Kris couldn't believe that just as she was on the verge of despair, she had found John again!

She ran forward joyously, not knowing that she had just brushed with death.

Yan Fang frowned slightly and withdrew her hand. With a touch of surprise on her face, she trotted forward. "He" wanted to confirm whether John was still alive or not. "He" couldn't allow another uncontrollable factor to emerge nearby while exchanging souls with others.

At the sight of John lying on the path in the mountains with scratches and bruises all over his body, Kris hastily squatted down to check his breath.

As soon as she stretched out her fingers, she felt waves of heat radiating over to her fingertips. She was overcome by exaltation and exclaimed, "Thank God, he's still alive!" As she said this, she unexpectedly stood up in the rapture and hugged Yan Fang, who had, unbeknownst to her, tried to kill her just now.

Yan Fang also hugged her back, smiling. But her eyes passed over Kris's shoulder to look at John with panic and suspicion. She asked tentatively, "Are you sure that he's all right?"

Kris was so wild with joy that tears gushed from her eyes. She laughed and said, "Let's hurry up and take him to the hospital. He'll not be all right If we keep him here a moment longer!"

While she was talking, John suddenly uttered a groan and whispered, "Water..."

Kris quickly searched her pockets, only to disappointedly cry, "Damn it, Feng Na's got the water!" She hurriedly said to Yan Fang, "You stay here and watch him. I'll call Feng Na!"

She took out her cellphone and dialed Fong Na's number, but failed to connect due to the poor signal in the mountainous area. Helplessly, she shot a glance at Yan Fang. Seeming to know what she wanted to say, Yan Fang rushed to say, "I'll look after him. You go find Feng Na and tell her the good news."

Kris didn't doubt him at all. She beamed and nodded forcefully, and then set off.

Watching the diminishing figure of Kris, the smile on Yan Fang's face gradually vanished. "He" looked at John with great animosity, cursing in a low voice, "Damn it! Why did she have to find you at this moment? Damn it, why are you still alive?"

Yan Fang looked at John with hatred in her eyes. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. "He" slightly bent down and whispered, "There is still the smell of the Rehabilitation Pill on your body! Who saved you? Was it Zhang Ling? Hum, that guy is so meddlesome. Why didn't he let you die directly! Do you know how difficult it is for me to find a good body? Do you know how Li Yundong has forced my hand?"

Yan Fang was so incensed that her face was distorted, and she was cursing at everything like a devil. "Look at me now. Neither a man, nor a woman. Neither a human, nor a ghost! Even my cultivation has regressed so much! Damn, why are you foreigners so lucky, even escaping death when you fall down a cliff? Why is Kris so fortunate that she can even have access to the Divine Aura of Elixir? Damn it! Li Yundong, the b*stard, helps the wicked. Why does God favor him? Why?"

Yan Fang's low growl echoed through the jungle like the roar of a devil. Her eyes, shining with ferocity, suddenly fell on John, whose eyelids were trembling slightly. The golden-haired, blue-eyed foreigner opened his eyes with difficulty and struggled to refute, "My master, he, he is a good person..."

These words of the sentence were plain, yet it was like a bolt of lightning out of the blue striking at Yan Fang!

She suddenly stood up in shock, taking two steps back and looking at John in stupefaction, stammering, "You, you're awake? What did you hear? You, you heard it?"

John made a great effort to keep his eyes open and said in stops and starts, "I heard what you said. You misunderstood my master. He..."

Yan Fang didn't hear a word of what John said afterward. Her mind buzzed and her soul was overwhelmed by fear and panic!

She had never thought that her cultivation would be reduced to such a degree that she could not even detect whether the person in front of her was awake or not!

But what was even more frightening was that John had actually heard what she had said!!

This meant that her identity had been exposed!

"Although I can change to yet another body, it certainly won't be easy. Whose body shall I cling to? Kris? What if she comes back and John tells her what I said just now? Change to John's body? This foreigner's Yang Qi is even more powerful than Yan Hua's!"

Moreover, even if she was in John's body, what about Yan Hua's body? Where could it be hidden? How could she tell others about where he was? Could she adapt to the language and habits of a foreigner? She was acquainted with Yan Hua, at least, but as for this foreigner...

For a moment, the expression on Yan Fang's face kept changing, showing firstly panic, and then discomfort, then dread, indignance, and finally bloodlust.

Why had Li Yundong's cultivation accumulated so swiftly and gotten increasingly stronger? Why did she always run away like a stray dog, her cultivation becoming weaker and weaker? Why?

The more Yan Fang thought about it, the more evil thoughts grew in her heart. She stared at John viciously and thought to herself, "It would be wonderful if this guy perished!"

