Li Yundong didn't expect that there was a monster-like power in Zhang Kongyun's skinny body. He only felt as if he was being pinched by a giant and pulled up from the bottom by a huge force.

Li Yundong was shocked and immediately moved his Qi to his Shenting. The True Energy in his body burst out in an instant, and the hair all over his body stood up with a swoosh. A faint layer of golden shell quickly appeared around his body, but it was in broad daylight now, the faint golden light under the sun was almost invisible.

His QI sank, and he suddenly went down like a ten-thousand-pound boulder!

A martial arts master who practices footwall often cannot be moved by ten oxen, but the power of cultivators was far beyond that of ordinary martial arts practitioners, especially when Li Yundong's aura was strong and condensed, he was like a Key Stand and firmly stuck in the same place.

Zhang Kongyun just wanted to throw Li Yundong up so that he could make a fool of himself. But he didn't expect that Li Yundong was so difficult to deal with. He didn't throw Li Yundong away at all. The young boy in front of him was motionless like Mount Tai!

A flash of light flashed across Zhang Kongyun's eyes. Unresignedly, he activated his Zhenqi again, with his bones all over his body rattling like beans being stir-fried. His skinny body swelled little by little, and his thin muscles began to swell slowly. The dried-up blood vessels under his skin bulged rapidly like balloons, like small snakes, twisting crazily!

Li Yundong knew that many older cultivators in the Taoist section resist the laws of nature rules, in order to try their best to ensure that their bodies were not damaged, they would choose to keep the most essential parts of their bodies: essence, Qi, and blood. These three parts were all hidden in the human's two kidneys, two livers, and two hearts. If a little more it could be consumed, they would save it.

In this way, although they all looked like an old man, once their essence, qi and blood that had been stored in their kidney, liver, and heart suddenly burst out, their bodies would have a huge change, and it would have the effect of renewing their youth.

At this time, all the muscles in Zhang Kongyun's body bulged and his body also became bigger. Li Yundong's heart immediately trembled. He knew that he must have used all his strength!

Zhang Kongyun took a deep breath and pressed his thumb against Li Yundong's Hukou.

Li Yundong suddenly had an illusion that his whole body seemed to be shorter under the pressure of his finger. He couldn't help but feel weak under his feet and wanted to fall down! Even if a fierce tiger or a giant elephant, if pressed by his fingers, would be pressed to the ground!

Jinshen and Zhenqi originally condensed and vigorous, which were hard and powerful. The Ling Xu level was only at the initial level of Jinshen. With the help of the jinshen phase, it was almost immune to all magic arts and powerful magical weapons. It could be seen how terrible the density of Zhenqi under the jinshen's protection was!

However, Zhang Kongyun once again compressed his Zhenqi which was in large density into the size of a thumb!

What did this mean?!

"Awesome!" Li Yundong was shocked. He condensed all the Zhenqi in his body into a point in an instant and gathered it on his thumb. At this time, even if he pressed the steel plate, he could make a hole like pressing cheese, let alone pressing his Hukou!

This press was both exquisite with martial arts and terrifying with the power of cultivation.

If Li Yundong was pressed by Zhang Kongyun's normal power of Jinshen, Li Yundong would not be able to bear it, not to mention whether he had compressed the power of Jinshen and Zhenqi into a small point.

Hukou was also called the Hegu acupoint, and Hegu, as its name implied, he meant gathering and gu meant the gap between the two mountains.

Hegu meant that the Qi and Blood of large intestinal meridian are gathering here. This acupuncture point belonged to his spleen and stomach, and the spleen was also a hematopoietic organ. Once Zhang Kongyun pinched Li Yundong's Hukou, with Zhang Kongyun's powerful Zhenqi, he could instantly control the direction of Li Yundong's Qi and blood, and even block his spleen's temporary hematopoietic!

Cultivators often cultivated their internal organs, so their internal organs were incredibly powerful beyond imagination

When Li Yunyang once competed with Zhao Yougen in drinking, he swallowed several bottles of white wine in one go, relying on his strong liver to detoxify the wine. In the Disanxian, he used the Divine Dragon Water-sucking Skill, relying on his own strong lung pressure.

