden thought flashed in her mind, "I won't be able to host the student meeting this afternoon. What about Yan Hua? He might be a little petty, but he is still talented."

Feng Na rushed to the corridor and shouted, "Yan Hua!"

But at this time, Yan Hua was no longer the same Yan Hua he had once been. He bent his head down all the way, as if he might walk into the shadows at any time. Yan Fang was not fully adapted to this new identity. After all, it was totally different to take a nephew's physical body than that of a stranger. Moreover, the Yuanyang Qi in Yan Hua's body had always been unable to integrate with her own Yuanyin Qi in ways that meant she had to fight against this Qi almost all the time.

Therefore, Yan Fang turned a deaf ear to Feng Na's shouts.

Seeing Yan Hua walk away with his bowed head, Feng Na couldn't help shouting, "Hey, Yan Hua, I'm talking to you!"

It was only at this moment that Yan Hua suddenly came to a realization. "He" turned around and looked at Feng Na with a strange expression, asking, "What's up?"

Feng Na was angry with his lofty expression and thought, "You're putting on airs with me? Hmph, I won't let you off so easily!"

Feng Na also pulled a long face and said, "Nothing, just saying hello."

All of a sudden, Yan Fang woke up and realized that her attitude was very bad. "He" smiled enthusiastically and explained, "Sorry. I was just thinking about something just now. What's the matter with Senior?"

As the saying goes, you can't be angry with a smiling face. When Feng Na saw her grin, her anger immediately dissipated, and she smiled back and answered, "Can you help me host this afternoon's meeting?"

Yan Fang was startled. "The afternoon's meeting? What meeting?"

Feng Na smiled and said, "Yep, Li Yundong asked me to do him a favor, so I can't attend it. Please help me host it."

As soon as Yan Fang heard the name 'Li Yundong', She immediately became vigilant. The hair all over her body stood up like needles. "Li Yundong? What did he want you for?" she asked.

Feng Na sighed. "Sooner or later, you'll understand. Do you still remember Kris, John, and Alba who joined our student union a few days ago? They went on a trip to Mount Huangshan yesterday and John, unfortunately, fell off the cliff. Kris wanted to search for him, but Li Yundong was too busy. He wants me to accompany her."

Yan Fang maintained a calm expression, but her heart was being flooded by turmoil.

The battle on Tiandu Peak and Mount Huangshan had spread throughout the cultivation world overnight!

Although Yan Fang had been hiding, "he" was not blocked. Of course, he wanted to know about this news. Especially when "he" heard that Li Yundong had asked Feng Na to go with Kris, "he" immediately felt a jolt and smiled, "You guys are gonna accompany Kris to Mount Huangshan? Can I go with you?"

Feng Na was taken aback. "You? You want to go with us? What about the meeting this afternoon?"

Yan Fang laughed and said, "We have other deputy chairmen. Let them do it."

Feng Na knew that Yan Hua had an unusual relationship with Li Yundong. Now he was taking the initiative and she couldn't help wondering about it in her mind.

When Yan Fang saw this, she immediately smiled. "Senior, John is an exchange student at our school. If he really has had an accident, shouldn't I help him? What's more, you're all women. What if there is a safety problem or a bad guy? Anyway, I am a man and I can protect you. Even if there is no bad guy, I will ask the locals for help. If you have something you need help with, I can do it. What do you think?"

Feng Na hesitated over Yan Fang's words. She thought a moment before replying, "You're indeed a talented persuader. What you said makes sense. Alright, let's go together!"

Yan Fang was on cloud nine and said, "When shall we go?"

Feng Na replied, "Now. I'll go back and pack up. See you at the school gate!"

Yan Fang watched Feng Na enter the classroom and then walk to the student's dormitory with Cheng Cheng. "His" smile gradually became gloomy, and another meaningful smile lurked around the corner of his mouth instead...