Though seriously injured at present, his instinct for survival was still strong, and the innate sense of threat and his sense of impending doom still existed. Observing the growing murderous look in Yan Fang's eyes, he was suddenly shocked and, subconsciously, wanted to turn around and run away.

But at this time, Yan Fang, grinning hideously, quickly stepped forward and slapped him around the head!

John was a veteran practitioner of martial arts. Though seriously injured, at this critical moment between life and death, all his potential power was invigorated. He subconsciously tilted his body and thus avoided the deadly slap, but his shoulder was hit squarely and heavily. He was thrown out like a lost kite and in no time rolled down the steep hillside.

Gazing at John rolling down from the mountain, Yan Fang sneered and said with a grim smile, "Hit by this very slap, all your bones will be broken and you will definitely kick the bucket within two hours, not to mention that you roll down this high mountain again! It would be unnatural and abhorrent if you still didn't snuff it this time around!"

Again with a vicious look, Yan Fang stared in the direction in which John had fallen off the cliff for a long time. Eventually, "he" turned back and re-arranged the area, contriving a scene that made it seem like John had fallen accidentally, while "he" himself had dodged to the side, quietly awaiting the return of Kris, Feng Na, and the others.

Unbeknownst to Yan Fang, however, was that John had been lucky enough to have his head free from hitting the rocks and he had rolled down to the foot of the mountain, where a girl shouted clearly: "Oh, someone has fallen, master!"

Hearing the voice, John could do naught but utter a cry for help with the last bit of strength he had before immediately passing out.

At this time, a pretty girl came over to his comatose body. She was none other than the youngest junior sister of Zhengyi School, Zhang Liufang, who had attended the Taoist Assembly with Zou Ping before.

Zhang Liufang walked over to John curiously, only to see that his face was so badly swollen and bruised that it was completely unrecognizable. She squatted down to check John's pulse and became like a wizened old man, saying, "Master, he is a foreigner! It seems that he still has breath in his lungs! Hey... there is a smell of Rehabilitation Pill of our Zhengyi School on him. How strange. Who gave it to him?"

Zhang Kongyun walked over unhurriedly with a crutch in his hand. He squinted and shot a glance at John, clicking his tongue and sighing, "If I'm not mistaken, it was Senior Sister Apprentice Zhang Ling who saved him."

"Was Great Master also there?" Zhang Liufang opened her eyes wide and asked inquisitively.

Zhang Kongyun stroked his beard and said with a chuckle, "Nonsense! If even I'm looking for the Medicine King Tripod, how could she not be?"

Zhang Liufang blinked and pointed to John lying beside her feet, asking, "Master, shall we save him?"

Shaking his head, Zhang Kongyun heaved a sigh, "Alas, First Senior Sister even gave him the Rehabilitation Pill. Obviously, he had been seriously injured before he fell off the cliff. Now, he is even more wounded... Eh, he seems to have been hit with a slap? Let me have a look!"

Zhang Kongyun bent down to check John's pulse, then suddenly frowned and said, "This aura... it seems to be the Qi of Taoism of our sect! No way! Was it Senior Sister?"

Flabbergasted, Zhang Liufang stuttered, "Could it be that Great Master accidentally hurt him and then gave him the Rehabilitation Pill?"

Zhang Kongyun shook his head and retorted, "It's impossible! First Senior Sister is proud and conceited. Though short-tempered, obdurate, and tending to hide her shortcomings and faults, she is still a good person at heart. She wouldn't do such an immoral thing."

Zhang Liufang looked at John sympathetically and said, "This man is really unlucky. He fell off the cliff twice! And he's escaped death by the skin of his teeth twice! Master, can you save him?"

Zhang Kongyun scratched his beard in embarrassment, saying with his brows knitted, "This person has taken the Rehabilitation Pill before. Obviously, he had been injured before, and now he has been severely hurt again from both human force and falling off the cliff, going from bad to worse! It's difficult for even an immortal to salvage him!"

Quite disappointed, Zhang Liufang said, "Ah? Master, even you are unable to save him?"

Zhang Kongyun thought for a while before replying, "I can only give it a try, but the results will depend on his own luck."

Zhang Liufang said laughingly, "Master, just give it a try! After all, no one will know it if you fail to rescue him."

Zhang Kongyun glared at her and pretended to be angry, "Ugh, doomsayer!" As he said this, he rolled up his sleeves, pulled out a golden needle, and then quickly inserted it into the Baihui acupoint on John's head.

Zhang Kongyun's technique was fast and steady. As he rubbed his fingers, all of the three-inch-long golden needles was inserted into the acupoint, leaving only the tip.

Zhang Liufang watched wide-eyed and looked at Zhang Kongyun nervously, who, after slightly nudging the golden needle with his fingers, promptly pulled it out.

Shortly afterward, John's eyelids trembled slightly and he slowly opened his eyes.