Li Yundong took Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin and the others out of their home in Tiannan City and into the secret room of the Fox Zen School on Mount Tianlong. However, because he had sealed the stone cave before, he had to use the Psychic Fan of Seven Treasures to enter through the back door of Mount Tianlong.

After entering the stone room of Mount Tianlong, although the surrounding area was closed and the Yin Qi in the mountain was pervasive, the most important thing was that it was quiet and no one would disturb them. Therefore, Li Yunyang, Su Chan, and the others soon began to sit in meditation for cultivation.

Unlike last time, when he had been in a coma because of the divine aura, this time Li Yundong could take the initiative to mobilize the Zhenqi in his body and begin to refine his Yang Spirit and Neidan according to Taoist cultivation methods.

Li Yundong sat cross-legged with a prayer mat under his feet in the middle of the stone room where the Heavenly Jindan Technique had been left by the Mystical Silver Fox. With his body flat, his tongue against his upper jaw, and his mind empty, he soon went out of his body using the Yang Spirit.

Li Yundong's Yang Spirit and body were still the same as his physical self at first, but with his Zhenqi flowing, Li Yundong's Yang Spirit grew stronger and stronger, and soon it became the image of a Wisdom King, possessing superhuman powers.

In his Spirit Space, Li Yundong looked at his own Fashen and pondered the problem of cultivation.

In particular, as his cultivation realm was getting higher and higher, many things that Li Yundong had been unable to figure out in the past had integrated into one as soon as his cultivation realm reached a higher level!

How could he cultivate his Yang Spirit?

It was exactly what Mr. Maru, Chen Pu, had mentioned in the eighth phase of the 'Heavenly Jindan Technique' book: 'when your Eight Turns Resurrection Zone is down and Zhou Xing begins to raise a baby, sometimes you will have a fever in the hole of your dan and go deep into the cold spring to play with a red tortoise!'

Simply speaking, it was the combination of the Yin Qi of the left side of the kidney and the Yang Qi of the right side of the kidney!

How to cultivate Jinshen? Li Yundong kept thinking about the books he had read in the Spirit Space of the burning thumb pot, but he still couldn't think of how to cultivate the Tao of jinshen for a while.

He had asked Zi Yuan, but she had told him with a wry smile that even she didn't know it. After reaching such a level of cultivation, a cultivator could only slowly explore new heights by himself.

Li Yundong thought for a while and couldn't help thinking of the words engraved on the wall by the Mystical Silver Fox in the stone room. He quickly recited the formula of Heavenly Jindan Technique in his mind, especially some notes that had been at the end of it.

These notes said that ordinary people could improve their constitutions and prevent common diseases by practicing the First Round, Second Round, Third Round and Fourth Round. The Fifth Round, Sixth Round, Seventh Round and Eighth Round were very difficult, so only cultivators who were free of earthly affairs and fully focused on cultivation could reach them. As for the Ninth Round, it was the toughest of all, completely beyond an ordinary person's reach. Only a few cultivators could achieve it, and they needed to be a special man to reach this zenith. Only then could they cultivate to reach the Ninth Round.

But how was he supposed to practice the Ninth Round?

Compared with the detailed cultivation methods of the First Round to the Eighth Round, it seemed that Mr. Maru, Chen Pu, had neglected the most critical final moment. He hadn't even mentioned how to cultivate at all, leaing just a poem, which said that when you reached the Ninth Round of Xiaoyao Tao, you were an immortal Shenxian with thousands of merits. The golden book and the jade from God in heaven would be sent to you, and then you could come to heaven by auspicious clouds.

This poem was completely different from the previous eight-turn one. There was not a single word mentioning the method of cultivation. It only mentioned the results after the Ninth Round of cultivation.

This made Li Yundong very depressed. He even had some malicious thoughts in his mind and wondered: "Could it be that Mr. Maru himself hadn't practiced to the Ninth Round, so he didn't write about it? In fact, the Ninth Round was just a figment of his imagination?"

Thinking of this, he couldn't help laughing in the Spirit Space. He quickly swept this idea out of his mind and began searching through the numerous books he had read in the Spirit Space of the burning thumb pot.

Although he had reached the primary level of Jinshen phase by now, after his encounter with Xu Ling, he had clearly felt the enormous power and fatal flaw of the primary level of the Jinshen phase.

Although it was almost impossible for a cultivator below the Yangshen or Yang Spirit phase to defeat a masters of the Jinshen phase, it did not mean that the Jinshen phase was really invincible. The "Unbreaking Jinshen phase" of the primary stage of Jinshen was not really invincible.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for the body-protection jinshen of Xu Ling to get destroyed by the three top Yang Spirit Masters, Li Yundong, Zheng Yuan, and Zi Yuan. Although Xu Ling had lost his temper after the incident and beaten the three of them until they could only defend themselves, Li Yundong had realized for certain that even though the Jinshen phase was fierce, it was not invincible. Moreover, the unbreakable jinshen only seemed to have strong force, not soft!

In other words, the Zhenqi of the Jinshen phase only had Yang Qi but was lacking in Yin Qi!

As the old saying goes, settling a score is like arraying troops, and military strategies dictate that 'Combing the appropriate allocation of an army with flexible military strategy can bring final victory.'

In terms of settling a score or fighting, it meant that once could overwhelm the opponent with strength and skill.

In Li Yundong's view, it was not absolute for a man with enormous strength to be able to beat ten men with artful skills. Even if Xu Ling had the strength to lift ten thousand pounds, his own power together with Zheng Yuan's Hell Wuzhang Enchanting Jade and the Ninth Heaven Zi Yuan Silk, the total strength of the three forces, even if it was only three thousand kilograms, could still compete with the opponent through ingenious moves and fighting techniques. The reason was that they had the flexibility and an artful manner whereas the opponent's strength was all he relied upon.