Most of the time, Li Yundong could burst out a monster-like power in an instant because the blood of his liver function was far more than that of ordinary people, and his spleen could create dozens of times more blood than that of ordinary people in an instant.

The cultivators' power of Zhenqi originates from the flow of Qi and blood. Its explosive strength completely depended on the speed and capacity of the flow of Qi and blood as well as the capacity of the flow.

But if the operation and creation of his blood and Qi were controlled, it would be like being caught by the source. No matter how powerful Li Yunyang was, he would be captured! What's more, Zhang Kongyun's press also contained horrible jinshen divine power!

This simple press immediately made Li Yunyang feel Zhang Kongyun's powerful and exquisite fighting strength. His moves might not be extraordinary, but pointed directly to the vital part, and the pressure was so strong that it was suffocating!

"This Zhang Kongyun is at least at the medium level of the jinshen. He is at the level of the Immortal jinshen!" Li Yundong immediately became respectful. He did not dare to be careless. With a flip of his wrist, he raised his index finger and stabbed toward Zhang Kongyun's palm.

The two of them moved very fast, as if Li Yunyang had raised a finger like a nail and was waiting for Zhang Kongyun to pat him.

Although Li Yundong couldn't condense all of his jinshen and Zhenqi in his thumb like Zhang Kongyun, his Zhenqi came from the journey in Tibet and it was much more dense and condensed than ordinary cultivators'. At this time, he was also in the Jinshen Realm, so its power couldn't be underestimated.

In particular, Li Yundong's finger was pointing precisely at the Laogong acupoint in Zhang Kongyun's palm!

The Laogong acupoint was also called the Guilu acupoint. In traditional Chinese medicine, Gui was opposite to the sky and meant the road. And Lu was the meaning of the road. The meaning of the Guilu was that the Qi and blood in the acupuncture points came from the earth part and corresponded with the Yongquan acupoint. In traditional Chinese medicine, there was a regimen to rub Laogong and pressYongquan, its meaning was to connect the Qi of the earth and achieve the purpose of promoting the flow of the human body's Qi and blood.

The Laogong acupoint was the same as the Hukou acupoint, which also belonged to the spleen. Moreover, it belonged to the Jueyin Pericardium Channel of Hand, where the blood flow of the human body often needed to pass.

Many people would sweat on their palms when they were nervous, and the place where the sweat was on the Guilu, which was the Laogong!

If Li Yundong's poke was right, Zhang Kongyun would not only be unable to press Li Yundong's Hukou acupoint, but also have a big problem with his own Qi and blood circulation. Although he had jinshen to protect himself, Li Yundong also had jinshen. Although it was only the primary level, as long as he hit the right place, he could break the surface with a point, and it would be normal for the primary level of jinshen to break the high level of jinshen to protect himself.

Zhang Kongyun saw that Li Yundong's reaction was shockingly fast. In the blink of an eye, Li Yundong not only dodged his attack, but also immediately returned it to Zhang Kongyun in the same way. In return, he immediately hit Zhang Kongyun with a 'face-breaking point'!

Zhang Kongyun secretly praised him and thought, "You really deserve your reputation! Li Wudi's nickname is not for nothing! But... if you think that it was all I have, then you are wrong!"

Zhang thought quickly and turned his wrist and grabbed Li's wrist. With the help of Li's wrist turning, another force was sent out and pulled him up.

Li Yundong used all his strength to deal with Zhang's press. He couldn't help but feel a little weak under his feet, and his foundation was not as solid as before. At this time, he was suddenly pulled by Zhang Kongyun, and his feet immediately loosened and he was about to fly up again!

Li Yunyang immediately made a Mahamudra with his other hand and shouted a Mantra in a low voice. Then, a Mahamudra slammed toward Zhang Kongyun's face.

Zhang Kongyun saw a shining golden palm hit him in the blink of an eye. He was shocked and did not dare to dodge. He was afraid that if he dodged, Li Yundong's palm would hit the building behind him, which would make a big noise!

Zhang Kongyun immediately retreated quickly. He swung the sleeve of his Daopao and put the Mahamudra into it.

Li Yunyang's powerful Mahamudra suddenly sank like a clay ox sinking into the sea, and there was no more movement.