The reason why the Yang Spirit was stronger than the Yin Spirit was that the Yang Spirit's energy concentration was much stronger than the Yin Spirit's. It could absorb objects and fight like a real body. However, the Yin Spirit was just a weak energy entity, which could only penetrate things but could not pick anything up.

The reason why the Jinshen was stronger than the Yang Spirit was that the condensed degree of the Jinshen was several times that of the Yang Spirit. Not only could it pick things up, but it could also cover the body like armor and form a hard protective shell.

When a cultivator's Zhenqi became condensed to a certain degree, their spirit would undergo a qualitative change. The density of Zhenqi would constantly increase, changing from Yin Spirit to Yang Spirit and from Yang Spirit to Jinshen. When they condensed to the peak of the realm, they would be able to challenge the might of heaven!

Li Yundong looked puzzled. 'Why was Xu Ling's Jinshen so rigid? He only knew how to protect his body, but he could not change to be as flexible as the Yang Spirit?'

According to Li Yunyang's speculation, if the Jinshen could change freely like the Yang Spirit and be transformed into a sharp blade, wouldn't it be invincible? Or if it could change into a shield, wouldn't it be impossible for any magic treasure to penetrate it?

The Jinshen had originally been an extremely condensed Zhenqi Yang Spirit. However, if it could change again and get compressed into a smaller object, wouldn't the density of the Yang Spirit be even more terrifying?

But when Li Yundong reached the primary level of Jinshen, he realized that it was not that Xu Ling hadn't wanted to change, but that he couldn't!

At this time, Li Yundong felt like his whole body was shrouded in a ball of flames, brimming with strong Yuanyang Qi. He felt as if he was on a mountain of fire. Although his whole body was coursing with strength, this force was full of masculinity, and there was no Yin Qi at all.

The Primary Stage of Jinshen was like hard steel. No matter how hard the opponent hit, he could not break it. Therefore, it was known as the unbreaking Jinshen.

When settling a score, if one's Zhenqi was solid but lacked softness, it would be easy to lack momentum. Only one third of his real power had been released. If one was soft but lacked solidity, it would be difficult to beat the opponent effectively and win.

Li Yundong checked the condition of his Zhenqi at this time, and he couldn't help thinking, "The human body was originally a self-sufficient little universe, and there's both Yin and Yang Qi in my body. Although the Yin Qi in my body is different from the Qi in Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin's bodies, it must still be useful."

When he thought of this, he suddenly remembered that when he had borrowed a book from the school library, he had read some poems in Zhang Boduan's Wuzhen Book. One of them said, "Dragon-shaking mercury came from the hometown and was born in Kanfang. The two things are always born because of their children, and the five elements are all going into the center. It's only half dawn on the moon, and there are already roars of dragons and tigers. It's good to work hard to cultivate two or eight hours to complete the internal core elixir. The tiger roar of Hua Yue was powerful, and the dragon roar of Fu Sang at the bottom of the sea. The old woman Huang arranged for a husband and wife to be in love with each other.

Li Yundong thought, "The meaning of these lines hint at the cultivation methods of the Yin-Yang Principle and Eight trigrams. There's nothing special about that, but what did the last sentence mean? Does it mean that if cultivators want to go up to a higher level, they have to be a couple?"

Li Yundong knew that Zhang Boduan's words had originally meant that the Yin and Yang Qi in his body was in line with the Tao of heaven and earth. But it was this sentence that tugged a string in Li Yundong's heart.

When heaven and earth met, all things would be born. Men and women would be in harmony. Only then would there be babies, and the human body Yin-Yang Principle would be in harmony, and then there would be Neidan!

If the masculine Jinshen and feminine Yin Qi became tightly intermingled, then what would happen?

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly heard an extremely soft voice coming from a distance, seemingly calling his name.

Li Yundong looked in the direction of the voice with his Yang Spirit body, only to see the beautiful Su Chan looking at him in a corner of the cave with a gorgeous smile on her face.

Li Yundong suddenly laughed, he walked over, and whispered with a grin, "Weren't you meditating in the next room? Why have you run out?"

Su Chan stuck out her tongue and said shyly in a low voice, "I don't know how to practice after reaching the Seven-tailed Phase... So, I'm here to ask you if you know anything about it."

Li Yundong saw that Su Chan was avoiding meeting his faze, and her face was growing redder. It looked as if there was a trace of water hidden in the corners of her eyes, and there was a unique shyness of a maid about her. He thought of something and seemed to guess the answer, then he said with a smile, "But I don't know either. What should we do?"

A trace of disappointment flashed across Su Chan's face. "Ah? You don't understand either? Then... what should we do?"

Li Yundong said with a sad face, "Yes, what are we supposed to do?"

Su Chan looked at him eagerly, as if she wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. After a long time, she said hesitantly, "I heard from my master that... the best way to cultivate in the Jinshen phase is..."

Li Yundong laughed in his heart and thought, "That's my girl. Her thoughts are the same as mine! It turns out that she came to find me for the same purpose."

But Li Yundong deliberately pretended that he did not understand and said with a mischievous grin, "What is it? Tell me quickly!"

The look in Su Chan's eyes turned ever more bashful, and her cheeks became increasingly ruddy. The porcelain skin on her neck turned so red that it seemed like she might burst into flames, and she lowered her head and bit her cherry lips with her china-white teeth. After a long time, she seemed to have made up her mind. She suddenly raised her head and wanted to say something embarrassing.

But as soon as his girl raised her head, she saw Li Yundong looking at her with a faint smile, and his eyes were twinkling mischievously.

Su Chan's mind was as clear as a mirror. She realized that her master already understood everything and was just trying to tease her!