It only took two or three seconds for Zhang Kongyun and Li Yunyang to fight again and again. Before the tourists around them could react, they separated from each other before they could even look at them, as if nothing had happened. Because of the slight concealment of their fighting movements, the tourists did not notice that they had fought back and forth for several rounds!

Zhang Kongyun looked at Li Yundong with anger in his eyes and said in a low voice, "Zhenren Li, you have such high cultivation at such a young age. You are not simple. You should be self-respecting!"

Li Yundong saw that the tourists around him had noticed him and Zhang Kongyun at this time, so he didn't want to continue to argue with Zhang Kongyun. He said neither servile nor overbearingly, "Thank you for your advice, Qianbei. But I have my own ways to do what I do, so I don't need you to teach me. I came here this time to intercede for Zi Yuan. I hope you don't target her anymore in the future. If there is anything wrong, just come to me. If your leader really doesn't come out of closed-door training, when he comes out, please tell him what I mean."

Zhang Kongyun narrowed his eyes slightly. He had just figured out Li Yunyang's phase. If the two of them really fight, they would not be able to determine the result unless making a big splash. In this situation, it was better not to entangle them anymore, or no one can win.

Zhang Kongyun nodded slightly. He glanced at Su Chan coldly and shouted in a low voice, "There is still more than a month before the Master ceremony of the succession of the Linggong Sect. I am looking forward to fighting with you! However, Zhenren Li, don't think that you are a master of the Golden Body after you have reached the Gold Body Cultivation! When the ceremony of succession, I will tell you what the real Golden Body Fighting Method is! Finally, I advise you... Don't associate with this kind of Demoness! Otherwise... you will regret it! Humph!"

Li Yundong smiled faintly. He took Su Chan's hand and said with a smile, "The most unregretful thing in my life is that I fell in love with her!" Then he stopped talking and turned to take Su Chan's hand and walked down the mountain.

At this time, Zhang Kongyun stared at Su Chan's figure for a long time, and then he turned around and left, ignoring the other Taoist priests' greetings, he quickly went to the backyard of the mansion. When he arrived at a no one's place, he made lifting to rush to a mountain peak of Mount Longhu.

When he ran all the way to the peak of the mountain and came to a huge rock that was as smooth as a mirror with several seal talismans on it, Zhang Kongyun slowly stopped. He reached out his hand and gently touched the three words engraved deeply on the rock: Obelisk of Fengchen!

Zhang Kongyun gently stroked the surface of the rock, and his expression suddenly became very lonely. He slowly sat down beside the Wind Dust Stone and said to himself, "Old friend... guess who I saw today? Hey, it's the Seven-Tailed Fox Spirit! Don't worry, it's not your Ao Wushuang, but it's very similar to her at that time! It should be her disciple! You've stayed here for a long time, so you must miss her very much, right? Alas, why can't you see through even with such a high-level cultivation talent? Since ancient times, which person has a good end with a fox demon?"

Zhang Kongyun sighed for a while. There was only the sound of wind on the surrounding mountains responding to him. Zhang Kongyun shook his head and said, "You still don't want to see me? Forget it, I won't force you. However, I met another cultivator whose cultivation talent is not lower than yours today. He is also obsessed with a Seven-Tailed Fox Spirit like you... Hey, I think you will soon have a companion. At that time, you will not be lonely! By the way, in a month's time, your disciple, Zi Yuan, will take over as the head of the Longgong Sect. Aren't you worried? Don't worry, I will help her. However, it doesn't count as a matter of the Zhengyi School. Now that I think about it, Si Shishiong and Qi Shishiong will come out of seclusion soon. I don't know how their cultivation is going."

With saying, Zhang Kongyun stood up, patted the dust on his butt, and said, "I came in a hurry today, so I didn't bring you any wine! I'll bring you another day. I'll go first!"

After Zhang Kongyun finished speaking, he flashed and disappeared in an instant.

After he left for a long time, a tall and slender man with long black hair and Daopao suddenly appeared in his previous position. The man had his back to the Obelisk of Fengchen, and his eyes were dreamy as he stared at the secular world at the foot of the mountain like an immortal. He was silent for a long time, and a thoughtful smile slowly appeared at the corners of his mouth.